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Rossi Xlibris Corporation. Current plans call for establishing a ,watt shortwave transmitter that would reach a wide audience in North Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union. The potential audience in the coverage area is estimated to be million people. The proposal also provides for six medium-wave transmitters to be placed in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Cyprus.

The start-up cost for the project 6.

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Name Trademarks The GC committee also Another item the committee Approved a new human relations voted was a new trademark policy. Adopted new guidelines on sexual harassment of denominational workers. Declared the Year of the Adventist Missions. The Eastern Africa Division delegation category of credentials for Adventist teachers that highlights the spiritual importance of their ministry. Elected Shirley Burton, formerly associate General Conference communication director, General Conference communication director.

She replaces Robert W. Nixon, who will join the Burton General Conference legal department on January 1, Heard a report on chemical dependency and the church by Dr. Albert Whiting, associate General Conference health director. Was informed of the appointment of Harold F. Otis, Jr. Approved a budget of million for the General Conference's operations and disbursements for This represents a 2. He replaces Robert L. Woodfork, who is retiring. Elected Dr.

She replaces Warren Banfield, who is retiring. Jones left and Uriah Smith right verbally fought each other for the duration of the General Conference session. In one argument over the tenth horn of Daniel 7, Jones declared to the assembly, "Elder Smith has told you he does not know anything about this matter. I do, and I don't want you to blame me for what he does not know. White described it as the "most incomprehensible tug-of-war we have ever had among our people.

Alonzo T. Jones was already an unrivaled hero in L legislative battles over Sunday laws. He would emerge as a champion defender of righteousness by faith. Later he stepped in as editor of the Review and would even be a candidate for GC president. Why did this zealous leader turn into a bitter enemy of the Adventist Church George Knight has prodiked a biography that doesn't gloss over the faults of its main character. It takes you into the mind of Jones as he added heat to some of the hottest controversies in church history.

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Complete with illustrations. Hardcover, pages. WHITE rs. White's counsel takes on new sharpness, color, and dimension after you read this collection of articles edited by Gary Land. Fourteen historical experts transport you back in time to view the conditions she wrote about. Take a look at what most Americans were putting on their supper table when she gave counsels on diet. Observe the trends in medicine when she promoted our health message.

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Her advice on fiction and amusements gains meaning when you see the popular literature and entertainments of the time. Other articles describe her hometown of Portland, Maine, what it was like to travel by train across the Great Plains, and racial tension in the s. Here is a readable, accurate resource for anyone who wants to understand the writings of Ellen White better. But almost three years earlier, one of his followers saw visions about the final reward for those who continued to believe.

Photographs and engravings complete our view of his environment. The book includes descriptions of Foy's visions of the judgment and the rewards planned for the righteous visions endorsed by Ellen White and full of encouragement for us today. For a century he was hidden in obscurity. Now we have a biography of William Foy, a man who faced disbe- Vaudeville was a refined version of burlesque that made the theater a center of family entertainment. Brooks W began a mile kilometer ride from Kisii to Nyamyra to preach his Sabbath morning sermon, he had no idea of how rough the roads would be.

It was like driving on " ice covered with axle grease," the General Conference field secretary explained. On the way his van got stuck six times and made several detours. He reached his destination 90 minutes late, but was amazed at what he found. There must have been 5, people sitting on the ground in the rain. When Rock closed his meetings, more than people were baptized.

Many of the new converts were follow-up interests from Rock's previous crusade last year. On the same day, people were baptized at Nyamyra, and more than decisions for baptism were made. Overall, more than 2, people were baptized in at least nine locations around the East African Union Mission.

Each day's program began with a devotional service open to the public. The services featured choral groups such as the Adventigt University of Central Africa men's chorus from Rwanda. Choral groups, clad in colorful costumes, sang hymns in their local languages and dialects. This type of true grit perseverance r gave Africa's first-ever Annual Council session a high spiritual tone. For most church members the real thrill of the Annual Council came not from the long committee debates or the roll call votes, but from the Spirit-filled satellite programs and worship services.

And this year's array of features exploded The Nairobi Central choir performed on Sabbath, October 1. On Sabbath, October 1, 22 world Conference vice president Calyin church leaders scattered across Rock presented the messages, Kenya to conduct worship celebra- which centered on the theme "The tions. Often the trips were long and Lord Our Righteousness. In addition to the Kenya Each evening's session was premeetings, Neal C. Wilson, General ceded by a musical concert, but the Conference president, and Ralph main program showcased the evanWatts, Adventist Development and gelistic work of the church in the Relief Agency International execu- various world divisions.

That's when church leaders to share quality time about 35, people converged on together. Rock conThe celebration may have been ducted a week-long evangelistic se- the largest gathering of Adventists 9 AID president Jacob J. Nortey left, at podium and translator greet a crowd of 35, visitors as rostrum guests look on. During the service General Conever held on the African continent. Again there was plenty of music, ference president Neal C. Wilson including a voice choir corn- publicly thanked Kenya officials for posed of members from all the permitting the council to take place and praised President Daniel T.

Nairobi Adventist churches. The versity of Eastern Africa has constatement was read to more than tributed in many ways toward al1, invitees and guests at the leviating the problem of a Jomo Kenyatta International Con- shortage of university training opference Center by Vice President portunities facing our young people. The church also has contribJosephat Karanja on October 5. Karanja led a large delegation of these and other freedoms that are essential for respectable living.

Ngei's tural traditions. Our society is office has jurisdiction over all churches in composed of Kenya. Neal C. Inhis 10 arap Moi for his commitment to religious freedom. In his sermon Wilson asked God to open the doors of heaven and pour out a blessing on Kenya. He said God is willing and anxious to open heaven's doors when we are willing to turn to Him with all our hearts.

Seek for it. Pray for it. Nearly 1, participants with flags and costumes marched around the stadium to illustrate the Eastern Africa and Africa-Indian Ocean divisions' ministry in Africa. Some Nairobi Pathfinders marched before an applauding crowd. The group represented more than , Pathfinders on the continent. An entourage of literature evangelists, waving their books high, gave tribute to Africa's publishing work.

Literature evangelists took part in bringing 8, new converts into the African church last year. With the help of music and choreography, some uniformed Community Services workers illustrated their helping-hand ministry. More than 1, people were baptized because of their efforts last year. A day like this gives inspiration and encouragement to all of us. Wilson gave the keynote address at the opening of the Nairobi Annual Council on October 4, he had already been in Africa five weeks following a crowded itinerary that took him from Accra to Addis Ababa, and from Mount Kilimanjaro to visits with heads of state.

The government of Ghana received the Wilsons as state guests and placed at their disposal one of the aircraft reserved for the private use of J. Rawlings, chairman of the Provisional National Defense Council. Wilson's visit to Ghana commemorated the centenary of the founding of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in that country. In Francis Dolphijn read an Adventist tract given him by the captain of a ship moored offshore in Apani, became converted, and started keeping the Sabbath.

During the day itinerary, the Wilsons dedicated churches, were paraded through the streets of Kumasi with police motorcade, were received by the traditional rulers Ashanti, spoke to a Sabbath audience of more than 20, The Wilsons next flew west for a week of "vacation. For more than 50 years Wilson had dreamed of one day climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, 19, feet, the highest point on the continent of Africa.

On September 12 he set out to realize that dream. John King, an orthopeBy William G. On September 15 all members of the party succeeded in reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaroan unusual accomplishment that caused comment among the guides who accompanied the party. At 68 Elder Wilson is one of the oldest people to scale Mount Kilimanjaro a full report of the climb will appear in a coming issue of the Review and also in Message.

After descending the mountain September 16, Wilson preached the following day to a Sabbath congregation of thousands in Arusha, Tanzania. The service concluded with a baptism of more than Sunday he met with the vice president of Tanzania and later formally opened Health Expo and the LaVerne Tucker evangelistic crusade in Arusha. Kampala, Uganda, was the next stop on the Wilsons' precouncil itinerary.

They were met at the airport by the head of government, prime minister Dr. Samson Kisekka. Kisekka, a Seventh-day Adventist, devoted his entire weekend Costumed church workers representing 45 countries displayed national flags at Nyayo Stadium. On Sabbath, Wilson preached to a packed congregation of about 8, and Sunday was taken by police motorcade for the one-and-one-half-hour meeting with Uganda's chief of state, President Y. James Rankin Chosen as ADRA Man of the Year or more than eight years James Records from the project show F Rankin has tended his garden in that nearly 50, farmers have Zimbabweand nearly 1, farm- been taught by the graduates from ers can prove it.

Rankin's agricultural training program resulted in the planting of about 50, family gardens, says Ray Tetz, ADRA public relations director. As project director, Rankin has trained nearly 1, native farmers in basic agricultural techniques designed to increase crop variety and yield while decreasing their dependence on commercial fertilizer. Rankin's program, and possibly as many as , persons are being fed from the resulting gardens.

Although Rankin's work is the training of family farmers, the Christian faith is often communicated through his teaching. To date, nearly 2, persons have been baptized as a result of learning about the gospel from Rankin graduates. Nortey, president of the Africa-Indian Ocean Division. It sends a signal to our governments' leaders that the Nairobi, Kenya, Annual Council of 25 years of independence. The annual business session also Seventh-day Adventist Church is an the General Conference has ignited indescribable joy and excitement comes at a time when Kenyans are international church, and Africa is for African church members and celebrating the tenth anniversary of part of the worldwide family.

Ralph Thompson, Gengovernment leaders alike. But apart from the spectacular pag- Moi, commonly referred to as the eral Conference secretary, the eantry, rich fellowship, and eloquent Nyayo era. Nairobi Annual Council "does more speeches, this year's business sesAside from the commemorations, for us outside of Africa than for the sion of the world church holds a the Nairobi Annual Council is a trib- Africans. For those who come here, much deeper meaning for Adventists ute to the Eastern Africa Division, it broadens their minds.

Many have in Africa and around the world. Now as our leaders from Since the beginning of the around the world see the church ever held on the African continent. And it comes exactly years after division membership has increased they'll go back and spur the misFrancis Dolphijn, a native of Ghana by nearly 60 percent, from , sionary giving, by giving their firstin West Africa, began keeping the to ,, as of June 30, Dolphijn's evangelis- largest union in the world.

Also of nity to participate in discussions tic work led the General Confer- note is that the Africa-Indian Ocean on important world church resoluence to send missionaries to Ghana Division has grown more than 50 tions. They learned more about the percent in the same period, from church's procedures and policies.

Many Africans tested their manFor Adventists worldwide, the , to , The colorful nightly Conference session. Their attitude can be quite disruptive for other class members and the teacher, who may be attempting to use Spirit of Prophecy quotations and material supplied with the lesson outlines. These members who do not believe in Ellen White have a fluent "Bible only" opinion, which is militant and not conducive to discussion and harmony, nor is it a blessing to those who believe differently.

Besides changing Sabbath school classes, what possible alternative solutions do you see No doubt our church is in a period when there are some deep, conflicting opinions on a few subjects. Whereas in the past, members seldom disagreed publicly with accepted church doctrines, in some places this is no longer the case. Your address indicates to me that you live in one of these centers, so it is not surprising that a situation such as you describe exists.

In the vast majority of our churches, however, I am convinced that unity prevails to a great degree. Now to be specific. One of the 27 fundamental beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists states that the Spirit of Prophecy, as demonstrated in the work of Ellen White, is one of our established beliefs. But some have lost faith in this fundamental point. But the Sabbath school has traditionally been thought of as a place to study the Bible and to gain a deeper knowledge of truth through the Bible, nature, and the Spirit of Prophecy. Those of us who live under a democratic form of government praise the Lord every day of our lives for our freedom of expression.

And we do not want to get to the point where we cannot tolerate hearing any opinion that runs counter to those we ourselves hold. Moreover, we don't want to lose sight of the fact that sometimes opinions change, and if the believers in the fundamentals express themselves with kindness and true Christianity, who knows what good things may happen in the future. Yet, because of the factors I have mentioned, if the dissenters in your class are determined not only to express themselves but to insist that everyone agree with them and adopt their viewpoint, then the situation is unacceptable.

Much depends on the teacher. Some teachers are more skillful than others in handling difficult situations such as this. In your case I think you would find your Sabbath worship more rewarding if you simply joined another class. There really is no quick and easy solution that I can suggest to the overall problem. But since you are not at the present time enjoying your Sabbath school relationships, you need to make the change you have suggested. I doubt that many such programs exist, however, as you have suggested. I don't think there is any great mystery as to the causeit is a five-letter word beginning with m and ending in y.

Any kind of learning track outside the mainstream requires special funding, special equipment, special teachers, et cetera. In a church-and-parentsupported school system there simply is never money enough even for some of the necessities for the majority of students. As a retired English teacher, I have longed to see the emergence of programs in our schools for gifted students and also for handicapped students usually called "special education".

We need continuing large endowments so we can start these learning programs in our larger schools, where more students would benefit from them. I don't think, however, that we need to feel Adventist children are not getting special education. The fact that our schools are generally much smaller than public schools would indicate that teachers can give more personalized attention to students. Nothing can substitute for this factor. In addition, many of the church programs that carry over into the schools form an enrichment in themselves Pathfinders, with all their projects; the strong emphasis on music and playing an instrument; the training in public speaking that often begins for children in our churches when they are barely able to lisp.

And don't discount the value of regular Sabbath school attendance. I have always thought that, in a sense, this acts as an informal "headstart" program and an enrichment that children with no religious affiliation miss. Miriam Wood, author of 16 books, is a retired English teacher, whose lifelong hobby has been "observing human nature in all its complexity.

Some of us have even thought this difference indicated superior theology or deeper commitment. Most churches are prone to this kind of thinking. They exist because they believe their understanding of God's will is a little better than that of any other church. They fear that our uniqueness and therefore the reason for existence as a church is being threatened by changes they see in dress standards, eating practices, Sabbath observance, and amusements. Sinful Hearts C hristianity seems always to be at a crossroads. This is equally true of Adventism.

One of the crossroads we now face has to do with the uniqueness of. I sense this concern about our uniqueness in statements like "We are becoming so worldly you can't pick out an Adventist in a crowd anymore. We ought to be concerned when a lifestyle change is evidence of an uncoverted heart. Whatever the change, each of us must ask himself, "Do I seek change merely to please myself, or do I seek change because I believe this is God's will for me and my church" Jeremiah reminds us that "the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked.

In his book Decisions John Brunt describes a trip to the store with his childrenat that time Laura was 7 and Larry, 5. Both children were at an age when they wanted to be Daddy's little helper. An argument ensued between them as to, who would close the car door for Daddy. It ended when Laura shoved Larry away and shut the door. Larry, unprepared to concede defeat, sunk his teeth into Laura's arm. John mercifully intervened. When things had calmed down and Larry felt repentant, he turned to his sister and confessed, "I'm sorry I bit your arm.

I promise I won't do it again until Jesus comes. And unless we are willing to be honest, asking "Is this change at all motivated by my selfish heart" we are not prepared to discuss the validity of changes in the church. Do's and Don'ts But changes in the church expose another camp of members I call concerned traditionalists. These folk often engage in an intense emotional effort to find and evict the culprit who is bewitching the church toward worldliness. They follow with an impassioned appeal to the "true remnant" to reject all such changes and go back to the good old days of do's and don'ts.

This reaction worries me as much as spiritual apathy, because its emotional appeal is usually bereft of biblical integrity and blanced common sense. Ellen White statements and Bible proof texts are taken out of context, amassed, and flung at the perceived enemy. Innocent, conscientious Christians often get caught in the crossfire of these "holy" wars. Some people like the do's and don'ts brand of Adventism because it offers stability and security.

Standards of dress, amusements, and Sabbath observance are clear-cut. You need not think, only obey. Conformity becomes more important than conviction. The an article in the February Min- Jews had placed this teaching istry. Thompson uses two concen- within their inner hub of doctrines. These core biblical princiIn Acts we find Paul and ples are universal, irrespective of Barnabas appearing before the culture or generation.

This includes Jerusalem Council to defend their such doctrines as salvation in actions. Notice the reasoning of Christ, the Second Advent, the some of the Pharisees who opposed seventh-day Sabbath, healthful liv- them "It is necessary to circumcise ing, and simplicity in dress. Here people who adhere to the same core of biblical principles may still have differences of opinion and practice. Consider, for example, the core doctrine of the seventh-day Sabbath. The doctrine is unchangeable; how we observe it is up for discussion and diverse interpretation. One Adventist might teach that a true Sabbathkeeper would never wear shorts on Sabbath.

But someone living near the equator might disagree. Fifty years ago Adventists though it wrong to ride a bicycle on Sabbath. Today many consider it a wholesome family Why should these Gentiles be ciractivity. The Pharisees do not appeal to prinApplying Biblical Principles ciple or reason. They simply remind Application of biblical principles Paul and Barnabas that their responis always open for discussion and sibility is to obey, not to question. If possible change, depending on cul- Moses said it, there is no room for ture, time, and circumstance.

But discussion. They put we must say that many Adventists applications in the center circle have done the same with Ellen with principles, believing any White. Too often we search her writchange denotes compromise and ings for applications instead of endangers Adventist uniqueness. We are often tempted to But a practice can change without generalize counsel she gave for destroying the principle. Our Ad- specific situations and apply it to ventist uniqueness should be based all people, cultures, and circumon universal, unchangeable princi- stances.

But that is not being fair ples rather than on applications that to Ellen White. Do you think the traditionalists cried out about losing their church's uniqueness Do you think they suggested the church was compromising But from our perspective, nearly 2, years later, we see the correctness of their decision. Instead of losing their uniqueness, they were challenged to find it in something more durablenot in external circumcision of the flesh but in heart circumcision and a transformed life.

The principle that a godly person is a transformed person re- Some people like do's and don'ts religion because it offers stability and security. OCTOBER 27, mained the same, but the times had changed, the issues had changed, and therefore the way the church worked out this principle in practice had to change. But the change was difficult because many members had confused a landmark principle with a shifting application. Threefold Appeal So how should we live 1. We need to be thinking, studying, and praying Christians instead of people who merely memorize proof texts and Ellen White statements.

Too often we want answers prethought, prepackaged, and preblessed by the church. We prefer clear-cut lists of what is right and what is wrong. But instead, we need to seek out the general principles and allow these to grip our lives and guide us in making difficult but 15 Instead of losing their uniqueness, they were challenged to find it in something more durable. We should not confuse principles with applications. Principles are changeless, but applications are modified by culture, circumstances, and generation.

Therefore we must discover our uniqueness in the principles. Conviction to principle, not conformity to application, is the important thing. We must focus on Christ. Sometimes I fear that we are more interested in debating and defending or tearing down than we are in studying and praying. What would happen if all the time and energy we expend debating issues were devoted to focusing on Jesus Christ and His character What if we made it our responsibility to learn about, talk of, and act out Jesus' matchless love, leaving the responsibility of convicting and judging people on Christian standards to the Holy Spirit Perhaps my wish is unrealistic, utopian.

But this change of focus might transform our sense of uniqueness. Instead of being known to the world as people who don't eat meat or wear jewelry, we might be known as people of whom Jesus spoke when He said, "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another" John , NKJV. I desire that kind of reputation for my church. I covet that kind of uniqueness. M nture with teena e r the secrets of re adnDdani, iss they g ving Turtle Woman.

It's a romp in the woods with seven wild animals. Kids are thrilled to join the hunt for food and escape danger with cuddly animals like a baby bear, a fawn, and a chipmunk. Paperback, 64 pages. Share high adventure wit teenage Becky and Dani as they discover the secrets of a remote island.

You'll meet the intriguing Turtle Woman. Paperback, pages. W hat does it mean to youa man or woman being swept toward the sto be made in the image of God Well, it means placing more value on your creativity, your freedom, and your dignity.

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It is a reason to be moral and to live boldly as an individual. Man, the Image of God is a worldview that has classical depth and contemporary relevance.

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  6. Santa Cruz Sentinel, Volume 112, Number 277, 24 November 1968 — Page 8.
  7. Manifestation de notre désintérêt (CLIMATS NON FICTION) (French Edition).
  8. Former Loma Linda University president Norskov Olsen brings Christian philosophy to the brink of the 21st century and shows us the di- vine design for modern living as well as the ideal Creatorman relationship. US11,95, Cdn Every page reflects the touch of a disciplined and widely read scholar, and the warm heart of a devoted Christian. Glasser, Fuller Theological Seminary.

    Know your dignity, freedom, and creativity by knowing your Maker. They counter Adventist interpretations with pointed criticism and sometimes leave us wondering if our view is intellectually defensible. Arthur J. Ferch puts Daniel on Solid Gronnd. He addresses the issues of text, canon, M 0. Ferch helps you construct a reasonable witness for others while building faith in God's supervision of history. Hardcover, 96 pages. God in the fashions of our time, weaving popular opinions into each piece of fabric. If you want to get back to the original God, study Luke 15 with Caleb Rosado.

    Rosado's explanation of these parables is uncommonly delightful, refreshing, and even provocative. He grasps the revealed truth about our compassionate God and topples false images. Paperback, 96 pages. The little word add intrigued me. Does God really expect us to do spiritual sums I discovered that in God's math problem presented in 2 Peter , if you grasp the meaning of the eight addends you will come up with the correct answer, as found in verses 8, 10, and The problem begins with verse 5, "Add to your faith. What is the significance of these traits God wants us to add in building acceptable characters Faith "Without faith it is impossible to please him for he that cometh to God must believe that he is" Heb.

    But faith consists of more than mere intellectual belief, for even the devils believe, and tremble James We need to cry out like the father who came to Christ in behalf of his devil-tortured son, "Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief" Mark If we thus cry out in sincerity, Christ will hear and grant us faith as deep and strong as that of Daniel and his three companions.

    Virtue To our growing faith we must add virtue. The common idea of virtue is moral excellence. However, the New International Version gives the word goodness in place of virtue.

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    Other synonyms include righteousness, integrity, high-mindedness, value, modesty, and decency. Faith is not enough unless accompanied by works of goodness, according to the book of James. By faith we establish a relationship with the Divine that produces a virtue, or goodness, that affects our entire behavior. In Proverbs 31 God describes a virtuous woman as one who handles skillfully human relationships in the home between husband and wife, mother and child, and mistress and servant, as well as business relationships. She is a good housekeeper who knows how to govern her home and bring happiness to her husband and children.

    She speaks with wisdom and fears loves God. American statesman John C. Calhoun declared "By what causes has so inconsiderable a beginning, as that of the colonies of New England, under such formidable, and apparently almost insurmountable difficulties, resulted, in so brief a period, in such mighty consequences They are to be found in the high moral and intellectual qualities of the Pilgrims their faith, piety, and confident trust in a superintending Providence; their stern virtues; their ADVENTIST REVIEW. These are the causes which surmounted every obstacle, and which have led to such mighty results.

    Virtue, or goodness, is uniform, for it is centered in the unchangeable God. The only impregnable citadel of virtue is God's Word and redeeming blood, and the earthly example of our Saviour, Jesus. As we strive to perfect this aspect of character, we are led to the next addend in God's arithmetic. Do you despair of ever getting the right answer Take heart, for your hope is not in yourself, but in Christ. Shakespeare described this kind of knowledge as "the wing wherewith we fly to heaven. Jesus tells us, "Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life Knowledge and they are they which testify of With the plethora of knowledge me" Uohn We may also ask as existent today, how can we tell just did Moses, "Shew me thy glory" what knowledge God wants us to Ex.

    Then observe His disadd to our faith and virtue In His tinguishing characteristics as daily beautiful prayer recorded in John He moves through your life. Be not 17, Jesus declares, "For you Father like Philip, who after three years of granted him the Son authority day-by-day contact with Jesus, over all people that he might give asked, "Lord, show us the Father eternal life" verse 2, NIV. Then He and that will be enough for us. To This idea also appears in the Old know the Father, study the life of Testament.

    Solomon advised "My His Son. We usually think of tempercry aloud for understanding, and if ance as abstinence from alcoholic you look for it as for silver and beverages and rightly sosee Prov. God wants us the Lord and find the knowledge of to be temperate in all thingseatGod. For the Lord gives wisdom, ing, drinking, working, recreation, and from his mouth come knowl- exercise, etc.

    To overdo in any area edge and understanding" Prov. Paul in writing to the be- forces. Temperance, or selflievers in Colosse told them "Since government, is essential for our the day we heard about you, we highest development. We hold them only in trust and must give an account of our use of them. The apostle Paul recognized this when he wrote, "I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection" 1 Cor.

    The Santiago Enigma

    We lose much of our power of selfgovernment when we pamper the natural appetite Testimonies, vol. Our eternal destiny depends upon the addition of temperance to our characters ibid. Patience Patience makes up one of the rounds of the ladder of Christian progress that cannot be reached by intemperance. Temperance must precede patience ibid. Patience is an expression of God's character.

    Patience must be cultivated by prayer and practice. Learn to be patient in little things; to bear the everyday trials and annoyances of life quietly and calmly. In this way the plant of patience will grow rapidly. Ruskin compared patience to a musical rest "There's no music in a 'rest,' but there's the making of music in it. And people are always missing that part of the life melody, always talking of perseverance and courage and fortitude; but patience is the finest and worthiest part of fortitude, and the rarest, too.

    God can afford to wait; why 19 Higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's ideal for His children. Godlinessgodlikenessis the goal to be reached" Education, p. This is another round in the ladder of Christian progress, another addend in God's math problem. When God created Adam and Eve in His image, they were much like God physically, intellectually, morally. However, the tempter came to them with the promise If you will disobey God, then you will be like Him, because you will know both good and evil Gen.

    But godliness rests upon love, not disobedience and disloyalty. By disobeying God's express command not to eat of a certain tree, the Edenic pair switched their loyalty from God to Satan and thereby lost God's image, becoming subject to death. The apostle Paul, writing to his son in the faith, Timothy, advised, "Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives' tales; rather, train yourself to be godly.

    For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come" 1 Tim. Godliness will elevate the thoughts and ennoble the life, leading to right actions. We must learn this virtue by fervent prayer and study of the Scriptures. Before the final visitation of God's judgments, there will be a revival of primitive 20 godliness The Great Controversy, p. Brotherly Kindness Kindness provides one more rung in the ladder of Christian progress. God places it next to the last addend in His spiritual arithmetic problem.

    Goethe, the German poet, saw kindness as a "golden chain by which society is bound together. Not kindness because we feel a relationship of pity or of a sense of duty, but kindness because we feel a relationship with the receiver. We are related both by creation and redemption, regardless of socioeconomic status, place of origin, or any other factor. Nor should kindness be reserved only for our immediate family, members of our church, or friends.

    As God's loving-kindness is spread abroad for all of us, so should that of His followers be. Acts of kindness, to be acceptable with God, must overflow from a sympathetic, loving heart eager to return God's loving-kindness. Love We have computed the sum of faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, and brotherly kindness; now we add love. What is love Surely it is more than a pleasant emotion.

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