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It has always been about race. Apartheid only ended a few years ago and in order to move on, we need to fix the injustices done to us. We are still trying to make ourselves comfortable in our own country. The fact that you think that Blacks are just needy people that need your fucking money and pity is disgusting. We need your assistance. We need you to stop being so hard headed and more understanding. You seem to forget that white people created Apartheid. Not you. So go on. Our country will be better off without people with your kind of thinking. One less problem, friend.

Well said, for the most part. But, by the same token- you have no idea what white people are feeling, new generation an old alike-so this adaption is something you have no idea about, these things will take time. You also seem to imply whites are guilty by association, our white skins automatically make us responsible for past injustices, which is a fallacy, to the definition — Also, Apartheid was symptomatic of the time,Colonialism is what has set the black man back, hundreds of years of oppression and slavery.

Homing in on a single point in history, without the right contextual, or historical representation of the happenings is misrepresenting your case. This country needs to help of white people — but this overly race driven perspective on everything is going to make this process never happen.

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So to summarize, the understanding you demand from us, should be reciprocate. There is no doubting that this is in part due to the privilege white people were given during Apartheid. YES I feel an inherent guilt about it. All the time. But what would you have me do? Sell my VW polo the most expensive thing I own , donate the money to charity and move to a cheaper area to rid myself of the guilt?

Would you do that? The most we can do is try and help those that are less fortunate within our means and ATTEMPT to spread the notion that we are indeed equal as human beings. Do not forget that there are some extremely wealthy people of other colour in this country who most likely do NOTHING to contribute to the utter poverty out there.

My entire life has been multicultural in every sense of the word. I have friends in the city and friends who stay in the most dangerous townships in SA. But sadly there are a lot of white, black and coloured folks who have never enjoyed that privilege and still live with massive barriers between them and other races. I am honestly more likely to get on with a Zimbabwean homie straight off the bus who speaks hardly any English than I am to get along with a duk white boer from Bloem trust me.

Well said. One cannot move forward while facing backwards — if one wants to see where one is going! This of course means changing our attitudes — both black and white — and focusing on possible solutions to S. We can start in our daily lives by being kinder and more tolerant of each other.

See a Problem?

Any idea as to how long it will take SA to recover from Apartheid? You were given a fully functioning economy with the best infrastructure in Africa. Get on with it. And good luck with learning Calculus in your language of choice which is clearly not English or Afrikaans. To another point. Yes, I suffered white racism.

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And still do. I also suffered black privilege. Same effect. Same behaviour. Whites slander blacks. Blacks slander blacks they look down on. Both are premised on power. Fix injustices? Myth and facts are not equal to each other …. You say that white people created apartheid……Apartheid means separate development…. I agree with you Ngididekile, we should all be educated in our mother tongue.

Why then is this never a reason to protest against the government. My opinion is that it is much easier just to hijack a successful Afrikaans school and force them to change. There are MANY wealthy blacks in the rural areas — just look at the cars they drive. Just because somebody has something does not mean they have to share it, it might be the nice thing or even the right thing in some cases to do but its not a given.

Why should I constantly be afraid to voice my opinions for fear oF retribution. Why should I be apologetic about my colour and hang my head in shame for being born white. Your own personal culture. I turned and with a smile asked if I was in her way. All I got was a sour dark scowl and no response.

I went up to her and asked again. How would I have reacted if the roles were reversed? Basic manners taught as a child! Regardless of who you are. Manners or the lack of it is purely a result of upbringing……or the lack thereof. In my experience those that scream racism the loudest are mostly the uber racists….

Can they please explain to me, why then, did they not develop the country before the whites got here? White people came to this country with not much. They developed this country using their knowledge, intellect and manpower. They reached out to black people by offering them jobs. The apartheid government built schools and hospitals for the black people…. Whites received nothing for free, we had to work for every single thing we own. Stop waiting for white people to give you everything, go out use your knowledge, intellect and manpower to achieve success.

Anne, you have touched on something that I have thought about many times. A lot of blacks miss out on skills and behaviors learnt in the first seven years of life. Many young people grow up in child led households where just having a roof over their heads and something in their tummies is all they have. The majority of people in this country still need to learn that there is more to life that scratching for food and somewhere to sleep. In the meantime, practice some patience and try to set an example. Cheers and good riddance! Weldone Michael! Excellent response and my thoughts exactly!

Good luck to you and your family! White privilege…whatever!! I see some people say its not better overseas…well it is!! Every country has its issues but Africa takes the cake!! You can say that again! Africa really is a nightmare! I think most of South America is also terrible if because of the drugs. I am sick of people saying this is a black thing , this is a white thing….

It is all about how you were brought up and took in what was taught to you by your surroundings…. I say surroundings because every single person that crosses your path teaches you something. I kept my mother away from my children for a while because of her racist rantings and she learnt not to spew racist comments around me or my children. Treat people with respect no matter who or what they are and you will be treated with respect.

If you keep quiet about things that you perceive and know are wrong you are just as guilty as the perpetrators. She wasnt saying be apologetic about being white, rude is rude is rude. I agree, you agree and we all agree! What she was saying is only white people can get away with that nonsense and do not call each other out about it. That is the privilege you have. As black people if I threw that kind of tantrum I would get banned from the shop if I did it to a white person and the black people would intervene to ask me how I can treat my mother like that, if the lady was black.

Its nice to address your sister but would you address a stranger. We need to alllll rise, and address our communities. Thats whats the article was saying. As for Micheals immature reaction to being robbed by black people, Ive been robbed by white people……my cousins have been swindled by white people.

You dont see me throwing a tantrum and leaving the country about it. Most black people if they stand up for themselves are labelled entitled and racist……and we cannot lalalala and deny it. PS just because you deny that something is there, doesnt mean that it is not. Your premises make no sense! Are u completely unaware of the fact that MOST kind these days are specifically to be filled by a black person.. White people are constantly having to watch every word we say, incase a black person inferes it as racism! They all seem to only to countries with enough bandwidth to listen to I do not care how much you have done FOR blacks.

The mere fact that these things were needed specifically by blacks already means you DO have white privilege. She did indeed know what had passed between the two women because she was standing right there!

And my advise to the writer? Get a damned grip and speak up right then. You do not change the world by saying two words to an asshole, go home and cry for three hours and then write something you are scared to put in print. Stand between them look her right in the eye and tell her she is speaking to a human being who deserves respect as much as she does! Yes, I AM white, by the way. It does not. You are not guilty of white privilege, you are merely a recipient of it. Their disadvantage is your privilege. That does not mean you are racist, or nasty, or evil, or even responsible. The system of white privilege has its roots in countless facts of history.

Colonialism, slavery, apartheid, imperialism. These were devastating to so many communities around the world and are the processes that built the world we live in today. No you did not actively contribute or support slavery, colonialism or apartheid. Accept that the world was built on the backs of other races, under the watchful gaze of white masters, for the white masters. Recognize the fact that black people in South Africa are still struggling in abject poverty, in communities that were absolutely devastated by colonialism, by apartheid.

At least admit that in America even today white police officers are murdering innocent black men and getting away with it! In fact, own it! Admit it. If you can see how lucky you are, maybe you can stop being such a miserable idiot so focused on yourself and recognize that the privilege you were born into just might be used to do some good in the world! I am privileged and grateful for the advantages I have received because of my colour.

The game is rigged in my favour. I only manage to see the injustice of it when i see myself as a woman and see how things are rigged for men. I have worked and earned half of what a man less competent than me earned. It felt awful. I felt inferior even though my work was better. So I can begin to imagine what it feels like to be black. To pretend that blacks and whites are treated the same is insane.

We are not. I notice it every day. I am privileged. Does it mean I have to give up that privilege? How can I give up being white? How can I give up my superior education, my family support, the rights I got from the time I was little, to go where I wanted, to be treated politely, to be able to speak out without being punished, for not having to grovel to people in power who were a different colour to me and who treated me brutally? I have it. But I can start to recognise and speak out against white racism. I do that. Is it enough?

Probably not. Why is it then that across the world as you say black people are the most disadvantaged… and stop blaming the same things that have happened to every race throughout history.. And some how this is supposed to create equality? Mike Brown was punching a cop and grabbing for his gun.

He also beat up an old man and robbed a store. Trayvon Martin was attacking a man when he was shot, bashing his head into concrete. Quite the opposite. You are an absolute muppet pal! Please do us all a favour and get the Fuck out of our country, and go ahead and burn all your shitty belongings you clown! From one white to another, I would beat the shit out of you if given the chance!!! I agree. She was rude to you, too the author , which means she has no manners. End of story. We have to be wary of coming to this conclusion because we simply add fuel to the fire. See things for what they really are.

Everything is not about racism. Thare are things like good manners ans mutual respect. Full stop. This girl suffers from a condition named entitlement as so many back AND white peoplw do. That those Blacks saw your goodie-two shoes act written all over your White face? Welcome to the world of a biblical figure called Jesus Christ and every other guru who tells you to turn the other cheek.

Unfortunately for you, these acts did not buy you the protection from being seen as just another exploitable person…not a WHITE person, just another person able to be exploited by greedy, corrupt, amoral individuals. The problem is that whites no longer matter and it pisses them off big time, especially now that slogans to this effect are appearing all over walls around the country and on campuses. Too many people think they have to help the disadvantaged, and mainly to earn brownie points on some level — appease the gods, change their karma, thinking that riches will return to them fold…none of that is really true.

You may never have experienced being hurt by White people in SA but let me tell you I have. Every white person I encountered in SA judged me for the fact that I had access to a life overseas with the foreign currency attached to that and all my daughter and I encountered was vicious jealousy and meanness. Try and disagree with any White South African and all you get is righteous indignation and abuse, even on Facebook where the most aggressive emotions are played out on a daily basis, from South Africans; no other cultural group piles into each other in the way South Africans do on a daily basis on these sites, especially Banting, sites lately.

You wont like being treated as just another sponging immigrant. No-one is going to be impressed by the colour of your skin, your background, schooling, accent, club-membership or anything else that normally guaranteed White south African boys an easy ride through a whole host of open doors and with stupid, foul-mouthed, uncouth, ill-mannered, blonde, White South African women with an over-inflated sense of entitlement, falling at their feet. I have never spoken to a Black person this way and yet I was treated in the same way by a Black customer in a bank, about 2 weeks ago.

Sadly, this bad behaviour and attitude of entitlement is shown by prople of all races today. I was shocked and hurt to be treated like that by someone who was a customer, just as I was! The Black and White bank employees tried to laugh it off, but the truth is I have since avoided going to that branch of the bank. Largely in agreement with the main replies here. I work side by side with many other-skinned people, regardless of race, and we have awesome teamwork. My skin could be purple, I would have still had the same difficult upbringing, the same hard lessons, the same challenges, and the same rewards.

So get off your soapbox with your close-minded agenda, because you are lost in a world of your own, forgetful of a little thing called reality. Never assume you are spokesperson of anyone else. I am perfectly capable of opening my own mouth, typing my own letters, and giving a reply.

Thanks for asking. Are they your age old? Are they beneficiaries of apartheid — Even under the ANC for the past 21 years? I feel sorry for you and how brainwashed you have become. Want to make a real difference? Take a look in the mirror first before you imagine everyone is the same. He is an apartheid leader with blood on his hands. And an opportunist who acted not out of conscience but because of political and economic pressure.

Sunday Times, 17 January I may even say hateful things about white people and their attitudes of entitlement. Because no one has ever properly been brought to justice for the crime against humanity that was apartheid. And, because of the terms of the TRC and the negotiated settlement that saw the birth of our democracy, none of the masterminds ever will. And that is something I as a black South African would not be able to live with.

I struggle with it as it is. The Nats managed to impose apartheid on South Africa for 46 years because the majority of white South Africans supported it. It eventually ended because the majority of adult South Africans demanded a better life and the rest of the world put pressure on our fascist leaders. But many fail to appreciate what such a system does to the psyche of the oppressed.

Not in , not in or even The pain that apartheid inflicted and its aftermath and legacy continue to inflict on black people is a deep-seated trauma that no one should ever be told to get over. Its key architects took the opinions of your dumb, garden-variety racist, like Penny Sparrow, and turned them into a ruthless, systematic machine of disenfranchisement, impoverishment, torture and murder over decades. Because you are so ignorant, I decided to do some reading for you. Prepare to be enlightened. If you want to learn more about your white privilege and how to be a decent human being, please follow the link.

If you want to blame someone for apartheid go blame the fucking British. I wonder who is ignorant. The problem is that everyone blames the past for not being able to get anywhere. You cannot move into the future if you keep holding on to the past. Look at any succesful black person today…they made it happen. Without being a dick and blaming everyone and everything. You can too. Blacks are responsible with the British people for their own f.. The passbook was also created by the British Empire not the so-called Verwoerd apartheid regime.

Go back into your own history and learn about it. Hi Ngididikele, we are fully aware of the devastating effect Apartheid has left on the collective psyche of the black man…we are sorry and ashamed that our forefathers did what they did. However, if you know your history. Imagine the practice of slavery and how that dehumanise…. History is awash with instances of untold cruelty by different groups over each other….. Black over black, White over Black…African Egyptian over the mediterranean basin Romans conquering all, Arabs conquering Spain and large part of Europe….. Yes indeed even some of the white people that landed up in Africa was not by choice but by fleeing for their lives because there religion was protestant and not catholic.

So who must I blame for my disadvantage because my forefathers needed to leave in haste the motherland. Totally agree…. Hit the nail on the head…and I am a person of colour but what I see around me today is shocking. I fought back in the day way before for the rights of blacks which should have included me a person of colour but today after voting for blacks look at where I am…still on the fence….

I feel sorry for the lady who was sworn at…. It takes many to gather respect we all deserve, but it takes one stupid fool to destroy everything we have done. I condemn the acts of Segregation, Prejudice and Racism, war is not a nice thing for anyone in the world. Why allow your political supporters and members destroy the dream of this Country RSA? The Students uprising could have been prevented if only you as leaders took action. Labour Department why you stand aside while workers are treated unfair at their work place? We as Society we are the only key to this issues, as Political leaders are waiting for us to act so that they can use this incidences as campaign for votes, we are in this mess because of this politicians at first place.

My advice to you as South African Citizen is this, Unite and Protect your Country, remove the mindset of division and support integration, inclusive and Social Cohesion. I totally agree! I agree with you. I shudder to think about what all of this hate is doing to our children. Mine are taught to love, honor, respect regardless of age, race or status.

Just as my parents taught me! When did treating another human being the way most people today do become second nature? When did love, care, respect, honor and kindness fly out the window? All I can say is…I will continue to help our youth. Thank you Vincent. Mr Vincent Sipho Khumalo, we need more of your kind in our society and government.

We need people that we all can respect and look up to. Well said ,Vincent! My thoughts exactly. United we stand,divided we fall. We CAN do it! The fact that she flipped out on you proves that. Then again you get more poor and desperate blacks than whites, so you get more black-on-white crime but not all blacks are criminals.

Having said all of the above, I get you and I agree with you on most of your arguments. Thanks for speaking up and putting this out there. Euan, currently there are more in the black middle class than all of the whites combined. The issue is so much more complex than the numbers. Great post. We need to tolerate each other more on this country. We need to stop pointing fingers at others. We are all guilty in one way or the other. Nothing to do with racism. Come on… I think we can safely assume that, especially in SA, and considering the author alluded to that fact.

Girlie is a now archaic, racist terminology. What this article neglect to even mention is the root of all the recent violence: the absolute stupidity of our president. He is forcing this beautiful country onto its knees with his self motivated agenda of corruption. We pay tax, but does he build schools or universities. No he improves his own house and buys a movie star sized jet.

He increases the size of the cabinet to surround himself with cronies. He rewards protesting students who break down and burn. Like children they learn that throwing a tantrum gets rewarded with capitulation. BEE is racist. Placing unqualified people in jobs creates hatred. Telling white students they need better marks to get into University is racist and makes them hate their black friends.

Using tax money to fill the pockets of the black elite fueles hatred. Take a look at the current government and see how much blame they must carry for the ever growing hatred and violence in the country and stop blaming white people for all your suffering. I believe she would have spoken to anyone of any colour behind the counter in that manner.

Look at how she spoke to you in the car park — White on White!!. My hubby and i where looking at buying a house. We are Indian. The estate judged us without finding anything about us. She said maybe you should win the lotto before looking at this place. I didnt say anything, too shocked to think that people are still so backward. Nonetheless she lost the sale. But i must say its not a white thing, its just stupid people. He has a secret closet submissive nature that was nurtured by his mother at a very young age. He has channeled this submissive nature into a passion for interracial gay, femdom, transgender and cuckold slut wife erotica with a BDSM slant.

He is recently engaged to be married to a cuckolding dominatrix. He is the author of the continuing Wimpy White Boy series. Look for more books from B. Blueboy soon. About Publish Join Sign In. In Vryheid, game rancher Etienne van Wyk was being sodomised in a police cell while the inmates were singing, the Pietermaritzburg High Court was told. Van Wyk claimed R1. The suspects in the cells charged with the rape were all hardened criminals predisposed to violence.

The farmer did have a license and was released without charges the next day. He later sued the state for damages. The 57 year old professional was arrested and and held in a cell at Claremont police station over a weekend and later transferred to holding cells at Wynberg for his bail application. After being transferred to Wynberg the man said as soon as the doors to his cell closed he was attacked by a group of men, some armed with knives, who pulled his clothes off and sodomised him.

There was nothing I could do. All these guys were holding me down. I had no chance. In 18 years, my partner and I never had a fight, but now everything has changed. He was taken intact to a Kriel police cell without any apparent injuries. Yet despite repeated attempts by relatives to explain his medical condition to the police -- and to try and get him out of the police holding cell and released into their custody, this defenceless old man was found beaten to death the next morning with these fresh, hook-shaped head wounds and other bruises to his face.

Peter Wheeler murder in Grabouw cell — Like James Brown, building contractor Peter Wheeler also was murdered in a police cell - kicked and beaten to death while in custody in Grabouw. Deaths in South African police custody rose to in Cape Town — Deaths in police custody rose to in This is according to a press release on 26 September by the Independent Complaints Directorate.

According to the Mail and Guardian of Feb 13 , More than KZN cops were under investigation for crimes ranging from assault through to rape and murder. Accused rapists of Vryheid game rancer Etienne van Wyk A Vryheid game rancher was being sodomised in a police cell while the inmates were singing, the Pietermaritzburg High Court was told on Wednesday. They presumably did so to drown the victim's screams, presiding judge Nic van der Reyden said.

Game rancher Etienne van Wyk is claiming R1,2-million from the minister of safety and security. Van Wyk was put into the Hlobane police cells along with farm manager Zacharia Duvenhage. They were arrested for allegedly transporting Van Wyk's game animals without a licence. Duvenhage was not sodomised but was assaulted and he is claiming R from the minister. Their counsel, advocate Gerrie Roberts, SC, said the acting police station commander was asleep and was not woken by the screams of Van Wyk while he was being sodomised.

Van Wyk and Duvenhage were first put into a cell on their own. Three women suspects were later put into this cell, and Van Wyk and Duvenhage were transferred to a cell with 14 black male occupants. Evidence given was that they could have been held in other cells, the magistrate court cells or taken to other police stations.

The 14 inmates included suspects charged with violent crimes, including a man charged with three murders and an arson, and six men charged with rape. Both Van Wyk and Duvenhage have given permission for their names to be used in the media. The minister is contesting their claims. Roberts said because the police station commander did not respond to Van Wyk's screams the inference was that he was asleep.

Other policemen did not respond to the screams either. Roberts said that prescribed hourly inspections of the cells during their incarceration were not made.

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The Vryheid district surgeon, Dr Senta Klingenberg, told the court that there was evidence of repeated penetration of Van Wyk. She said that Duvenhage had two bruises on the head and on his back. Roberts said that Van Wyk was sodomised about 3am by one or more inmates while others broke into song. Van der Reyden said this was a ruse used by prisoners to mask the sound of a bar being sawn through or any similar incident.

Roberts said that Van Wyk managed to phone his wife who contacted the investigation officer in the game transport case. The investigation officer went to the station and found the gate locked. He phoned the station's number and heard a phone ringing in the charge office, but no-one responded. He sounded his vehicle hooter but there was no response and he climbed the locked gate and went into the charge office where he found the commander, an Inspector Mtshali, asleep at a m.

He took Van Wyk and Duvenhage to Klingenberg. She found tears, blood and bruising, indicating repeated penetration. The former commander of the police station, Superintendent Isobel Weiss, told the court that assaults had been perpetrated in the cells and the policemen must have known about them.

If You Are A White South African, Please Read This

She said that whenever inmates were singing cells should be inspected because "something could be up". Roberts said that no cell inspections were carried out in the hours before the rape. She would not have put suspects charged with the type of offence allegedly perpetrated by Van Wyk and Duvenhage in a cell with violent criminals.

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July 11 Alzheimer sufferer James Frederick Brown, 69, found dead in Kriel police cell for 'stealing' chocolate worth R8, Jul 11 Kriel. Afrikaner Alzheimer sufferer James Frederick Brown, 69, couldn't even remember whether he'd paid for a bar of chocolate -- but he was set upon on Tuesday at the Shoprite supermarket in Kriel by a security guard -- and then attacked by a vigilante mob, which was egged on by screaming cashiers yelling 'kill him, kill him'', while they were carrying the sick old man out of the shop, punching and kicking him.

An elderly eye-witness -- too terrified to provide a name -- described how a large mob had dragged the sick old white man out of the shop - 'children were even beating up on him from below'. Even the cashiers added to the hysteria by screaming that the old man had to be killed if he wants to steal chocolates. We started worrying when he didn't come home at around ,' she said. A hairstylist working nearby then phoned her husband Willie to let them know that the old man had been arrested for theft. The horrified familyfound the old man lying on his back on the floor of the dark cell, in a large puddle of blood.

The police on the scene claimed he 'd probably 'fallen in the cell and hit his head'. Local doctor Leon Pelser immediately was called in to examine Mr Brown in the cell with family present. Dr Pelser said: 'it was so dark that I had to ask a policeman to turn on his flash light so that I could try and revive Mr Brown. Under these most horrid circumstances I opened up his airways with a pipe and massaged his heart, but to no avail.

I entered the cause of death as 'unnatural'. Dr Pelser said he'd found wounds to the old man's right-eye, his nose and chin, and a large hole in the back of his skull. How he came to get these wounds will have to be established by an inquest.