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In most waters, the daily bag limit is six trout. There are just a couple of places where there is no limit. Please refer to the alphabetic list of rivers and lakes that summarises the regulations for specific fishing waters. You must stop fishing once you have kept the daily bag limit. Fishing from the Taupo boat harbour wharf or Taupo boat harbour jetties is prohibited. However, this prohibiiton does not apply to other similar structures in the vicinity of Taupo township.

Fishing is permitted between 5am and midnight during the open season.

Other rivers of the Taupo fishery

You must stop fishing at 12 midnight and cannot begin fishing until 5am. And you must stop fishing when you have kept the daily bag limit, even if you don't intend to keep any more fish. You may flyfish in all waters of the Taupo region during the open season. Flyfishing means fishing for sports fish with a fly rod and fly reel, fly line and either:. You may use artificial lures in all waters except flyfishing only waters.

An artificial lure means any artificial lure which has a hook attached or incorporated, other than an artificial fly. Artificial lures include spoons, jigs, casting and trolling lures, and fly-spoons, but do not include jigs that have no hook attached. When you use a stike indicator, you can add only a dye or line floatant.

A strike indicator is any synthetic or natural yarn and its means of attachment to the line or cast used by the person fishing as an aid to detecting a strike. It does not include any other material or any other object attached to the line or cast, or any synthetic or natural yarn to which has been added any material or chemical other than a colour dye or surfactant line flotant preparation.

Spinning is permitted from Lake Taupo's lakeshore provided you are metres from any marked stream mouth or the Kuratau spit. It is also permitted in other lakes. Spinning is not permitted in many of the streams and rivers flowing into Lake Taupo.

Fishing with any form of bait except natural flies is prohibited. Fishing with koura, worms, creepers, huhu and fish roe are all prohibited. Fishing from a boat is permitted in many areas, but not within metres of stream mouths marked with a white- and yellow-ringed post. Flyfishing from a securely anchored boat is permitted at some stream mouths; to see which ones, please refer to the alphabetic list of rivers and lakes that summarises the regulations for specific fishing waters. Wire and lead lines can be used anywhere in Lake Taupo where trolling is permitted.

Similarly, downriggers or paravanes can be used where trolling is permitted. Tongariro Raft Fishing Adventures. Tongariro Lodge and.

Where you can and can’t fish

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Fishermen of Taupo.

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