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Invisible Kid was always sort of boring, notable because of his name and his Rogue inspired haircut. Despite later becoming President of Earth, he never did a whole lot except shout French expressions. She most certainly was.

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She became more interesting when the Legion rebooted in and became a xenophobic terrorist who later found God and became a nun. Tellus came from a world that was a giant sea of methane, necessitating him to wear a breathing mask. Quislet was awesome, and would honestly be in the top 5 if this list existed in only the vacuum of my mind.

Blok was once a misguided bad guy who saw the light. He was mellow and slow, sort of like Eeyore minus the chronic depression. Boy did the book get super political about it. His tenure was short and he was basically forgotten about for 20 years until remerging in the 90s. Before a bunch of retcons, Ferro Lad was actually the first Legionnaire to die in battle. He wore a mask to hide a deformity, which must have been pretty bad because by the 30th century everyone was pretty liberal, appearance wise. Gates was a huge fan favorite that debuted in the mid 90s reboot.

He was a radical political activist and thought the Legion was a political puppet through most of his run, making him endlessly entertaining.

The Lad Who Wrecked the Legion!

One of the more bizarre Legion powers, Bouncing Boy was a jolly fellow who knew his powers were weird. He won the girl when he married Duo Damsel. The crown prince of ridiculous powers, eventually DC editorial got the concept of a dude that could eat anything was funny and made this a comedic character. A little used, but cool, element of his powers were that his spit was acidic. When he was rejected, he formed the Legion of Substitute Heroes, until he finally made the big team in He eventually became its leader and took his duties more seriously than most.

Karate Kid — whose name was trademarked BTW, so the movie had to get the rights from DC — held his own despite not having super powers. He even could take Superboy in a fight.

Legion of Superheroes Comics Values

He was notable for being married to Princess Projectra and getting killed by Nemesis Kid. During his time in the s, Invisible Kid was a constant, but not noteworthy presence, until he was killed by Validus. When the Legion rebooted in , he became a major player, showing he was one of the saaviest members of the team. When the Legion rebooted in , her character became a total bitch and was awesome.

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Sun Boy was the douchey fratboy of the Legion, but like many douchey fratboys, was kind of endearing. Notable for having a gorgeous mullet in the 90s. A nice Jewish boy who had one of the longest, uninterrupted tenures in the Legion. He was killed early in the reboot, which still remains a surprising twist.

In Volume 5 of the series, it was explained he was a giant whose power was to shrink. He ended up as part of the JSA cast in the s, where he was revealed as time displaced and afflicted with schizophrenia which 30th century medicine had cured. Her starcrossed love story with Wildfire was a mainstay of the Legion books. Her whisper of "Not again" right after it happened is one of the most haunting panels in Legion history.

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With one of the most fascinating powers, she made up for her tragedies in a big way — eventually she could duplicate endless versions of herself. Element Lad was one of the most powerful Legionnaires. For decades, it was rumored he was gay, perhaps because of his William Katt haircut gay rumors surround effete DC Comics characters with this hairdo, see Jericho. For a good portion of her run, Ayla lived in her brother Lightning Lad's shadow or had gravity nullifying powers which were actually interesting, but one day editorial decided they were lame, so most of the characters referred to them as lame.

When Ayla was kidnapped in the third series, she progressively got more kick ass. Despite rumors for decades, it wasn't until recently that her relationship with Shrinking Violet was confirmed. Also she gets props for the most codenames. That version of Tinya's also notable for dying, coming back as a ghost, finding out she had two duplicates, merging with one we still don't know where the other one is ALL while cleaning up the giant continuity mess that is the character of Phase.

Notable for working her bellbottoms so long they came back in style. The characterization of Brin as having an aggressive, animal side has been inconsistent although he did once morph into a full blown creature and was called "Furball". What HAS been consistent is his portrayal as a big softie at heart.

Mostly that was his consistent arc, but it was super sad. Dream Girl was all about being underestimated. Her statuesque look and non-aggressive power although sometimes she was being written as being able to see seconds in the future, thus anticipating an opponents moves belied a brilliant mind and adept fighter. She was sort of arrogant too, which is great.

Awesome origin spoiled princess turned bad ass after the death of her true love , awesome powers illusion casting, but used in interesting ways, such as giving someone the "illusion" that they can't see and an awesome costume. Honestly, she'd be higher on the list if the reboot didn't turn her into a goodie-two-shoes snake like, literally a snake. The Legion usually gets new costumes every ten years or so, but Ultra Boy hung onto his for nearly three decades, which is sort of remarkable. Violet started shy and blossomed into a warrior.

After an early 80s storyline had her kidnapped by radicals and replaced by Chameleon Girl, she emerged a transformed woman - confident, a tad aggressive, but mistress of her own density.