Brady Remington Landed Me in Jail

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I'll just be honest, this book is a mindfuck. It has so much drama it's impossible not to like it, at least in a guilty pleasure kind of way. It's like watching some Argentinian telenovela where you have NO idea what is going on and everything is revealed in the very last episode and then you're just sitting there, mouth wide open, wondering "wtf?

And we all know that people just pretend not to like telenovelas. Of course, I had my theories. I was wrong. Ray is a social outcast, she b Okay, well. Ray is a social outcast, she basically has no friends apart from Brady. It's a great friendship, and all, but why let it get so out of control with someone like that? She's not sure where they stand after that, and I had some serious doubts because he's portrayed like a the biggest bad boy player.

I'm not sure that was smart. Of course it all worked out for the best but I'm just sayin' And Brady Staking his claim like that, gross. And he needs some serious anger management therapy. I liked Kid more, but hey, that's just me. I did warm up to Brady in the end, and this seems to be a pattern with Tijan and me.

Of course the love story is sweet, these two have a real connection and it's not that love-at-first-sight crap. That's just a pet peeve of mine, though. I was afraid the whole book will revolve around it and super relieved when it was all over. Obviously the author evolved. I did have trouble picking up thread here as well, mostly because sometimes there was a lot of dialogue which also seemed forced, at times and little narrative - I felt like the characters are on the inside and they knew what they are talking about but I had no idea what and why they are saying, who is the speaker and how they are saying it.

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One - I needed more backstory. And two - I needed more action and description between all that dialogue. Unlike Fallen crest high , this doesn't have any graphic sex scenes - it's a fade to black thing, so those who don't like them, you're safe. Sex is not ignored, though, but it's also not over the top like in the other book. I'm still deciding on how to rate it. I want to give it 3. It was an enjoyable read, despite all the drama.

People should read it, I'm pretty sure that soon this author will be all-the-rage :. View all 36 comments. Mar 27, Briana rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-star , favorite-author , new-adult , one-of-the-best. Yes this is classic Tijan, but this was great in its own way. The characters were written very well.

I absolutely loved how the author wrote them. And the plot I thought was written pretty well too. There was little parts that I thought could have been written better I will not spoil the book but overall there was enough drama, twists, and sexual tension to keep me interested. There was still the things that Tijan loves to write, but it had a way of not going overboard. Your just going to have to read it to figure it out. I definitely recommend 5 star rating Nov 23, Sara rated it really liked it. So, this author has a way of writing that is so very different. Brady and Rayna were great characters.

Brady and Rayna were Bff but there was that underlying attraction there, which i always love and makes for a great story.

Brady Remington Landed Me In Jail : Tijan :

It was a very intersting story that had me many times wondering what the big secret was, i had some guesses, but the author keeps you in the dark until shes ready. I would read any book by this author. View 1 comment. As usual Tijan you had me hooked on the edge of my seat!

So did not see that twists and turns coming and as usual I have to nurse my ulcer Awesome Awesome Read. View all 4 comments. Feb 09, Danielle Harris rated it it was amazing. I love this book so much! So glad I bought this book in paperback. The cover sold me,and I knew I had to dive right in. I love Brady's character he loves his best friend Rayna and he always fought his feelings for her. He is always getting into fights, and going to jail.

Rayna is always there to pick up the pieces, and to always be there for him. Rayna also has strong feelings for him as well, but something is against them to be together. Sep 09, Karrington Blog of Books rated it it was ok. This book was quite different from the other ones I've read from this author. Things didn't make sense, and Brady was just odd to me and the whole thing with Kid.

I could've done without this book. Jun 23, Leila bibliofagos rated it did not like it Shelves: couldnt-finish. Apr 03, April Abrams rated it liked it Shelves: guilty-pleasure , ya. Pretty good However, I'm finding a reoccurring theme with Tijan books. I often have a hard time getting what is happening or being said in them. I just sometimes have a hard time understanding what's being related both verbally and non-verbally. It makes me feel kind of stupid, but it's not a problem I've had otherwise. I had a hard time with this in FCH, but not nearly as hard a time as I did here.

Also, I really would have like Pretty good When it happened, it seemed out of left field. One second they're friends, the next second they're kissing, then the next line is her saying she just lost her virginity in her grand parent's backseat. I had to keep going back and rereading the line to confirm whether that actually happened or not and why or how.

At the end when he explains why it happened then, I finally understood the why, but I still wish it felt a little less random at the beginning.

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  7. I still liked the book, I just didn't love it. But I'm certainly still a Tijan fan! Oct 18, Berenice Rodrigues rated it liked it. This book is not bad, is just left me with so many questions after was done. Some parts of this book is just plain weird. The book start with the female character given her v- card to her best friend. And afterwards they act like nothing happen.

    Brady Remington Landed Me in Jail

    I even went back to make sure I got it right, that it really happened. I licked my lips and I never lick my lips, but then Brady's mouth was there. I gasped and arched forward. My hands were twisted in his hair to hold him close. Then, as I felt myself wanting to climb on top of him, another car drove by and honked. Reality clicked in. I can't help it.

    You just Brady groaned and ran a hand over his head. As I watched, my hand lifted to touch his hair. Can we just? My question trailed off when I looked where we were.

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    Charisteaus and Law Associates were written in white lettering on their glass window. A picture of a hammer that hung over a gavel looked back at me. I could almost see an evil face leering through the windowpane. No self-respecting lawyer is going to be open at four in the morning. I glanced at the clock. At five in the morning. I know. Brady slid further down in the seat. What am I going to do, Ray? I screwed up this time. Brady had beaten up Kid Stephens. And Brady had no father to defend him.

    He had foster parents who were neither wealthy nor powerful. My grandparents were well known in the community. Neil played bingo at the nursing home and Viola was popular with the Ladies' Aid, especially on the days they put brandy in their coffee. However, I couldn't picture those little ladies going against Frank Stephens, prim and properly drunk or not. Brady groaned and then growled.

    I caught sight of his perfect white teeth. He's back in town for your graduation. I straightened in the seat to face him. Brady shifted to meet me, but his eyes traveled over my face: over my rumpled hair, and all the way to where my top had ridden up over my stomach. I chose my battle. If Kid really came into town for my graduation, that doesn't explain why you put him in the hospital. It was our tradition post bail.

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    As we drove through town, my stomach grumbled, but I knew I wasn't hungry and especially not for Nellie's food. Brady liked to go there because it was the only gas station open twenty four hours a day and he loved the owner, Ned. Not me. I couldn't stand the old drunk. When Brady pulled into the parking lot, I closed my eyes against the glare from the lights. Eight other cars were there with people that lingered around them. I recognized some of them as students from school, but saw others that had graduated in Brady's class a year earlier.

    Then I saw Clarissa Cumberly break away from a group and saunter towards us. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Romance. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary Rayna would do anything for Brady and she has. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

    Brady, I'm sleeping. You're a liar, Rayna Cassidy, he tsked me. I groaned, even my bones were exhausted. Who was it this time? Why do you care? He's a loser and if I see him again, I'm going to pound him into dust. Why do we always have to go there? Hey, Deputy Doug. He squinted at me. Rayna, is that you? Can I post bail for him? Deputy Doug frowned and the old droop came over his sixty-something shoulders. My stomach dropped. What'd he do? Did I really? Deputy Doug didn't wait for my response. Kidrick Stephens. Deputy Dog! Brady heralded. Who do I have to thank for this hospitable visit?

    Brady protested. I shooed him away. We all know who can read here. Brady frowned. It doesn't matter, I breathed out. Frank Stephens is an ass. I'll gladly see him in court, Brady growled. I was still reeling from confusion. The door slammed shut on his heel.

    Deputy Doug raised a hand to scratch his forehead. His fingers moved his comb-over backwards. What just happened? An unnerving emotion washed over me. You can let me go. I felt like it was the right thing to say. Was it? Brady rested his forehead rest against mine. I don't know what I'm going to do, Ray. I just That was Brady talking. He closed his eyes and moved into my touch. I just want to stay here, like this. His voice was muffled against my neck. I no longer knew where I ended and Brady began.

    Rayna, he breathed out. He clasped me tighter. Oh my God, Brady panted with a rakish grin on his face. He threw a leg over me and I was again underneath him, sheltered from the world. Stop it. People are going to think we're having sex. He laughed harder. Oh come on, Ray. How can you—I mean—look at you. Look at me! This is You and me, I said flatly. He stopped laughing. Oh man Holy shit! Oh my—I am so so sorry, Ray.

    Brady jolted upright and stared at me. I ran my hand over the floor in front my seat. What are you doing? It's Viola's, but what are you doing? I thought you'd stay in the backseat. Brady left the sentence hanging. Something glinted from the light and I smiled. I snatched the keys and jerked upright. Brady jumped back. I found 'em.

    I brandished the keys in the air. Brady glanced at them. Those are my keys. I thought I'd lost 'em. I muttered a curse and bent down again. Rayna, Brady said. I froze. I have your keys. I whirled around and barely managed to miss the dashboard. You have my keys? I just needed something short and new to read after finishing the Vampire Academy series, and boy that was a long one. Here i am, here it is. He is the apple of the eye of our first person narrator, Rayna Janke. Good girl, Bad guy but Best friends for life. They were at the threshhold of committing the great leap from friendship to a relationship.

    Parties for Brady and libraries for Rayna. Brady is the popular guy while Rayna is almost always on the sidelines. But what keeps them together, what draws them to each other, is a big question mark.

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    Brady calls Rayna to bail him out of jail, always. Is Brady just using Rayna? Suddenly, one act from Brady made Rayna and all the things around them, vague. For what its worth, it jumpstarted the whole controversy. They started to wonder more about their lives, the truths, meanings and consequences. It confuses them more and more each day. The question is, will they survive it all, despite the secrets and lies? How about when the truth comes out, will they be able to handle them? Will their feelings survive, even when Kidrick Stephens, both from their past enters again in the picture?

    Who knows?!! You have to read it to know the answers. I did read and i have the answers, but i will not squeal. But this, I will share. This is written to confuse you, in a good way. The added complications and distractions will surely keep you hanging at times. A lot of dramas, unnecessary ones at that. But i promise you, you will have your answers before the story ends. No cliffhangers, just plain wide resolution. You may think that even the story line is not as new, not as deep, not as engaging. But Brady and Rayna made my day.