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We rush to put out the ep before the end of the year so we could say they both had th in DBP was to come out Jan 3 Dev is the writer while Bree is his editor, business manager, and muse. Together they build stories that invite you to experience the arousal of passionate men and women who surrender to their intense sexual desires. Writing under the pseudonym Devin Brees, this naughty couple offers you their deepest fantasies that they use to heighten the eroticism in their own marriage.

They love to hear from their naughty fans. What a great present. Technician would love feed back so please email him. A couplle want to try a new life of swinging. The wife finds out she realy likes an open marriage. The first story is from Randy M and the second one is from Tom Larkin. Both of these tales are naughty and very hot. A hot story by Stuart and read by SexxxySherry A man meets up with a new lover for the first time face to face.

A wife is having a girls party and wants to show them what her and her husband have been up to. FFFM pegging. I eat sperm. This is not a page for prudes. Relax, it's just sex! A night of Hot steamy passion. They love to hear from their fans. By Liam Alexander and read by SexxxySherry. A tale of a Husband cheating on his wife with the babysitter he is blackmailing. What will happen when the wife finds out? A tale of a husband that has a video of the babysitter being naughty. Now how far will she go to get him to delete the video. A lady finds her dark side with a new lover.

Dirtybitpodcast A Salacious Confession This naughty tale is a tale about a NUN that needs to have some sexual tention released and she finds some that can help. Read by SexxxySherry and the author of this hot tale is Zak Hardacre. This short story is about a man and Dom Amputee. It's free and available on a variety of reading apps through Smashwords.

This Naughty tale is by Abadone and read by our very own SexxxySherry Wife encouragement, to try another man for the first time. MF, wife, oral, anal, 1st-swing. All I can say is a massage with a happy ending. How far will Cindy go to get a her dream job. A couple begin a new life style but quickly get in to more than just swapping.

Swinning, crossdressing, bi, lez anal and more. All rights reserved. This work, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without permission. Clarissa uses the bar scene to find guys to energetically bang her asshole, and Aaron has the perfect savory cock to fulfill her need. A buisness woman holds a annual team building exercise for her male employees. Dirtybitpodcast Weekend in Colorado by Jennifer S. Wife-sharing experiences during a especially planned ski trip to the mountains in Colorado. In this naughty tale a lady relives her past with her a old friend in his truck.

Website: www. Dirtybitpodcast Ghostly Hotel Experience Seven Inch brings us a hotel experience he had once with a naughty ghost and wants to share it with us. When hubby is away a house wife gets some companioship from a female employee that works for her and her husband. FF also A promo from realtalkbetween podcast. Her erotic and romantic fiction has appeared in adult publications and websites, as well as in anthologies.

A vast and ever expanding collection of work is available for free at her personal website at niccihaydon. Follow her on Twitter NicciHaydon or Facebook to connect with her growing community. Helen meets up with an old friend, she sees an opportunity to make her anal fantasies come true. She loves it as well. Public sex between consenting adults committing adultery in a public park during the neighborhood cookout. Dirtybitpodcast Superbowl slut training half time By Irsm leatherzebra69 gmail. Irsm would love your feed back. Still trying to find all of our gear from the move.

Busty Girls Collection : Ulriche Kacey Padraige :

So we are going to run a old episode. Hope you enjoy. Gangbang multiple male partners and a cuckolds perfect evening. Dirtybitpodcast Wrap Around Skirt Writen by WifeWatcher and read by SexxxySherry It was our first anniversary, what better than to celebrate with a repeat of our first date, we got far more than we bargained for.

Dirtybitpodcast Cinema Writen by WifeWatcher and read by SexxxySherry A wife fatasises about being gangbanged in a cinema, it later becomes a reality behind her hubby's back. Jon wanted to see his wife with another man. He got more than he expected.

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Dirtybitpodcast 3 Ring Circus A great cowboy story from R. Redlynn and read by SexxxySherry. Sami shares her adventure with 2 bi cowboy farm hands when she decides to take a break from the City life. Dirtybitpodcast UnderBoss's Desk Lisa's husband has been working extra hard resulting in a neglected Lisa. Excited at a chance to bring him a special lunch she spruces up and heads out. Instead of lunch Lisa finds her self under a desk having the time of her life. If you enjoyed last episodes tease you will surely love the entire story.

Lisa had good intentions, she dressed nice and put special care into the lunch she packed her husband It wasn't her fault she ended up being with another man for lunch Loved this little tease? Make sure you tune in next episode when I share the entire story with you all Wet dreams everyone. Denise is on the hunt for a new job, she gets mmuch more than she anticipated.

She steps it up to another level. This tale is read by SexxxySherry. Please check out the rest of this story at amazon. By Crystal Waters crystalwaters yahoo. Part 2 of a true story about a young woman that searches and finds a talented young partner. The end result is a red hot encounter. A true story about a young woman that searches and finds a talented young partner. By KelseyD and read by SexxxySherry. She also loves a glass of wine or two to get her warmed up for a mutual massage and a hot sex session! Part 1 Kate is introduced to a new couple that she might enjoy playing with.

The thing is this couple is not a man and woman but two bi males. Can Kate handle Jason and Tony. Can Jason and Tony handle Kate. Listen and find out how this relationship turns out. Part 2 Jason and Tony are trying to talk Kate into moving in with them. Talking goes from talking to showing what she will be getting if she moves in. Can she handle living with not just one lover but two? Part 3 Jason, Tony and Kate play a little game but who will win.

If you enjoyed New Couple in Kates Life please check out the author. A woman is invited in to the world of swinging by a couple she has gotten to know. This evolves to a wonderful sexual life style trying to check off each others sexual bucket lists and explore new aspects of the wonderful world of sex. Kate is introduced to a new couple that she might enjoy playing with. It is not just writen for SexxxySherry but it is a fan fiction of an adventure that SexxxySherry goes on.

FMF Fiona Thrust is a bisexual woman in her twenties who adores the rich ecstasy of sex. Fiona is her real first name, but she admits her surname is a pen-name. And the thought of this turns her on. Very much. Website: fionathrust. Dirtybitpodcast Swingers Party SexxxySherry reads a hot short story about a swingers party. Edward Cantor shares chapter 5 of his story Window Shopping with us. She is back and his ass is hers and will his girlfriend be her new play toy as well. A couple are on a romantic vacation where they become friends with a pregnant lady.

MFF Check out Imstillfun's works at literotica. A fictional tale of sexiness meant to inspire wetness and masturbation. A female rockstar masturbates to a fantasy of hers. A young woman meets a college boy on line and has three way sex with him and his friend. MMF, drugs, alcohol We do not Condone recreational drug use but if you do use please be safe. Categories erotica general Archives Dirtybitpodcast Nookie Monster.

Dirtybitpodcast MikeMaloneTales. DirtyBitPodcast Raw Power. Dirtybitpodcast Apprentice. Dirtybitpodcast Swappin Partners. Dirtybitpodcast Andy's Fantasy. Dirtybitpodcast Hawaii. Dirtybitpodcast Our Story part7. Cuckold husband is now part of a 3sum. Dirtybitpodcast FireFighter. Milwaukee Mob: For More information email wclingman wi. Dirtybitpodcast Intro to the Lifestyle. Dirtybitpodcast Country Girls Seduction.

Dirtybitpodcast Minotaur. Dirtybitpodcast Minotaur By Lady Ristretto and read by SexxxySherry a female reporter who meets a Minotaur in a labrynth and it's loaded with golden showers. Dirtybitpodcast Our Story part6.

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Dirtybitpodcast Jeremy's First Sub. Dirtybitpodcast My Wifes yr Old Grandmother. Dirtybitpodcast Our Story part5. Dirtybitpodcast How to spice up a marriage.

Final Jeopardy

Dirtybitpodcast Our Story part4. Dirtybitpodcast Pete. Dirtybitpodcast Our Story part3. Dirtybitpodcast Our Story Part2. Dirtybitpodcast Our Story. The trader offers her food which she greedily acepts but this is a good deed that will not go unpunished. Narigorm, for such is the name of the girl, attaches herself to Camelot as traders in holy relics were then known and to the other travellers who gather around him.

The little band of men and women moves from town to town, fleeing before the Plague which has arrived in England from the continent and is spreading over the land but something as deadly as the Black Death shadows them. Narigorm is a diviner whose readings always come true, sometimes in unexpected ways but as the band moves around the country, Camelot begins to think Narigorm is much more. As the members of this travelling band get to know each other better, disguises are either dropped or are torn away to reveal true identities.

And one by one, the members of the band begin to die; they are either murdered or they take their own lives. This was a fabulous book. Maitland accomplishes the difficult task of bringing the Middle Ages vividly to life. View all my reviews. Labels: book review , Company of Liars , medieval fiction. Friday, June 15, Dreaded Rejections! I'm sorry but your story does not meet our requirements at this time, our publishing schedule already has several debut writers so we are not taking on any more, you have a great story but we are already publishing a lot of vampire novels so we cannot accept yours, Dear Ms.

Tina Neill, Thanks for your submission but it does not meet our needs at this time. I think all writers have probably gotten a rejection at one time or another — for a manuscript or maybe for an idea. Well, because getting a rejection means you sent out a submission.

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Of those who completed their manuscript, very few have actually had the courage to send it around to agents or publishers. But what if your rejection from No. Clearly, this is a much more desirable rejection than the first. So stock up on the stamps and the Tyvek envelopes and keep the mailman busy or keep your index finger limber and keep pressing Send. Or maybe that contemporary could be either sexed up way more or made more inspirational remember both the erotic and inspiration markets are doing really well. Labels: rejection , rejection for writers.

There's no time like the New Year to let your naughty side out but here are some resolutions to help you keep it going, all year long. Nope, they're in no particular order so pick and choose at will. Want to spice things up in your relationship? Why not send your man a naughty text when you know he's in a meeting? If you're really daring, send him a picture. He won't be able to wait to get home to you, all hot and bothered!

Try your hand at erotica! That's right, write a short story starring the two of you and read it out to him when you're in bed. Let him see a side of you, you've kept hidden. And if you can act it out, all the better!

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  • Heading out to dinner? Don't tell him anything but when you've been seated, let him know in any way you choose, that you forgot your panties at home. Naughty, naughty girl! So we all know men are heavily turned on by the visual, right?

    21 Steamy Erotic Stories Written By Women — & Why They’re Important

    Brush up on your stripping skills and give him a show every now and then. Go shopping at your favorite naughty store and let him choose the outfit. Don't be embarrassed! Your guy loves you, all of you so don't worry about whatever jiggles! Learn what turns you on and don't be shy about asking for it. The better satisfied you are, the more you'll want to satisfy your partner. So check around on the Net and see what pleasurable goodies you can discover! Saturday, June 4, Love of a Courtesan out in the world! Well, after a long, hard labour, Love of a Courtesan is out!!! Check it out!

    It was released 20th May by New Concepts Publishing. Here's another excerpt - Chapter One The loud, firm knock on the door resounded through the atrium startling the yellow songbirds in their cage. They flew off their perch, chirping, their wings fluttering. Chloe's own heart leapt though she had been expecting this summons, had been waiting for it. Belthus, her longest-serving slave, emerged from a side room but she waved him away and hurried to the heavy door. She knew who it was even before she opened it.

    A tall, slender man the color of burnt almonds stood in front of her. It was the third time he'd come. The third Monday morning in as many weeks. A shiver went through her as his fingers touched hers. She wished she could prolong the contact. I want you to read it to me.

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