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While the hits for the Four Seasons had dried up in the first half of the s, the band never lost its popularity as a performing act. Longtime member Joe Long stayed in the band until The new lineup boasted two new lead singers in Don Ciccone formerly of the Critters and Gerry Polci, who eased the singing load on an ailing Frankie Valli who was gradually losing his hearing due to otosclerosis , though eventually surgery restored most of it. Records as the disco era dawned.

At the same time, Uttal was persuaded to release The Four Seasons Story , a two-record compilation of the band's biggest hit singles from to It quickly became a gold record , selling over one million copies before the RIAA started awarding platinum records for million-selling albums.

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Valli had his first truly solo hit in the summer of when the Bob Crewe-produced " Swearin' to God " followed "My Eyes Adored You" into the upper reaches of the Hot , peaking at the 6 position and capitalizing on the growing disco craze. The song was released in three forms: the eight-minute album version, the ten-minute extended inch single version, and the four-minute single version. This record featured Patti Austin on bridge vocals, before she became well-known. Gerry Polci did about half of the lead vocals, sharing them with Valli and one led by Ciccone 'Slip Away'.

The title song had Valli doing the lead on the verses, but none of the trademark falsettos in the chorus. It was a Top 10 British hit in October , relaunching their career there. The single also hit number one in the United Kingdom. Although the band also scored minor chart placements with " Silver Star " with Valli on harmony vocals 38 in and "Down the Hall" 65 in , both sung by Polci, and "Spend the Night in Love" 91 in , which again featured Polci as main lead vocalist and Valli singing the bridge section and contributing to backup group vocals, "December, " marked the end of the Seasons' hit-making run.

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A dance remix of "December, " returned them briefly to the upper reaches of the Billboard singles charts almost two decades later. The success of Who Loves You increased the popularity of the Four Seasons as a touring group and reignited recording unit, but when 's Helicon album was released by Warner Bros.

In the UK they had chart hits with both "Down The Hall" and "Rhapsody" with verses sung by Don Ciccone and Valli appearing to notable effect only as lead voice over group harmonies on the chorus. At the same time, Valli's string of solo hits had come to an end as he parted ways with Private Stock Records. Helicon saw Polci and Ciccone heavily featured as lead vocalists, Valli, besides his co-lead chorus vocal on "Rhapsody" and some backing vocals, only taking a brief bridge lead vocal on two songs that were largely sung by Polci, though on "New York Street Song No Easy Way ", Valli also clearly stands out over the group harmonies on two notable a cappella sections.

Plus Valli took one solo lead vocal role on the album's concluding song, the brief Gaudio-Parker-penned "I Believe in You". Excluding Valli's " Grease " single, which hit 1 while the motion picture of the same name became the highest-grossing musical in cinematic history, the last Top 40 hit for the band was behind them.

Both Valli and the band released singles and albums on an occasional basis, but after "Grease", only a remixed version of their biggest seller, "December " would visit the upper half of the Hot in The latter became a UK single but failed to chart, while the former was released as a single in America, inching its way into the Hot However, the record did not sell well. Even after the rise and fall of the band's sales in the disco era, the Four Seasons, in one version or another the band became a sextet as Jerry Corbetta , formerly of Sugarloaf , joined the lineup , continued to be a popular touring act, with Valli being the only constant in the midst of a fluctuating lineup.

Although Gaudio is still officially part of the band he and Valli are still equal partners in the Four Seasons Partnership , he now restricts his activities to writing, producing, and the occasional studio work. In August , MCA Records released the band album Streetfighter which yielded two singles in the title track and "Book Of Love", a post-disco -style revamp of the Monotones' recording. In , Frankie revamped the group and started touring with a new band of Four Seasons consisting of Landon Beard, Todd Fournier and brothers Brian Brigham and Brandon Brigham who were with Valli longer than any incarnation of singers.

The four gentlemen left with Valli's blessing in to pursue their own group called "The Modern Gentlemen". Jersey Beat The album title Jersey Beat is a play on Jersey Boys , a wildly successful Broadway musical about the Four Seasons, as well as on "Mersey Beat", a term first coined as the title of a music magazine published in Liverpool, U. In , the Four Seasons' "Beggin'" was revived by two acts. Pilooski made an electro remix of that song, while rap act Madcon used it as the basis of their song "Beggin'".

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The latter reached number 5 in the UK charts and was a hit across Europe. The song was featured in a TV commercial for adidas shoes entitled "Celebrate Originality". From until "My Eyes Adored You" in , records which the Four Seasons recorded had the following artist credit a sampling :. This is not a complete list of album releases.

These recordings have been reissued on a variety of labels, some of which are noted here.

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This list includes only those Frankie Valli solo albums the first two that were recorded as Four Seasons productions. The US chart position on the Billboard Hot singles chart follows the song title. Only singles that reached a position of 30 or higher on the Hot are listed. Frankie Valli "solo" singles are also not listed but can be found here. It subsequently won multiple Tony Awards after its move to Broadway.

Robert Spencer as Nick Massi.

The author of the book of the play, Rick Elice, interviewed Valli, Gaudio, and DeVito in writing the play, and pieced together Nick Massi's point of view based on those interviews Massi had died before the play was written. There are currently three U. This film was released on June 20, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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