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Those of you who lived through that era will recall John Wayne Gacy , who raped and murdered at least 33 teenaged boys then buried him under and around his house , and the Tylenol poisonings , which left five people dead in as a result of cyanide having been injected into their pain medications. Among these more obscure tales was a police scandal involving Commander Jon Burge, who tortured suspects using electrocution and beatings.

Eventually, he landed in prison too, but not for abusing detainees, since the statute of limitations had run out. Instead, he was found guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice. Four of the men pardoned by the governor had confessed under questioning by Burge. When I decided to adapt those two stories into a single novel, I needed a way to tie in my leading man, Duncan Cochrane, a law-and-order governor who much like Ryan left office in disgrace.

I wanted to give him a reason to care, a personal connection to the crime.

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Reluctantly, Duncan starts to investigate, and he finds a case as shaky as his own reputation. His only option is to re-enter the body politic and urge others to atone for his mistakes. Along the way, he runs afoul of several other Chicago luminaries, including the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, reporters working for Rupert Murdoch, and a host of politicians and cops who do not want to hear from their deposed boss.

Dorfman Chicago Tribune. Labels: Story Behind the Story. As a result of that effort, I wound up with a copy of the original promotional poster shown above, which is now prominently displayed in my office. His image of Chinatown stars Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway, both of them at risk of being upstaged by a lazy drift of cigarette smoke, was reportedly inspired by a famous s advertisement for JOB cigarette rolling papers , created by Czech graphic artist Alphonse Mucha.

Kingston Pierce at AM 2 comments. Back then, I could point you only to a second trailer for the show, but now the blog Double O Section features a more satisfying two-minute version. Pennyworth is scheduled to premiere on July He came away from it with this memorable story. Labels: Cover Themes. An intriguing item from B. In the novel, a mysterious list of names is found in the shoe of a dead woman, and one of those named, Mark Easterbrook, begins an investigation into how and why his name came to be there.

He is drawn to The Pale Horse, the home of a trio of rumored witches in the small village of Much Deeping. Word has it that the witches can do away with wealthy relatives using dark arts, but as the bodies mount up, Easterbrook is certain there has to be a rational explanation. I am cautiously optimistic that this will go well. Murders , her peculiar take on that Hercule Poirot mystery.

Labels: Agatha Christie. Saturday, June 15, Faulty Pursuits of Justice. I know Fairstein slightly through the world of crime writing. Our reckoning also needs to go beyond the Central Park jogger case. Fairstein joined an unjust system in the s and, at first, she helped revolutionize certain aspects of that system. But, as our ideas about the criminal-justice system evolved, hers did not. Labels: Linda Fairstein. Can Ya Dig It? With the release this week of the latest Shaft film , starring Samuel L.

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Hayes died in at age Hat tip to Lee Goldberg. Labels: Shaft , Videos. Friday, June 14, Revue of Reviewers, The just. Quinn Martin's Tales of the Unexpected is a American horror and science fiction anthology television series produced by Quinn Martin, and hosted and narrated by William Conrad.

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It aired from February 2 to August 24, Unlike the majority of series by Quinn Martin Productions, Quinn Martin's Tales of the Unexpected did not have an announcer speaking during the opening credits. Synopsis The stories told in Quinn Martin's Tales of the Unexpected are of the horror and science fiction genres. Each episode consists of a single macabre story of the psychological or the occult that explores the vicissitudes of human nature. As its title suggests, each story has an unexpected "twist" or "sting" to maintain the suspense un.

The latter surname means "descendant of Conn". Other families include one seated in Antrim; one seated in Raphoe; and one called Clann Cuain, seated near Castlebar. In , the surname was numerous in Dublin, Tyrone, Antrim, and Roscommon. Quinn is one of the twenty most common surnames in Ireland. While he was best known for his portrayal of Mark Healy on the popular '90s family sitcom Roseanne, Quinn also amassed a large fan base for his portrayal of Doyle, a half-demon, on Angel, a spin-off series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Aidan Quinn born March 8, is an American actor, who made his film debut in Reckless His mother, Teresa, was a homemaker, but also worked as a bookkeeper and in the travel business, and his father, Michael Quinn, was a professor of English literature.

Martin Cruz Smith born November 3, is an American mystery novelist. He is best known for his eight-novel series on Russian investigator Arkady Renko, who was first introduced in with Gorky Park. Martin was educated at Germantown Academy, in Germantown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, then at the University of Pennsylvania, also located in Philadelphia, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing in Canto for a Gypsy, his third novel overall and the second to feature Roman Grey, a gypsy art dealer in New York City, was nominated for an Edgar Award.

Molly Caitlyn Quinn[1] born October 8, is an American actress whose work includes theatre, film, and television. Life and career Quinn was born in Texarkana, Texas. In the sixth grade, she auditioned at the Young Actors Studio where she performed for the program's director, Linda Seto, and representatives from the Osbrink Talent Agency. After six months of "intensive [acting] training", Quinn signed a contract with the Osbrink agency. Subsequently, she signed with Management From to , Quinn performed the voice role of Princess Bloom in the Nickelo.

The Invaders is an American science fiction television program created by Larry Cohen that aired on ABC for two seasons, from to Roy Thinnes stars as David Vincent, who tries to thwart an in-progress alien invasion with doubting officials and public. The series was a Quinn Martin Production.

Plot Roy Thinnes stars as architect David Vincent, who accidentally learns of a secret alien invasion already underway and thereafter travels from place to place attempting to foil the aliens' plots and warn a skeptical populace of the danger. As the series progresses Vincent is able to convince a small number of people to help him fight the aliens. The group is currently signed to Sumerian Records and have released five full-length albums and an acoustic EP.

Their second album Let's Cheers to This was released in and became a breakout for the band, thanks to the popular single "If You Can't Hang. Their fifth studio album, Go. The Mephisto Waltz is a American horror film about an occult-murder mystery. The name of the movie is taken from the piano work by Franz Liszt of the same title see Mephisto Waltzes. Ben Maddow adapted his screenplay from the novel of the same title by Fred Mustard Stewart.

The film was the only big-screen work of veteran television producer Quinn Martin. At first annoyed by Myles' presence, Duncan soon takes notice that Myles' hands seem perfect for the piano. Paula does not much like Duncan and especially dislik. Cannon is an American detective television series produced by Quinn Martin which aired from to The primary protagonist is the title character, private detective Frank Cannon, played by William Conrad.

In total, there were episodes plus the series two-hour pilot and the television film, The Return of Frank Cannon. The plots in the episodes revolved around Cannon solving a crime. Cannon's clients in the series varied widely, and the variation in clients led to considerable variation in the formats of the episodes.

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In a number of early episodes Cannon is hired by an insurance company who wants him to investigate a loss. Other episodes involved Cannon being hired by a police detective, a former lover, by a parent concerned about a missing child, or by a child concerned about a parent. In some episodes Cannon is hired by someone bei. In her depictions she has been portrayed as a physician psychiatrist and as a psychologist.

Harley Quinn made her first live action appearance as part of the main cast in the live-action film Suicide Squad, in which she is portrayed by actress Margot Robbie. Harley Quinn is a frequent accomplice and lover of the Joker, whom she met while work. The Streets of San Francisco is a television crime drama filmed on location in San Francisco, California, and produced by Quinn Martin Productions, with the first season produced in association with Warner Bros. Television QM produced the show on its own for the remainder of its run. The show ran for five seasons, between and , on ABC, amassing a total of minute episodes.

Edward Hume, who wrote the teleplay for the pilot, was credited as having developed the series based on characters in Weston's novel. Douglas left the series at the start of its final season, and was replaced by Richard Hatch. Carl Weathers born January 14, is an American actor and former professional football player.

Lions of the Canadian Football League. Early life Weathers was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. As an eighth-grade student, he earned an athletic scholarship to St. Augustine High School, a private high school. He graduated in Football career Weathers played football as a defensive end in college. He started his college career in at Long Beach City College,[2] where he did not play in due to an ankle injury. It was sponsored by the Ford Motor Company, and the characters usually drove Ford vehicles in the series. Alcoa and American Tobacco Company were also sponsors during the first season.

Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Edgar Hoover. Although Hoover served as series consultant until his death in , he was never seen in the series. In total, episodes were produced, plus two television movies which were made after the series was canceled. Plot The series begins in the year and. He was the th pick in the AFL draft and never played in a game.

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After two seasons in San Diego, he met Universal acting coach Vincent Chase while playing in a touch football league off season. Chase invited Novack to the studios which led to Novack embarking on an acting career. They end up in Fairfield, CT, where they embark on a bigger scheme: to scam wealthy, as well as lonely, housewives. Barnaby Jones is a television detective series starring Buddy Ebsen and Lee Meriwether as a father and daughter-in-law who run a private detective firm in Los Angeles, California.

The show was introduced as a midseason replacement on the CBS network and broadcast from to Halfway through the series run, Mark Shera was added to the cast as the cousin of Ebsen's character, who joins the firm. The series bore the Quinn Martin trademark where commercial breaks divided each episode into 4 "Acts" concluding with an epilogue. The opening credits were narrated by Hank Simms. Martin Quinn was an Irish politician. He was elected to the 6th Seanad in by the Agricultural Panel.

Martin Quinn". Oireachtas Members Database.

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