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In the movie, she and her father rent a farmhouse in New Mexico some reviews state the film takes place in North Dakota, which is incorrect for the summer and almost immediately she stumbles into the Leprechaun fracas when her father is bitten on the hand by the leprechaun, who had set up a trap in hopes of finding his stolen gold. This is where the leprechaun ramps up his killing spree and the gore doesn't end until one of the film's other heroes, Alex played by Robert Gorman expertly shoots a four-leafed clover stuck to a piece of gum into the evil Leprechaun's mouth.

Critics and movie nerds love to poke fun at an actor's early career endeavors and few have held back in pointing out Aniston's role in Leprechaun. It is an easy target. Even Aniston herself had the foresight to recognize the film for what it was. When asked by an Irish-journalist if she had wanted to say anything to his countrymen in regards to Leprechaun , she said, ''I should have apologized?

But didn't that [film] punish me enough? That being said, Leprechaun was successful enough to inspire a six-film franchise and rumors state that Lionsgate and WWE are in production of a new Leprechaun franchise, this time starring Dylan Postle aka Hornswoggle as the modern day version of Warwick Davis's previously creepy version of the Leprechaun. Certainly cheesy, Leprechaun deserves a watch this St. Patrick's Day, if for anything else the walk down memory lane with Aniston and the film's inherent humor factor.

If, after drinking a few green beers, you don't find anything remotely funny about Leprechaun then perhaps you should skip comedy altogether and opt for an action, or adventure flick like The Departed. As for my friends and I, Leprechaun is a traditional laugh-fest filled with crazy sound bites set to a once-yearly rotation.

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20 Years Later: Jennifer Aniston and the Leprechaun

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February 24, Retrieved May 6, Retrieved May 8, Retrieved February 7, Retrieved April 29, Jennifer Aniston is a long-time yoga practitioner — she's appeared in a Yogalosophy DVD and even given Oprah a yoga mat — and she's one of the most famous devotees of TM. Archived from the original on April 29, Retrieved May 29, Retrieved January 15, January 7, Archived from the original on July 9, Vanity Fair. September Archived from the original on September 14, Daily Times. Retrieved June 18, Wall Street Journal. Retrieved January 24, Retrieved August 12, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are separating after two and a half years of marriage.

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