Cançó de mar 1. El despertar (L illa del temps) (Catalan Edition)

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Imprisoning domes in the smoky whiteness. Galta, burning the light, ablaze on every side: and in her midst, you and I, delighting in our capture. How cruel to awaken, how cruel to be born, the beginning is as cruel as the end… Look how the recently born, helpless, turns into the old man. One takes the light; the other. Between sighs, he who.

Reason 4: unfair situation of Catalan language. - Cap a la INDEPENDÈNCIA

So, one would say, in every moment there are two ages always crossing each other. III Like a fish without a bicycle I look for my heart among the waves. I raise the glass where the moon dies in wine so sweet. III Com un peix sense bicicleta cerco el meu cor entre les ones.

VII My eyes are of wood. From time to time, a worm cries out of them. VII Tinc els ulls de fusta. De tant en tant, un cuc hi plora.

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Nothing will be taken from you: the moment will come on its own to open your hand softly to liberate the memory of water to return to the water of the high sea. I accept that—as though you were still alive. And still, within the unswallowable moment the bark that soothes sore throats could hardly be uncoveted.

Per als fuets del record, no hi ha pells adormides, Bob. Awkwardly, you try some nights to sketch the skins of words.

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The unyielding moths bounce off the light bulb that makes you a seer. They smash onto the paper with a crack, leaving on your verses the faintest scattering of wing dust. Maldestre, algunes nits proves de dibuixar la pell de les paraules. Les arnes reboten, obstinades, contra la bombeta que et fa vident. No earth, no root, ai- rien. Ni terra ni arrel, ai- res.

I no puc, lliure, voltar cap enlloc sense causar, fidel, la impertinent queixa que ja gemegues: noms, com morts. Reflected in the Saharan poems are her extensive travels in North Africa, especially among the Amazighs, whose struggle she voices. A tireless cross-cultural literary activist and researcher, Aymerich conducted a study on LabLit and gender in Catalan literature under the patronage of the Department of Culture —13 , and is the founder of Multiple Versions, a multi-language project of cooperative translations among contemporary authors.

August Bover , born in in Barcelona, is Emeritus Professor of Catalan Literature at the Universitat de Barcelona, and has been visiting professor at several European universities and the University of California at Berkeley. He has also served as co-director — of Catalan Review. As a poet, Bover often works with painters, plastic artists, photographers and musicians. In prose, he published the diary Dotze llunes a Saskatchewan Enric Casasses , born in in Barcelona, renowned self-styled performance poet and troubadour, has published more than twenty-five collections of poetry, as well as translations from English, French and Italian notably, William Blake, Max Jacob and Giordano Bruno , essays, plays, and fresh-take anthologies.

Drawing from an uncanny spectrum of sources ranging from medieval and surrealist to Baroque and Beat, his works distill a savvy blend of colloquial and canonic. Josep Checa , born in in Caldes de Montbui, began working in a textile factory at age sixteen while attending evening classes to earn his high school degree. He won his first poetry prize in his hometown at age fifteen. He has since published a dozen poetry collections and won several prestigious awards, counterpointing his bread-and-butter job as a farmer with fathering two children and engaging in his vocation as poet and steadfast literary activist.

His wife, Esther Obradors, collaborates as his prepublication critic and illustrator. Tangentially, his essays on language and poetry open a critical window on an intriguing particular—universal synthesis from the perspective of Catalan, the peripheral language and culture, from and to which, he has given resounding voice. She co-founded the publishing house Llibres del Mall in , and in she won the Carles Riba prize for her book of poetry, Cau de llunes. His collected works contain over 1, pages of poetry, twenty-four volumes of translations, nine books of essays and stories, and several books for children.

In , he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Blanca Llum Vidal , despite her Barcelonan roots, grew up in Casserres.

Her work—dizzying, voracious, animal-like—incorporates the vocabulary of Catalan mountains and Mallorcan seascapes. Aymerich-Lemos self-translated her poems in this selection in collaboration with Kathleen McNerney. See her poet biography above. Megan Berkobien is pursuing a Ph. She earned her B. A recipient of Fulbright and National Endowment for the Arts fellowships, his work has appeared in Poetry , Shenandoah and elsewhere. He lives in Greenville with his wife and two daughters. Her translations and poetry have been published internationally.

She earned her Ph. Her research interests are: twentieth— and twenty-first century Spanish literature, exile literature, historical memory of the Spanish Civil War, Catalan literature, and translation studies. Patel et al. Rebolo, M. Tucci, R. Hildebrandt, R. Hoyland et al.


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