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It's been the most shocking moment of Luke Freeman's life. He's discovered that his late father had a mistress! The information Luke receives about the identity of this secret lover leads him to a beautiful young woman.

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Celia is not actually the One night, seventeen-year-old Jenessa's secret infatuation with millionaire tycoon Bryce Laribee turned to passion…but he discovered she was a virgin, and walked out the door! Jenessa looks so different now, but when Bryce remembers her, all he can Brief and disastrous.

She refuses to give in to him… Lucy Steadman refuses to be intimidated by brooding Italian Lorenzo Zanelli. As a talented artist, Victor Santander: an arrogant Brazilian billionaire. Araminta Dampierre: a gentle English rose.

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Victor is determined to have Araminta in his bed but only for pleasure; he will never again allow a woman to get close to him. He will bring out Araminta She was always belittled by her family, being the more sensitive, slightly overweight, with a learning disability. She had a crush on Jack for ages. After one night hook up he leaves for greener pastures, having nothing left to The story line of a love child being discovered years later is a common theme in Harlequinesque novels. After one night hook up he leaves for greener pastures, having nothing left to keep him there and thinking she is too young and better off with out him.

It comes from a place of fear and regression to her younger years insecurities. The climax is brought about when her older more beautiful sister reappear with designs on the now rich Jack. It was generic and sappy but lets face it, if you are even considering reading these type of books you want sappy. Jan 12, Si rated it liked it. Her low self esteem was grating!

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The only good thing was the kid and the supporting character Rebecca!! Feb 02, Nikki rated it it was ok. The author was trying to smoosh two very opposing stories into 1, making it all come off choppy. Why was the hero totally okay with the heroine not telling him? In the beginning it came off as if he was kinda hard and cold but he got mushier as the story went on. The heroine was stuck too. I liked her job and she should have started it in the beginning too that way the hero could fall in love with her again.

I really don't buy that he was always in love with her when they were young either. And why have mean relations if they don't do anything? Eh, the potential was squandered on this one.

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Dec 13, Menina com Livros rated it liked it. Essa autora tem um estilo de escrita muito bom. Mas essa mocinha Feb 07, Keriboo rated it really liked it. Would have liked to see how Harry reacted to Jack being his father. Mar 12, Mary rated it really liked it. A secret baby! This book has a strong female character who is able to bend and yet doesn't make odd decisions which are out of character for her. The millionaire hero is quite likable and not an alphahole.

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It's an enjoyable journey to HEA. Jul 02, Andrea Moreno rated it liked it. Oct 17, Sofia rated it liked it. Quite boring Whitney rated it it was amazing Feb 07, Laura rated it liked it May 06, Valeria rated it liked it Feb 19, Paula Martinez rated it really liked it Mar 25, Shannon V rated it liked it Nov 27, Sherry Montgomery rated it liked it Aug 29, Corrina rated it liked it Dec 24, Gigi rated it liked it Jan 21, Srishti Ghosh rated it really liked it Oct 11, Lyuda rated it liked it Jun 04, Dominique Fagan rated it liked it Feb 17, April rated it it was amazing Dec 11, Moira rated it it was amazing Aug 07, Ns2np5 rated it liked it Mar 19, Zubee rated it liked it Oct 30, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Alison Fraser. Alison Fraser. Books by Alison Fraser. Maximilian Andrea Quintano — Max to his friends — walked out of the bathroom wearing only a pair of navy silk boxer shorts. The opening line of The Italian's Blackmailed Mistress may not be up there with Anna Karenina, but it is enough to make legions of women read on. And buy on. Characters such as Max are a key reason.

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Typically masking either a dark secret or a ruthless streak, these larger-than-life heroes are alpha males. The only thing they lack is love. Or any kind of basis in reality. Its sales figures and publishing output — million annual worldwide sales and more than 70 titles released in the UK every month — confirm the popularity of the genre.

Romance, with its promise of escapism, fantasy and, of course, a happy ending, outsells literary or any other type of fiction, and at 2. She believes the longing for a happy ending is part of the human condition. The Italian's Blackmailed Mistress follows a plot structure typical of romance novels. The hero and heroine meet and are attracted hopelessly, passionately, like nothing she has ever experienced before , but before their love can be satisfied, a number of obstacles must be overcome and misunderstandings resolved he is a rogue and must change his ways; or he has a secret, undeserving wife stashed away; she has made a pledge to something or someone else.

The promise of the final resolution of the love affair, and the emotional satisfaction this offers the reader, is the hook that continues to hold romance fans captive. Despite having a reputation for being stuffy and out of date, certain elements of the books have moved with the times. The blackmailed mistress of the title, Sophie Rutherford, for example, speaks six languages and runs her own global translation business. The conflict at the heart of the modern romance typically involves the heroine's struggle between upholding her independence and submitting to the hero's charms.

In the course of one novel, a heroine can expect to be captured and captivated, bought, sold, to become 'beholden', to be left 'dumbstruck' and, ultimately, to be 'overwhelmed'. If one of the great pleasures of reading is to identify with a fictional character, why do so many women relate to these images of dominance and submission? She admits these fantasies confine women to a passive role.

But I think this touches our secret wish that love is something that will 'just happen' to us. If the popularity of these novels is an indicator of women's fantasies, it is unsettling to discover that so many women, in , relate to this idea of being passively taken against their will. We are still told that nice girls don't initiate sex.