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We get knocked out of alignment all the time!

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We all have egos. We stress out , we freak out, we judge , we make mistakes. Check out this clip of a talk I gave at the yoga festival Wanderlust in L. In it I talk about an experience I had just that day of being willing to tune back in and then restoring my thoughts back to love. After you watch the video, keep reading for five simple ways to calm down, get grounded and realign with the loving energy of the Universe before you freak out. I felt pretty out of it because I had woken up at 4 am since I was still on East Coast time, and meanwhile there was a whirlwind of energy around me.

Instead, I recognized the opportunity to tune back in and restore my thoughts back to love.

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I prayed and then I meditated. And then I went out of my dressing room and I encountered a man dressed all in white carrying sage and a pitchfork. All you need is the willingness to tune back in. Below I share five simple ways to restore your thoughts back to love and feel better right now. Use these techniques when you notice yourself feeling drained, stressed, anxious, scared or angry. Living a miraculous life takes commitment. In every given moment we have a divine spiritual assignment in front of us: Choose love or choose fear.

Bring this concept with you throughout your day. When you face a difficult situation, use this principle with even more conviction. Practice this principle in all situations and heighten your commitment to miracles. In an instant you will feel peace set in.

Don'T Be Ashamed, I'M Not

Sometimes the simplest way to drop a BADitude and bring on the happiness can come through an everyday action. Certain actions activate oxytocin, which induces feelings of love, trust and a sense of bonding. One way you can can rev up your oxytocin anywhere, anytime, is to place your hand on your heart. Once you place your hand onto your heart, breathe into it. As you breathe into your heart imagine feelings of love, compassion, and ease pass over you. Proactively collaborate in your healing by breathing into your heart. The ego tries to control all outcomes regardless of how powerless you are over them.

This need to control is a major stressor that wreaks havoc on your well-being and happiness. I know this firsthand because I am a recovering obsessive! The key to releasing your need to control is to accept that there is a power greater than you working on your behalf to support you.

To get you back into the groove of Universal energy, practice an awesome tool that will help you surrender your need to control. Next to each issue write: I am powerless over this situation and I surrender it to the Universe. Carry this list around with you. Let me be clear: I am not suggesting that you do not have dominion over your own actions. For more guidance on how to surrender, check out my SuperSoul Sessions talk on the five steps to spiritual surrender. This is a technique I learned from my coach and dear friend Rha Goddess.

When you have an urge to push down a feeling or escape it, instead give yourself permission to feel it for 90 seconds. You can set a timer. You can be free from your negative patterns once you truly feel the feelings that dwell below them. The next time you notice yourself caught up in a fearful experience or addictive pattern, take a moment to feel the feeling in your body. Describe it thoroughly a tight knot in your stomach, tight jaw, fluttering heart, etc. Then for 90 seconds breathe in and out, allowing yourself to experience the feeling fully.

Just be present with it. After 90 seconds witness the shift in your body, mind and actions. In my book Miracles Now , I offer handpicked tips and tools to help you release stress, find your flow and connect to your true purpose! These simple techniques combat our most common problems — stress, burnout, frustration, jealousy, resentment.

Inspired by some of the greatest spiritual teachings, these practical, moment-to-moment tools will help you eliminate blocks and live with more ease. Get the book and call in miracles now! Your email address will not be published. Hi Gabby! I just been wondering who was the guy with the pitchfork? What is he called? What did he practice and had you experienced that prior to meeting him? Just curious and trying to find my lane. Gabby , can you lead me to a place where I can download the full yoga nidra meditation please?

I love you and all that you do and I cant wait to do the spirit junkie masterclass in Your such and inspiration … I will be like you one day soon! Hi Aubree! Very special thing happened, when I listened to your video. When you talked about the sage, i could smell it Love your advice, I tried the hand on the heart. I felt it.

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Thank you so much for your light and honesty. I have found having ago at all of them minus yoga nidra really helpful and hopeful. I feel softer, more allowing. Thank you Gabby. Thank you for this beautiful, powerful, succinct article. Your words make the 5 tips easy to understand and incorporate into a busy life. I can testify to each of the tips. They work so well. In the past three years I have experienced being physically assaulted by a coworker, witnessed domestic violence in my home, and watched powerless as an oil pipeline was placed over my drinking water well.

I felt so overwhelmed by all of these events. I did my best to keep hope and love alive in myself.

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I had to learn ways to come back to that love and light, and angels in my life brought me all of the 5 tips that you speak of and I used each to survive, grow and evolve through the tough times. I love placing my hand on my heart to feel safe at night so that I could fall asleep! And number 5, self-empathy, is sooo hugely helpful. I would imagine giving myself a hug after allowing myself to feel the hurt and pain, and then I felt ready to move on with my day and open myself to love — giving and receiving.

I also recommend doing at least one loving thing for yourself each day. I made a joy list of 15 thing that cost money and 15 that are free. I do this daily, but eslecially when times are challenging I turn to the list and pick something to bring me joy i. I am so moved by your commitment to your spiritual path through difficulty. You are a lightworker. Stick to it. I have had an intentional focus this past year of really recognizing when fear is standing in my way, of choosing and giving love when I feel insecure or judging of myself.

Your words really speak to me on so many levels. So thank you! Hi Gabby thanks for sharing this and in particular the point about Surrender Control I am a big worrier and my main worry like most I am sure is having enough money and beimg financially secure. For me I think the reason is because I love my wife and 2 children so much that keeping them safe, comfortable and secure means the most to me. I am self employed and although I have always been in work and paid well over the last 16 years I worry about not being in work or having enough to provide for my family and in later years.

Have you got any advise and can you trust the universe to keep providing? I want to take a moment to honor your commitment to your family. That is a beautiful thing. Recognize the abundance that is already around you. Focus on all that you have. Cultivate gratitude for the great work you have. Feel gratitude for your home, for your safe family, the food on the table, the gas you put in your car. When you notice yourself stuck in fear around money, conscious focusing on your abundance will help you pivot out of that fearful story and raise your energetic vibration.

Joy is the most powerful vibration we can embody. I cannot stress this enough! It is not silly or selfish to focus on joy and do things that bring you joy. You might also be interested in the Spirit Junkie Masterclass — I host it both live and online. You can get on the waitlist for the digital course here. This course will help you bring your spiritual principles into your work so that you will have incredible faith in your purpose and know that you will be supported, no matter what happens. Hey Gabby, thanks for taking time to respond to my post. I have listened to the universe Has your back on audio and would recommend it to anyone.

I will focus on what you have said and will check out the sprit junkie class. Thanks again Gabby I love what your doing! So helpful. By the end of the week, after days of not sleeping well, and then catching a stomach bug from my sweet little granddaughter, my defenses were definitely down and she got to me. I was mostly so disappointed in myself. Thanks Gabby, great timing. Going through some stuff right now and have a huge problem with NOT obsessing about it. Gabby, I appreciate your wisdom!! Appreciation is a tool I use to quickly change my energy and vibration.

I am appreciating your five techniques. Thank you!! This is exactly what I need this morning too. She holds her husband David Osman's hand and squeezes it as she steps into a party - bless. As for self-doubt, she says: "I have been critical of myself, yes, but not too hard. I think pushing yourself to try hard and learn new things is important, but you also have to give yourself a break and relax and do your best! Twenty years later, she has a lot of be proud of. There's the career - she's still on primetime TV despite an industry accused of ageism towards women, and she's looks absolutely stunning at 50 - a result, no doubt of her change in attitude to nutrition.

A lot of this has been hard won. She has suffered a lot of loss at the hands of cancer, and has developed an acute sense of living-in-the-moment as a result. Here, we ask her about nutrition and moving past loss. Cancer is something that has deeply affected your family - you lost your mother when you were in your 30s. When your dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer, how did you cope with it?

A Story About My Eating Disorder

You just do. It was about them not me. My mum was an incredibly strong woman and remained so throughout her illness and my dad is a very positive man. I believe his positivity got him through his illness and also through the loss of his wife, my mum. What were some of the more unexpected difficulties around dealing with your dad being ill, that you weren't prepared for?

You've also lost three friends to cancer - what perspective did that give you on their lives and yours? I feel blessed to be alive and be happy and have a wonderful family. Life is for living and is a wonderful thing. We all sweat the small stuff too much. Being happy and alive is a wonderful gift.

I also have been studying and researching health and nutrition and fitness for 20 years and it is my passion.