BEAUTY AND THE BEASTLY WEDDING: Book Two in The Grottenville Series

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‘Beauty & the Beast’ Inspired Wedding at Walt Disney World

Overview Smiles and tears of joy stream down her face as the bride is escorted down the aisle on her wedding day. This is where heart-felt vows are exchanged witnessed by friends and families, and where couples are well on their way to their "Happily Ever After. They have worked with engaged couples, mothers and fathers of couples, overzealous guests some invited and some not and some church officials that forced head scratching challenges, off the charts crazy behavior but leaving a wake of humor behind. With large sums of money spent, the coming together of families who might be meeting for the first time, and high expectations for perfection, it's as close to the Bermuda Triangle as you might want to get.

Enjoy the experiences and stories of these professional wedding planners as they take you on a journey of fabulous, funny and sometimes unbelievable events. The book, based on actual events, will take you down the aisle in style, tradition and with laughter at things that go wrong.

Somehow, they always seem to save the day from disaster in spite of the interactions with their odd and quirky clients and guests. In the end, and despite the mishaps, they always found the humor and the joy in the day of celebration when two people come together as husband and wife. Product Details. Average Review. It aches something fierce, it does.

She tried to look pitiful. Doesn't anybody like me? She waved her hand toward the cluster of chairs on the opposite side of the hall. Do not say another word until you are given permission to speak. Do it now.


The unfortunate incidents have made her difficult. Papa says it's going to take her time to recover. Brenna wasn't surprised by the show of loyalty. It was her sister's duty to watch out for her while her brothers were away. But it made Brenna angry that Mattie had brought up the unmentionable.

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She knew how much Brenna hated being reminded of what had happened to her. Have you no guilt? Even I can understand forgetting one of your children on a single occasion, but twice? It's a wonder the child lets you out of her sight.

Kuhusu mwandishi

She hated it when the nursemaid referred to her as "that one. Joan walked into the hall in time to hear her sister's boast. You're usually squeezed up next to Mother, talking her ears off. Tell me what you've done. I promise I won't lecture you. Did Papa catch your husband for you, Joan? She didn't laugh for fear of hurting Brenna's tender feelings, but she couldn't stop herself from smiling. I'll meet my husband on the day I marry him.

Papa assures me it's a strong alliance," Joan whispered in response. Our king has given his approval. When she's old enough, she's going to marry a man named MacNare, and Rachel's never met him.

A Marcelli Wedding: The Marcelli Bride & The Marcelli Princess

He doesn't even live in England, but Father isn't concerned about that. He was swayed by promises and gifts MacNare gave him. She says Papa's too busy for the likes of me. I have to catch one by myself. Will you help me? I'll be happy to help. If he lives far away, then you must send a messenger to him. Yes, that would be how you would do it. You know, Brenna, Papa would be unhappy to hear us talking like this. It is his duty to find someone for you. Why are we whispering? The noise alerted Elspeth, who immediately rushed over. Brenna, you were told to keep quiet. Doesn't that mouth of yours ever rest?

Mark my words. You'll be sorry then. He doesn't like little girls who sass. Her sister Rachel shook her awake and pulled her along to stand with her older sisters. Brenna hid behind Rachel's back until her name was called and she was dragged out for display.

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  8. She was suddenly feeling too shy to look up at the company, and as soon as her papa finished bragging about her, she moved behind her sister again. None of the strangers paid any attention to her, and so she decided to sneak out of the hall while everyone was ignoring her. She turned around, took one step toward the entrance, and then came to a quick stop. Three giants came through the door. She was too stunned to move. The one in the middle was taller than the other two and held her interest the longest.

    She watched him closely, and when her parents hurried forward to greet the newcomers, she realized he was even bigger than her own papa. She grabbed hold of Rachel's hand and started tugging. Her sister took a long time to look down. Rachel rolled her eyes heavenward.

    Beauty and the Beastly Wedding: Book Two in the Grottenville Series

    He told me only God is bigger than he is, Rachel. He was just teasing you. That's all. You don't need to be afraid. Papa hadn't deceived her, after all, and God hadn't bothered to come down from heaven to lecture her. There was still time for her to change what Elspeth told her was her sinful life. Her papa drew her attention when he let out a bellow of laughter.

    She smiled because he was having such a fine time, and then she turned to look at the middle one again. She'd been told time and again that it was rude to stare, but she didn't pay any attention to her mother's rule now. The giant mesmerized her, and she wanted to remember everything she could about him. He must have felt her staring at him, though, because he suddenly turned and looked directly at her.

    Brenna decided to make her papa proud of her and behave like a proper young lady. She grabbed a fistful of her skirt, hiked it up to her knees, and then bent down to curtsy. She promptly lost her balance and almost hit her head against the floor, but she was quick enough to lean back so she could land on her bottom. She stood back up, remembered to let go of her skirts, and then peeked up at the stranger to see what he thought about her newly acquired skill.

    The giant smiled at her. As soon as he looked away, she squeezed herself up against Rachel's backside again. Rachel smiled. Yes, it was nice. Now all she had to do was ask. Papa let his daughters leave the hall a few minutes later. Brenna waited until everyone else had gone upstairs, then ran back outside. She was determined to catch one of the piglets today so she would finally have a pet of her very own. She would have preferred a pup, but Papa had let her older brothers and sisters have them all, and none were left for her, and she meant to right his terrible wrong by taking one of the piglets.

    Luck was on her side. The piglets' mama had once again left the pen and was now sleeping in a mud pool on the far side of the stables halfway down the hill. The fiction world is a big one, and we're here to help you find the best novel for you. The greatest novels ever written have a home at Booktopia. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Fiction Books. Captive Desire Planet of Desire.

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    Book Two in The Grottenville Series

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