Silencing the Enemy With Praise

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There is such power in praise. Books can be written about the authority that comes when we praise the Lord. The roar of the crowd when their team wins the Big Game. The cheers at the dining room table as you take the Scrabble championship. The thunderous applause as the orchestra performs the symphonies finale. The mom and dad cheering wildly as their son takes his bow as Rock 2 in the Kindergarten play. Praise is inherent in each and every one of us.

It is something we were created to do. Parents praise their kids.

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Grandparents praise them more. Teachers praise their students. Coaches praise their teams.

Silencing The Enemy With Praise

Praise is something we were born with deep in our spirit-man. It is an integral part of life. We praise what we value. We praise what we support. We praise what we love.

Four Truths About The Power of Praise — Symphony of Praise

Most would agree that He is what we love and value the most. So why is it so difficult for so many of us to praise Him? In Reflections on the Psalms , C. For those with a healthy spiritual life, praise is natural. It easily flows from the heart of one who has a relationship with God. Of course, there are many more! Books could be and have been written about the power of our praise. The Tabernacle was divided into three parts.

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There was only one gate - one entrance - into The Outer Court. If you wanted to approach God, you had to go through the gate, into the courtyard, and finally into The Holy of Holies. It was not accessible to everyone.

Recap Of Silencing The Enemy With Praise

The gate you come through to approach God is thanksgiving and the court you enter is praise. Psalm should be so much more meaningful in light of its historical context. It pains me to see people skip the praise and worship portion of a service. Praise and worship is not the opening act to the Pastor's message! Praise softens the soil of your heart so the seeds of the message can be planted.

To have direct access to God, it is essential to come through praise. How can you incorporate praise into your every day life giving you access to God? You can turn on praise music while you clean the house, while you are in the car, while you are cooking in the kitchen, while you are sitting by the pool. You can praise Him before your prayer or Bible Study time. You can sing to Him before you pray. You can praise Him before you open your Bible. You can turn on praise music as you are driving to church. Till up the soil of your heart with praise, and then allow God to plant His words into fresh soil.

Leading worship, I have seen a lot from the platform. Praise changes relationships. It changes hearts. It changes mindsets. In praise, our focus shifts from us to the Lord. From problems to The Solution. From pain to promise. From hurt to hope. As we are broken and heated in the presence of the Lord, those negative attitudes rise to the surface of our hearts.

We are then able to bring them to Jesus to be forgiven and cleansed. I often visit Colonial Williamsburg. It is one of my favorite vacation spots. On our last visit, we watched the tradesman pour the melted silver into molds. From the mouth of infants and nursing babes You have established strength Because of Your adversaries, To make the enemy and the revengeful cease. You have taught children and babies to sing praises to you because of your enemies. From the mouths of children and nursing babies you have ordained praise on account of your adversaries, so that you might put an end to the vindictive enemy.

You have made sure that children and infants praise you. Their praise is a wall that stops the talk of your enemies. Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger. Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have ordained strength, Because of Your enemies, That You may silence the enemy and the avenger.

Out of the mouth of children and babies, You have built up strength because of those who hate You, and to quiet those who fight against You. You have taught children and infants to tell of your strength, silencing your enemies and all who oppose you. Out of the mouths of babes and infants you have founded a bulwark because of your foes, to silence the enemy and the avenger. Out of the mouth of olelim and infants hast Thou established strength because of Thine enemies, that Thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.

You have built a stronghold by the songs of babies. Strength rises up with the chorus of singing children. Childlike worship will silence the madness of those who oppose you. Adonai our Lord, how excellent is Your Name over all the earth! You set Your splendor above the heavens. From the mouths and souls of infants and toddlers, the most innocent, You have decreed power to stop Your adversaries and quash those who seek revenge.

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From the lips of babes and infants you have established strength, because of your adversaries, that you might silence the enemy and the avenger. Of the mouth of young children, not speaking and sucking milk, thou hast made perfect praising, for thine enemies; that thou destroy the enemy and the avenger. Out of the mouths of young children, who do not speak, but who suck milk, thou hast rebuked thy mighty enemies; yea, thou hast destroyed the enemy and the avenger. From the mouths of infants and sucklings Thou hast founded strength, Because of Thine adversaries, To still an enemy and a self-avenger.

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Study any period of great revival in the history of the church and you will find a revival of praise, and an outburst of new songs. William Taylor wrote, "He who has a new song in his mouth is ever stronger, both to suffer and to labor, than the man who has a dumb spirit and a hymnless heart. Whatever you do, praising God will make you do it better. Praise God at work, and you will enjoy your work better, or tolerate it better. Praise God in your home, and you will have a better home life.

Praise God as you drive, and it will not be the torture it is for those who only gripe and complain about all the idiots on the road. Praise is your weapon to counteract all the ways Satan tries to defeat you in the Christian life. Without praise you are like fish in a barrel to the enemy of your soul.

This Psalm says song and sword go hand in hand. Worship and warfare are not world's apart. They are side by side, and you need the one to deal with the other. You need the song to do well with the sword. Praising God is the most practical activity there is, for it is the source of your strength.

The praise Psalms are our weapons, for Heb. As a pastor he got all excited about a ministry of demon exorcism, and he began to focus on casting out demons. He had services on Sunday for this purpose, and he noticed he was becoming so demon-centered that Christ was put on the back burner. He came under the conviction of the Holy Spirit that he was to praise Jesus, and not get his focus on demons.

It was hard to break the pattern, but he finally did, and when he began to focus on praising Jesus he found he and his church stopped having so many problems with demons. Satan is very subtle. He can get us so involved in battles of all kinds that we are actually more under his control than that of Christ.

The thing we need to ask about all we do is this: Is this helping me to keep my eyes on Jesus, and, is it motivating me to sharpen my focus on praising and exalting His name? Satan would love to see us fighting so many skirmishes with various demons of evil that we have no time or energy for praise.

He is winning, no matter how many minor victories we may win, if he can keep us from our big gun and most powerful weapon-the weapon of praise. Praise keeps us power oriented, but lack of praise leads us to be problem oriented. When we do nothing but focus on problems we tend to be led downward to pessimism and discouragement.

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Many Christians even get depressed in prayer because their prayer is almost totally negative, and dealing with problems. We need to balance out prayer with praise so we do not become problem centered. The praise-centered Christian is the most victorious Christian. In Dostoevski's The Brother's Karamazov, Ivan imagines he sees the devil, and a conversation takes place in which the devil says, "If I could praise God, I would cease to be the devil. If they praise God, they will cease to be devil-centered and self-centered, and become God-centered.

The key to change of character and attitude is the power of praise. Probably the greatest power of praise is the power of it to please God. Look at verse 4 which says, "For the Lord takes delight in His people. He crowns the humble with salvation. The next verse says, "Let the saints rejoice in this honor and sing for joy on their beds. Sometimes we just relax on our beds and rejoice in the good life of being a child of God, and an object of His delight. As Americans we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but this means to most people the pursuit of pleasure, which does not lead to happiness, except during the moments of pleasure.

Real happiness is found in one's awareness that he is honored by God. God delights in him, and loves him as His child. This is an honor that never gets on the great TV award shows. It never gets a large gold or silver trophy, but it is life's greatest honor, and it goes to those who praise God and rejoice in Him, and ever sing new songs of joy. This is the life-style that pleases God, and the reward is His delight and salvation.

Happiness is not something you pursue as much as something you get as a by-product of pleasing God by being a praiser. If God is happy with you, because you are happy with Him, you are on the highest level of happiness. Spurgeon said, "The thought of the Lord's taking pleasure in us is a mine of joy never to be exhausted. The happiest children in this world are those whose parents delight in them, for delighted parents are loving, caring, forgiving, and generous in their giving. So the happiest Christians in this world are those in whom God is delighted.


This Hebrew word for delight is used frequently to refer to God's pleasure. If you get a great deal of pleasure out of one, two, or three children, or grandchildren, think of the pleasure God gets out of hundreds of millions of children who praise Him. And why do they praise Him? Because as verse 4 says, "He crowns the humble with salvation.

It is used in Isa. God is pleased by trees, plants, and flowers that beautify the environment where He is worshiped. Beauty, worship, and salvation are all linked in the Bible, and we add to the beauty with voices of praise. The flower praises God by being beautiful, and we praise Him by beautiful sounds. Beauty is to characterize all that is involved in worship.

God is beautiful in His splendor and holiness, and the sanctuary is to be beautiful; the music is to be beautiful, and the people are to be beautiful. There will be nothing ugly in heaven, and the closer we can get to total beauty in time, the closer we get to heaven. The same word paar is used two others times in Isa.

One refers to the temple and the other to the people. In verse 7 God says, "I will adorn my glorious temple. We could do further studies of this word, but the point is clear: beauty is important to God, and one of the most beautiful things in life is victory over evil. The beauty of praise leads to the beauty of victory over evil.

There are some who take praise as their spiritual weapon very seriously. Most of us would be inclined to see prayer as our weapon.

This is certainly valid.