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Pedersen David P. Pena William Pencak Michael W. Person Lawrence A. Peterson David S.

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Bells Life in London and Sporting Chronicle [Town Edition]

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Webb Stephen H. Webb Caroline Weber Jennifer L. Weiler Gabriel Weimann Carl R. Weinberg Gerhard L. Weithman Amy Welborn Lawrence J. West Martin R. Washington's Up from Slavery when I was in jun-ior high. Paul Laurence Dunbar's home in Dayton, Ohio, was only sev-eral blocks away from the first house we lived in when our family hadmoved to Dayton, and I had memorized by heart many of his verses.

Black history was not something to be "studied" or "celebrated" duringone month; it was something to be lived. The special knowledge fromthe histories and experiences of the African-American people gave me asense of purpose and meaning, a context in which to understand thewhirlwind of events then taking place in our country. I saw myself as anAmerican, but blessed with a unique history of struggle and a sense ofobligation to my race.

We attended St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, which had a predomi-nantly black congregation. After mass the Sunday after the King assassi-nation, my mother suggested that I travel to Atlanta to cover the funeralservices for our local black newspaper. Homework and the householdjanitorial job I worked after school could wait for a few days. Black his-tory was unfolding in Atlanta, and June Marable wanted her seventeen-year-old son to be a witness to it. My father consented with the decisionand purchased a one-way airplane ticket to Atlanta, with the under-standing that I should take the Greyhound bus back home from theSouth later that week.

I'd never flown on a plane in my life, and when Iarrived at Dayton's modest airport I was thrilled with the spirit of adven-ture and expectation. The flight arrived on Monday afternoon at At-lanta's Hartsfield airport, and Aunt Alice, my father's younger sister,who lived outside the city, and her daughter JoAnne picked me up.

I wasgiven a small transit map of the city, indicating what public bus routes Iwould need to take in order to locate Ebenezer Church. I don't recall sleeping that next night, and well before 5 A. I stoodalone on a rural country road, waiting for the early morning bus thattook workers into the city. After reaching downtown, I followed the mapcarefully.

The sun was just coming up, and the air was still crisp and coolas I first saw Ebenezer.

I walked up to the front entrance; the door waslocked, and I sat down to rest. I was the first person there to witness his-tory that day. TheReverend Ralph David Abernathy arrived, and standing on the hood ofan automobile, explained that the sanctuary could hold not more than people, and that all of us would have to listen to the services outside. In the next two hours, thousands of people gathered, crushing meagainst the front door.

Some of the dignitaries who arrived, such as VicePresident Hubert Humphrey, entered the church from a side entrance. Most of the prominent civil-rights leaders in attendance who wereKing's closest comrades I would not have recognized, but other celebri-ties were easy to identify: Harry Belafonte, Lena Home, Mahalia Jack-son, comedian and activist Dick Gregory.

For several minutes Republi-can presidential candidate Richard Nixon stood impatiently behind me,trying his best to push through the crowd. I could hear bitter complaintsand expressions of disgust from those in the crowd that the "politicians"who had done nothing to advance the struggle that King had lived anddied for were now exploiting his assassination and funeral for their ownpartisan advantage. By the time the funeral service had concluded, it was already hot andmuggy. An estimated 60, to , mourners surrounded thechurch. King's body was carried to a specially prepared hearse, a simplefarm wagon hitched up to several mules, which symbolized the South-ern Christian Leadership Conference's national "Poor People's Cam-paign" that had just been launched.

Tens of thousands of us began thelong march: past black folks' homes, where children and elderly AfricanAmericans stood weeping; past the shiny, domed Georgia capitol build-ing, where the state's segregationist governor, Lester Maddox, had justprotested the lowering of the flag in honor of King. In several hours, wearrived at the campuses of the Atlanta University complex, where wegathered in front of Morehouse College's Harkness Hall. President Ben-jamin Mays, one of King's intellectual mentors, read the eulogy, an un-forgettable experience for those who heard his voice that day:.

We have assembled here from every section of this great nationand from other parts of the world to give thanks to God that He. Truly God is no respecter of persons. How strange! Producers Library. Sherman Grinberg. Sign In Create an Account. Required Required Remember me? We are getting your download from the archive provider, please wait We are directing you to the partner site Request information for this clip.

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