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You can find their website at TMUrecords. Michael can be found on the net at MichaelSweet. You can find out more about the band at LacunaCoil. They are at RedTideRising. Our summer of drummers continues this week as we talk with Wild Mick Brown. Need I say more? Connect with Mick at facebook. Something a little different this week as we feature a discussion we had with rock biographer Graeme Thomson.

This week our guest is drummer Rod Morgenstein. The guys currently in six bands so we gotta cut him some slack. The best place to keep up with all things Portnoy is at MikePortnoy. In case you lost track this week we are back to an artist view on Little Mountain Sound and we welcome Jaime St. James to the show. Lots of great stories from Jaime this week and we hope you enjoy part 8 of our Little Mountain Sound project. Find out more about Paul at PaulGilbert. Guitarist Steve Conley gave us a call and gave us an update on the band and the album.

I also got the chance to talk with John Adams from Houston based Love N War , another great band you need to know about. A couple of returning guests this week. First off we had the pleasure of talking with Michael Schenker again right before he heads off to do Michael Schenker Fest at Sweden Rock. I had the whole band on and we had a damn fine metal chat. Keep up with Carmine at CarmineAppice. We also talk about the oddness of lead singers and why Mike Beatty , the vocalist for the Tracy G Group, breaks the mold.

Richie hit the road and came back with two chats. Also this week we have special guest Lee Aaron. Track of the week is off the second release from Lords of Black which contains 12 tracks of awesome metal goodness brought to us by Frontiers Records. We wrap it up with a chat with everyone from Jessikill. Two great guest vocalists this week.

First up is Nathan James from Inglorious , followed by Heather Michele from Helion Prime Both bands have recently released the self titled debuts and we have the full story from both. We were fortunate enough to be able to sit down with Mike and get his take on this momentous occasion. So back in ep we spoke to Vivian Campbell about Last in Line and this week we hop on the line with Andrew Freeman to further expand on all things Last in Line.

We also had a brief chat with Michael Weikath from classic German metallers Helloween while they were on their brief US tour. I think the title pretty much says it all. This week we welcome Glenn Hughes to the show. We dig into several topics including the Hall of Fame induction, the upcoming tour and more Glenn Hughes music on the way. Tap into all things Glenn at GlennHughes. Also we do a bit of GnR discussion and throw in a track of the week from the new self titled release by Sarasin. We are featuring two great bands this week. One of Richie's favorite albums, the self titled and only release from Shadow King , turns 25 this year.

To mark that milestone he talked drummer Kevin Valentine into making an appearance on the show. Also this week we have a bit of discussion on some new metal releases. JB dropped by to talk with Richie about all things Kingdom Come including the early days and whats in store for the future. We have two guests this week. First up Ralf Scheepers makes a return appearance on the show to promote the latest release from Primal Fear , "Rulebreaker".

After that Mark Fox the vocalist from Shakra comes aboard to give us the details on his bands brand new one "High Noon". Find Primal Fear at PrimalFear. This week we go back to a behind the scenes guy, the very important Ron "Obvious" Vermeulen. Ron was deeply involved in making Little Mountain the powerhouse it became and almost everyone we talk to says we have to talk with this guy so, we did. Ron's still active in music and you can track him down at DragonflyMobileRecording. On tap this week is an exclusive interview with bassist Sean McNabb.

Looking for more info, hit up Resurrection Kings on Facebook and keep up with Sean on Twitter Track of the week is from Rulebreaker , the latest release from metal legends Primal Fear. Returning once again to Focus on Metal is guitarist Alex Beyrodt. Alex is well known as one of the guitarists in German metal powerhouse Primal Fear but he also keeps busy doing other projects including his long standing band Voodoo Circle. You can immerse yourself in the work of Voodoo Circle at VoodooCircle. For those interested there's an official condolence page at Facebook.

I thought we would start with another music discovery episode and what better way to do that than to feature some great bands from the compilation disc "Metal of Oz" we did late last year with Online Metal Promotions and Maric Media. So this week we have fifteen great tracks off that compilation for you to check out as well as an extra bonus track that's not on there but I just felt like spinning it.

If you want to download your own free copy of the disc head to FocusOnMetal. Check out what Maric Media has to offer at MaricMedia. Joel McIver helps us wrap up by making his fifth appearance on Focus on Metal. Joel chimes in on his thoughts on the year in metal and also lets us know what's going on in the land of McIver. Find out what he's up to at JoelMcIver. So much for wrapping up this project this in But speaking of wrapping, just in time for the holidays we bring you the sixth installment on Little Mountain Sound featuring none other than our bud James Kottak.

We actually did this interview back in August of and was one of the first we did for the project, so if some of the things James talks about sound dated that would be why. Find out what James is up to these days besides the mighty Scorpions at JamesKottak. Hailing from New Zealand these guys have forged an impressive little empire for themselves. Find out more about the band at LikeAStorm. Most metal fans know Robin from his work with Michael Schenker , but he's done much more besides that and he continues to bring the rock to audiences weekly through his shows with Raiding The Rock Vault RaidingTheRockVault.

Robin also just released a rerecorded version of the MSG single "Anytime" and it's available on iTunes. We had a great chat with Robin and I think it should be an enjoyable episode for all. Back once again this week is author and devout metalhead Martin Popoff. So of course this week involves a lot of great Riot discussion.

Ten myths about grunge, Nirvana and Kurt Cobain

You can get this book as well as all of Martin's other books at MartinPopoff. They've just unleashed their sophomore release Hallowed Ground it's yet another slab of classic metal. Check em' out at DeathDealer. That's the claim laid out on the cover of the new book by author Greg Renoff. A pretty ballsy statement to be sure but this week Greg stops by Focus on Metal to defend that statement. It's an excellent and well researched book on the origins and early years of Van Halen and we highly recommend it.

You can swing by VanHalenRising. It's an all VH week this week so strap yourself in and prepare to head back to This week we continue with our stream of returning guests. Magnus facebook. He dropped by to discuss the album and how one goes about gathering an amazing cast of top ranked guest vocalists. Speaking of top ranked vocalists, our second guest this week is Chastain front woman Leather Leone. Leather has graced our show several times and we always welcome her visits. This time around she's promoting the brand new Chastain release " We Bleed Metal ".

Grunge Laptop Skins - CafePress

Check out more at WeBleedMetal. Check out more about this breaking band from Finland at Simulacrum. So this week we have two great guests on tap. Check out her story at MadameMayhem. Next up is returning guest Michael Wilton. Whip checked in to talk all about the new one from Queensryche , " Condition Human ".

He also talks about the Scorpions tour and the upcoming headlining tour which kicked off Nov 6th. Keep up with the Ryche at QueensrycheOfficial. This one is from their second release " When Karma Comes Calling ". Get that one and all your Dogbane needs at DogbaneBand. Not sure at this point how many times the prolific Michael Sweet MichaelSweet. Stryper just released their 11th and heaviest full length studio album "Fallen" via Frontiers Records Frontiers. Michael will give us the full lowdown on the album as well as what's going on with all his other projects.

Track of the week is from High Roller hrrecords. Ambush hail from Sweden and can be found at facebook. Focus on Metal has been around since but surprisingly we've never done a Halloween episode. This week we aim to rectify that. I had a damn fine conversation with the Count about both bands. This one comes off their latest, "Untouchable Glory". The last time we spoke with King's X drummer Jerry Gaskill facebook. Now it's done and as promised he's back to talk to us about it. You can order that right from the label or use the link on FocusOnMetal.

It was great to finally get him on the show to do a bit of metal discussion. Track of the week is from Thundermother Thundermother. So point your browser to BlastSyndicate. Night Ranger, T. Of course while we had him on the line Richie couldn't help throwing out some Whitesnake questions too. They gave us the green light to roll another track from "Tales of The Deadside" for you. All in all, a pretty packed episode this week.

It's already October and we are only up to the fifth installment in our Little Mountain Sound series. I think we might be a bit behind schedule. Anyways, this week we bring you great talk we had with Bob Brooks back in October of Bob was initially the manager at LMS and eventually along with his wife was the owner of the studio.

Bob, in my mind, is the architect of the modern era of Little Mountain sound. Bob is still in the recording business and you can out what he's up to and read his whole history at BrooksSound. Finally, after who knows how many requests and delays we have managed to put together the fourth installment of our Saxon album series. Hopefully it won't be another two year gap until the next installment. Find all things Saxon at Saxon Track of the week is from Massacre Records artist Stormhammer. This one comes off their latest, "Echoes of a Lost Paradise". Catch them on Facebook or hit up their shop at StormhammerShop.

We decided to celebrate our th episode with a career retrospective of bassist and producer Jeff Pilson. Jeff's been a great friend to the show and I can't think of a better way to celebrate this milestone. In this one we'll go through Jeff's entire career and he as usual regales us with some great stories. Take in Jeff's blog at JeffPilson. A packed episode this week. A bit of prog this week as we welcome bassist Mike Lepond to the show. Mike will of course be talking about the latest release from Symphony X , "Underworld". He also gives us some insight into his solo venture Mike Lepond's Silent Assassins.

Also this week a bit of discussion on some timely metals topics and of course a track of the week. Nice to see he hasn't lost anything since his days in Angel. Get your prog fix at SymphonyX. We have two guests on tap this week. First up is Mark Tremonti. Fresh off the release of "Cauterize" Mark is making the rounds and getting the word out. We had a quick chat with Mark about all things Tremonti as well as what's up with his other gig Alter Bridge.

After that we have a talk with guitarist Scott Leach one of the founders of Swiss melodic metal band Crystal Ball. They recently released their 8th studio effort "Liferider" via Massacre Records. Learn about all things Tremonti at fret I do believe that A Sound Of Thunder may have the most appearances on this show and this week they solidify that by dropping by once again. Yep our favorite band from Virginia is once again deep into another Kickstarter campaign in order to continue to bring the music to heavy metal music.

It's their first true concept album and it is shaping up to be one hell of a release. Did I mention we have some exclusive content from the new album? Yes we do. KATDB have been gaining a lot of attention for their live shows back in their home state of Texas and with the release of "Alone in the Dark" they hope to take their brand of rock and metal to a wider audience. Find out more at Strangelet-band. As long time listeners know we are heavy duty supporters of Benedictum here on FoM and part of that is due to the vocal firepower of Veronica.

This week we are pleased to have The V making her third appearance back on FoM. Don't miss this one folks as the always outspoken Veronica didn't disappoint and of course you'll also get to her some samples of what to expect on "Now or Never". So sit back and enjoy a healthy dose of vitamin V. Find The V at her new site VeronicaFreeman. This week we bring you the fourth installment in our Little Mountain Sound Studio series.

Our guest this week is none other than bassist and all around cool guy, Tony Franklin. Jimmy Freaking Page! So yeah, I think this guy knows his way around a studio so he's a perfect guy to talk about his time at LMS. Find Tony online at TonyFranklin. House of Lords has been making albums since and Richie has been waiting about that long to talk to the voice of the band, James Christian. This week he gets his wish and does a bit of a House of Lords retrospective with James. In case you don't know HoL has also released a new one "Indestructible" via Frontiers records.

Track of the week comes to us courtesy of Massacre Records. This week we are featuring Love. Kill is on the web at LoveMightKill. Carl Canedy has been playing drums with The Rods since and shows no signs of quitting anytime soon. In fact he is still so into metal music that late last year he released his first solo album "Headbanger" which features some metal luminaries as guests.

This week we sit down with Carl and talk about the new album and also what's in store for Rods fans in the near future. Track of the week is from Blackwelder off their debut "Survival of The Fittest". Your source for Rods news and mercy is at TheRods. This week we are joined by Jason McMaster. Considering how busy the guy is it's surprising he could fit us in the schedule. Dangerous Toys, Broken Teeth, Ignitor , we could just keep listing them. So sit back and enjoy the conversation from a true metal veteran. Jason can be found on the web at JasonMcMaster. Last year Kix put out a great "summer" disc and this year apparently Trixter has taken on the challenge.

C'mon no matter how much you like thrash or NWOBHM sometimes you need that upbeat disc to crank in the car on a summer day. Track of the week comes to us via the legendary Raven off their latest metal masterpiece "ExtermiNation" Trixter can be found at TrixterRocks. This week is a bit unusual. Yes believe it or not Richie willingly took part in a gear related conversation. In fact he initiated it. We also have a quick check in with Seeb from Orden Ogan about their latest, Ravenhead. Another double header of massive metalness this week. We follow that up with the one and only Joey Vera from Armored Saint.

Unless you live in some isolation bubble you known that Armored Saint just released a brand new album on Metal Blade , "Win hands Down" and Joey will be talking all about it it. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Our guest this week is Jeff Martin. Most of you may know Jeff as the vocalist of Racer-X. One thing's for sure the guy keeps busy.

Jeff will give us the lowdown on the new band as well as touch on a bit of his past on this weeks show. This week we bring you the third installment in our Little Mountain Sound project. Roger was chief engineer at Little Mountain for 17 years. Mike started at Little Mountain as a runner and has gone on to engineer and produce some of the most well known artists including Aerosmith, Saxon, and Scorpions.


No music on this episode but there's plenty of great insight from two great guests about what made Little Mountain what it was. This week Maxxxwell Carlisle makes his second appearance on Focus on Metal. Back in February he released "Visions of Speed and Thunder" a star studded solo release that ought to be in every metal heads collection. Besides putting out great solo stuff Maxxxwell has also been holding down the lead guitar spot in the legendary Hellion.

So between Hellion and his solo work Maxxxwell has plenty to talk about this week. You can find Maxxxwell at Maxxxwell. You can keep up with Hellion at Hellion. Furyon can be found at Furyon. Discussion on a podcast, what a concept. Yep, this week is all discussion and it's a favorite subject around here, Iron Maiden.

So settle back with a Trooper beer and enjoy the rare all discussion episode. Feed your Maiden addiction at IronMaiden. Michael can be found on the web at Angelo. Contact Incite at facebook. In the the last few years we've seen several great artists return to active duty after being away for several years sometimes decades and this week we have one of em', guitarist Joe Holmes. Joe has been out of the music biz for quite a while but he's made a strong comeback with his new band Farmikos. On this weeks show we'll talk to Joe about the genesis of Farmikos and their self titled release as well as his past history with Ozzy and David Lee Roth.

Go to Farmikos. This week, to commemorate the release of their brand new album Venom , we welcome not one but two members of Impellitteri to the show. First up is guitar legend and all around nice guy Chris Impellitteri to talk about the making of this album as well as some very cool guitar talk. Next up is vocalist Rob Rock. Rob is going to give us the vocalist's perspective on the new release. Gotta say Venom may be their best outing yet. Although the band does not have any official websites you can reach Chris on Facebook at facebook.

Amanda Somerville can be found at AmandaSomerville. Get in touch with Michael Kiske at Michael-Kiske. So we did this interview with Adrian Vandenberg way back in January and we were going to run it a few weeks back but after the Reb Beach and Doug Aldrich episodes Richie felt we were a bit Whitesnake heavy so we opted to wait a few more weeks. So here it is a great chat we had with guitarist and all around nice guy Adrian Vandenberg about his current band Moon Kings as well as some delving into his past history.

Wolfpakk just released their third album "Rise of The Animal" and this week we feature a great track off of it. Find Wolfpakk on the net at Wolfpakk. We had Carmine Appice on the show way back on episode and we are happy to welcome him back this week. Carmine is never one to sit still and this week you will find out just how much stuff this legend of the skins is currently involved in. Find out more at DeadLucky. So this week we continue with our Little Mountain Sound project. This time we swing the mic over to someone with an artists view, John Corabi.

John has some great memories of that album and his time and Little Mountain. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of The Scorpions. To mark the occasion they have just released their 18th studio album "Return To Forever" as well as embarking on a celebratory world tour. For those you that want the scoop on this years Scorpions plans and who doesn't we have a guy with the inside scoop, drummer James Kottak on the show this week. James called us direct from tour rehearsals and graciously gave us a nice chunk of time out of his very hectic schedule.

You can find James on the web at: JamesKottak. And of course be sure to grab a copy of "Return To Forever". One of our favorite guests, Martin Popoff makes yet another appearance on the show this week. Always the veritable fountain of metal literature Martin continues to unleash books you need to know about. The focus of this weeks talk are his latest books on Whitesnake and Megadeth. Of course while we have Martin on the phone we also talk about a few other books he's done since we last talked and also a preview of what he's got coming up next.

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Also this week we have Cameron Taylor the vocalist of Secret of Boris. These guys have just released their debut "Your Ghost" on Cabo Records and we took the opportunity to discuss the band and the release. Get your fix of Martin Popoff's literary might at: MartinPopoff. Finally, this week we begin airing the episodes for our big project on Little Mountain Sound Studios. Fittingly we kick it off with a talk with Miles Ramsay one of the founders of the studio.

Miles is a fountain of knowledge on the history of the studio and he shared a lot of it with us on this episode. This is just the first of ten episodes we will run this year on Little Mountain so stay tuned for some great stories from both staff and artists who were there in the heyday of this classic recording facility. We talk with Reb and go through a brief history of his career through a bunch of bands and catch up with what he's up to these days as well. Reb doesn't usually go these type of things so it was very cool of him to allow the Focus on Metal team to put him under the musical microscope.

We hope you enjoy what he has to say. Visit Reb's official site at: RebBeach. The new release from Revolution Saints drops this week and Doug Aldrich returns to the show this week to give us all the lowdown on it. Doug also gives us some insight into his decision to leave Whitesnake as well as an update on what's going on with Burning Rain and his hometown gig with Raiding The Rock Vault. In keeping with the theme this week, track of the week is from Swedish melodic metallers Eclipse off "Armaggedonize" which was released via Frontiers this week. Get social with Revolution Saints at facebook.

Richie was so psyched about the release that he went on a mission to get someone from the band on the show. It's pretty apparent these guys live and breathe classic metal. Track of the week is another great one from our friends at Massacre Records. This week we feature a track off "The Judgement" the first release in thirteen years from German metal machine Scanner.

Get all your Night Demon info and merch at NightDemon. They are also on social media at facebook. While almost every media outlet out there has been talking with either Ricky or Damon we've managed to score a talk once again with drummer extraordinaire Jimmy DeGrasso. As always Jimmy brings us a wealth of stories and info on what's going on in the BSR camp as well as some insight on the upcoming tour. This chat was conducted on Jan 21st and we have fast tracked it into your waiting ears.

This week we have Michael Sweet back on again. It's called "Only To Rise" and we'll get the lowdown on that and a few other things from the always busy Michael. Oh yeah Richie also has a bit of rant about "supergroups" too. Track of the week is from Level 10 the latast metal project from Frontiers. The debut is called "Chapter 1" and it's out now. Once again this week we feature a band we think you should know about. This time it's Zephaniah , a metal band that's returned after being out of action for several years.

I was able to sit down with guitarist Justin Zych and find out the whole story as well as the scoop on their upcoming release "Reforged". Richie and I also manage to get in a bit of a rant, I mean discussion as well. Track of the week is also from a band that has returned after a long hiatus. The last time we heard from these guys was and this new one is well worth your metal dollars. Hook up with Zephaniah at: facebook. This week we bring you some traditional heavy metal direct from Philadelphia with Corners of Sanctuary. We managed to get bassist James Pera and vocalist Frankie Cross on the line.

These guys have been around as COS for a few years now and have been putting out material on a pretty regular basis.

We are talking straight ahead metal done old school. We think you are gonna like these guys. Check them out online at CornersOfSanctuary. This one was just released this week on AFM Records. They can be found on the web at: Serious-Black. This week we welcome vocalist and metal radio show host Chris Violence to the show. Chris dropped by to talk about his latest release American Ripper. More info can be found at Voices-of-Destiny.

The band just recently announced James Oylen as their new vocalist and we are fortunate to be his first official interview as a member of the band. Not only did we score a talk with James but we were also able to get guitarist Titus Medina and bassist Darren Tuchawena on the line as well.

So sit back and prepare to know all things Crimson Reign. We think you are gonna like the metal these guys are delivering. Get in touch at: facebook. Just in time for the holidays our prodigal cohost J decided to drop by and he brought a rather timely topic idea with him, Savatage and TSO. I thought it would make a great holiday episode so I went with it, So this week we discuss TSO and Savatage as well as going in several other rambling directions.

Sorry in advance about the voice, it's still not back yet. Keep up with Savatage at: Savatage. Watch the vid and pick up a copy for yourself at: AmericanDog. I always thought of K. Who knew that they are also churning out some amazing metal there too. This week we feature two K.

Hook up with Alsatia at Facebook. Track of the week is from our friends Lords of The Trident. Our guest this week is co author and former Kerrang! Ian is considered one of the U. Connect with Ian on Facebook at: facebook. Joe Lynn Turner has gone Rated X. We gave Joe a call to discuss the new album and the new band and the results are what's on tap for this week. Keep up with Rated X at: facebook.

This week we continue our conversation with producer Chris Tsangarides. We pick up right where we left off last week. Be warned there's a point in the conversation where Chris and I go full on gear geek-out but be assured there's some great non gear talk after that including some tales from Painkiller. Get more info at: Lyriel. This week is part one of a two parter featuring longtime hard rock and metal producer Chris Tsangarides.

The guy has been involved in the industry since and has had a huge part in forging the sound of modern metal and classic metal.


That being said you know that this guy has some great stories to share, and share he does right here on Focus on Metal. Get more info at: Wolfen-Metal. We celebrate week two of metal month by having a chat with the one and only John Gallagher of Newcastle metal pioneers Raven. The band is currently on tour in the states while concurrently running a Kickstarter campaign for their new album "ExtermiNation". We were lucky enough to snag a rare on the road interview with John as they were heading from Vancouver to their gig in Seattle.

Enjoy the words of metal wisdom from John and be sure to head to up to Kickstarter and support these metal legends. Check out the ExtermiNation campaign at: Kickstarter. Get more info at: facebook. Besides a bit of discussion our good friend, photographer Bill Hale returns once again to Focus on Metal. Unlike his first two books this one is going to be self published and he needs the global metal community to lend a hand.

Bill is currently running a campaign on IndieGoGo to raise the needed capital to make this book a reality. Check out the campaign at: IndieGoGo. Get more info at: Helldorados. This is the eighth and final installment of our Dio Strange Highways series. This time we turn our attention once again to the band that supported Dio on the European leg of the Strange Highways tour, Freak of Nature. We talked to Jerry Best on the sixth installment but we were lucky enough to get the vocalist of FoH Mike Tramp as a last minute addition to the project.

In this one Mike talks about touring with Dio, the demise of White Lion, and what he's doing now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Books By Jocelyn Harewood. Romper Stomper Urban grunge Book 1 Oct Currently unavailable. Vanuatu Lonely Planet Aug Piddles Goes to Jail Oct Flying Colours Oct Spiked Oct Hot Hoppers Oct Worms in the Night Oct More Information. Anything else? Provide feedback about this page. Back to top. So, different cities have different skins.

Under the seeming disorder of the old city, wherever the old city is working successfully, is a marvelous order for maintaining the safety of the streets and the freedom of the city. It is a complex order. Its essence is intricacy of sidewalk use, bringing with it a constant succession of eyes. This order is all composed of movement and change, and although it is life, not art, we may fancifully call it the art form of the city and liken it to the dance — not to a simple-minded precision dance with everyone kicking up at the same time, twirling in unison and bowing off en masse, but to an intricate ballet in which the individual dancers and ensembles all have distinctive parts which miraculously reinforce each other and compose an orderly whole.

The ballet of the good city sidewalk never repeats itself from place to place, and in any one place is always replete with new improvisations. The next stage of the tour changed the focus of sensory experience, from the city as body to bodies in the city.

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Somehow, people manage to pass each other often very closely, but without touching, and without bumping into each other. What chaos might be triggered if they did touch? If they were feeling brave, they could try disrupting the rhythms of the sidewalk ballet, by playing with going faster or slower than the people around them to see what would happen. Sometimes, the flow gets disrupted. People stop to talk, to text, to window shop, to coordinate a tricky food-to-mouth journey, to point out unusual sights and signs or anomalous beings like small children and animals.

Yet still we navigate, and the flow does not come to a grinding halt. So perhaps it is better to speak of interruptions than disruptions.

Ironically, we discussed this while interrupting the flow ourselves, gathered in a circle on a broad street corner. One man voiced his impatience with people who move at a much slower pace than he does. So the flows of the bodies in the city can feel like so many confrontations, too. Urban rhythms can also be interrupted by changes in the material of the city — the momentary confusion as our feet strike a new surface concrete to cobblestones , a sudden gradient, or an obstacle such as uneven paving, a stone or chunk of concrete, a tree enclosed in its little square of mud or ring of metal, or a pothole.

Others leave you to navigate deep holes in the road and piles of brick at your own risk. It seemed appropriate to be discussing the weaknesses of concrete and tarmac in a city infamous for its shady construction history. Instead, her urban landscape was riddled with memories of the personal experiences, relationships and emotions the city gave her.

The city touched her, and now she touches it through a veil of nostalgia. Contingency means mutual touching: world and body meet and caress in the skin. I do not like to speak of the place where my body exists as a milieu, preferring rather to say that things mingle among themselves and that I am no exception to this, that I mingle with the world which mingles itself in me. The skin intervenes in the things of the world and brings about their mingling.

The last layer of the tour turned the focus back to what we feel through our own skins, through which we can usually sense things like temperature, shade or sun, dampness or dryness, wind or shelter. It is as if the park is breathing. There are other places where we suddenly sense the breath of the city on our skin. In this tour, we played with this sensation just briefly, ducking into a mall, the Faubourg Sainte-Catherine, to feel a rush of hot air in the vestibule.

The city can expose us or protect us. In some streets we are bowled along wind tunnels; in others, we are sheltered from the wind. The architecture of the city can take us under its wing or throw us out into the elements. Some city-dwellers have to be attuned to taking cover, whether they are smokers trying to light cigarettes out of the wind, or people who have to find adequate shelter to sleep in the streets.

These are examples of how architecture can enact a certain social ordering. These affordances interact with your internal state how you are feeling and external activities what you are doing , setting up a dialogue between two skins, if you like. So, a sudden outside-to-inside temperature change will be exacerbated by exertion. The exterior and interiors of buildings are always changing due to construction, renovations, and rebel interventions such as graffiti and vandalism. But perhaps the most interesting experience is when the outside does not inform the inside.

There has been a great deal of change in the streetscape along Rue Sainte-Catherine near the CCA, as buildings are closed, renovated, demolished, rebuilt, reopened at almost dizzying speed.

40 Dirty Grunge Effect Photoshop Tutorials

All these amputations, prosthetics, tattoos and piercings, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries turn the city into someone we barely recognize any more… until both the city and we ourselves get comfortable in our own skins — bien dans notre peau — once again. Outside the Faubourg Sainte-Catherine, we introduced a last activity to draw the tour to a close. The materials we used need to be tested and adapted for tough city textures.

With the materials we had to hand, the textures are hard to distinguish, and most are not labelled with the number of their inspiration. But some are quite beautiful, and people seemed to enjoy making them. Largely thanks to the interest and goodwill of participants, not to mention the excellent weather, this inaugural touchwalk was a great success.

The variety of themes worked well together, although we had a lot of activities for the time allotted and could easily have shed the second or third layer and still had a rich and touching experience. As leaders of the walk, we regretted not building in more time to find out who the participants were.

Some of the best moments of discovery for us were in the casual conversations we had as we moved from one layer of the walk to another. Our group was an enthusiastic, generous and forthcoming bunch with plenty of tales of the city to share, and it would have been nice to tailor our approach to suit this group. A group walk gives the opportunity to generate conversation, as well as content. We got some useful feedback for improving the walk. If they had smartphones, they could take photos of those surfaces.

Also, a general collection of interesting surfaces could be photographed during the walk and shared with the group for a final discussion. Another idea was to be more explicit about the emotions that surfaces inspire. To fully appreciate one sense, it often has to be transmuted into other senses. We are often too keen to reform the surfaces of the city, demanding that all rough edges be smoothed over and all damage repaired. In a lot of ways, it is in the gentle decay of the city that we find its character.

In the quest to tighten and lift the sagging skins of the city, we risk losing that sense of distinctive character. Of course, there is a tension between letting the city keep its craggy or crumbly character, and making it just too difficult to navigate: at some point, uneven surfaces become dangerous and make the city inaccessible.

But a diverse sensory landscape of touch also gives us another way to apprehend the social diversity of the city. SKIN: Surfaces of the City gave us and our touchwalking participants a new experience of what the streets and strangers of the city offer up. In designing the Taste Tour for the Sensory City Workshop at the CCA, my intention was to explore a number of questions, including the material and discursive framings that come to establish themselves around such apparently simple notions as taste and place. It seems useful, therefore, to let go of objectivist interpretations of things like taste and place, and to spend a little more time just seeing what happens.

All this to say: my Taste Tour was an experiment. Yet non-European food cultures also consider acrid and pungent to be among the basic tastes among others , and a whole range of textural and other mouthfeel experiences contribute to what we describe when food enters the oral cavity. These include heat and cold, as well as the trigeminal sensations of astringency, piquancy, and metallicness.

What is more—and as anyone with a cold will tell you—the sense of smell is intimately linked to our perceptions of taste. Odours enter the olfactory system through the throat and the palate, but also of course via the nose, and so tasting might be said to initiate significantly before opening our mouths.

So too do sight, touch, and even hearing precede taste, and each with their own combinatory effects. As recent research has shown—across fields as disparate as psychology, French history, and food marketing [7] —text and its symbolic representations of meaning become interwoven with taste, long before any food may even have been prepared.

How then can we extricate taste from what might be called the ecology of the mouth? And perhaps more importantly, should we? Taste and place come together within the notion of terroir, a construct rooted in the histories of French winemaking, but one that has recently spread to a variety of regions and food products. Indeed, as some authors have pointed out, terroir is likely far more malleable and fluid than many food marketers would readily admit.