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In this spectacular book, Alice Waters collects of Chez Panisse's best menus, its most inspired transformations of classic French dishes. The Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook is filled with dishes redolent of the savory bouquet of teh garden, the appealing aromas and roasty flavors of food cooked over the charcoal grill, and the delicate sweetness of fish fresh from the sea. There are menus here for different seasons of the year, for picnics and outdoor barbecues and other great occasions.

Sort order. Jul 17, Mandie Kok rated it it was amazing. Published in , the recipes in this book run the risk of being outdated. Luckily Alice Waters was ahead of her time and her book holds up to this day.

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In her introduction, she describes her history as an eater, someone who appreciated good food from an early age. I've always wanted to cook every recipe in a recipe book, but have yet to begin! One day My o Published in , the recipes in this book run the risk of being outdated. My one unbreakable rule has always been to use only the freshest and finest ingredients available.

The Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook by Alice Waters (1982, Hardcover)

You can hardly go wrong with that rule when it comes to cooking great food. The recipes here are quite simple, if not always in preparation, then in flavours. The ingredients are made to shine. Waters explains how to compose a menu, allowing each course to complement the rest of the dishes, without anything overwhelming the meal. If something sweet is desired, Papayas with Fresh Lime is the suggestion. Nothing here is terribly complicated to make.

Waters herself advocates cooking without machines and gadgets. You need good knives and a pestle and mortar to prepare most of the dishes here. Whether this is a book to own depends entirely on the taste of the cook - I would suggest looking at the list of recipes before you decide whether this is something you might enjoy. As for me, I think this is a beautiful cookbook, despite the lack of photographs.

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The strong love of food that comes across these pages is something any cook can appreciate. Nov 14, Lissa rated it it was ok. Although interesting, I have to say that I was disappointed. Somehow I thought that Alice Waters focused on healthy foods - these menus are heavy on meats, fat, wine. I found a couple ideas I might be interested in adapting, but overall, it was a waste for me.

Shelves: wine-and-food. There are no photos in the book, and the book assumes the reader is fluent in most cooking terms. While I did not try any of the recipes, the book gave me some good ideas on flavor profiles and combinations. Alice Waters also includes a sample of some of the menu's she's offered a definitely a cook book for the intermediate to advance person.

Alice Waters also includes a sample of some of the menu's she's offered at the Chez Panisse over the years, including one for "birthday dinner for a triple Scorpio". Dec 05, Joanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: cookbooks-to-own. I actually read this for an essay as part of a history class here at Cal I read a lot of other books about Alice Waters, but this was the only primary source. And I will go out into the world now and find this book, so I can buy it, and eat it. Or at least the things inside. While most home cooks would rarely ever make any of these dishes, I love the simplicity and the way in which Alice Waters uses her love of good, pure, seasonal, organic, sustainable food to create beautiful menus.

In my eyes, she can do no wrong and this book is yet another testament to that fact. This is at once my dream and the easiest path to a nervous breakdown: to serve a chez panisse menu-inspired meal to several people, at once. I love to pour over the recipes and notes though. Approximately 8 comp ….

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The Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook (1982)

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