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He would be able to if he was free like all dragons should be. Taliya watched in disbelief as Micah lowered his head and Javan stared at him like a confused statue. When nothing happened, Micah looked up. Neither did Taliya. What had happened in Zandador that made Michah want to turn on his father and die? Mertzer is the last Dusk Stalker alive.

The only way you can collect him is if you kill me. The deal you made with Omri involved my execution in exchange for letting the people of Keckrick live. What matters is that I know the real deal. So why are you changing the terms? Micah noticed Taliya take a step toward them at the mention of the humminglo plants.

What was she doing up here? How did she get on the roof, and how long had she been standing there? Most of the Destroyer Bloodline had died out centuries before Micah was even born. Why would Javan be talking about a Destroyer?

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Micah took a deep breath to regain his focus and explained what he had learned. My father plans to use this substance to control the Land of Zandador. The flowers are more important to him than anything else. You should be trying to harness the power of the humminglos for yourself, not be asking me to usurp your father. He was willing to sacrifice his own life to prove it. People matter. You taught me that. My death should bother him. It will if you kill me and take Mertzer. He needed to. It was the only way his father could be defeated.

He needed this to be over. He needed to die. But not by killing you. Be part of my team. Fight with me and Taliya to overthrow your father. She was not thrilled with the agreement. The only reason she had said yes was so that she could continue to protect Kisa even though the Dawn Stalker now technically belonged to Javan.

You need him. Micah cocked his head and narrowed his eyes. The following is chapter one of The Dragon Protector. It picks up at the end of The Dragon Hunter , telling some of the final scenes of that book from differing perspectives. The lights from the freshly activated portal that connected the city of Nahat in Keckrick to the city of Japheth in Zandador faded as Taliya wove her way through the crowd searching for Javan. He should have returned by now, and she was hoping he had snuck his way through the portal along with the soldier who had just arrived from Zandador.

She was too short to see the soldier over the heads of the sweaty folks around her, but she could hear his haughty speech to the people of Keckrick.


I am here to oversee these valuable shipments and make sure none get left behind. She had planted them with her grandmother shortly after her arrival in Keckrick fifteen years earlier. After her grandmother had died in a sudden volcanic eruption, those fields and fields of humminglo flowers had allowed Taliya to feel connected to her grandmother long after her passing.

The thought of her precious flowers sitting in storage shelters waiting to be dissected by his physicians made her blood boil. She wanted to stick every one of his soldiers milling around the city of Nahat with her poison-tipped darts to keep them from taking any more of her humminglos. She started to pull one from her hip pouch when she spotted Javan. He said he would make an announcement after he brought Mertzer back.

He was looking for you, too. I need to talk to him before he makes that announcement. Javan cocked his head and squinted his eyes. She envied that ability. The Noon Stalker must have made himself invisible and answered because Javan glanced up to the top of the building attached to the dock they stood beside.

Without a goodbye or word of explanation to her, he took off toward the building. Although it required serious upper body strength, Javan pulled himself onto the roof from the handrail of the dock. He lay in a heap on the hot mud roof and addressed his invisible dragon through strained breaths.

I became responsible for you the moment you landed on my back. It does not work when you disappear without telling me where you are going. Varjiek felt left out. Javan could fix that. I saw an opportunity to follow Micah, and I had to take it at that moment.

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We need to go find him before he finds us. Javan turned to find Micah yelling for him atop the bridge. He was sitting on Mertzer, his Dusk Stalker, and demanded the hushed attention of everyone in the vicinity. I have news for you and the people of Keckrick from the King of Zandador! She found her own breathing had stopped in anticipation of his next words.

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Had he been able to convince his father to spare the people of Keckrick? Taliya let herself breathe again and jumped down from the railing. As Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingam stands on the scaffold of Salisbury Market Square, accused of high treason, he reflects on his life A lone girl, the brave Eglantyne, takes on hungry witches, a candy-loving queen and some ravenous rabbits to A marriage surprisingly happy, with the king pouring wealth upon his young wife's relatives In Sherwood forest, a ruined hall lies bleak amidst the winter snows.

When Lady Marion of Blidworth and Brother Tuck are attacked by wolves, the lord Ulfgar of the House of the Wulfings bids them go to his ruinous abode to Richard Duke of York lies dead outside the walls of Sandal Castle, lured to his death by false talk of a Christmas truce. His second son Edmund, aged just seventeen, is murdered by Butcher Clifford, his blood staining the Robin of Locksley, Lord of the Hood, continues his mission to help the people of Sherwood against the oppression of the Sheriff of Nottingham, even though his wife Marian, wounded in body and soul, has left him for the Now in a complete edition containing two best-selling novels, previously published as Stone Lord and Moon Lord.

Stonehenge stands as a unifying monument King Edward IV is dead. The Woodvilles have the Great Seal -- and the treasury. In the north Ireland, early 's Mary Tierney longs to leave home.

The Dragon Protector – Dragon Stalker Bloodlines

Da' Joe is violent and drunk and Mammy downtrodden, aged before her time. She longs to find a new life for herself Short story collection of approx pages. Original fantasy based on Celtic themes and ancient traditional legends retold anew. Romance, tragedy, mythology, joy. Paying the Piper--The old gods are dying. Mabon sets out to Marriage Prize. Eleanor of Brittany is sent to live in the household of her esteemed grandmother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and brought up expecting to be the bride of a powerful prince. But when the marriage The Seventh Son--Richard's birth at Fotheringay Valentineville is one of the four Seasonal Towns in the enchanted Middle Lands, bounded by the great Horn mountains and the mighty River.

Chubby, affable Sebastion lives there,but he is miserable because a cherub has shot Between the Mountains of the Horns, licked into existance by the world-cow Udumla, lie the Middle Lands, bounded by the Great River and by the frozen northern Kingdom of the mystical Erl-King. Once a place of much feuding Thank you for your support! See More Get It.

Reedman 2 reviews Quick View A short look at mythology and folklore connected with Stonehenge, the world's most famous stone circle, and with other megalithic monuments. Children's eBooks. Reedman 2 reviews Quick View Collection of short fantasy stories and poetry withan emphasis on the denizens of the celtic faerie realm.

Robin Hood-Vampire Lord by J. A Dance Through Time by J. Reedman Quick View Collection of high fantasy stories by historical fantasy author J. Reedman 1 review Quick View In Sherwood forest, a ruined hall lies bleak amidst the winter snows.

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Reedman Quick View Robin of Locksley, Lord of the Hood, continues his mission to help the people of Sherwood against the oppression of the Sheriff of Nottingham, even though his wife Marian, wounded in body and soul, has left him for the The Irish Immigrant Girl by J.