Diversity, Intercultural Encounters, and Education (Routledge Research in Education)

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Routledge Handbook of Ethics and International Relations. Brent J. Reinventing Critical Pedagogy. Cesar Augusto Rossatto. Alexis Donkin. The Ashgate Research Companion to Cosmopolitanism. Maria Rovisco. A Belfast Girl. Maggi Kerr Peirce. Thinking International Relations Differently. Arlene B. Howard J. Beyond Citizenship? Linguistically Appropriate Practice.

Roma Chumak-Horbatsch. Language and Literacy Development in Bilingual Settings. Globalization of Racism. Donaldo Macedo. Language, Identity and Education on the Arabian Peninsula. Louisa Buckingham. Re-Imagining Comparative Education.

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Peter Ninnes. Race Critical Public Scholarship. Karim Murji. Gender Tales. Judith S. Contested Belonging. Dr Kathy Davis. Migration Across Boundaries. Parvati Nair. EcoJustice Education. Rebecca A. The Sexual Politics of Asylum. Calogero Giametta.

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The Challenges of Culture-based Learning. Samuel Yim. The Commonalities of Global Crises. Christian Karner. Terrorism, Tourism and the End of Hospitality in the 'West'. Maximiliano E. Religion, Education, Dialogue and Conflict. Robert Jackson.

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A Dance to Remember. Lorna Rose Liverpool. The Educational Philosophy of Elijah Muhammad. Abul Pitre. Marxism and Education. Lotar Rasinski. Demystifying Outcomes Assessment for International Educators. Darla K. Black Skin, White Masks. Rachele Dini. New Ways to Engage Parents. Patricia Edwards. Researching Violence, Democracy and the Rights of People. John Schostak. Young People and Everyday Multiculturalism. Anita Harris. Forming a Culture of Peace.

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Testing and Inclusive Schooling provides a comparative perspective on seemingly incompatible global agendas and efforts to include all children in the general school system, thus reducing exclusion. With an examination of the international testing culture and the politics of inclusion currently…. The question of quality has become one of the most important framing factors in education and has been of growing interest to international organisations and national policymakers for decades.

Politics of Quality in Education focuses on Brazil, China, and Russia, part of the so-called emerging…. By Nikola Hobbel , Barbara L. Navigating the Common Good in Teacher Education Policy examines the changing relationships between the state and the common or public good. Using teacher education policy as the frame of analysis, the authors examine history, cultural context, and lived experiences in 12 countries and the…. By Adam Cooper.

Showing how youth from one of the poorest and most violent neighborhoods in Cape Town, South Africa, learn differently in three educational contexts— in classrooms, in a community hip hop crew, on a youth radio show—this book illuminates how South African schools, like schools elsewhere, subtly…. Early School Leaving in the European Union provides an analysis of early school leaving ESL in nine European Union countries, with a particular focus on young people who were previously enrolled in educational institutions inside and outside mainstream secondary education.

The comparative…. Edited by Andrea Raiker , Matti Rautiainen. With the growth of terrorism, instability in the EU following recession, and the acceleration of support for right-wing political parties in Europe, discussions on the nature of democracy and democratic citizenship have never been more important. Exploring the relationship between democratic values…. By Gerard Guthrie.

Progressive Education, derived mainly from Anglo-American culture, has been the primary frame of reference for student-centered classroom change in developing countries for over 50 years. Yet in many developing countries, strong evidence shows that progressivism has not replaced teacher-centered…. Edited by Regina Cortina , Constanza Lafuente. Examining the roles, impacts and challenges of civil society organizations CSOs in Latin America, this volume provides a broad perspective on the range of strategies these organizations employ and the obstacles they face in advocating for and delivering educational reform.

Building on previous…. By Mary Faith Mount-Cors. Based on qualitative research focused on literacy and health from three schools in coastal Kenya, this book examines country, school, and family contexts to develop a dual-generation maternal-child model for literacy learning and to connect local-specific phenomena with national and international…. Edited by Abe W. Educational Reciprocity and Adaptability challenges the common belief that adapting to new educational settings is the responsibility of international students alone. The book argues that reciprocal responses are required by students and stakeholders alike for an efficient and equitable….

By Nigel Bagnall. The increased movement of people globally has changed the face of national and international schooling. Higher levels of mobility have resulted from both the willing movement of students and their families with a desire to create a better life, and the forced movement of refugee families…. By Jing Qi. By Philip M Bamber. Transformative learning is a compelling approach to learning that is becoming increasingly popular in a diverse range of educational settings and encounters.

This book reconceptualises transformative learning through an investigation of the learning process and outcomes of International…. By Rachel D. France and the United States have in particular…. Edited by Theodore Michael Christou. Organized by region, this edited collection provides a comprehensive look at how teacher education has evolved regionally and nationally in Canada. Offering an in-depth look at specific provinces and territories, this volume contextualizes the landscape of Canadian public education and the place of….

Edited by Terrie Epstein , Carla L. Grounded in a critical sociocultural approach, this volume examines issues associated with teaching and learning difficult histories in international contexts. Defined as representations of past violence and oppression, difficult histories are contested and can evoke emotional, often painful,…. By David Phillips. This book brings together the work of established researcher Professor David Phillips, in one authoritative volume.

Including key chapters on education in Germany from the last three decades, topics range from historical studies of universities and schools, to detailed research on the role of the…. Edited by Ryoko Tsuneyoshi. Globalization is the most common overriding characteristic of our time, with societies all over the world struggling to change their educational systems to meet what are perceived to be the needs of globalization. This book provides an insider's account of how the Japanese educational system is….

By Miao Li. In East Asian economies such as China, recent mass rural-urban migration has created a new urban underclass, as have their children. However, their inclusion in urban public schools is a surprisingly slow process, and youth identities in newly industrialized countries remain largely neglected. Edited by Sandra L. Stacki , Supriya Baily.

While many initial education benchmarks are being met, new and continuing challenges exist for adolescent girls in the developing world. Discrimination, violence, marginalization, and health-related issues prevail, making proper education at the middle school level crucial during this unique….

Edited by Marianne Larsen. International service learning ISL programs are growing more popular with students looking to advance their skills and knowledge to become global citizens.

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While the benefits of these programs among students are well documented, little is known about the implications they have on host communities…. By Maureen Ellis.

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An acknowledged challenge for humanitarian democratic education is its perceived lack of philosophical and theoretical foundation, often resulting in peripheral academic status and reduced prestige. A rich philosophical and theoretical tradition does however exist. This book synthesises crucial…. By Zane Ma Rhea. This book brings together the academic fields of educational leadership, educational administration, strategic change management, and Indigenous education in order to provide a critical, multi-perspective, systems level analysis of the provision of education services to Indigenous people.

It draws….