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Nancy Wilson. One thing that became clear in all of these recordings was how much he was influenced by other styles of music as well as by the headlines. He was just as concerned about the issues of the day: the Vietnam War, crime, civil-rights violations, drug abase and transcendental med- itation.

All of this came through in his recordings. Japan eagerly awaits your next visit. Music Promotion P. SW: Catalogued enough for me. BB: When you look back at your own work, arc there any albums or songs that you feel were not given the kind of recognition you might have liked? And "In Square Circle" There were some special songs on there BB: So there's no one album in par- ticular that you look back on and really wish that people had paid more atten- tion to? SW: Not really. I think things have been pretty fair. BB: Do you go back and listen loyour older music? What gets you excited again?

BB: Is there a particular album for you that you would consider to be a milestone? SW: I think so. BB: And how would you characterize that time? What do you say about the time you're Inowl entering into? SW: We are headed into a new mil- lennium in this world. The way music is being done is changing. On certain levels, there are more instruments being used in the marriage of both technology 7 and live [performing.

In one sense, we arc in a place where a lot people don't know where we re headed. It's going to be a challenging time for everyone on every level: the entertainment held, the corporate world, relations with the various cultures. A lot of stuff is happening. It's gonna be a time for something very- big. BB: I asked you before alwut being considered a global artist, and you're someone who has probably- been in the vanguard of taking music from different cultures and fusing it.

Is that something you see yourself delving more and more into? SW: Yes, I do, because the world is getting smaller because of the mass communication that is happening. People arc able to check each other out instantly. I think that's a plus. BB: Do you see yourself doing more traveling and touring throughout the world? BB: Do you ever get tired of louring?

SW: I like traveling. BB: Do you still enjoy performing? SW: Yes, I do, very much so. I love performing. BB: What doyou think of the current music scene? What areyour thoughts alrout the musicyou're hear- ing on the radio? It's not broad enough.

Una muerte sospechosa Spanish Edition

You've got stations that have bought other stations and there's two different formats happening. It's a funny thing. In one sense. You might sec a dancer who docs some incredible stuff, or an opera sing- er, It gave kids more of an appreciation for music and for art. BB: There arc a lot of new singers who you can tell have been influenced by you. Is that flatter- ing? SW: Yes I feel honored because I feel that not only have I been blessed with God giving me the gift of expressing sound and having a certain sound, but also that l have encouraged others who have grown up with what they've heard.

And they put it with what they have themselves. So there is a continuation of a gift that was given to me. I just feel that it will continue on because I hear the different gifts that they- have been given, and that inspires me and it goes on and on and on. BB: How important have hit records been to you? SW: I like the idea of having another No. BB: One last question. When you look at the future, like the next 10 years, what doyou see yourself doing? SW: A little bit of this still, but just kind of grooming other acts. Working with different acts. BB: You have been doing this for 35 years.

As much as you can go hack to the beginning of making a career of music, did you expect to still be doing it now? SW: I hoped to. I had no preconceptions. I hoped to do it for all my life. For over 30 years, his music hos been part of our lives, something to snap our fingers to, something to give us hope, something to fall in love to. Without him, cer- tainly half the young singers today would sound different- even the political landscape might be altered.

We're proud to be part of your family. The organization's annual conference will be held in early November in Aruba. The best example of Rhythm by J. Says Cundieff. The music, the images, and the text all mesh and the song becomes part of the storytelling — it almost be- comes script dialog and is a high point in the film. The soundtrack's G-funk vibe is also a winner. Producers, artists, songwriters, musicians, and entrepreneurs were given a complete overview of different aspects of the industry. The next seminar will be held Aug.

Assistance in preparing this column provided by David Nathan. Other participating producers include the team of Howie Tee and Alex Moseley. The album arrives at retail July 4. After moving from Chicago to Fresno, Calif. But it was a short Los Angeles stay in that led to her signing with the Alpert and Moss publishing company Rondor Music.

The set was produced by Arthur Baker and Kronlund. He later lived in London. Meantime, Kronlund was out build- ing the current band. FN INF. HALL N. C- hai i. B BcCK. C VOSS. WOMAC k. S OTIS! M MANI. A RIAA certification for sales of 1 million units, with additional million indicated by a numeral following the symbol Catalog number is for cassette single.

D CD single availability. T Vinyl maxi-smgle availability V Vinyl single availability. X CD maxi-single availability.

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Songs ranked by gross impressions, computed by cross- referencing exact times ol airplay with Arbitral listener data. Hill And Valentine. ASCAP, lllotic. BMI, Warner- lamerlane. BMLIntersccpe Pearl. BMI, Wu-Tang. BWMusc tap 01 America. BMHarge Ftrtessor. BMI, 'Cooler. ARIAA certification for shipment ol 1 million units Tape prices marked EQ, and all other CO prices, are equivalent prices, which are protected from wholesale prices Greatest Game increase. Pacesetter indicates biggest percentage growth. Heatseeker Impact shows albums removed from Heatseekers this week.

All the different ingredients work together as one, the same way all the musicians in the band do. It goes to tastemakers in the club and street com- munities Monday 8 , around the same time a promotional videoclip is being shipped. That will really be predicated on how things develop underneath. Currently, BFE is securing a book- ing agent for live dates. This strong movement comes primar- ily from sales, which are very impressive considering that there are only maxi-configurations available. This week it has the second- largest increase in total points, moving This week it picks up Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston.

This week it is No. It is No. Rhythm Band 1 3. They compared it to Janet Jackson; some compared it to Madonna. When an artist goes away and comes back, they need to reintroduce her. Abdul is currently shooting the video in Morocco. She knows what her strengths and weaknesses are and has worked very, very hard to maximize her strengths and to improve her weak- nesses.

It's not right. It was def- initely an unfair, frivolous, crappy thing to do. Thank God Virgin listened and stood by my side on this, because a lot of record companies just pay for nui- sance suits to go away. I worked my butt off on my first album. That is my lead vocal on every single song.

Another result of the Rondor signing was increased industry ex- posure, which led to opportunities to perform background work with Brandy, Jamie Foxx, and CeCe Peniston. While that makes her life ripe for tabloid fodder, it can threaten to overshadow the music. All the issues that have floated around bear no resem- blance to the fact that she has major talent as a singer and performer. I was really thankful that I had my album to use as an outlet for what I was going through.

It made me feel so much more con- nected to the work. I heard more of her material, and I went crazy about the feeling Sher- ree put into her music. Rap pioneers the Last Poets kick it with colleagues backstage following a recent performance at the Bank in New York. Pictured, from left, are keyboardist Onaje Alan Gumbs. DOUG E. A RIAA certification tor sales ot 1 million units. Catalog no. C Cassette single availability. M Cassette mail-single availability.

T Vinyl maxl-wng e availability. V Vinyl single availability. Starting this month, Island Records — and its various subsidiar- ies — are headed toward a summer that is destined to be filled with inno- vation and high visibility on the dancefloor. Heartfelt kudos to Gee Street mar- keting Wunderkind Pete Arden for guiding the singles-only G-Zone down a path that is credible but smarter than average. Perfect for the programmers of jams by Por- t is head and Massive Attack.

It is bound to a one hell of a head trip. Singers Darrin Carter and Tina Finley further fatten the tune with playful vocal licks and vamps that are sustained and tweaked over five interesting mixes. A simple Fil jam that should stick to the brains and bodies of punters on impact. Available on Sound Pak Rec- ords in Crestwood, Either will break up the monotony of peak-hour programs quite well. This time. His rolling piano lines remain intact, even on the new mixes by Mr. Blank and KJ, as does the still-uni- dentified lead male vocal. A cutie that deserves a fair listen this time.

Cool gettin' hot: as cool- tempo Records inches closer to its 10th anniversary in September, an assortment of elaborate celebratory plans are afoot — most of which are being kept under tight wraps. We did wrangle from the U. Given its history of breaking such massive acts as Adeva and Ju- liet Roberts, we are salivating at what Nelson and cohorts will pull from their sleeves. Speaking of Roberts, she is writing and recording material for a sopho- more album that will feature a duet with new labelmate Steven Dante who is also busy prepping his own Cooltempo collection.

Stateside deals for both artists are still to be se- cured. Hint, hint. It will be the first in a string of deep inchers aimed directly at the global underground. It is a real eye- popper that is fueled by equally po- tent and credible music. The music will be provided by Cold- cut, Skylab, and Drome, among oth- ers. Bangs has already moved on to his next proj- ect, which is an album with one-time Style Council partner Mick Tolbert. Should be quite juicy. The set runs the gamut of dance music styles, includ- ing new material by underground mainstays Basscut.

Deee-Lite, Ultra Nate, and Mr. Fingers, among oth- ers. Props to the project's executive producer, Bill Coleman, for assem- bling such a sterling groove lineup. Clearly intended for the more sophisticated, open-minded punter, most of the music here is as melodically complex as it is sonically jolting. Both are working on EPs for the label. He was 36 years old. His resume also included regular gigs at Campus in Cambridge, Mass. On Sales chart: M Cassette maxi-single availability. T Vinyl maxi-single availability. To subscribe call T46 or FAX your order to Or mail this ad with your payment to: Airplay Monitor, P.

Songwriter Kent Blazy, second from left, meets with executives of BMG Music Publishing to celebrate the sale of his catalogs to the company and the establishment of a co-publishing agreement there. As a happy side effect, the simulated duet would be ready in time to qualify for the Country Music Assn.

She listened and said no. He made a complete song with his. We made a complete song with ours. She continues to dazzle us with her talent And taste. The event has been added to the schedule to spotlight acts on independent labels. Fan Fair, which has already sold out its 24, tickets, will run June at the Tennes- see State Fairgrounds in Nashville. For the first time in its history, there will be no accompanying dinner. It will be rebroadcast at 1 pm.

He currently main- tains an office in the Lake Tahoe vicinity in Nevada. Jarrod L. Law- son has joined Huntsman Entertainment as an account ex- ecutive. The Traditional Music.

113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. CD 5

Assn, has honored the Renfro Valley Ky. Bam Dance with its promoter of the year award. Based in Blacksburg, Va, Hay Holler expects to release eight to nine albums this year. It already has 19 ti- tles in its catalog. Kerry Hay, 63, a retired engineer and marketing official from the de- fense equipment industry, says he de- cided to establish the label after hav- ing been enamored of bluegrass music all his life.

More Books by Nicole Jordan

Together, the two decided to in- troduce the label by offering a direct- mail package of the best-loved blue- grass standards via cable TV ads. Hay says, however, that he is negotiating to issue some older ma- terial. E HILL. WR GHT. UPIT J. Airpower awarded to those records which attain detections tor the first time.

Catalog number is for cassette single, or vinyl if cassette is unavailable. V Vinyl single avail- ability. D GRAU. Of the eight songs making their initial appearances, seven are medium to uptempo. After making a debut at No. The member group is chaired by Beverly Padrat- zik, affiliate manager of Tribune Ra- dio Networks. Kimbrell, T. The CRS will be held Feb.

To help make mainstream country fans aware of the project, Sparrow' is working with Country America magazine on a cross- promotion campaign for the record. There also will be a three-song Ray- bon CD released to radio. The video will be serviced to mainstream country outlets as well as Christian video outlets.

The clip will also be pro- moted to dance clubs via independent promoters who target that market. In addition to performing with Shenandoah, Raybon also does solo dates, performing his gospel songs and occasionally taking to church pul- pits to preach as well. For reasons of economy, he presses a min- imum of 1, CDs and 1, cas- settes for each new title.

Within the past two years, he says, CDs and cas- settes sell about evenly. Hay says he is close to an agreement with Bayside in West Sacramento, Calif. BMVTenas Wedge. A RIAA certification for sales of 1 million units, with multimillion sellers indicated by a numeral following the symbol. Tape prices marked EQ, and all other CO pnces, arc equivalent prices, which are projected from wholesale prices. Greatest Gamer shows chart's largest unit increase Pacesetter indicates biggest percentage growth. TBB 9 vmki. To quality for these reduced rates, reservations must be booked directly through JC Travel at Porter, president of Insignia Music Publishing Cos.

The showcase bill is currently being finalized. Recording artists set to perform at the awards ceremony are Cai- fanes and India. In addition, the confab is featuring its inaugural La- tin Music Expo June For more conference details, contact Mau- reen Ryan at or Angela Rodriguez at Virgin Records has established a Brazilian label, Virgin Brasil.

Mello adds that Virgin Brasil is intent on signing domestic acts. The first artist signed to the label is Sr. Banana, a six-piece group that fuses dancehall with Afro-Brazilian rhythms maxixe, baiao, and embo- lada. Last year, Sao Paulo-based Com- panhia de Audio used the latest res- toration hardware to clean up the recording. Slated to perform Friday 12 at S. In April, the soft-spoken performer sold out 12 shows at the seat La Plaza Theater here. Among the distinguished recording artists who sat in with the light baritone during his sets were song stylist Sandra Mihanovich, folkloric per- cussionist Chango Farias G6mez, and ex-Seru Girlkn member David Leb6n.

Buoyed by the enthusiastic re- ception, Lerner plans to play inti- mate sets throughout Argentina beginning in June. In September, Lerner expects to launch a month- long Latin American swing. The al- bum has been released in Latin America, Spain, and the U. A handful of compositions were recently submitted to Celine Dion. His next album, slated for early , will feature a guest per- formance by Roberta Flack. Shelly Lares, having embarked on an city tour of Texas, is slated to play a weekiong swing through Mexico May The Tejano star is slated to go into the studio later this summer.

Stateside briefs: u. Aztlan, a Latino rock imprint, has opened shop in San Francisco. Antara Productions, a manage- ment, booking, and promotion com- pany located in Montreal, has been sponsoring local monthly Latino races called Oy6! Assistance in preparing this col- umn was provided by Enor Paiano in Sao Paulo. There were seminars geared toward radio, promoters, retailers, songwriters, and others in the industry, but most of all there was music at the Gospel Music Assn. See related story, page The musical talent was impressive, as was the overall entertainment value.

Chapman co-hosted his segment with CeCe Winans, who also displayed comedic flair. The funniest moments belonged to comedian Mark Lowry. He joined Bill Gaither on stage to co-host a portion of the evening, and con- tinued the momentum with Gaither hair jokes, some of which were provided by col- laborator Martha Bolton, a longtime writer for Bob Hope. The Doves capped a great week for Lowry. Lowry is being courted by INSP, the Inspira- tion Network, to become part of its Saturday night lineup, and there are possibilities at other networks, too. Photo: Deborah Evans Price wide Sept Marketing will be hand- led by GS Entertainment.

The latter tune is slated to be the debut single from the new album. The DC Talk album Is sure to be one of the most-watched titles in the industry this year. If so, it could not only propel DC Talk, but Christian music as a whole. The maga- zine will also review mainstream product of interest to a Christian audience. Additionally, Connell Communications Inc. The Gospel Music Assn, has created the Academy of Gospel Music Arts to help develop new talent in the Christian field through educational seminars and tal- ent competitions.

Michael W. Kathy Troccoli is the new spokeswoman for Prison Fellowship Ministries. You can now' find Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Petra, and other Christian artists on the Internet. All albums available on cassette and CO. The Grammy-winning artist, more known for his music than his church-based ministry, has had a series of heart problems in the last few years. They have not, however, slowed his recording efforts. Caesar is currently in Atlanta polishing the rough edges. Briefly: James Moore is still recovering from laser surgery to restore his vision. Complications from diabetes had left him somewhat blinded.

However, the prognosis from doctors is hopeful. Members of Take 6 are out in Los Angeles, hard at work on their next recording. The group has teamed with producers George Duke and Keith Crouch.

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  • Recent releases include one by the Promise, a new Greensboro, N. Mass Choir, and Beau Williams. Next week, Malaco gets going with its much-touted de- but recording of teen prodigy Bryan Wilson. Jeffery Brown, a Manhattan builder, is now the proud owner. The esprit de corps is unmistak- able on alto saxist Cole's punchy session, the charts for which were written by Bob Belden. These days the Holland-based Criss Cross and Timeless concerns are both on the mainstream case. Black Saint and Soul Note, currently enjoying their 25th anniversary in the biz, have helped to establish the reps of many, many freedom swing- ers.

    So the recent securing of U. Calling themselves Roots, they address classic sax- ophone pieces. C 1 , BtanjePI Commmbot. After Rondor began reaching out for new songs and writers in — when it owned copyrights — it grew to where it today owns some 40, titles. The company also secured film work for her and brought her to Europe before her signing to Island Records. Overseas, Alpert adds, Rondor has replicated the Etheridge phenomenon with such U.

    In one recent week, Rondor had 19 songs in 12 of the top 50 box-office films, says Alpert, whose responsibilities include film placements. I had written a cou- ple of my own songs that we had cut and if it came down to one of my songs or a remake, I wanted one of my own. When we cut it, it just kept coming alive. More releases are due later this year. Deadline for entries is July Scene Three Inc.

    HLs longtime collaborator Anne Grace produced the shoots. Tracy Lawrence, left, confers with director Marc Ball as they prepare to shoot another time-traveling video for Atlantic. Had A Front Porch. Ball notes that he and Law- rence formulate each video concept as it comes. The Lawrence collection, which com- prises more than 10 Scene Three pro- ductions, gave Ball and Lawrence a chance to bring something fresh to country fans. He feels a real ob- ligation to his fans. The company houses two full sound- stages and complete video and audio post production facilities.

    Debra Bergman produced the clip; John Demps directed photography. In addition. Jason Taragan produced the shoot with director of photogra- phy Tim Ives. Lance Acord directed photog- raphy on a Harlem rooftop; Gina Harrell produced. Kris Kristofferson and John Prine reunited at the Bitter End recently to reminisce op film about their friendship with Goodman.

    The longform video, set for summer release, features footage culled from more than 20 years in Goodman's career. Coming from MTV Networks. The maverick music video net- work is looking toward the cam- puses of U. Network representative Christine Levesque says MuchMusic is aggressively looking to develop partnerships with college radio and television programmers, as well as promoters of live music events. The Washington, D. Place N. An abridged minute video, which caters to gen- eral consumers is on the shelves at mainstream music retail, while a minute tape geared toward serious drummers is being sold in outlets that specialize in musical equip- ment Quick CUTS: VHl's April "Tick- ets First" promotion with Melissa Etheridge logged 9 million phone call attempts and moved 40, ex- clusive mail-order concert tickets during a four-hour specialty block of programming.

    Video Monitor. You Don! Badly Beni 24 Mary Chapin Carpenter. Meuse 01 Cards Washington, D. Shy Guy 2 Total. You Sot 3 Soul For Raal. Water Runs Dry 5 Da Brat. Dear Mama 14 Dr. Take It Persona 22 Mary J. You're Sorry Now 26 Vertical Hold. Please Remember Met 24 Blackhawk. Honk If You Love To Cain's Blood 47 PtttyLc ebtu.

    You Pent Even Kroa Wo. Get Over It 49 Billy Montana. Didn't Have You 50 Marty Stuart. Fake Plastic Trees 22 Radnex. You Grtta Be 37 Bruce Springsteen. If 1 Wanted To 7 Sheryl Crow. Strong Enough 8 Madonna. Bedtime Story Pure Sold. N-Vee, 4 Play Trisha Covington. Miranda PDF Download. Oye, Morena, Tu Que Miras? PDF Online. PDF Amante Consagrado. PDF Amante Eterno. PDF Amantes Legendarios. La Princesa Azul ePub. PDF Los Gresham. Lagrimas Negras ePub.

    Pasion En La Oscuridad ePub. PDF Traicionada Download. Read Amante Oscuro. Read Blackmoore PDF. Read Caballo De Fuego. Read Cautivo De Mis Deseos. Read Demonios De Formentera. Read Los Gresham. Read Los Placeres Del Pecado. Read Pack 03 C. Read PDFGigolo. Amar A Un Desconocido Online. El Heredero Online. Titania Fresh Online. Un Amor Despiadado. Volver A Ti. Once again, it will showcase orchestral scores written by black composers. Submissions must be postmarked by Jan. As many as 30 works have been submitted in past competitions.

    The DSO also runs a fellowship program for African - American instrumentalists aiming at orchestral careers. Jacky Terrasson is his name, and he's the winner of jazz's most prestigious competition, the annual instrumental shoot -out sponsored by the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz. The selection process itself turned out to be as compelling as Terrasson's performance of "Celia" during the semifinals. His presentation in the finals, however, is another story.

    More on that in a minute. The jury had a difficult time adjudicating this event. The level of talent was high; so too were the standards by which the judges made their calls. It's nerve - wracking business discerning immeasurable differences among competing pianists -tough even for ears informed by years of experience and by a multitude of styles spanning the breadth of jazz history.

    Their job? Audition 13 semifinalists, eliminate all but three, then determine who wins, places, and shows before a capacity house at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D. Lest anyone forget the bout's specific gravity, one needed only scan the well -coiffed capital crowd: this occasion was official. On Sunday, the day of the semis, Terrasson turned heads. Permanent placement is guaranteed if openings occur during their fellowship tenure. Meanwhile, the DSO claims its weekly syndicated radio broadcasts are heard on more than stations across the country, more than any other orchestra.

    Beginning this season, it will host an annual weeklong festival in New York, "Sonidas de las Americas," devoted to new and established works by Latin composers, capped by a Carnegie Hall concert by the ACO. Each year, a different country or group of countries will be showcased.

    Since its founding in , the ACO has performed more than works by American composers. Of these, 89 were world premieres; 74 were commissioned by the orchestra. Groups long prominent on disc are featured. The orchestra, under music director Raymond Leppard, currently records for Koss Classics. It didn't hurt that Ter - rasson approached the bench with a swagger, communicating beyond music with body language that virtually begged someone to cut him. No mere contestant, he; this boy was a player. Terrasson's affirmative notes provided an instant lift. Tomorrow, the finals.

    For the rest of that day, the observation heard most often was, "Unless he gets hit by a bus, he's got this thing won. There appeared to be a consensus both among the judges and the coterie of critics, record execs, and insiders who witnessed the semis. Terrasson was a shoo -in. So much for the smart money. The next night, the young pianist sideman for Arthur Taylor and soon -to -be accompanist for Betty Carter did the unthinkable: He blew it, or so most of us thought.

    He opened with a dense abstraction of Charlie Parker's "Donna Lee" unsupported by drummer Washington, who had difficulty nailing down a working rhythm that might have been construed as a piece of bold programming had it shown any of the buoyancy and coherence attending his presentation the day before.

    No matter, apparently. Though runner up Peter Martin flaunted an impressive Art Tatum -meets -Art Hodes touch impressive enough to vault him into the winner's circle, according to many , and third -place finisher Ed Simon was the soul of leanness and sumptuous good taste, the judges preferred to reward Terrasson on the basis of his previous day's bravura performance -still echoing in their heads, to be sure.

    His talent was unmistakable -in fact, stirring. So what if his 12 minutes in the spotlight were not the final's best musical moments? EDITION Now in its 35th year, this brand new edition gives you all the latest music and video industry contacts you need to compete and succeed in this global marketplace. You get comprehensive listings for9ver 23, music and video companies worldwide Only Billboard's International Buyer's Guide gives you the entire music and video industry in one compact business reference source.

    BDBG, P. All Sales Are Final. The video comes from the Junkies' latest outing, "Pale Sun, Crescent Moon," and the tune's evocative, cinematic essence inspired the label crew and the band to mine a new field of talent to translate the audio into video. Not only did they make the videos, but they met with label executives and saw that side of the industry as well. Its star is a young schoolgirl with the insight to understand the unspoken and illicit intentions her paunchy male superior has in mind for her.

    Archetypal shots of innocence are interlaced with dark shadows, layered images, and a stifling sense of fear and emotional entrapment. Chris Grant produced the clip, and David Mester edited. RCA is still determining how the video will be used. Maitland says he is particular about which outside offers he will entertain regarding his students. The California State Univ. Bloom structures the two -week course to cover multiple issues in video production, from complex location shoots in multiple and hostile environments to simple performance clips reeled on a soundstage.

    The students function as Bloom's crew, focusing on each specific aspect of production as dictated by their goals for the course. Music videos are an ideal training ground for film students because one can achieve high production value in a short, low- budget piece, says Bloom. More than aspiring directors submitted music videos to the competition this year; it marks its 10th anniversary next year.

    In fact, the winner, Christopher J. Bell of Poughkeepsie, N. The compilation is screened at museums and video festivals around the nation. Trish Govoni directed photography. Cathy Hood produced. Billy Paul Jones produced the shoot. David Stockton directed photography. Craig S. The hourlong reel features back - to -back clips by acts on labels associated with the rock -based distribution company. Caroline targets more than independent retail accounts and small chains that play videos instore, programming artists ranging from hardcore to pop.

    Caroline Records' Walt Mink, Taang! Caroline serviced about nonmusic retailers, clubs, and bars with the compilation as well. Caroline also regu- larly distributes an audio sampler and fanzine. Feedback to date indicates an increase in awareness and sales on the acts featured on the first reel, Rinoldo says, noting, "accounts are stocking artists they didn't stock before.

    And more than 50 accounts have contacted the Caroline team to channel encouraging responses from their customers, she says. Mark Ghuneim is now VP of video promotion at Columbia Sherry Simpson has founded her own LA -based independent representation firm, Artbox, which currently is working with Mark Gerard's Motus Manufacturing Stacey Stanley has joined Big Tracks, an L. Apparently, the "Friday Night Videos" replacement, a proposed'variety" show, did not come together as quickly as anticipated. Isidron speculates that repeats of the music video show could continue airing through February.

    Public service announcements featuring Boy George, Luis Miguel, and Gloria Estefan were packaged with news reports and special broadcasts. Meanwhile, MTV Latino continues to grow domestically. A recent acborah quisition campaign in Tucson, Ariz. MTV Asia began programming in Cantonese recently.

    News and Cantonese music videos are now part of the network's regular schedule Domestically, MTV U. The gig will be followed by a live countdown from the stage of Janet Jackson's sold -out show at Madison Square Garden. Jackson judged a number of junior high and high school -aged music students, and two were chosen to perform with him at El Chapultepec. The smoke- and alcohol -free jam was open to students of the Denver public school system, and was taped for broadcast on "Jazz Alley.

    We also hear that Burgmaier is in the talking stages with a few fairly big TV giants regarding the future of "Jazz Alley. On Wednesday 8 , he will reprise the latter role at the Billboard Music Awards. At the Billboard Music Awards, Collins opened the show, performing with Genesis, and went on to host the affair. This year he will stick solely to hosting duties, but Collins still is making music that rides high on the charts.

    For the first time in his solo recording career, Collins opted to make "Both Sides" a solo album in the most literal sense -he plays every instrument. Says Collins, "The songs were very, very personal, and the more I wrote, the more I realized how close to my heart they were. So therefore, I thought I should see it through on my own. But Seriously," Collins' No. The two -hour special will air at 8 p. ET and 7 p. CT; the program will be tape -delayed for an 8 p. The Billboard Music Awards also will feature a special performance by country artists, including Trisha Yearwood and Travis Tritt, who appear on Giant Records' wildly successful Eagles tribute album, "Common Thread.

    With Children. ET live 7 p. CT live 8 p. And Seated," hit No. Long a fixture on the Billboard charts, Stewart has had three singles on the Hot this year. The top stars of numerous genres too often ignored at other awards presentations -jazz, classical, gospel, contemporary Christian, dance, and adult alternative -will be honored at the first Billboard Year In Music Awards Dinner, to be held Tuesday 7 in the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

    Island Records recording artist Melissa Etheridge will host the dinner. The dinner will feature the presentation of the Century Award, Billboard's signal honor so named in acknowledgment of the publication's centennial , created to salute a musical artist's distinguished creative achievement. The dinner will be hosted by Island recording artist Melissa Etheridge, right. In , George Harrison was the recipient of the inaugural award, a handcrafted bronze statuette representing the Muses of music and the arts.

    Guy's statuette will be adorned with a lyre crafted of wood taken from the Mississippi cabin in which Muddy Waters Guy's mentor was reared; the wood was presented to Billboard by the Delta Blues Museum. Guy's contributions to modern blues and its rock'n'roll dimensions are part of the bedrock of today's popular music, and recognition of his stature is both long overdue and richly deserved.

    G a r t h Brooks dominated the awards, the first to be aired live nationally. The singer took seven honors: No. U2 held sway in the album and modern rock tracks categories in '92, snaring five awards, while Boyz II Men, riding their record -breaking hit "End Of The Road," scored three awards. Yet one place the band had never been was the summit of The Billboard , at least until the Geffen release "Get A Grip. The performance will cap another banner year for Aerosmith.

    vomgkik.tk Ebooks and Manuals

    Then it happened. While new Aerosmith songs were jamming the album rock airwaves, Columbia launched an ambitious reissue program, releasing remastered versions of the band's 12 albums for the label, complete with restored artwork. The band's first two albums were regional hits, but hardly noticed outside Boston, as singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry were written off as Mick Jagger -Keith Richards clones. That all changed with the release of "Toys In The Attic," the group's third album.

    Then came "Walk This Way. The release "Rocks" brought the band to new heights artistically and commercially. The album climbed to No. Then the bottom fell out. The excesses of success took their toll, as internal squabbles and drug abuse led to Perry's departure in ; rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford followed in Tyler, bassist Tom Hamilton, and drummer Joey Kramer continued, but it wasn't the same. Veteran rock act Aerosmith will perform live via satellite from London at the Billboard Music Awards.

    The original line -up regrouped in , but it was Tyler and Perry's participation in a remake of "Walk This Way" by rap crew Run -DMC that relit the band's creative fuse. But the band wasn't completely satisfied with the results, and ventured to Little Mountain Sound Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, to complete the project.

    The producer also will take the stage during the performance. Regarded in many circles as the father of new jack swing, Riley entered the scene as producer for Keith Sweat's crossover hit, "I Want Her. The group's first album, "Guy," hit No. Guy has taken a hiatus from recording, but Riley continues to write and produce for major acts, as well as help develop new talent.

    For the second consecutive year, a team working for the Los Angeles production company Flattery Yukich Inc. FYI will produce the live awards telecast. A crew moved into the venue Dec. Wells and Jules Verne. Bob Dickinson is lighting director for the third consecutive year; Alan Carter is the editor; and Jerry Behrens will oversee live switching. Michele Megan Dix and Michael Levitt are the talent executives. Executive producers are Sam Holdsworth and Jeff Pollack.

    P " Awards Preview '93 44,! The song was "Hold Me," a duet with Teddy Pendergrass. Nearly a decade later, the mega - platinum singing sensation makes a habit of collecting awards and breaking chart records. Houston will be a featured performer at the Billboard Music Awards. The charismatic artist's impact on The Billboard was unrelenting in The soundtrack to the film "The 4 Non Blondes will be among the featured performers at the Billboard Music Awards.

    The San Francisco act had scheduled its first rehearsal for Oct. The group may have gotten off to a shaky start, but everything fell into place when the emotional "What's Up" single, fueled by Perry's powerful vocals, cracked the top 40 on Billboard's Hot last June.

    And this week, 4 Non Blondes will be among the performers featured at the Billboard Music Awards. As for the album, "Bigger, Better, Faster, More! It is in its 37th week on that chart. The band, which also includes guitarist Roger Rocha, bassist Christa Hillhouse, and drummer Dawn Richardson, also claimed the coveted opening slot on one leg of the Aerosmith tour this fall. The 4 Non Blondes saga won't be winding down anytime soon. The group is currently on the road and has two songs coming out on compilation albums. Earlier this year, the group took home a Bammie for outstanding debut album.

    Bodyguard " -in which she co -stars with Kevin Costner - remains in the upper reaches of the chart after 54 weeks. The Arista title, which features six Houston tracks, has been certified for U. Clearly, Houston is no stranger to the Billboard Music Awards. Her hit Arista album "I'm Your Baby Tonight" generated four top 20 singles on the Hot in In addition to her Billboard awards, Houston owns two Grammy awards, three Peoples' Choice awards, and two Emmy awards, among countless other accolades. I thought that was something that says a lot about the way we live nowadays. Kids on the street are resorting to carrying guns basically because people don't listen to them.

    They are being forced into that situation by people basically shitting on them all the time, and they are tired of it. We have to address this some time in the near future, and the sooner the better. While some listeners to "Both Sides" might assume that Collins is once again going through personal A four -time winner at the Billboard Music Awards, Whitney Houston returns to perform at this year's ceremony.

    I've actually started seeing some of my older friends, and it unearths a lot of things. Sometimes they're happy thoughts and sometimes they're not. That's what some of the lyrics are about. At the debut show, he picked up awards in three categories: top adult contemporary artist, top worldwide album, and hot adult contemporary single. At the show, Genesis picked up the award for No. While each of Collins' solo albums has been successful -all have gone at least platinum -his album "No Jacket Required" often is viewed as his creative and commercial peak.

    The album, which topped The Billboard for seven weeks, has sold more than 7 million copies and won the Grammy for album of the year. I've done that, been there, and got that, and that's wonderful. If I get that chance again, that's great. But I feel like I'm starting off in a new direction. I've got to own up to that. But I see things from a drum chair point of view still. A band's got to groove, otherwise I'm not interested. Video Monitor. Taylor, Baby I'm Back 28 Tony! Houston, Something In Elmo, Grandma Got Run Over The Heur ofcountry 30 hours weekly Opryland Dr.

    Hill Univ. After World War II, returning servicemen who'd been exposed in far - flung PXs to jukeboxes salted with local recordings were now more open to the musical diversity above and below the Tropic of Cancer. To put it another way: Calypso watered a family tree, and we call it rock'n'roll. With Goodman on clarinet and the jaw - dropping Gene Krupa on skins -not to mention the rest of that band, building path to the wider world "Calypso On Record " , its growth as an entertainment spectacle "Calypso In Shows, At Dances, At Clubs, And On The Stage " , and its intense political and social impact "Censorship And The Steel Band " , the apt cross- references to today's Hot likely will occur to any savvy reader.

    A nice touch found in the back of this -page book is the 16 -track Rounder Records companion CD of rare calypso classics cut between and the '50s, including a remarkable Library of Congress recording of Lord Invader performing the pre - Andrews Sisters incarnation of "Rum And Coca -Cola. This first documentary film biography of the big -band leader comes recommended for many reasons, but that rush is enough.

    79 Best TV Shows images in | TV Series, British comedy, Comedy series

    Goodman would seem to agree: The music's the thing. An intimate portrait, painted through candid reminiscences by family and musical colleagues many of whom recount his habit of firing the band , as well as via interview footage with Goodman and never -before -seen home movies, reveals a man who put music above everything, including conventional views on "white" and "black" bands. He wanted the best, period. Though the Goodman heyday peaked in the '40s, rare film shows him in the studio in the '50s, still swinging, as his music does today. The current chart and those for the following two or three weeks will only be supplied to SNEP members.

    Only 50 tracks are logged on the chart so far, but within a week, SNEP expects to be able to deliver a -title chart. A fully reliable and operational singles chart is expected by the end of December. At the same time, SNEP plans to release its first albums charts, making both the singles and albums charts operational in January.

    The charts are operated by polling organization IFOP, which is responsible for collecting and presenting the data. David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Suede also attended. Singapore Singer. Sony Music execs welcome Peabo Bryson to Singapore for his gigs there. The panel of about 50 stores -including Virgin Megastbres but not yet the FNAC chain - has been equipped during the past two months with computerized point -of-sale systems.

    The list of stores used to produce the charts will not be published and will rotate to prevent chart hyping. Comments Paire, "We've just been through the longest part of the proceedings, which consisted of negotiating with the stores, in equipping them, and getting into an operational phase. I must say that I am quite happy with the result. It looks reliable, and the next weeks will be used to improve the system. So far, no record company that has been given the charts seems to have noticed any major discrepancies between the chart and what they believe to be happening in the market.

    The next key step will be securing media exposure for this as- yet -unnamed chart, although SNEP has not inked any formal deal with any TV channel or radio station. Paire says he has "frequent working meetings with [public channel] France 2 about the concept of the program which could be produced from the charts. Paire adds that he hopes for an arrangement that in- eludes a daily and a weekly show, or weekly and monthly shows.

    As far as radio exposure, Paire confirms that NRJ has shown interest in having exclusive rights to the charts, but, says Paire, "We wish to first secure a TV program, then radio. Another pending question is whether UPFI, the organization regrouping French independent producers, will back the charts. Then we have to agree on the way it will be exposed. But I don't see any major obstacles to that. He points out that with a list of titles charting, upcoming bands have a good way to receive exposure.

    He adds that the new system will allow the production of specialized sales charts for classical, jazz, and other styles of music. Observers claimed that the lyrics incited violence and catered to an audience of skinheads and neo- Nazis. The band has accumulated a large following through 10 years of touring. In that time, the Bad Uncles apparently have had a change of convictions and political direction, taking a stand against Nazis, racism, and violence against foreigners and performing at concerts and demonstrations for such causes. The lyrical content of the band's two new albums, released by Frankfurt -based independent label Bellaphon Records, draws at- tention to the dark aspects of life -such as sex, rape, and violence -while the band's guitar - oriented hard rock communicates aggression.

    On the current chart for the week ending Dec. In the third week after the Oct. The chart success of the albums is proof of the band's album -buying following, especially since it was achieved in the face of a boycott. Major retail chains such as WOM World of Music as well as department stores like Karstadt have refused to stock the record.

    Conversely, department store Hertie and drugstore chain Mueller ostensibly believe in the band's change of heart and have put the albums on sale. Observers here note that if the Bad Uncles really have undergone a change of heart, there is reason to hope that their new ideals can communicate to their fan base and bring about a change in attitudes, which politicians and intellectuals have so far failed to achieve. Merv- ellous! Epic execs Richard Griffiths and Ged Doherty were guests of honor. The case is believed to be the first time a Japanese record company has sued an artist. Taurus admits this, but says the contract contains a "spiritual clause" under which the artist agrees to cooperate with the company.

    At Taurus, this takes the form of a yearly release schedule and marketing plan worked out by the artist, his or her management agency, and the record company, according to VP Minoru Fun - aki. Naito says no such agreement exists, and adds that Sawada has decided to leave the label because of what she feels to be its lack of promotional muscle.

    Taurus' product is distributed by Toshiba -EMI. As a result, she's decided not to renew her contract when it expires at the end of December, according to Naito. He says that Taurus has no option to renew the contract, leaving Sawada free to sign with another record company. Counters Funaki, "We helped Miss Sawada make her debut in this industry. She was a completely new face. Naito says he is shocked by the amount of damages being sought by Taurus.

    Sawada's current two -year contract with Taurus is her third since signing with the company in Her last album of new material was "Womyn," which Taurus released in April Since then she's released a compilation of hits, December 's "To You Two! Her best -selling album is the greatest -hits compilation, "To You! The case highlights an emerging generation gap in the Japanese record industry. On one hand, old -style record companies such as Taurus treat artists with a sort of benevolent paternalism.

    On the other hand, younger artists and newer record companies are starting to prefer Western -style contracts, in which the rights and obligations of all the parties involved are clearly spelled out. A promising EP from cross -cultural, London -based quartet Echobelly has won national airplay and an indie chart entry. Spotted in the audience at one of the band's increasingly crowded London gigs: Evan Dando of the Lemon - heads Indie Uprisings Part 2. Pandemonium's sister dance outlet Kickin' also has enjoyed considerable success lately, particularly with dance -pop duo Messiah.

    Demand far outstripped supply when independent label Deceptive pressed only 1, copies of the debut single by strongly tipped London quartet Elastica. It sold out immediately, which was hardly surprising given that the song's low- budget video has been featured on national network ITV's "Chart Show," and the band has been attracting rave notices for support slots with the Juliana Hatfield Three and Kingmaker. Now a new form of electronic music is rapidly evolving from the trance music of the dance scene, thanks to a generation of DJs, producers, musicians, and composers using the latest technological developments.

    Where once the appeal of the music was primarily physical, best experienced on the dance floor, now it is more appealing on an intellectual level. The music combines melodic, spherical, electronic sounds with multi -rhythmic drumming on real drums and electric guitars to create a contemplative but suspenseful mood.

    Living up to its name, the company only manufactures digipack CDs that can be completely recycled. The label's artistic goal is to create contemporary electronic music in the tradition of neo- classical composers like Paul Hindemith and Arnold Schoenberg. The label also is keen to forge strong links with the fine arts. Another of its policies is to adapt original avant -garde paintings for its album artwork.

    Some 3, Sintis live and work in this country, mainly in the southern provinces of Brabant and Limburg One of the strongest up- and -coming bands is a trio called the Prodigal Sons. Its debut album, "Wine Of Life" Munich , boasts many fine tracks with material ranging from the flat -out guitar rock of "Gone" to country influenced ballads like "You Think" and "Another Land. The group first came to prominence when it reached the final round of the Dutch Rock Grand Prix, the annual contest for Dutch popular groups.

    Since then, constant touring on the club circuit and support slots on dates with De Dijk, Normal, and Pearl Jam have enabled the Prodigal Sons to build a devoted fan base. Like Pislaru, Antonescu still consistently racks up big hits here with his Romanian songs even though he has been living with his American wife in New York for 11 years. In addition to their studio work, touring has been a priority for Antonescu and Petosa.

    They've ranged as far afield as Brazil and the Bahamas. With an influence on today's country artists that ranks alongside that of the Byrds, Poco, and the Eagles, former members of the Burritos recently reunited to record the group's first studio album in more than a decade. It is currently available only in Europe. Joining them on vocals, and sharing production credits with Beland, is Australian country -rock star Brian Cadd.

    The resulting album is a harmony- soaring, mandolin -picking, pedal steel- crying delight for longtime fans of the band. And in London, George Michael, k. American Records formerly Def American has picked up U. American also has released "The Point of No Return, Chapter 1," a compilation of tracks from the Frankfurt - based hard- trance music label Harthouse Alternative U.

    She's currently getting play on CMT Europe Band member George Hendrickson has taken on long- distance radio promotion for his group from its base in Middletown, N. Inner Circle, which first scored in Europe and then the U. Major record companies have already lost money due to two Phonomatic bankruptcies in Norway, and the future of several other of the group's operations is hanging in the air as the group retrenches.

    Phonomatic group managing director Wilhelm Mittrich says the group's restructuring plan, prompted by heavy losses in the German mail -order business and in rackjobbing, should be completed by the end of January. The restructuring has involved several companies going into administration and bankruptcy. They are also in danger of losing a significant distributor close to Christmas, although a number of international investors are understood to be interested in buying the assets of Sound Solutions, most notably the racking operations.

    Record com- pany sources say that the merged operation's control over outlets such as gas stations, where a significant number of records are sold, was so strong that it was difficult to avoid doing business with the company. Despite the bankruptcy, BMG Ariola Norway managing director Erling Johanssen says he is optimistic that product will reach the diverse outlets this year. Mittrich concedes there were outstanding debts, but says: "I put forward a proposal in September. There were several companies interested in buying the operations.

    All were prepared to pay off the creditors in full, but they had to enjoy the same discounts. The plan's opponents say the move is likely to discourage musicians from pursuing a career. The following year, artists will be charged VAT on all earnings. The law will affect only those artists who receive fees directly, not those who already pay taxes through an employer.

    Groups will very quickly exceed the , kroner limit. The move will free up resources for Castle's expansion closer to home, says chairman Terry Shand. Yearly sales for the Australian operations to June 30, , are 3. Shand says the Australian subsidiary made a profit in the month it was sold. In the annual report, the company stated that its Australian company was a candidate for disposal. Referring to the Australian sale, Shand says: "We've made no secret of the fact.

    There was no shortage of interest in the company. We've had a good relationship with BMG, and we feel comfortable with the sale. It will continue to be a full exclusive licensee of Castle's product. Regarding the Australian disposal, Shand says: "The retail business has been a bit sluggish there. In terms of what the potential was, the [future] rewards just couldn't be seen.

    But if you've got a major record company in the region you can plug into, it makes sense. The simple fact is that Marcel Avram likes to deal face -to -face with his business partners, and a 10 -hour plane flight will often be deemed preferable to making telephone or fax contact. In addition to an enviable ability to speak six languages fluently- Avram loves his native Romania and regularly donates money to help the country's economic development.

    In he was endowed with diplomat status by the Romanian government and was made the Romanian Ambassador at Large for Special Projects. It is a gentleman's agreement, and over the years there have been many times when I've valued and appreciated such deals. Enormously dedicated to his work, he is consequently able to gain artists' confidence and respect.

    This quality in turn enables him to book acts such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Simple Minds and Yes, which are not to be found on the rosters of any other European agencies. Avram first met him when Stewart was still a member of the Faces, back in the early s, and today the rock and soul singer can lay just claim to being one of the most popular and successful artists in the world. It was in that, together with the Faces, Rod first performed for Mama Concerts at an open -air festival in Germany. Just over two decades later, as a solo act, he can fill Avram also collaborates directly with managers and record labels.

    Says Avram, "Agents are immensely important, particularly in the matter of helping up- and -coming artists take their first steps in the business. But it is also important not to forget the promoters who provide the financial backing to actually get these artists started.

    I mean, if you communicate with him on the same wavelength it's okay. To communicate with him means just being around. We have done several European tours together, and the last one was the most successful. He is very professional. He comes to the show hours before time, and even if he doesn't look at me I can tell he is watching everything.

    Indeed, Avram has become one of the superstar's closest advisers, a ready confidante and at his disposal nearly all of the time. The two men first established contact in the '70s, during a European tour by the Jackson 5, the German leg of which was promoted by Mama Concerts. Once the Jacksons had gone their separate ways, the working relationship between Jackson and Avram really began to develop, and in the European section of the former's debut solo world tour was directed by Avram in conjunction with the London -based BCC.

    As a result, having already been awarded Germany's highest order of merit by President Von Weizsacker, in he was endowed with diplomat status by the Romanian government and huge arenas as well as entire stadiums. During a trip on the Orient Express with Michael Jackson, in the midst of his "Dangerous" tour, Avram took the opportunity to talk to him about the plight of the Romanian orphans.

    Katalog Mp3 by CD [Update 11-7-11]

    Jackson was familiar with the subject, having seen the distressing pictures of starving children broadcast on American television, and he duly agreed to lend his help to the charitable cause by performing a concert in Bucharest. He simply found it hard to believe that many of the kids there had never even been to a concert. There he would give television interviews and have Jackson's promo videos broadcast -not to help sell tickets, but rather to familiarize the Romanian children with Michael Jackson and therefore prepare the way for the artist's first -ever concert in Bucharest.

    His efforts did not go unrewarded. On the evening of the concert, October 1, , Jackson surpassed himself and turned in a performance that the audience would never forget. His newfound fans in Bucharest reacted more enthusiastically than at any other date on the tour, and for both performer and promoter this was a landmark occasion. Yet Bucharest was just a start. There are still more territories awaiting their first exposure to major Western popular music Tina Turner concerts, and Avram is keen to explore such possibilities.

    The countries themselves, on the other hand, stand to benefit not only from the public standpoint, but also in terms of the local show promoters having the opportunity to experience first-hand how a large -scale production is properly structured and accomplished. In Turner's case, a successful career during the '60s had faded somewhat during the first half of the next decade.

    Congratulations MarcelAvram! Electrola, Gr-mam. Record sales were limited, live- appearance attendances had diminished, but then the genius of her manager, Roger Davies, came into play. He saw to it that her raunchy image was revamped and updated, and arranged for her to record a new album-which would establish Turner as the vanguard exponent of a new pop -soul sound. Clearly, Roger had helped her to once again realize her tremendous potential.

    At the time, in addition to numerous local networks, there were only two nationwide channels in existence. Avram's involvement and experience in this field go back a number of years. There was "Rock Pop In Concert," which featured three to four bands performing on separate stages. Recorded live for later transmission, the show attracted the likes of Dire Straits, Simple Minds and U2, as well as numerous other acts who preferred to play live on TV rather than mime to a playback.

    During the ensuing years, numerous other productions followed.