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From the car park at Silverdale walk up the road and by the cattle grid. Continue up Shore Road, passing the Silvedale Hotel on your left if it had been open when we passed we would have stopped for a coffee. At the road junction pictured turn right, following the sign for Jenny Brown's Point.

Follow Lindeth Road for about metres. Bear right to follow the narrower road, passing the entrance to Gibraltar Farm campsite in summer months they have a cabin selling ice creams and Lindeth Tower. Soon after entering Jack Scout you'll see this lime kiln. There are remains of small kilns such as this in a number of locations around the nearby limestone areas - these were used to produce lime as a fertiliser on nearby fields. The clifftop path provides extensive views over Morecambe Bay including the remains of an ill-fated sea wall constructed in the s.

Continue along the path through the gate pictured. The path soon curves back towards the road where a kissing gate leads out of the National Trust land. Turn right and climb the broken stile - the path is signposted Permissive path Quaker's Stang. At the point pictured go through the gate on the right to join a dusty track the access road to the car park. Turn right and walk under the railway bridge duck if you're over 6'6".

Where the track joins the road, turn right. Go through the gate to enter Warton Nature Reserves. The clear track soon becomes a less distinct path. On the way up there were several places which provided spectacular views - but here the views were disappointing, being obscured by the trees. Here take the left fork. The path is fairly clear and leads through a wooden gate and an area where there has been a lot of tree felling.

The next gate brings you onto a lane - turn left. Follow this lane Occupation Road - a former drovers' route until it meets Crag Road. They knew we were there but were far enough away to not be too troubled by our presence. We also saw a huge flock of Little Egrets gathered in the. The second you look down to take your flask out of your bag a Bittern will. The name of the bird often bears little resemblance to their appearance; female Blackbirds are brown and, as we discovered today, Green Winged Teals do not have green wings.

We carefully match dogs to your home. A voluntary service that aims to reunite lost pets with their owners. Ope rating in Lancaster, Morecambe and surr ounding areas. Petsearch is a lost and found regis ter which has been running for about 20 years. We do have a good record of half of our recorded lost pets go home to their owners each year. However some are found deceased through being on the road. And some are never found, the anim al either has wondered too far and has made itself another home, or in some awful cases have been stolen.

We do work alongside of the othe r animal care societies We will be having a coffee morning on Thursday 20 August at Bolton-le-Sands Com munity Centre. This is on Packet Lane. Bolto n-le-Sands. Go wild at Leighton Moss nature reserve! Follow nature trails, treat yourself in our gift shop and tuck into a delicious home-cooked meal in our cafe. With fun events for all the family, why not take a walk on the wild side? Image by David Mower. Thanks to the absence of any endemic land predators, several ecologists have described New Zealand as being the best example of how life might function on another planet, and in particular, the Subantarctic islands promise to be like nowhere else on Earth.

Of the 1, visitor permits available each year, that quota is rarely filled, an indication of just how tricky it is to get here in the first place. Yet of the 1, visitor permits available each year, that quota is rarely filled, an indication of just how tricky it is to get here in the first place. A sense of isolation becomes more acute during our long stretches at sea, which I grow to love. Rough seas pummel us with. During one protracted two-day storm, our vessel tips like a see-saw, sending plates, cutlery, waiters and even guests sliding across the dining room in a way I thought only possible in slapstick comedies.

But fierce weather brings out the best in the landscape and wildlife. As wind batters the granite outcrops, birds hang in the ledges, literally clinging to the precipice of existence. Parakeets hide in the grassy tussocks, and northern rockhopper penguins weave past slithery tendrils of sea kelp snaking in the water. On land, moulting elephant seals are easily mistaken for enormous boulders, and irritable New Zealand sea lions watch us suspiciously. Pelagic birds - ranging from graceful, balletic albatrosses, to Wedgewood blue fairy prions and gnarly-beaked northern giant petrels - hang in our slipstream, then disappear into the horizon where grey sea and sky become one.

Their swooping flight patterns are as hypnotic as a swinging pendulum.

Warton Crag from Silverdale (approx. 8 miles)

Campbell Island, otherwise known as Motu Ihupuku is the most southerly of the uninhabited subantarctic island around km south of New Zealand. It is shaped like a giant bird. The island was formed from an ancient volcano that was last active several million years ago. It was discovered in It is a windy place with 60mph winds occuring at least days per year. Retrieved on Officials are determined to keep unwanted visitors including animals, insects and seeds at bay.

Our boots are scraped and dipped in disinfectant, and clothing intimately probed with a vacuum cleaner. Yet now, on terra firma, they appear so vulnerable. My second disconcerting pinniped encounter takes place on Enderby Island, part of the. But with kg. Sea lions seem to lurk behind every wiry mound of tussock grass and, once disturbed, they give chase with alarming speed, fins rotating like the blades on a propeller.

Far friendlier residents are the yellow-eyed penguins nesting in the dense silver rata forest and bellbirds whose syrupy electronic song is the sweetest music to my ears. Above us, parrot-like kaka birds feed on the red flowers of a rata tree, while below, a Stewart Island robin hops on the ground to mimic rain and lure out worms. Thousands of miles from home, I wonder how many months it would have taken to send a letter - or even leaf - across the globe.

True, you have to travel far, but fortunately not to another planet. We visit a wooden castaway store used for emergency supplies by 19th century sailors, where only a jar of salt now remains, and hike across bouncy tundra sprouting with supersize cabbage plants known amusingly as megaherbs.

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Subject to availability. Single supplements apply. Just over two and. The seaside town of Scarborough is the largest holiday resort of the Yorkshire coast. The town boasts four beaches, some of the finest parks and gardens in the country, the historic harbour with boat trips onto the sea, fantastic places to eat out and visit.

There are three lifts that connect the town centre with the seafront. A fantastic place to explore rock pools, have a BBQ or take the dogs for a paddle. The Scalby beck runs into the sea through a deep gorge. Zoom around the South Bay on a speedboat, or take a boat trip to spot the seals. Homeopaths provide consultations for women with pregnancy related conditions such as nausea, backache and constipation, as well as more severe pregnancy-induced symptoms. Homeopathy can also be used for emotional changes experienced during this exciting but challenging time.

Homeopathic remedies can also be used safely at this time for health problems unrelated to pregnancy such as allergies, hay fever or insomnia. Women with preexisting health problems may have to stop their usual conventional medication when they become pregnant, so homeopathic treatment can be a useful alternative. Before Dawn Keyse knew about homeopathy and the benefits it brings she had experienced excellent.

The Alpine plant has been used for several trials to demonstrate the effect of homeopathic remedies on bruising and trauma. Indeed some plastic surgeons swear by it for reducing bruising after cosmetic surgery. The root contains essential oils which are also powerful anti—inflammatory agents. Generations of Swiss mountain guides chewed arnica leaves to prevent fatigue induced by climbing 1 results for long term back problems by using chiropractic treatment. When she became pregnant herself she consulted a chiropractor again as she was nervous about a return of the old back ache.

It was this practitioner that suggested that she used homeopathic Arnica and Bellis Perennis immediately after the birth of her son. He explained that as only infinitesimally small amounts of active ingredients are used in the preparation of homeopathic remedies they can be used confidently and effectively in pregnancy as well as during and after childbirth. Homeopathic treatment has an excellent safety record and can be used while breast feeding, and given to young babies and children.

Once Dawn had become a convert to homeopathy and its effectiveness she had no hesitation in giving remedies to her son Jimmy for bumps and bruises, coughs and colds, upset tummies, skin rashes and all the usual symptoms a young child will exhibit while they are building up their immune system. She consulted a practicing, registered homeopath for more serious ailments and went on to complete the full training herself.

Their none respond as rapidly as babies systems are comparatively clean and straightforward and homeopathy works with the symptoms rather than suppressing them. She responded well to the remedies although the symptoms were pretty stubborn. I continued to treat MTB throughout the pregnancy and was able to offer homeopathic support throughout the challenging decisions that needed to be made regarding what type of birth to choose. I did not wish to simply use conventional medicine and having needed a caesarean birth due to previous surgery, I wanted homeopathic support to deal with the fear I had leading up to the operation, the healing afterwards and the emotional and physical implications for myself and my son.

I have to say the birth was a very positive experience.

Safe Natural Non-addictive Effective I work in a holistic way, working with you in order to find the best indicated homeopathic remedy. I take into account not just your presenting symptoms but you as a whole and your individual requirements. Originally Caroline trained as a beauty therapist, and she has worked in the fashion, cosmetic and lingerie business. Increases energy levels Flexible appointments. Cholesterol is vital for the body to function.

It is produced in the liver, but production decreases when we eat cholesterol rich food and is increased when we do not. Cholesterol is necessary to produce Vit D, muscle building and reproductive hormones and bile salts. It is also a component of cell membranes. Here are 10 top ways to naturally reduce your. Get and stay lean — if you look fat, you are fat and chances are you will have high cholesterol. When body fat decreases, so does cholesterol.

Dietary fibre binds to bile salts in small intestines and promotes their elimination. Cholesterol is required to make new bile salts, which means more cholesterol is used for this purpose and reduced in the blood stream! Eat more legumes — high in dietary fibre see above!

Eat more nuts raw seriously cholesterol lowering. Cholesterol gets a bad rap as excess LDL gets laid down in the linings of blood vessels if there is more than the body requires in the system. This causes narrowing of artery walls, which leads to excess work for the heart as it tries to pump blood around our bodies through smaller tubes!

Hey presto — heart attack. Several studies indicate reduced LDL. Eat lots of herbs and spices. Ginger aids circulation and cumin blocks cholesterol uptake in the gut. However, eggs are good, not seen to have a negative effect on blood cholesterol levels. Drink 4 cups of tea or low caffeine coffee a day. Tea can reduce artery plaque and improve blood vessel function. Starting 1st September After. Optional DNA testing to discover the ideal diet for your genes Monthly workshops.

And much more…. Very limited places available for this brand new programme. Stiff and sore after a broken bone? Want to optimise your potential after a stroke, operation or accident? Diagnosed with Cancer? Contact Leah on or email: leahthephysio gmail. I have specialist experience working with tightness and scarring after surgery, injury and radiotherapy. Good times, bad times, there will always be advertising. In good times, people want to advertise; in bad times they have to.

Bruce Barton. At Physiofusion we have a lot Muscles soreness - Hydration the horse might not be crooked, you might be! So get your pelvic alignment of experience in treating riders is key to help the body remove looked at. Think of it like a stack of a rehabilitation program.

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Muscles soreness — Stay hydrated! However, riders often forget about our own suppleness, strength and balance, or consider how these can improve the performance of us and our horse as a team. You can do this through core workouts and Pilates. Double leg to begin with and then move on to single leg squats when you get better.

Beauty is an established award winning beauty salon We offer the highest standard of treatments and customer service, which is brought to you by our excellent team of 9 highly trained, and experienced therapists. We are located just south of Lancaster with easy access and free parking outside.

A true showstopper, two shades of bronzer and one pearly highlighter feel creamy to the touch, leaving skin with an irresistible iridescence and a sheer veil of shimmering warmth. Smoothing seaweed extract helps to make your complexion beautifully soft. Apply with your Mii Finishing Brush, layering up as desired, and blending across your face, neck and shoulders. Beauty Greaves Rd, Lancaster www. C matte gloss, the new fashion forward diffused color finish that fades beautifully.

We have a choice of over hats and fascinators. Bring as much of your outfit with you and one of our assistants will help you to choose the perfect head piece for your occasion. With our hiring service, it enables you to wear an exquisite hat for a third of the retail price. Hats are usually hired for one week but extra days can be added on for no extra cost.

Wedding World is part of the Garstang Chamber of Trade. Promoting all wedding related members under one location and to make your wedding shopping easier. Join us for a relaxing day. Take a look at what Garstang has to offer. Stop off for a drink and something to eat in one of our fabulous pubs, restaurants or cafes.

We look forward to welcoming you to our fantastic town. I will look after your guests, meet and greet, announce your speeches and say Grace in Latin. Available for weddings, charity events, charity auctions and corporate functions. Please contact me for a no obligation chat about your special day. This is a dramatic space with a piano — perfect for your arrival drinks.

Your local friendly boutique stocking a large range of pre-loved, quality high street and designer label clothing and accessories. We offer a welcoming, pressure free environment and are on hand to provide advice if needed. Thomas Sabo Silver and Blue Syn. Gone are the days of seeing grandfathers and charity shops adorned with tweed jackets and trousers. Tweed has seen a revival in the past decade.

Cicerone Press bij De Wandelwinkel

Once the mainstay of large country estates with workers clad head to toe in their estate tweed which was made specifically in the colours of their particular landscape. It was always a heavy, unlined yet durable fabric until it rained and it gave off a particular odour and turned into a form of cardboard that provided an ideal bed in the boot of a Landrover for the soggy old dog.


Scottish and English mills are the masters of producing this indestructible fabric. Made lighter with a very tight yarn, some coat it with Teflon and most tweed outerwear features a waterproof membrane to keep the elements at bay. Tweed was always considered a working fabric or an essential piece of kit for the country gentleman once the stalking shooting seasons opened. A tweed jacket was a must at luncheon finished off with a pair of cavalry twills and the beloved English brogues. Once we rubbed shoulders with a grandfather kitting out his grandson with his first shooting suit.

Now we find we are buying with the likes of designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Ralph Lauren. This time-honoured cloth is now seen in all our high street stores in all colours of the spectrum to suit the needs of the fashionista and all pockets. We continue to buy into brands that only manufacture with British tweed be they French, Italian or German manufacturers. One English manufacturer worthy of mention is that of James Purdey and Sons one of the oldest gun makers in the world who produce the most exquisite tweed clothing all made in the UK.

This tweed is of a midweight construction and every detail of the manufacture of the clothing is tried and tested on all shapes and sizes of men and women. Their clothing is made to be worn for years hence it is weaved from the finest wool and constructed to allow freedom of movement whether in the field or driving to work. They will stop staining but your friends will notice your odour before they see you!

A tweed coat or jacket should always be viewed as an investment for the future. If treated well, tweed should last you a lifetime. And its only partner should be a well-made wooden coat hanger after a hard day in the field or a saunter round the city. With 18 targeted categories, the awards cover every aspect of the jewellery industry, from New Designer of the Year to Ethical Jewellery Business of the Year. The UK JewelleryAwards are the most admired and relevant awards in the jewellery and retail industry. The awards provide industry. The Tower of London provided a superb backdrop for the awards this year and guests all had a great night.

Portofino Lite. Oh, and me. As a child I would spend hours watching him work. I would be fascinated looking through his fabric pattern books, imagining what each fabric sample would look like made up into a suit. The patterns he used as templates for the suits were made from brown paper. He had them all rolled up in a cupboard behind his work table. I loved watching him roll out the fabric on his large table, root through his numerous self made patterns, then chalk around the selected pattern. Pattern removed, there was the outline of a suit. They left behind their mother and younger brother; their father having died a number of years earlier.

Both were bespoke tailors and had come to England to work for Giuseppe aka Joseph Seminara, also Sicilian, who had established a successful tailoring business in Carlisle in He landed and settled in New York where he set up his own tailors shop, met and married Fina. Riccardo, however, remained in Carlisle where he met a local girl, Ann, and in they got married and started a family. In he and his family moved to Lancaster.

Riccardo, or Ricky as he became better known, set up his tailors shop. Over the coming days this roll of fabric morphed into a stunning suit. Fitting the client both perfectly and beautifully. In clothing terms, it was what I would imagine to be the equivalent of watching an. Through my early teens I would earn extra pocket money shortening trousers for him; a pound a pair and I could do four pairs an hour. I wanted to follow in his footsteps, but he advised against. After leaving school I tried a few jobs but my heart was in clothing.

After several months, Joe offered me a full time position and I gratefully accepted. The years have rolled on and five years ago Joe decided to hand the reigns over to me; both daunting and exciting, equally. Sewing something together is an easy enough task, but understanding the body form and how the fabric and garment should fit to compliment the person is somewhat more difficult. I never became a tailor but I had a bespoke tailor as a father and mentor. Xplorer Family and Friends Multipass- One year unlimited access for 2 adults and 2 concessions 4.

Ahoy, me hearties! Solve the clues, complete the trail, find the hidden treasure and the diamond could be yours! Pick up a trail from the Visitor Information Centre, Lancaster or download online at: www. First prize is a beautiful 0. We hope that taking part in the trail will encourage family visitors to spend more time in the city centre. You can complete the trail at your own pace at any time between 18th July and 31st August. Collect a treasure map from the Visitor Information Centre, Lancaster or download online at lancasterbid. Conan Doyle spoke in glowing terms of his father, but was notably absent from the funeral.

The shop is nestled just off the main street at the end of a flower lined courtyard and stocks a range of beautiful toys and clothes for young children. It turns out that the shop naming was due to facinating connections between the famous character Sherlock Holmes and the town of Ingleton. In fact her husband was alive for another 10 years, but Charles Altamont Doyle spent all of that time incarcerated in institutions, suffering from alcoholism and.

By , Arthur had spent sufficient time at Masongill to become familiar enough to write a short story based in and around Ingleton. There are enough elements, including observation and deduction, for this story to be believed to have been the prototype for the Sherlock Holmes stories which followed. For children visiting Ingleton the shop is well known as THE place to visit after a walk, picnic or swim.

What is sure, is that Ingleton makes a fantastic day out for both young and old, there is something for everyone. The 17th century Wheatsheaf is a traditional Yorkshire village inn packed full of character and ambiance. The recently refurbished the Royal Oak offers a fresh looking country inn packed with character and ambiance.

Offering a range of freshly made snacks, paninis, jacket potatoes, cake and fresh brewed coffee. Pictures by talented local artists and photographers are on display. Muddy boots and children welcome. Our Autumn Term programme starts on Monday 14th September Discounts for full or part-term online bookings, or you can just turn up and pay on the door. We offer something for every age and ability in a warm and welcoming environment. We race 18 Sundays a year at our quarter mile tarmaced short oval circuit near Carnforth, Lancashire.

My favourites A Fun day out for all the family. I love the Senior. Leaving approximately every hour from the landing stage at Crooklands. The trips are free but donations are very welcome. Outdoor boots, waterproofs and packed lunch recommended. This walk does involve a short steep climb and descent. Family fun, come along and watch the action and excitment on the track.

Track shop, toilets and refreshments. Take a trip down the Rabbit Hole at Lancaster Castle. In Association with Attic Door Productions, a special hourlong promenade performance. Will feature a parade of around Batala Drummers starting at The Battery and parading down the pedestrian promenade to The Bay Arena opposite Winter Gardens where we will have a stage with live music from around the world.

There will be stalls selling food from around the world as well as a bar and craft stalls selling goods from around the world. The Garden includes terraces, lakes, a small bog garden, a wild garden an extensive kitchen garden, a bluebell wood, the Millenium Wood, the Rhododendron Hills, the herbaceous borders and a serpentine walk.

Meet at Warton Crag car park SD Pond dipping 11am or 1. Booking essential. Take part in pike and musket drill and handle arms and armour. Join in one of our hands-on workshops to make a seventeenth-century coin purse. Come along and explore the rocky shore of Half Moon Bay on a guided family rock pool ramble. Wear waterproofs, wellies or other sturdy footwear as it can be slippery under foot! Booking required. SD Cumbria Wildlife Trust on Funds raised are for the Multiple Sclerosis Society - and can also be donated through www.

Bookings: lejog edwardpick. We welcome all Lunch children agedAfternoon , from all faiths or Club none. Morning Afterschool New flexible hours1pm-4pm for September 9ampm 12pm-1pm 4pmpm. Term time only. Flexible bookings. Use your 15 hours of free childcare to take any combination of sessions. Term time only bookings. Use your 15 any combination hours of free childcare to take Flexible bookings of sessions. For more. We put any surplus we make into improving services and creating new ones so that children and young people placed with us have all the help they need to reach their potential.

A foster care agency that feels like a large supportive family. Take some time to explore the reserve before a workshop for inspiration to create your own masterpiece. Materials provided. Booking required for both workshops. Raising money for Petsearch, which is a lost and found register which has been running for about 20 years. Pop along to Marketgate Shopping Centre in Lancaster to meet the life sized toy soldiers. There are many good words to describe Joan Armatrading but surely the best, the most apposite, has to be Her singing, her songwriting, her playing and her quietly understated but complete control of the stage… impressive.

Come along and find out about these nocturnal creatures. Please bring lunch if you wish to stay after the event, refreshments provided. No Booking required. A moth identification session at the home of Peter Stevens. Meet at 16 Newcroft, Warton, Carnforth. LA5 9QD. YOU the audience are the stars as you interact with the film. This wonderful celebration of the Arts is held in the picturesque market town of Garstang on the banks of the River Wyre.

Come along and meet the land girl bringing in the victory harvest!

News and information from the East Cheshire Ramblers

Experience life down on the farm and find out what it was like to be an evacuee leaving the dangers of the big cities during the blitz of WWII. Please book in advance. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Family programmes aimed at children Wear wellies and waterproofs and be prepared to get muddy! Booking and payment in advance essential. Meet in the shelter opposite Broadway in Morecambe.

Backed by Lancaster City Council and Morecambe Town Council, the Festival will offer a packed weekend with something for everyone, combining a mix of dancing, music, fashion, glamour, film, classic cars, delicious street food,. Cartmel Cup Day is the opening day of the August meeting - one of the most popular days. As always, the huge funfair will be in the Course Enclosure and there will be lots of fun for the whole family.

Sorry no horse classes. Stalls, free chipping, meet some animal centre dogs fun for all. This is an enchanting story, loved by children and adults alike. Join us for our most spectacular day of the year! You can test your skills on the Rodeo Bull, check your aim with a game of Archery and have your photo taken with Peppa Pig and Shaun the Sheep!!

There will also be a bouncy castle, sheep racing and face painting all included in the Price of entry! Contact Brian - Morecambe will once again be turned into a multi-venue playground where visitors can learn the dances, take in curated live performance and exclusive DJ sets, join in pop up fashion shows, peruse the classic cars, taste the finest street food, shop the vintage marketplace and much more.

Proceeds from this event will go to Animal Care, Lancaster. Held in the gallery room, The Storey, Lancaster. Search and explore those hidden gems. Enjoy tours, events and activities bringing local history and culture to life For a programme -. A large number of drawings on display are from his early work and show the influence of his early tutors James Duffield Harding and Samuel Prout. Work for a book on Swiss towns saw the rendering of many studies of the towers of Fribourg, the walls of Lucerne and other scenic towns.

Alas the book on this subject never took shape. His interest in the presence of architecture in landscape, as well as early training lead to a great many towers appearing in his work throughout his lifetime. Gallery exhibitions: Galleryopening openingtimes, times,during during exhibitions: Gallery opening times, during exhibitions: Monday-Friday 10am-4pm closed- 4pm weekends Monday - Friday 10am Monday-Friday 10am-4pm closed weekends Closed weekends and Bank Holidays and Bank Holidays and Bank Holidays.

Heritage Opera lead a professional cast of 10 singers, and the opera is accompanied by a 7 piece orchestral ensemble. Sung in Italian with English subtitles. Then come along to this workshop for guidance, inspiration and tips on field craft suitable for all levels. Bring your own camera, buffet lunch will be provided. Renowned for their breathtaking live shows few bands have the creative range and work ethic of Moulettes. Containing a mix of self taught and classically trained members who have shared the stage and studio with the likes of Mick Jagger, Nick Cave, Seasick Steve, Bonobo and Dave Gilmour.

Grammy award winning, international chart-topping, British music legend Leo Sayer will be performing throughout the UK this autumn in support of his latest album Restless Years. Join Andy Chapman on this informative wildlife walk. Learn more about how to pick out birds in the woodland and around the reedbed, get tips on identification and advice about wildlife watching. Warm up afterwards in the cafe. No experience necessary. Flight 6. Featuring an amazing live band and the glamorous R-W-E Dancers. This action packed show features all of Robbies hits.

A wide range of exhibitors will be ready to meet you and chat about your wedding plans. Couples, friends and families can have a wonderful day out with us. Originally a working dairy farm, Greenlands Farm now offers a taste of the countryside and artisan shopping for all the family. Younger visitors to Leighton Hall have space to play, let off steam and see how we used to live.

Teddies, swings, dens, competitions, a maze and slide, are all activities to give your children a big surprise at Leighton Hall this summer. Adults can enjoy a guided tour of the house and step outside to witness spectacular birds of prey that fly at weather permitting. You might see deer too, not to mention butterflies aplenty! Choose from a selection of trails and hides, most of which are suitable for wheelchairs, and get right to the heart of the reedbed.

Or take the nature trail alongside two coastal lagoons. You can also enjoy a home-made meal and a drink in the tea room. Visit Brockhole and create a Lake District adventure this summer. Discover secret lakeshore beaches, explore our woodlands and gardens, go wild and zip through the trees or enjoy afternoon tea with a spectacular view at our terrace cafe. All in one place. Create a different adventure every time you visit. Visit us for a hearty lunch, top up with one of our delicious afternoon teas or our popular all-day breakfast, featuring our own sausages, blackpudding and bacon cured on the premises.

Come and watch the action on the track. There is no need to book in advance, just turn up on the day. We race on a purpose built tarmaced quarter mile short oval, which means you can see all the action no matter where you stand. Join us as we journey from Ravenglass, the only coastal village in the Lake District National Park, across the estuary, through the hills, past seven request stops with a gradient at times, en route to our final destination some seven miles up the line to Dalegarth for Boot Station.

We are open 7 days a week from 9. During weekends tours run from Less than three months to go until the Lancaster Music Festival! The sun shone and cash machines ran out. It was like being in Greece. More music everywhere. Thousands of artists enquired about the festival.

Tidal bores

The very top 30 international and national acts have made it onto the program to join the prodigious world-class local talent that between them cover every conceivable genre. In Lancaster Castle staged live music for the first time in years and was one of the stand-out features of the festival. Not only is the Duchy of Lancaster on board again but the Queen even visited earlier this year to show her approval. And the festival is expanding outdoor family friendly activities.

Of course the incredible weather that Lancaster is always guaranteed in October is an added bonus! Not only will grass and hardstanding pitches be available but showering and. They have a late license too. We see in a few years Lancaster once again standing proud on the international and national circuit.

You can keep in touch with the festival via the website www. Fundraising in aid of the MS Society, registered charity nos. Registered as a limited company in England and Wales For more information visit www. For more information on Safe Child Africa or how to get involved and make a difference please visit www. The walkers undertook the gruelling challenge to raise money for Safe Child Africa, a charity that works to improve the lives of abandoned children in West Africa, some of whom have been accused of witchcraft.

The Witches Way is a beautiful trail but one with a tragic past. Over years ago, a group of women and children, were forced to walk through Bowland Forest to Lancaster Castle to stand trial for the crime of witchcraft. Events such as the Witches Way are vital in raising both awareness and funds so they can continue protecting and supporting children accused of witchcraft. Walkers from Lancaster were joined by supporters from as a far.

This year walkers were met with tough weather conditions, including heavy rain, deep fog and wild winds. They braved the elements and strode on together to reach the finish at Lancaster Castle before sunset. They were fantastic. The extreme weather conditions added extra difficulty but the teamwork displayed by all walkers really does make it such a special event.

The group started as strangers, but encouraged each other to keep going, despite blisters, tiredness and general sogginess they all got through 10 hours of walking. The funds from the challenge, are going to make such a difference. So far the amount raised is enough to run a street-child shelter, providing food, medical care, counselling and most importantly safety, to children accused of witchcraft for 6 months.

Campfires and knots? Boys sitting around the campfire? What does that word bring to mind? Boys in shorts sitting round a campfire tying knots watched over by Scout Masters. How wrong that image is! Membership is open to all young people and adults of all faiths and beliefs, including the absence of an affirmed faith, humanists or atheists, who share its values of integrity, respect, care, belief and cooperation. It caters for a huge number of ethnic minority communities as well as many young people with special needs. The list of misconceptions could go on and on. Nowadays Scouting is about fun, challenges and adventure, but, of course, the activities must be safe and run by trained and qualified leaders.

So, what do Scouts do? The activities cover an enormous spectrum including kayaking, cooking, shooting, archery, community involvement, exploring nature, hiking, adventure challenges, sailing, canoeing, gliding, high ropes, bouldering, raft building, creative expression, IT skills, and learning about the wider world or experiencing other cultures and beliefs. What does this do for the young people? It helps them develop skills including teamwork, time management, leadership, initiative, planning, communication, selfmotivation, cultural awareness and commitment, but all this while they are enjoying themselves.

Scouting in Ingleborough Scouting youngsters in the Ingleborough District are given a great time culminating in some very special events such as an annual Night Hike, which is always cleverly themed. The Scouts competed over a four and a half mile route which included several challenges, for example, getting the team silently under a wire without tipping off the enemy.

Many of the Scouts spent the night under canvas just to complete the adventure. The commitment needed from the leaders and parents is also evident at the summer camp. Here there were so many things to do, including grass sledging, mountain biking, pioneering, climbing, and bushcraft. And what an excitement having an Olympian guest speaker who herself had been a local scout! Sometimes there is a chance for involvement from another organisation.

In May, Beavers and Cubs from Ingleton and. Many parents helped. Tree planting along the Ribble has also involved youngsters in conservation work. Of course, it is not only the young people who benefit from Scouting; the Leaders, who give freely of their time, clearly enjoy what they do and the skills and experiences they gain can help in both their work and their personal lives.

Adults support in a wide range of roles from working directly with young people, to helping manage a group, assisting with catering, organising equipment or administrative tasks. Perhaps it is also important to mention just how much fund-raising has to go on which makes other members of the community aware of Scouting. Jumble sales, an annual Model Railway Exhibition, a recycling initiative and recently a fashion show when a local shop came to Ingleton to show off their wares.

Scouting is something which can start as young as six when a child first enters Beavers and can go on through Cubs, Scouts and Explorers to age 18, but many then continue on in Scouting as Network members, adult helpers or leaders who want to give something back for all the great times they had. It has enabled me to meet new people and learn new skills. Working with such a vibrant organisation, where the members are enthusiastic, highly motivated and friendly has helped me to contribute to my community in a most rewarding way.

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She says now that she was praying for the wrong thing. The way Cathy, who was 13 months older than Matty, writes about their cheerful and loving family. They brought him home from hospital and cared for him themselves for four long years until they were so exhausted they moved him to a nursing home. The judge agreed. He died in , some eight years after the accident. But it is the devastating effect on Cathy that is the saddest element of this story. Unable to move on and drinking heavily, she goes through therapy, marriage and divorce.

The memoir ends on a more optimistic note, as she remarries and has a son of her own, whom she calls Matty. She still cries a lot over the loss of her brother. Keep the tissues handy. When she discovers that Jimmy is in the midst of a passionate relationship with his much younger office junior, she decides enough is enough. As the plan takes shape, Connie learns more about herself than she ever thought possible. Having just discovered Alcoholics Anonymous, she takes an ill-fated trip to Nantucket, where she finds and then loses her new family in one go.

Some 15 years later, having become a mother and then lost her husband over her drinking, a sober Cat returns to Nantucket to make amends to those she hurt. Worth sticking with if only for the heady, wish-you-were-there descriptions of Nantucket island. Alex makes interesting graphical prints reminiscent of the lines and shapes of a contemporary skyscraper or cityscape. Alex has won the Bridge Award in With Paintings, Prints, Ceramics, Photography.

Lanty produces beautiful contemporary handmade ceramics that mimic the techniques used at the turn of the century. More examples of his work can be found at: www. He makes paintings of interiors that reflect the modern day, combining high detailed painting and bold graphical colours. Laurence makes beautiful, hand crafted hardwood homeware combining sleek, minimalistic design to traditional materials. Jarrad is a very prolific photographer and blogger who is always taking snaps.

His work can be seen here: www. More of Bens work can be seen here: www. The biggest change is under the bonnet where, for the first time, a hot Honda skips the naturally aspirated route and goes for the current vogue of turbocharging to create a VTEC Turbo. The massive rear spoiler, big wheels with rubber-band tyres and the aero-look wheel arches are impossible to miss. Up front, there are very supportive sports seats, although their bulk does mean rear knee room is fractionally reduced and the big side bolsters need a little care to negotiate.

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There is at least one nine-letter word in the wheel. Can you find all of the listed words in the grid below? They may run forwards or backwards, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, but always in a straight line. Which dog breed has a thick grey coat, was bred by the Inuit and is used to 1 2 3 4 5 6 pull sledges? Moorlands Evangelical Church www. The great seasonal summer drink; fresh strawberries, mint, cucumber, lemon, orange, lime and ice. Enjoy a glass on your own or share with friends with a jug. Celebrating everything local in and around the Lancaster District.

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Full details on the website or ring for an informat ormation pack. Let us help you let Let us help you let. T: www. Valuation Report: This report is designed for your lender to ensure that the property is suitable security for the loan. Arrangement Fee: This charge is sometimes known as a booking or product fee.

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The Artle Beck runs through the garden, a tributary of the river Lune, which meanders gently flowing behind the Hall, dropping into a deeper gorge. Seed collage: Gather seeds from the garden. Create vegetable animals: If you have an abundance of fruit and veg in the allotment, get your children to create and make a vegetable animal or monster, using produce including potatoes, courgettes and carrots - the more imaginative the better!

Make a mud pie: Give them a large pot, or a spare corner of the garden, a trowel and fork and some soil and leave them to it, although make sure you supervise close by. Decorate a flower pot: Dig out some old flower pots and let the children decorate them with stickers, paints and glitter - and then grow something in them such as herbs or quick-to-mature micro-greens. In light of this the RHS created a series of short films, asking people who chose to ditch the desk and Why are my defo strawberries rm e follow their dream of spending their working life in horticulture, why they did it and what makes them love their jobs.

Surrounded by local produce Of course, when I was approached about working at Country Harvest a few years ago, I thought all my Christmases had come at once, because as well as the gift shop part of the business, it also comprises a food shop and a traditional coffee shop, so I am surrounded by food glorious food every day.

Coffeehopperfilms Lancaster District Magazine J. Fenwick Prosecco Ad. They taste better! Better for the environment - less food miles. Community support - Buy from local people, growing local food. Available now Lancaster District Magazine www. Assign roles Kids love to feel involved and included, and assigning roles to each of them will encourage them to pitch in. Camp chores such as collecting water and gathering firewood may seem mundane, but Lancaster District Magazine www.

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