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Theme Forest is great for the sheer number and variety of themes available. To really make your website stand out from the crowd, you may want to get a bit more adventurous and use some additional design elements. Elements like these can save you so much time and are all ready for you to use for a single monthly subscription by signing up to Envato Elements.

This is really simple. Feel free to change themes as many times as you wish, as it has no effect on the content you already have on there blog posts, pages, images. You are about to see just how easy it is to create a website with WordPress. Below I will be showing you the basics or entry-level tasks that you will need to know in order to add and edit content on your WordPress website. Again, this is such an easy task, anyone can do it. All you have to do is…. With posts, you can categorize the content really easily within WordPress, which makes it easier for the visitors to your website find your blog posts, especially the older pieces of content.

If you want to include a blog to your website, you can use different categories and posts. To do so, simply add it to your menu and start making posts. Plugins are modules or extensions that are installed into the WordPress CMS to increase the capabilities of your website. Plugins help to add functionality where once you would have had to build the whole site again if you missed anything out. Plugins can turn a normal website into an online shop in just minutes.

Use the search function to find the plugin you want for your site. There are over 30, plugins available, so have a good look around and make sure you read the reviews. Not all of them are great, and you should look to see what people have said about them. Also, check to see if the Plugin is still being updated on a regular basis. Well done. Now its time to bring your site to life by creating content for it. You can see my About page here. WordPress will then take you to a text editing page, similar to what you would use on Mircrosoft Word or on Gmail.

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Posts are very different to pages. If you have a blog section on your website, then you will need to create your blog content on a post page. These posts will then appear listed in your blog feed page. If you click on my blog link at the top of this page, you will see all my blog content listed on this feed.

Just like creating a page, you will see the same text editor layout.

A Web Designer's Guide To Marketing Your Business

Write your blog content in the large white space, add the blog title in the smaller white box at the top of the page. When you create a blog post, you should also put it into a category. WordPress gives you the ability to sort your blog posts into categories which helps to organize your blog content into relevant topics, subjects and sections. If you want to add any pages, categories or posts to your main navigation bar, then you will need to create a menu. Creating a website can be quite complicated and daunting for someone who has never learned how to code or had any experience with websites.

This guide helps people to get online quickly, effectively and without the need of a web developer. If you have followed all these steps in this guide, then chances are you now have a website! If I can be of any more help, please feel free to get in touch via the contact form or email me. If you love what I do then please share my work with your friends, family, work colleagues and anyone who might be interested in setting up their own website. Check out our other web resources that will help you in making your own website, as well as our CMS Comparison Infographic. Once you have got your website online be sure to follow my guide on setting up a professional email for your new website.

Hi, I inherited a website to update at work. I can find a new template, but how the heck do you build a new website offline — so the current is not effected in any way, and I can hack and play at will on my local machine? Yes you can install WordPress locally — once you do so you can add themes and plugins just as you would if they were on a server.

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Another option would be to set yourself up with Wix or Weebly site, where you can get yourself a free account and use their drag and drop functionality to create your website. Much simpler than WordPress. Hi Jamie… The tutorial is awesome…my question is…what if I want to be a web designer…. I mean to be able to do jobs for people…and also have it as a hobby…? I have spent the entire afternoon trying to work with WordPress.

It is not like what you are describing. For example, when I click on Pages and then Add New, I do not get the helpful screen that you show here. It is just a box to add the title with hardly anything to choose from to make that title have any character to it at all. Then there is not even a box, but an area the directs the user to type here.

I just signed up for WordPress through Bluehost, spent the big bucks and now I find WordPress not to be the easy user friendly web designer it is said to be. I used WordPress 10 years ago and it was wonderful. Not today. Now I have to figure out how to get out of my deal with BlueHost and I have lost my newly created domain name. Unless I can use it anywhere, but that is another search for how to do something on this website.

Not happy. Thank you so so much for this article; I will definitely use it in building my very first website :D. Now, as I intend to start an online business where I would sell my beauty product through my website, does WordPress allow me to first launch it until I build my audience with blog and newsletters, etc. You would be able to launch the site without ecom and then add it later. If you build it with Woocommerce or Ecwid. If so, what does that actually mean?

If they do put it up online, how visible is it and do they put any content such as their info or advertising on it; or would I be able to put up something that would say something on it which shows it will be coming soon? Also, rather than transfering my blog content over, can I simply duplicate some of the content and leave both sites up or link up the existing blog to the new web-site?

Sure you can buy the domain name and just park it. I use Namecheap. I buy a domain that I like, then just have it sitting on Namecheap until I need to point it to a newly built site. Hi Jamie, thanks for a brilliant article.

we understand, you don't want a website - you want more clients...

I have no experience with blogs other than what I read online. A friend and I are considering contributing posts to the same blog. Is it allowed?

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If so, how would we do it; should we both follow the steps installing WordPress etc. You only need to install WordPress once on your server. Once you have login details, your friend can login using your admin and password and create his or her own account. Then once they have their own account, they can login as themselves and whatever they publish will be credited to them.

Or would there be something you recommend for that sort of thing? I would like to launch an online platform where people can leave reviews. Think of Yelp. You can imagine this will be a complex platform long-term. Do you recommend to start with an online website builder like WordPress, Wix, etc or to have actual developers start from scratch? Looking forward to your response! Hi Jamie, I was wondering whether word-press has a feature that enables you to add a members area, accessible only by login, to the website.

I guess perhaps like an intranet area. If so, how do I go about this? You can do this by installing plugins like WP Members. Check them out and see which one fits your requirements. Hi Jamie, So glad I found your site. I am in the process of making a website using Weebly that my hosting company offers for free. I own my own domain. It has been fairly easy as you say. I am concerned about the limitations of the Weebly blog feature as far as backing up and exporting it. Can I integrate a WordPress blog into my Weebly site? My hosting company also has the one click install of WordPress.

I have always shied away from WordPress as I have heard it is a challenge to use, but your article gives me a better perspective. Do I understand you correctly in that I could create my whole website with WordPress and not use Weebly? From what I have read on other sites, even though Weebly has the export feature, it is not compatible with other sites to upload.

I also have my website and blog setup with mailchimp to send out emails once it is up and running. You can create a complete website with WordPress and not have to use Weebly. You can also integrate MailChimp into your email capture pages on your WordPress site, should you decide to build it away from Weebly. Very nice of you to give us this understandable and detailed description of how to make a website. I am looking to build a website which will develop throughout time, ideally lifetime.

I am in the process of rejuvenating my current website. I have someone out of house running it remotely, but want to switch to run it in house myself. However, in some of their more premium and expensive packages, they offer x amount of email campaigns with the more expensive packages.. I own the pre existing domain already and want to keep it, which is possible via Wix. Will my pre existing email accounts remain viable even if I switch to a new website company?

Can you give me some clarity on the repercussions of switching to Wix. If you want to learn more about Wix I suggest you checkout my Wix Review. Thanks again. Ahadi Amri. Hi Jamie. How easy or difficult will it be to transfer my 10 year old Google Blogger blog to WordPress? If you have your own domain then it might need a little work to map your old URLs to the new ones but very do-able. If you have a blogspot. Big ups for the great work and the way you organized it…WOW! Yes — you will be able to target different languages and locations with your website. There are some good multilingual plugins for WordPress 2.

Thanks a lot for the nice details content. Jamie, Great article — thanks!! I have tried linking it to text as well with no luck. Have Googled issue, but no luck Thoughts? Just read all about setting up a Web site. It seems very complicated.. Good on you! My father-in-law is 82 and he can barely work out how to change channels! Let me know if you need any help. Happy to give you a few pointers along the way. Your blog is pretty interesting, but what about a website full coded by your hand?

NET, Bootstrap etc I never did any web development. If you are comfortable with Web Development then certainly there are other options to building your first website. This tutorial is aimed at beginners but if you are more confident with how servers work, GIT and the latest JS web development methods JAM Stack then it might be worth looking at something along the lines of Jekyll or Hugo.

I am researching to build a website for a dental practice that I am buying. It is a small practice so cannot justify paying someone right now to build the site for me, hence thinking DIY solutions. I am not totally convinced by Website builders such as Wix, so more inclined to try WordPress. The mobile web universe is divided into two markets: The Responsive web design and the development of mobile applications for the App Store and the Android Market. We now offer responsive sites and applications adapted to all existing media and OS: a computer, a smartphone, a touchpad.

Are you looking for a quality SEO provider? Our SEO strategy that respects the guidelines and standards of search engines and is based on a rich knowledge base and long experience allows us to bring you the best results from Google, Yahoo, Bing at the lowest cost. See our top positions. Promote your public reputation online. Enhance your e-reputation with content and community management. We provide full service and assistance to small and medium enterprises. Complete complex and demanding environments, to more simple environments such as small offices or home offices or the way you need.

We have a broad client base from various sectors, including accounting firms, medical clinics, architects and engineering firms, manufacturers and more. The Web and App development is a process that involves many steps. We have a team to fully understand each of these steps, as well as their place in the whole process. Each of the projects entrusted to us is carried out by meeting these three essential needs of business leaders: Enhance the image and reputation of your business, Retain your existing customers, to turn them into repeat customers.

Once all your project requirements are put forth, our team of experts will analyze your requirements and plan a process. A professional developer will be assigned to dedicatedly work for your project according to the order type. You will find below a selection of our latest achievements. Select one of the projects to get more information and see the creation steps!

Your project may also be in this list.

How To Make A Website

I continue to be very very pleased with the quality of your work, and the way we work together as a team. We really see you all as an extension of our UK office team. Wonderful Upworker — will be using in the future, highly recommended. Good communication and highly skilled.

This was the first time I worked with WebePower. Communication was great and always quick response. Project was completed to full satisfaction! Share your requirements with help of this form and guaranteed response with in 24 Hours. If you want your company name and domain name to be the same, it's a good idea to secure your domain name before formally deciding on a company name, otherwise you might get your new company set up only to find you cannot have a website in that name.

Decide on the suffix at the end of the web name. The most common and usually the most expensive to buy is. Depending on cost, it may make sense to register your domain name with multiple suffixes to ensure visitors find the site, while also protecting your brand. When it comes to designing and building a website, you can either do it yourself or get someone else to do it. DIY websites are largely done from templates — often free on the internet, which will usually have limited scope for customisation which is what creates an individual look.

Low-cost DIY deals include web building, hosting and a domain name. The more expensive packages give you more internet space and email addresses, and an online shop facility. Alternatively you can get a web company to build and design your website while you concentrate on other aspects of your new business.

More details of the service can be found at yell. Web design and building are two different skills and a good web design company will use graphic designers and programmers together to provide the website. Chris Winstanley of website builder BaseKit says: "You can pay anything from a few hundred pounds, to tens of thousands of pounds, to have a website designed, depending on the number of pages, complexity, functionality and whether the designer is also coding the website.

At the lower end of the scale, you'll generally be looking at a freelancer or boutique agency. When choosing a web company, ask for recommendations from friends, or search websites you like the look of, for the name of the design company it's normally on the homepage. Check out the company website, have a look at its portfolio and see whether you like its work. Some website builders use Flash, although this is not supported on Apple products such as iPads and iPhones, and makes the website difficult to find in search engines. A website needs to be hosted on a dedicated web server in order to make it available on the internet.

Hosting involves housing, serving and maintaining files so visitors are able to view the site contents. Some web companies will have their own hosting facilities but most will act as resellers for a bigger hosting company, such as Heart Internet or www. This will be on a web server shared with maybe 50 other websites.