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Ru: I got into drag professionally, accidentally, but as a kid, I always played with all of the colors of the crayon box and I always loved clothes, and textures, and different colors. I always felt like a little boy who fell to Earth, and the idea of playing with all the toys really appealed to me.

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I never put a gender on inanimate objects. The truth is that we are all doing it. We are all in drag. We are all born naked and the rest is drag , and there are no if, ands, or buts about it. TV : What lessons have you learned through your journey and through drag that you think are universally applicable?

Ru: I have learned through my journey not to take life too seriously. Remember that you are an extension of the power that created the whole universe. Ru: Our television show has such a broad social media base that we wanted to create a space where these kids from all over the world could get together in person. You know it is one thing to know your tribe in cyberspace, but it is a completely different thing to meet them in person and it really does change your molecular energy to see and be with your tribe in person. Ru: The inspiration came from my own experience. TV : What are you most excited for about DragCon ?

Anything different than last year? Ru: We have actually put more emphasis on younger children. We were surprised that this would attract open-minded parents and them bringing their children to DragCon. It was like a funeral, and we showed up, she in her Daisy Dukes and colorful tops, me as raver Liberace. We must have looked a sight for sore eyes at a time when there needed to be some optimism.

James, Michael Alig, all the Club Kids. And she hired Ru to work her parties, just to be RuPaul.

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And I would see her everywhere. But even across the club, we were drawn to look at each other for some reason. Lady Bunny A Club Kid was a little crazier than a drag queen. A Club Kid might dress up as an alien or a dog bowl or a s showgirl from the waist up and a policeman from the waist down. A drag queen wears clothing of the opposite sex. He really pushed it with a Mohawk and his own hair shaved on the sides.

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He did a new wave drag. Tee Ru always knew he was a star, and during the Club Kid era, he had to kind of hold his nose and just dive in and do it. Club Kids were more about their look. He was actually very talented and all about being an entertainer. RuPaul Everything came to a screeching halt when I turned 28 in November of That August, I moved to LA because nothing was happening for me.

I was at the end of my rope. You are a f—ing star.

Get your ass back to New York. I will pay for your ticket. But get your ass back here and get your s—t together. And overnight, I became the star of downtown. He was amazing and I could see that Ru was something extra special and a positive force in the Ru-niverse, which was a place of dancing, good vibes, and laughs. He could turn a phrase and turn the waiting line at the DMV into a party.

He'd talk to anyone, be totally irreverent, and lift the spirits of everyone lucky enough to be in his orbit. There was a table with a few donuts with flies buzzing around. Extras were hungry. It got hot and people were getting cranky. Ru kept people's spirits high. He commanded everyone's attention and organized a Soul Train line. The whole video set turned into a real party. We even forgot for a while it was a video. But it was hard to miss a seven-foot- tall black drag queen in a blonde wig.

By the end of , a panel of club owners and promoters awarded Ru the coveted underground title: Queen of Manhattan. RuPaul That was the pinnacle of downtown success. That summer, I f—ing ruled downtown New York. I switched my look from gender-f—k to Soul Train dancer slash black hooker. I got the shortest skirts, highest hair, and everybody f—ing lost it. And after my reign was done in September of , I was ready to move to the next level.

So I went to Randy and Fenton and in the beginning of they began to manage my career. At the same time, RuPaul had been crystallizing a new drag look that would have big reverberations: He was going glam. Tee We had gone to see the Versace show in Milan because we had gotten a gig. Monica Lynch former president, Tommy Boy Records I remember getting a cassette and I loved it and decided to go for it. I understood the drag scene and the fashion scene, and I really appreciated the world that Ru traveled in. And the song was just so brilliantly conceived and I had a good understanding of what to do to make the most of it.

And then there was Kurt Cobain, who said it was one of his favorite records of the year. It was a huge, fun record and this perfect, vibrant moment—a true sensation. And Ru took to stardom like a duck to water. It was clear as day. This celebration and parody of the supermodel was pitch-perfect timing. Supermodel culture had been around in earnest a little bit, and it was the right moment to twist it. Everybody I knew embraced it. Because how did you not love that?

You are Tinker Bell!

You had to be a real asshole not to love him and love that record. Barbato There was no money to do the music video, but we realized that if we were going to have any impact with it, we needed to make it ourselves. Everything about that video was more than what we had. It was so guerrilla. Making that video, how we made it, was drag on a dime. It is the original dawn of that era. And there was something so dirty and so right and so naughty about it that you yearned for it. There are a few quintessential moments in gay history and, for me, this was one.

Ru was one of the first faces that gave spirit to so many of us around the country who were struggling with our own identities. I had never seen this before on television or in a video format with this outlandish drag queen, this fabulous creature. It made a big impact on me. It was gobsmacking, really. Who goes to spring break? Every yahoo kid hanging out, baking in the sun, drinking in excess for days on end. And there was Ru, performing for this decidedly hetero young college kid crowd, loving it, being introduced by the host of the biggest rap show on MTV.

That right there gives you an idea about how much that song broke down barriers. During a national promotional tour, Ru would credit a appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show as the moment when his career really broke into the heartland. RuPaul That was the moment when nothing would ever be the same again. When I was ready to go mainstream, I took the sexualized raunchiness out.

The glamazon supermodel was a caricature that you could bring home to meet Mom and Dad. I was well-spoken. I was Miss Black America.

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Barbato There are a number of reasons why he broke through. He was able to put people at ease. Diana Ross had the ability to reach out to a person and make them feel that she was talking directly to them. And I think in many respects, a lot of Ru channeling that positive energy came from Diana. He had this message of loving yourself and has stayed on message for the last 25 years.

With the expansion of his platform, there was also room for controversy.

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Do it! Even Uncle Milty, who was a living legend. A light bulb went off. Michaels I was working at MAC at the time. It was astounding to see this person making these strides that nobody had made before. It made you feel like you were being seen, and people knew that we were a viable career choice and not just a joke or an afterthought in the nightclub. Toskan It was very controversial. The concerns were from our retail partners who were shocked by the first images.

But we needed a voice—and a very loud one—and he was it. There were questions in the beginning, but everybody applauded and celebrated us by the end. Bob Mackie fashion designer MAC never goes for the average, pretty little girl. Usually she always has something that makes her edgy or out of the ordinary, and it made perfect sense for Ru. But the thing is, a real girl could never even look like that. He has nothing to do with the real human race as far as proportion goes, and it makes him always look amazing. Tootsie, unable to find work. There was always a reason a man had to do drag. Suddenly, RuPaul belonged to the world.

But his rise meant leaving his club days—and some queens—behind. It was in three Disney movies and a Duracell commercial. But it got to a point where Ru had to make a choice. The single was still working clubs, but Ru always knew he had a higher calling. He was Ru the recording artist, and this is how Ru the recording artist looked. Barbato There were moments for Ru when it was really hard. Moments where, if he was going to do what he was born to do, he had to keep moving in that direction.

Five subjects are shown to the contestant, each with one fifth grade-level question. The contestant has a total of 60 seconds to answer all five questions. As in the first part of the game, the contestant must press the button on his or her desk to lock in an answer.

To help the contestant, one "final cheat" is allowed, which the contestant can use on any question; the final cheat allows the contestant to discuss that question with the last remaining member of the class without a stated time limit after the other four questions have been completed and their answers revealed. Cena does not move on to the next question until the contestant has acted on the current question by either answering or declaring an intention to use the final cheat.

After all of the questions have been acted on, or time has expired, the questions that have been answered are reviewed, and the correct answers revealed. If the contestant has used the final cheat, that question is then addressed after the other four questions have been resolved. The contestant is then allowed to discuss that question with the last remaining classmate.

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Once the discussion is over, the contestant locks in an answer to that question, and is then told whether the answer is right or wrong. For each correct answer given in the fifth grade, the contestant wins their initial bank over again. If the contestant answers all five fifth grade questions correctly, he or she wins a total of 10 times the initial bank. The following is the cast for the Nickelodeon version: [23]. David Hinckley of the New York Daily News gave the revival series' cast a positive review, calling the classmates "terrific The first season of the original series averaged From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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