Fun Valentine’s Day Activities for the Whole Family (Holiday Entertaining)

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Laminate them if you have access to a machine. Put them in a bag and take turns picking a picture. Tell something you love about each person as their picture is drawn. Make Pink Butter: Before dinner, put 1 cup of cream and a couple drops of red food coloring in a pint jar.

Fun NYC Valentines Day Activities for Kids

Screw the lid on tight. Then take turns shaking it. After several minutes, solid butter will form, surrounded by liquid. Discard the liquid and empty the butter into a dish. Salt lightly and enjoy on your heart-shaped biscuits or breadsticks. This is a great way to keep little hands busy while you cook! On the top of the page, write the name of any girl it works best if the people playing all know who she is.

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Fold the paper down so the name is covered. Pass the paper to the left. Repeat for these categories: Where they were, What they were doing, What she said, What he said, How it all ended. After everyone writes each answer, pass one more time, then take turns unfolding the papers and reading the crazy stories. They end up buying a pig farm and become amateur photographers.

7 Restaurant Valentine's Day Ideas Your Guests Will Love

We loved to play this when we were little! Poor Kitty: This quick game is a favorite around our house when we need a good laugh. Sit in a circle, one person in the middle. He is the Kitty. The Kitty goes up to one person in the circle and mews, three times, and tries to make the person laugh. The others in the circle are the judges. If the person laughs, they are the Kitty. Here are some of the Kitty faces some of my kids and a couple cousins came up with the last time we played.

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Warning: Objects in this picture are much cuter than they appear! Hopefully this will help jump-start your plans for a wonderfully thrifty Valentines Party for your whole family! Add your comments below and share your plans to make Valentines Day fun! Player has to race to put all of the chocolates in the box in alphabetical order.


Player can do whatever they need open, taste, smell, etc. Stack six cups on top of a table on one side of the room and give the player a Nerf gun with a limited number of shots in it. Player has to use the Nerf gun to play cupid and knock all of the cups off of the table not just down, actually off. Tape small hearts to a table or a large piece of poster board prior to the game then put a bucket of rubber duckies at the end of the table.

As long as the rubber ducky is touching the heart, it counts. Players must either cover all of the hearts on the table do or get the most in a minute out of the group to win. Before the game, set up a vase with chocolate roses inside then place a piece of tape a few feet from the roses. Spin players in five circles then give them three rings to toss.

Players must toss rings and get three onto chocolate roses to win the game. If they miss their three rings, spin them again prior to tossing their rings again. Give each player a cup filled with the same number of conversation hearts. Players have to dump out their conversation hearts and race to place the conversation hearts either in alphabetical order more difficult or to sort them by color easier — for kids. Have one player stand on one side of a table and have the other player stand on the other side of the table.

50+ Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Players must take turns rolling not sliding Oreo cookies across the table to their partner where their partner, without having their chin on the table, has to catch the Oreo in their mouth. Continue rolling cookies back and forth across the table until both players have caught a cookie in their mouth.

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This is a fun alternative to the popular face the cookie game. Do you have any games for senior citizens i just became president of our residency organization and i am looking for games seniors can play thanks for your help. I would love to know when you come up with valentine party plans for senior citizens. I live in a retirement community and would love to plan a valentine party this year.

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An Informal Guide to Having the Most Extra Valentine’s Day Ever

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First player to get chocolates in alphabetical order wins. If they run out of bullets, they have to run across the room to refill.