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Spoiler alert: Chaps maybe? Chaps is in New York this week so that means it's time for a Platoon Room.


And more! Kate's tramp stamp is tinglin! Well he just snuck another wild trip that tops that by several thousand miles. Round 1: Fuck Springing ahead on the clock. Losing an hour of sleep is a real bitch but we have some folks who have it way worse to start this week. She was a lethal seductress whose story deserves telling so that's just what we're gonna do. Round 3: The US will no longer disclose civilian deaths in drone strikes outside of war zones and that seems bad, right?

That's bad. Round 4: We posted a video of Marines doing Pugil sticks training and it's going viral. We are all glad that Instagram wasn't a part of our lives when we were junior troops because we'd look like some boot bitches. Round 5: Former US Senator and war hero Bobby Dole is being promoted from Captain to Colonel which shits all over Chaps' meritorious promotion from sergeant to staff sergeant. Oh Hell yeah! We won?! It's over?! WE WON! We aren't sure who the house belongs to so we are gonna do the recon ourselves to find out.

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Obviously we are now out on moonwalking btw. Colonel Geisel was this soldier's name, but he and Dr. Seuss were one in the same! Hear about the Marine who's just been caught as Kingpin of the Los Zetas. We talk a little tactical scoot bootin'. Mike is the current fullbacks coach at West Point and former Army Captain but what is truly wild is that he walked km across the country a few years ago for gold star families.

Round 1: A Navy Sailor was punished and had to tap paint off of a ship for three days with a ball peen hammer. We love creative punishments and this one applies. Round 2: Interested in working dogs who rip out the throats of terrorists with their teeth? Well, boy do we have a story for you. We are gonna talk about the dog who saved 6 British special forces fighters from a jihadi ambush in Syria with his mufugin teeth.

Round 5: A captured Indian Pilot praises the Pakistani Army for their hospitality and we're sure he wasn't coerced into that at all. Round 1 5m : Customs and courtesies can be a huge pain in the dick but they also are the backbone of military traditions. We asked our followers on Instagram and Twitter which customs and courtesies they'd get rid of and why. Round 2 20m : Troops all across the world are dealing with shitty base housing. Fort Hood recently had a meeting about their issues that ranged from mold and lead paint, to snakes and cockroach infestations, and dangerously faulty window screens.

Round 3 27m : Finally, men wont be taken advantage of anymore thanks to a brave group from who wants to make sure the ladies can get drafted into the military too. Round 4 32m : We had a listener submit the most dangerous drinking game the barracks have ever seen. How quickly would you die if you played? Round 1 5m : Five veterans are a among group of 8 arrested in Haiti, and they couldn't lie their way out of trouble.

Also don't mess with the Serbians. Round 5 49m : If you think that's bad we've got someone much worse over in the Coast Guard, where a Lt. We snuck away from the mayhem at Daytona to bring you a pod. We recap our trip so far, talk about the national emergency, and more. The remake looks more like a Turkey, Globe, and anchor. Round 5: ZBT History. Jesse Brown was the first black naval fighter pilot.

His story is an inspiration and the Medal of Honor citation that accompanies his rescue attempt will leave you with your mouth open like a codfish. Round 3 20m : Maj. A total failure! Dont look like a boot ass bitch when you're pairing wine with your chicken chunks MRE. Round 3 : Slip down the stairs and rip your anus open? Take mgs of Motrin and light duty for 24 hours. The medical provider who changed the military is dead at the age of 95 and no amount of Motrin is bringing him back.

This time, the lies are set to a beat that is dripping? Are we using that right? Dripping swag? Round 1 4m : Hear why the first all-female flyover is taking place this weekend in Tennessee. Shoutout Rosemary Mariner. You won't believe what this Florida couple brought to Taco Bell. Round 5 35m : The suicide rate among active duty Marines is at a 10 year high.

It's never too late to visit Headstrong. Round 4 : The Army takes 4 years to develop a new super vehicle annnnnnd It takes the troops 4 seconds to completely destroy it. We've never been more proud of the army. Should the military have to issue text alerts for training like this?

A Coast Guard vet's song is now being played on local radio stations and finding an audience online and through social media. Last week we gave a shout out to Sgt. Trey Troney for his heroic actions at a car wreck. We take a look back at his final mission on Iwo Jima and a beautiful tributethat he gave when he went back to the volcanic sands at the age of R1 3min : Chaps is triggered by military bro instagram star workout videos.

Is he being a little bitch? R2 12min : An update from last episode: A sailor who was onboard when the USS Fitzgerald was involved in a collision joins us to correct the record. TLDR; Shut the fuck about the piss bottles. Is it possible for him to make a successful workplace comedy? Meanwhile, the focus was on piss bottles and kettle bells. Clark 'Doc' Johnson. Doc tells some stories about Staff Sergeant Chaps that you won't want to miss.

Will America have to fold up shop soon? Are planks better than crunches? Round 4: Mattis' most memorable statements as Secretary of Defense. We don't wanna spoil it but we are gonna say pussy on the podcast. Round 5: Having a desk with a name is fucking awesome. A brief History of the Resolute Desk!

Sounds fancy.

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On this special edition of ZBT, we discuss how President Trump's trip to Iraq on Christmas was portrayed by the media, and we compare what we remember about our first trips into combat zones. We make New Year's resolutions, and they are basically to stop being fat pieces of shit. It was,,, weird. Full interview coming soon. The best way to cap off is a jam-packed episode with two interviews, and live reaction to massive military news.

General Mattis is no longer on the president's staff, so we give you our rapid reaction live from our radio show. Chaps and Kate interview Dr.

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Janette Nesheiwat about the best things to send in a care package, and Cons interviews college basketball announcer Chris Spatola about going from West Point to the basketball court. We also introduce a new format with quick fire topics that you won't want to miss! Captain Mathew Golsteyn is a Silver Star recipient and Green Beret who is charged with murder because he admitted to assassinating a member of the Taliban. President Trump tweeted about it and brought the case into the spotlight. With the help of the Washington Post's Dan Lamothe, we comb through all the details of the battle that earned him his awards, and the confession that has him facing a first degree murder charge.

Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer argued about shutting down the government in the Oval Office, and it is something we have frankly never seen before. Longtime stoolie Gary Sinise is in the news for helping Gold Star families during the holidays. A Russian soldier got in trouble for revealing the locations of all secret base locations in the world. And a ton more! Cons and Kate are back in town to recap an awesome week in Philly, the tailgate video we made, and the Army victory.

If you weren't able to make it to our live show, we've got it for you right here. George H. Bush's funeral was as beautiful as you would expect. A model soldier is going to jail for trying to join ISIS. Make sure to join us tonight at 6 p. We are doing a live podcast from Starbucks, then having an afterparty. Then come hangout at the Army-Navy tailgate on Saturday. Just look for the Barstool Bus!

Over the weekend George H. Bush passed away. We pay tribute by reading some of the eloquent letters he wrote to people like Bill Clinton, his mother, and more. Make sure to join us Friday night at 6 p. Cons interviews Noah Galloway about his service in Iraq, the highs and lows of of his retirement, and his appearance on Dancing With The Stars. Also we have some talk about KPOP stars, cocks in the cockpit, and more! On this edition of ZBT, the Army has issued notice to recruiters not to hit strip clubs while on duty.

Has a lack of sleep dangerously affected any of the co-hosts while on tour? We also give a big time shoutout to a touchdown scoring machine. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our listeners! The whole squad is still in New York and we have a lot of material to talk about for this episode. Members of the National Guard were overpaid and are being told to return their overpaid wages.

Chaps interviews Medal of Honor recipient Ty Carter about the courageous act that earned the award. Chaps tried to teach his kids about light discipline with his kids and got laughed at by his wife, and a ton more. Happy Veteran's Day to all of our listeners. On today's episode we have a rep from the VFW who offers some advice to those affected by the recent issues at the VA. In the next few weeks, we will have multiple Medal of Honor recipients joining our show.

The first is Clint Romesha. He tells us the story that earned him the award, and the about filming the upcoming Netflix series documenting it. Captain Cons addresses the nasty rumors circulating about him online. Before the episode begins we acknowledge the tragedy that occurred in the Thousand Oaks shooting. It is a sad story that we are waiting to provide a larger perspective on once more details become public. Chaps and Kate discuss the Navy's Twitter account taking shots at Russia because Russian pilots flew a little to close to a Navy recon plane.

Cons and Kate interview Amanda Burrill, who shares her story about overcoming a brain injury, and her mission to help those who are also underserved in their injuries. Chaps and Kate are in studio to discuss a viral story about an actor cutting his hand off, and claiming it was a war injury to get acting jobs.

They also discuss the President's recent remarks encouraging our military to use lethal force on the incoming Mexican caravan. Cons interviews his battle buddy Rob, who was right by his side in Iraq. We also can't forget to mention it's Army-Air Force week. Kate is up to her old goofin ways, scaring people around the office. We reached out on social media and asked 'What are some things in the military that are better than sex? Halloween is right around the corner so we're gonna help you and you're battle buddy decide on what your costume will be. Chaps interviews Kevin Flike, a Green Beret with an emotional story about surviving a traumatic event in Afghanistan.

We cap off the show with a safety violation. Watch out for flying Humvees. To start the show, Chaps officially serves Kate her Page A Brigadier General got shot by the Taliban, so the show discusses how motivated his troops would be upon his return. Kate gets jazzed about new female Marine uniforms. A story came out about a bunch of soldiers who were catfished and blackmailed by prisoners, so we make fun of them. On today's episode, Chaps and Cons discuss recent criticism of Trump for not visiting active combat zones, and how it's bullshit. They discuss it by themselves because Kate was so late, that Chaps felt the need to issue her a Page Joe Quinn from the HEADstrong Foundation joins us to speak about his inspiration for creating the organization, and to encourage veterans to get help.

Chaps is back at Barstool HQ so it's platoon room time.

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Chaps talks about his speech in Boston, and his lovely train ride in to New York City. The Air Force got messed up by Hurricane Michael real bad, and the monetary value will shock you. Chaps caps off the show by making Kate sing the Marines' Hymn. He knows a lot about what's going on in Saudi Arabia, so he breaks it down Barney style for us.

The rest of the squad addresses the viral post made my a Navy mom this week that put a Navy sailor in quite the embarrassing internet spotlight. We also shoutout everyone making a big time effort to repair the Air Force bases affected by Hurricane Michael. It's been 17 years since George W Bush declared war on Afghanistan, so we do some reflecting on the year What were the top songs and movies from the year ?

Can Kate sing them all? After spending 17 at war in one region, it's obvious we made some mistakes along the way. What were they? Who made them? We discuss all that and more on today's Zero Blog Thirty. In 1st Lt. Travis Manion lost his life in Iraq. Back on the home front, Chaps makes fun of the Army for the latest fitness news. Also someone tried to kill Mad Dog Mattis, and spoiler alert, it didn't work. Back in San Antonio, Kate chatted with Chaps' wife about her backstory, her life as a military spouse, and being Chaps' better half. Afterwards, Kate talks about a story that includes some Naval heroics.

She's also super jazzed about Gritty. Maybe a little too jazzed. The whole squad is in one place for the first time since before Chaps, Kate, and Bren left for the Starbucks trip. Cons admits he had serious FOMO watching everyone else having fun, but he did get to watch an awesome Army-Oklahoma football game.

Today's interviews are mash-up of all the best parts of the interviews Chaps and Kate conducted at Starbucks HQ. We talk to two Marines, two Navy vets, and a West Point grad, all of whom play an important role at Starbucks. David opened up his personal gym to Travis, offering his training expertise.

The pair started working out together, customizing and adapting to the unique challenges posed by Travis' injuries. Through working with Travis and engaging the veteran community, David developed a passion for helping those with life-altering injuries find life-fulfilling adaptive performance training. Chaps and Kate also talk about their day at a dog training facility, and Chaps tells a story that almost makes Kate puke. Live from a hotel room in Seattle, Chaps and Kate discuss a recent viral video of Marines running headfirst into a fire, how it feels to be a hero in a small scale tragedy, and the first leg of the Starbucks trip.

They also touch on military superstitions, like why charms are bad luck. Cons closes the episode out with some Zero Blog History. So we want to teach you how to get through every facet of your military career. On today's episode, we answer questions from those of you who are going through the motions at boot camp. You won't find better military advice anywhere. Also we wish a happy birthday to the Air Force. Chaps read Bob Woodward's new book, and unfortunately, he didn't learn anything he didn't already know.

The only thing worth noting is that Mad Dog Mattis comes out looking like a badass. Prior to Barstool, Large etched out a career on Wall Street and like so many, was personally affected with the days tragedy. Large shares with us an intimate, and at times emotional, account of the day's events. Listen as we reflect on a pivotal day in our Nation's history. We made it to official episodes. Rob O'Neill joins us in studio to tell some more awesome stories, shoot the shit, and answer some silly rapid fire questions. Chaps reflects on how proud he is of what the podcast has become.

Double Agent might be one of the sexiest job titles you could possibly have. That title belonged to today's guest Naveed Jamali for years. Listen to today's show to hear how Naveed balanced being scared out of his mind that the Russians would find out, that the FBI didn't trust him completely, and whether or not he still worries that his gin and tonic is spiked with a little bit of lethal poison.

Everything is discussed from his time as a POW, how long you need to wait after his death to discuss his policies, and how President Trump disrespected him in death using the flag. On this edition of ZBT the whole crew puts former Congressman Duncan Hunter in the blender for disrespecting the troops. Cons gives a history lesson, we open up some doggie bags, and more.

Spicer discusses being a commander in the U. Naval Reserve, his relationships with General Kelly and General Mattis, his stint in the Trump administration, and a ton more. Also in this episode: Chaps is getting fat, a debate about whether enlisted or officers party harder, and Cons tells a widely known fake story that he believes to be real. On a jam-packed show, the Cons, Chaps and Kate open with the marines who get suspended from cheating on their land navigation tests.

Kenny Mayne joins the show to talk about runfreely. On this week's episode of zero blog thirty, the squad sits down with the first West Point graduate to pitch in the major leagues. The film inspired a short-lived half-hour ABC television sitcom, Delta House , in which Vernon reprised his role as the long-suffering, malevolent Dean Wormer. Belushi's character from the film, John "Bluto" Blutarsky, is in the Army, but his brother, Blotto, played by Josh Mostel , transfers to Faber to carry on Bluto's tradition.

Animal House inspired Co-Ed Fever , another sitcom but without the involvement of the film's producers or cast. The film's writers planned a film sequel set in the so-called " Summer of Love " , in which the Deltas have a reunion for Pinto's marriage in Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco. Later, Chris Miller and John Weidman, another Lampoon writer, created a treatment for this screenplay, but Universal rejected it because the sequel to American Graffiti , which contained some hippie sequences, had not done well.

When John Belushi died, the idea was indefinitely shelved. A second attempt at a sequel was made in with producer Matty Simmons co-authoring a script which saw some of the Deltas returning to Faber College five years after the events of the film. The project got no further than a first draft script dated May 6, It was never shown theatrically. It shows the main Animal House characters 30 years on, following Landis to cities all over America in search of the former Deltas, Omegas, and Dean Wormer, and describes the various locales and professions the characters have settled into:.

Animal House was released on videodisc in It was first released on DVD in February in a "bare bones" full screen presentation. One major change shown in this mockumentary from the epilogue of the original film is that Bluto went on from his career in the U. Senate to become the President of the United States, with a voiceover on a shot of the north portico of the White House , since by then Belushi had died. Universal Animated Anecdotes", a subtitle trivia track, the making of documentary from the Collector's Edition, MxPx "Shout" music video, a theatrical trailer, production notes, and cast and filmmakers biographies.

It became available on Blu-ray optical disc in July 28, Animal House was a great box office success despite its limited production costs and started an industry trend, [12] inspiring other comedies such as Porky's , the Police Academy films, the American Pie films , Up the Academy made by their rival magazine company: MAD , and Old School among others.

Reitman, Landis, and Ramis became successful filmmakers; Landis' use of dramatic actors and soundtrack to make the comedy believable became the traditional approach for film comedies. On the left-wing and counterculture side, the film included references to topical political matters like Kent State shootings , President Harry S. Truman 's decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki , Richard Nixon , the Vietnam war , and the civil rights movement.

In Universal Pictures Stage Productions announced it was developing a stage musical version of the movie. Barenaked Ladies were originally announced to write the score, but they were replaced by composer David Yazbek. In , the United States Library of Congress deemed the film "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" and selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry.

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Archived from the original on July 1, Rotten Tomatoes. The Chicago Sun Times. April 29, Archived from the original on September 8, Retrieved August 20, Globe and Mail. Remember, we have pick up locations throughout the country, just pick one! One of your responsibilities will be to work as a relief admin assistant at our Claremont and N1 City stores, so you must have reliable transport, and be willing to travel. Maintain a professional and friendly entry point to the general public, customers, dealers and suppliers, both telephonically and face-to-face. Below is a list of your main job tasks and responsibilities and any other duties as directed from time to time.

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