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Of the 1, chapters in a standard Protestant Bible, the Slave Bible contains only He told The Times of Israel that his staff recently located two early 19th century letters talking about these Bibles being distributed in the British West Indies. Missionaries were exhorted by farmers in the British West Indies modern-day Jamaica, Barbados, and Antigua to steer clear of any text with revolutionary implications. He shall live with you in any place he may choose among the settlements in your midst, wherever he pleases; you must not ill-treat him.

Again, absolute fabricated gibberish. What other rhetorical fibs you are capable of. Will you abuse your children by telling them such lies? I feel that Das Kapital would be a better addition than the Communist Manifesto. If you want to know why I think that than you should read The Discourses on Livy by Machiavelli a book which is often ignored but in many ways far more relevant to the time period we live in than The Prince is. The book goes to great lengths to explain how war is a necessary evil, and how to win as quickly, efficiently, and with taking as few lives especially civilian lives as possible.

Yet another sausage fest. Intelligence comes in many forms…if only he and his misogynist pal, Seth, could get it through their stiff, slimy, mushroom-shaped heads that inequality is a much broader issue than space. The dismissal found in the short summaries you offer of various books on your suggestion list is staggering even though the format restricts explication.

I realize Anti-Christian sentiment does not meet the level of judgment in our culture as does Antisemitism, but as the Bible included the Hebrew Scriptures, you seem to include not only the former, but the latter bigotry as well. I am for free speech, being a Christian, and you are free to offer your curt and offensive replies. It is not free speech we support if we silence voices for offering things we find disagreeable. The Bible. Read it because its impact on Western Society and the world is unmatched by anything else ever written, and understanding of our world is greatly increased in the reading.

The System of the World — to hear the greatest physicist provide an argument that arose from his Christian faith and its doctrines concerning God as a Reasonable Being who made a reasonable world and made humans with the capacity to use their God-given reason to understand that order. To learn that people who get so focused on studying one thing in their lives are prone to a myopia, like scientists studying nature who tend to think nature is all there is, and that it is the non-experts who know that their thoughts, feelings, minds, and loves are not so easily explained away as illusions as the myopic Yahoos are bound to inform them from on high.

The Age of Reason. To learn that there is a relationship between freedom and rationalism. However, rationalism can also be used to enslave. And Paine misses the fact that Reason itself cannot give a Reason for Reason. That takes faith. The Wealth of Nations — To help us see that we do not have capitalism as Smith described it, but a corporatism that consolidates power and eliminates competition through our allowing businesses to be in bed with the government. The Prince — To learn that certain people will make justifications for lying in order to promote themselves or their cause. For this lesson in our current age, we can look to the deceptions of Dr.

Tyson in his recent reboot of Cosmos, where it s implied Bruno was killed for his belief in heliocentrism when he was not, and where the fact that Mo Tze, the Chinese thinker he touts as a scientist, was a monotheist with a decidedly Christianlike worldview was conveniently omitted. Tyson is in need of a book list as well, however, as he has clearly read all the above, however poorly. Here then is a list for Dr. The Genesis of Science—James Hannam 3. Orthodoxy —G. An open mind, Dr.

Keep an open mind. You may yet see that all you value is something you owe to that Bible. It is as if his suggestions are symbolically an apple on a tree that we are supposed to leave alone or else pay a penalty. These books…these ideas that are shared in these works even certain interpretations of the Bible threaten certain groups that can only maintain staunch beliefs if others beliefs or facts are squelched.

To listen or read in order to understand patterns or different viewpoints does not mean that you have to change your viewpoint. Those that criticize seem to do so out of fear…or they do so because they prefer not to take the time because the works are boring. I think a good reason for a non-Christian to read the Bible would be to understand all of the allusions and references to it in Western art, poetry, and literature. Of course there was a Jesus, he was one of many messiahs at the time.

Whoever said the Dune books, I would wholly recommend Dune, the original novel, as an addition to this list. I would put it alongside Lord of the Rings as one of the best works of modern fiction. If the summaries reflect how people used them and not the content, then reading the books are unlikely to reveal how they have been ab used. I am struck by the total absence of women authors on this list.

We nurture, carry, and bear children. We must, therefore, have absolutely nothing of import to say about life. This list and his comments are Exhibit A in making the case that you can be intelligent, well-educated, and still be leftist fanatic who has no idea how the world as opposed to the Universe, in the case works. What an awful person he is. This list and his comments are Exhibit A in making the case that you can be intelligent, well-educated, and still be a leftist fanatic who has no idea how the world as opposed to the Universe, in the case works.

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Out of the vast expanses of human thought — these?! And he would have come out better had he not elaborated on his choices. How disappointingly sophomoric. Which one did you just do? So, a guy who is an astrophysicist with decent communication skills is teaching philosophy? Stay in your wheelhouse NGT. The big difference is that nearly everything we have found out in science since Darwin corroborates his theories. With the Bible, everything we have found out in science since the renaissance seems to go completely against what is in the Bible minus some historical accuracies, anthropologically speaking.

That was in reply to someone sorry. It bears mentioning that Dr. Tyson limited himself to eight books that were in the public domain. If one has an Internet connection, it is possible to look at any one of those books for free. Accessibility is important. He listed books that had substantial cultural influence and are widely and freely available. As for his selection, it is representative of his idea of an intelligent person. They form a cultural background because they are classic literary works which deal with universal themes: human nature, economy, life, reality, power, et cetera.

The little blurbs following them are his reason for including the book in his list. Tyson is not asking you to make the same judgments that he made about the works. But at the same time, if you wish to dispute his opinion, you are free to do so—provided you read the book. I suspect Dr. The Problem of Induction. Amazed how many would be the same on mine. Who said anything about blaming the Bible for anything?

The Bible is full of all kinds of things, morality tales, depravity, and everything in between. Not really, that is not an explanation. An explanation is a statement or account that makes something clear. Theistic evolution does not make something clear, it makes something obscure. It adds something unexplainable, but without any reason. What a grind. And yet, there is something missing here. We need a new religion that takes into account all the knowledge that is displayed in these volumes.

This new religion should be based on the current scientifically-derived origin story of the human species: big bang through evolution. None of the books cited here provide such a perspective. A religious perspective is needed because of human nature.


One cannot avoid some measure of faith in the conduct of human affairs. Science does not supplant what religion provides. Do these books explain the rise of Nazi Germany? What explains the passion and activism of those seeking to destroy other cultures? NGT is an inherently rational human being who expects a rational world. Unfortunately, a rational world is not required by, and is in conflict with, the scientific genesis story that he himself believes.

19th-cent. Slave Bible that removed Exodus story to repress hope goes on display

Human evolution was not guided by a rational hand or a rational plan. The human nature that exists today is here because it survived very difficult and harsh conditions. Human nature is defined by its survivability, not by its rationality. Please save us from the hubris of those who believe they are more intelligent than they are. Perfectly sane people who drop all reason when their mythology is challenged bore me. Replace with Clausewitz to really understand the full breadth of thoughts on war.

Or, Thucydides. All you mugs pissing and moaning about the one sentence reviews, writing lengthy reasons how he is wrong, or how he missed the point. There are great moral lessons once you ignore the heavenly sanctioned genocide, slavery, and rape. I was faithful the first time I read The Bible and read it to strengthen that faith. The second time I truly read it in an effort to truly understand and was disgusted. He was asked for a some book recommendations and he gave them.

It discusses the role of science in the world, the difference between science and pseudoscience, and critical thinking. Another man who has not noticed that women also write books. It is vital to include books by women to round out an understanding of the world. The story of Abraham is a lesson in having faith. If you read it with an open mind you ould have seen it pretty Lesley. Literal interpretations of the bible usually result in people making uninformed commentary. Theology is as much a study in linguisitic science as anything else. That goes mr Tyson as well. Wow, most of the comments here are hilarious.

In other words, read them to understand where we are today and how we got here, because those books had a huge influence on the evolution of Western civilization. That being said, I need to read three of the selections he recommends. Not knowing how we got here is detrimental to democracy. Knowledge dispels superstition and fear; ignorance breeds poor decision making and poor citizens.

Be prepared to be sold down the river. John Shuey. Self-interest alone is pretty much greed, pure and simple. The interest many comments take in bashing the Bible is fascinating…as if 12 year old children are trying to settle scores and taking spiteful pleasure in scorning, but not understanding the bigger picture. Wax night and day, if you will, about how you despise Christianity and Christians, and I will simply marvel at your lack of interest in history, sociology, the arts and humanities…insisting the Biblically inspired culture, music, the art, the law, etc means NOTHING is childish…One cannot simply pick up the Bible and read it cover to cover, as a novel..

Of all the books I have ever read or studied, the Bible took the longest to apprehend and understand the relationship of the various parts, the revelations and significance…it takes courage, delicacy, determination, an open mind and willingness to study the overall framework in addition to researching additional commentaries as helpful guides. Anyone who has taken this care would NOT be so dismissive but respect the Bible as a wonderful work indeed, even if they were Atheist, or Agnostic.

There is a very common fiercely fundamental schoolboy rejection club that has a formula of kicks, rejections, and accusations , as prejudiced and narrow and bloated by juvenile assumptions as those they ridicule. It gets boring, but those in the club of rejection use the same arguments and are satisfied making the same points of the same objections. This orthodoxy is convincing that they really have NOT read the Bible! Here you have his opinion.

Calm down, everyone! NDT is not against any religion. He emphasis that not any one religion can have anything to do with science. So there is no reason to teach a religion as being based on facts. There not one scientific fact in any religion. So anyone may believe, whatever religion. But never try to prove it is based on facts. That is just your own doubts, about your own beliefs in your own religion.

I own a copy of OTOOS which was an illustrated hardcover anniversary edition with scans of some of his notes, photos of animal species he studied, etc. Makes it more interesting. It seems NDT has compiled this list, not as a way to gain understading of our surrounding universe, but as a way to spread of his own prejudices. It is about strategy, particulary the kind of strategy to end a war quickly and swiftly as it is a costly enterprise for the state granted, from the likes of it Sun Tzu was likely more concerned with the economic consequences of the war, than with the mass murder of people.

Still the description is inaccurate. Likewise his selection of the bible seems to have been chosen only so he can follow it with a dismissive remark toward christians. One thing is clear from the reviews. NDT has a king sized ego. I have come across many of his videos, and nothing he has ever said has made me think that he is a genius. Good book suggestions, I have read several of them, and I appreciate the fact that they are free. They would rather pull out bits and pieces and tell you what they want you to think it means. It is one crazy piece of literature. Thanks for the list. This is an old list, but I like how no one noticed that the one line comment after the very first book The Bible describes exactly what this list does.

Darwin and his extended family -the Wedgewoods- were ardents opponents of slavery, and Darwin himself recounts how he crossed swords with Fitzroy, Captain of the HMS Beagle, over slavery.

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