The Tea Leaf Paradox (Discovering Beer in the Land of Whisky)

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See more at Rate Beer Rated again as one of the very best bars in the world as judged by the worldwide beer enthusiasts at RateBeer and calculated from their many reviews. Beer Board. Twitter Follow Us. The Grove, Huddersfield 5 hours ago. The Grove, Huddersfield 1 day ago. View on Facebook. Rate Beer Rated one of the very best bars in the world as judged by the worldwide beer enthusiasts at RateBeer and calculated from their many reviews.

Rate Beer Rated again as one of the very best bars in the world as judged by the worldwide beer enthusiasts at RateBeer and calculated from their many reviews. Kudos to all eight of the lucky gentlemen that made the cut, many with a devout following in the audience cheering them on. All three will be moving on to the Finals round in Miami taking place next February, giving them just a few months to tighten their presentations and sharpen their performances. Last years Bacardi Legacy winner and Chilled Ambassador, Naomi Levy mentored the competition hopefuls, offering tips and tricks to her peers during The Legacy Showcase.

The worldrenowned event, kicking off in Portland during Cocktail Week, hosts nearly 40 bartenders representing countries across the globe including the United States, United Kingdom, Africa, European Union and Asia. Bartenders based on the east and west coasts can submit to participate in the showcases taking place in New York and Los Angeles at chilledmagazine.

La Puritita Verda Mezcal 1 oz. Add all ingredients to the cocktail shaker. Shake for 15 seconds and double strain into chilled coupe glass. Garnish with slice of red bell pepper and basil leaf. By Thom Meintel. Photos by Wendy White, Trybe Creative. Spirit choices ran the gamut from gin to whiskey with gin taking the lead but two of the finalists took a more indie approach, one leading with a lemongrass ginger shochu and the other a garlic and pepper polugar, a Russian spirit. Secondary mixers included old standards like citrus but the more adventurous of the group experimented with calamansi juice and both coconut milk and coconut water.

Surprisingly, the garnishes were not off the charts even though this is often an arena where some mixologists gain an edge and flex their creative presentation muscles. Four out of five opted for basil, definitely out in left field but a no brainer as far as ease of execution i. The activations, excellently mixed up by the dashing Manny Hinojosa, looking devilish in a charcoal grey sharkskin suit, proved again that simplicity can win out over complicated drinks.

Shan, the newest brand ambassador for Hudson Whiskey. But Hudson is a small-handcrafted whiskey from the Hudson River Valley and I think it demands a quieter, more personal approach. I love to sip it neat, with just a splash of water to open it up, and I like to encourage people to at least give it a try that way, in order to explore its nuances. You might be wondering how someone builds a resume worthy of this job. Wastler is also a gifted storyteller.

By Mike Gerrard. Like millions of little girls round the world, Allison Patel went to ballet classes. Unlike millions of others, she was good enough to dance professionally and toured with production companies doing eight shows a week from a young age.

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She quit the jewelry biz to make whisky. A lover of single malts, he would bring back unusual whiskies, though Allison rarely shared his enthusiasm. That all changed when she sampled a Suntory Yamazaki whisky from Japan, which she absolutely loved. She began to wonder why more whiskies didn't have these fruity, spicy and floral tones rather than the more traditional peaty tones.

How was it made? What was different about the distillation process?

Encouraged by Nital, Allison began plans to set up an import company bringing more of the whiskies whose flavors she enjoyed into the USA. But then through a long chain of coincidences she met a man in Cognac who was making whisky almost the way she wanted it. He only made small batches for family and friends, and wasn't interested in the marketing side.

Allison persuaded him to let her tweak his recipe a little, to create the exact whisky taste she desired, and she would sell it for him in the USA. It took six months just to come up with the name: Brenne. We created the word as a reminder that our whisky truly starts in our fields with individual pieces of barley. The first eight barrels of Brenne were bottled and launched in New York in October, Allison hawked the stuff round her West Village neighborhood stores, bars and restaurants, and the response was universally positive. The re-orders came in for this unusual, light and floral single malt whisky, with tasters talking of apricots and apples as well as chocolate and caramel.

I was introduced to Teeling at the Dead Rabbit, seriously one of the best cocktail bars in the world. I feverishly started writing out different cocktail ideas. By the time I had left the bar, I had ten new recipes that I was dying to try out. When I find a liquor that truly inspires me, I get down right giddy about it. Teeling is incredibly versatile in cocktails, although Jacob prefers to sip it neat.

After that if you need ice, never use more than three cubes. When I first sipped this cocktail, it immediately pulled me back to some of the best parts of my childhood. Bearded Alchemist, Jacob Tschetter. Dexter's infamous wife and now mayor of Defiance, returning for season three on SyFy, Julie Benz is known in, and out, of Hollywood as party-planner and hostess extraordinaire. Check out Julie's tips for holiday party planning. I look for recipes and inspiration on Pinterest, in cooking magazines, cookbooks and on Instagram. I wake up early on the morning of my party and hit the gym.

It clears my mind and helps me get my game face on. I spend the rest of the morning preparing as much as I can. Two hours before the party I get ready while simultaneously preparing the appetizers. Ten minutes before guests arrive, I put them out and my husband mans his station at the bar. Post party, I hire a clean up crew to take care of the cleaning so I can kick back with a glass of wine. Makers Mark 1 tsp. Agave 1 oz. Sometimes mistakenly called a whiskey Negroni, the Boulevardier is actually believed to predate the Negroni.

As one of many barmen whose careers were cut short by Prohibition, McElhone escaped the U. There he combined U. Like many classics, the Boulevardier is flexible and allows you to play with the formula to suit your taste. Although the most common theory is that the cocktail is a variation of the Negroni, Karraker said you can get good results by experimenting with the classic recipe to create variations. He also suggested exploring the use of dry vermouth rather than the traditional sweet, red vermouth.

There seems to be no wrong here, because no matter what kind of Boulevardier-type you shake up, any one is sure to please. Stir long and well with ice in a mixing glass and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with orange slice, lemon twist or cherry. I like the deep toasted caramel notes a bourbon can bring to the drink.

And pomegranate juice contains more antioxidants than red wine, green tea, and cranberries! Lemongrass syrup: boil fresh lemongrass in water. After a few minutes allow to simmer then add equal portion of sugar to the water. Muddle the fruit and lemongrass syrup in mixing tin. Add the Pavan, shake and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Fill with Altaneve, stir and garnish with rose hip citrus rim and an orange wheel with pomegranate seeds. Great for both cocktails and pouring over liqueur-infused desserts, cream spirits are comforting and perfect for the chilly months. Just a small amount adds a rich texture and that special something to a drink.

Two favorite tools of any mixologist, citrus and carbonation are out, as they will cause curdling. When creating cocktails, focusing primarily on the flavor profile of SomruS, I found that big botanicals. SomruS Indian Cream Liqueur 1 oz. Add all ingredients to a Boston shaker. Shake vigorously with ice. Garnish with raspberries. So, gin, chartreuse and similar spirits can create balanced yet flavorful cocktails.

One notable discovery was how well SomruS works with bitter aperitifs but my personal favorite was SomruS mixed with a big Islay Scotch, I loved how the smokiness played deliciously with the floral and sweetness. Since the distillery is located at the highest point, it gives Qui the advantage because the agave is sweeter from the altitude of the mountain as opposed to the lower areas where agave has more of an herbal flavor. Qui Tequila 5 oz. Orange Flavored Liquor 1 oz. Qui Tequila 3 oz. Fresh Squeezed Lemon and Lime Juice. Rim glass with frozen strawberries place frozen strawberries in coffee grinder, make into a powder , put remaining ingredients in a shaker, shake well, pour over ice in rocks glass.

Garnish with orange peel. Simmer for 25 minutes, let stand for 1 hour off heat, strain into a container. Combine ingredients into a shaker, shake vigorously, serve on the rocks with an orange twist. The popularity of pickling is at an all time high now that younger generations have taken to pickling everything from cherries to carrots. Embracing seasonal flavors, while finding new and exciting ways to use foods grown in the backyard garden, makes pickling in vogue.

I always start with the brine. Each fruit or vegetable that we pickle has its own unique recipe; strawberry, pear, fennel, cucumber, blueberry all capturing the most unique profile for each. There should be a seamless transition between the two no matter how far apart the base flavors are initially. A great example of this is Scorpion Mezcal with Fennel Back, two wildly different flavors that meet so well in the middle. The Private Select is a hand-made, hand-rolled, medium bodied cigar with a Maduro Broadleaf wrapper, specifically chosen to complement the warm caramel, dried fruit, and spiced notes of the 7-year-old Panamanian rum.

Packaged in a wax-dipped and sealed glass tube, the cigar can be. Making the perfect gift, a five-pack of the cigars will be introduced for the holidays. The 2ND Annual Houston Whiskey Festival takes place March , , with seminars hosting top whiskey experts and a serious cigar lounge for guests to sip, smoke and savor while tasting fine whiskies and spirits in a setting straight out of the prohibition era with live brass bands playing.

HWF offers the opportunity to taste a wide selection of blended scotch, single malts, bourbon, rye, cognac, vodka, wine, gin and amazing beers in the all-new Texas Beer Garden. Festival attendees will also enjoy live bands, Cigar Lounge, Whiskey Seminars, and great socializing with other enthusiasts all for a great cause as it benefits the Santana Dotson Foundation. Bottles so rare and brands so expensive you need a broad bank account or high society hook ups to even sniff them. You can get a bottle of the new Bookers 25th Anniversary Bourbon. You might have to eat Ramen for a month, but you could add it to your shelf.

Across the Atlantic in South Africa, a bottle of Bunnahabhain 40 year old, numbered by hand and signed by master distiller, Ian MacMillan is sold only via collectors for about 32, rand or 3, rand per shot. As a product of a promotional partnership with the tequila maker, world famous guitarist Carlos Santana collaborated on his own vintage and signed the barrel that holds it.

Special editions of Macallan, a Scotch favored by himself. It takes 70 years to grow the oak trees that make our casks. Then a further stretch of time spent aging bourbon. Only then can the casks reach Glenfiddich to be rebuilt and filled, then set aside again. In the case of Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Old, for more than a quarter century.

The result is rich, balanced and full of character. In a word, excellent. Skillfully crafted. Barrel-aged cocktails are gaining popularity in every bar across the country, allowing guests to sip on expertly crafted cocktails. The Tap Barrel-Aged Cocktail Program provides accounts with a beautifully branded oak barrel to batch-mix cocktails using suggested recipes or recipes of their very own. While aging, the drinks take on new tastes and aromas thanks to the small batch size, which also allows the flavors of the oak and char to integrate with the batch over weeks rather than months.

Aging cocktails in oak adds layers and complexity that is perfect for an account looking to kick their beverage program up a notch. In the past, this historic fortified wine played a prestigious part in cocktail recipes. Port has been used in nogs, punches, flips and juleps for centuries, but fell out of favor. Until now that is. Sandeman, a company with a family port wine legacy dating over years, produces port along with sherry, madeira and brandies. The forward-minded brand wishes to reintroduce port into cocktail culture, not only by reviving classic port cocktails, but also by encouraging the creation of new ones.

Founded in , Sandeman was the first to brand a barrel with their logo and was also the first Porto House to label and advertise its wines.


Cocktails like the Sandeman Royal, a blend of 20 year-old tawny with a splash of Chivas 12, chilled and served with an orange twist in a Martini glass is one of many simple cocktails Sandeman mixes up. As part of Sandeman contemporary imagery, the brand promotes the use of port in cocktails to engage the current mixology climate. The brand encourages bartenders to serve port wines in large glasses and slightly chilled with simplicity working best in cocktail creation. Zodiac Vodka, a handcrafted, gluten free American potato vodka launches in Texas and plans to expand to additional markets.

In a punch bowl, muddle sugar and lemon peel to produce oleo saccharum, then stir in ingredients to blend. Using a handheld strainer or slotted spoon, remove the lemon peels.

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Refrigerate, covered until ready to serve. Add mint leaves to julep cup, muddle, add ingredients and fill the cup half with ice. Stir, top with crushed ice, fresh grated nutmeg and mint sprig to garnish. Stir all ingredients together with ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary. Favored by mixologists as a foundation for building authentic, classic cocktails and for enjoying as an agave digestif. Orange Juice 1 oz. Pomegranate Juice. Combine ingredients over crushed ice in a Hurricane glass. Garnish with orange moon and pineapple leaf.

Zesty and smooth, the limitededition flavor is a combination of warm gingerbread flavors, creamy vanilla and subtle notes of Southern Comfort. Tastes like fresh baked sweet rolls and brown spices perfect for a holiday party gift. A marriage of two Canadian flavors: rye and maple. Tap is crafted from cask-aged 3, 5, and 7 year old rye whiskies expertly blended with pure Canadian maple syrup from Quebec. A limited edition Canadian rye whisky aged up to eight years and finished by our Master Blender with a hint of Port to complement this smooth, yet rich rye whisky.

Whack for the daddy-o. With whiskey in our veins we welcome a new year of tippling trends behind the stick. The return of classic cocktails along with the popularity of barrelaging and small-batch, quality spirits have paved the way for the sip of the era… whiskey. So, as we let the Jameson sink in and revel in all things whiskey, we can celebrate high-concept and high-end drinking with bartenders who are driven by quality, creativity and healthy ingredients. We explore bourbon, rye, scotch, including other spirits that are influenced and aged with whiskey and the distilleries, new and old, bringing us the juice.

Luxurious spirits are sipped and savored, while treasuring liquid gold. We round out our whiskey coverage with a slew of swanky boozy concoctions that would make ole blue eyes proud. One of the oldest spirits, whiskey can trace its roots all the way back to Mesopotamia. The distilled alcoholic beverage is made from fermented grain mash before being matured in casks. There are many different types of whiskey including Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Irish whiskey, Canadian whiskey and more. Many experts believe that whiskey is in the midst of a renaissance, specifically Scotch whisky.

Nick Morgan, head of whisky outreach for Diageo will be the first to say that strong growth in the popularity of whisky, including Scotch, has not taken the industry by surprise. Bourbon production can be traced back to early immigration in the young American colonies. The first settlers were from England and drank beer and gin. Spicier than bourbon, rye was the most popular whiskey back in its day before Prohibition and then the spirit became lost.

It was just a decade ago when only a handful of rye whiskey brands existed, but thanks to the growing interest in bourbon and other whiskies, bartenders and consumers started to seek out the flavor of rye. And especially with the comeback of the classics cocktails, which the taste of rye inspired, including the Sazerac and of course the Manhattan. From small distilleries around the world to the big boy distillers launching craft brands, there is a lot of good whiskey out there.

Join the revolution. This issue of Chilled Magazine pays tribute to whiskey and one of its greatest fans, our cover icon, Frank Sinatra. The whiskey category provides endless riches for a consumer from small batch artisanal spirits to blended scotches to high-end single malts, and Pernod Ricard USA is perfectly positioned to ride the wave of whiskey consumption with its roster of venerated brands including The Glenlivet, Aberlour, Chivas, Lot 40, and Jameson.

The U. Not only is growth in whiskey sales strong, the trend is evident across the board including in the super premium and single malt categories. Leading the way is The Glenlivet, by far the top selling single malt in the U. Leading the way is Jameson, the dominant player in the category and still the benchmark for quality among its peers.

Known for its smoothness, triple distilled Jameson makes for a versatile product appropriate for settings as diverse as the neighborhood bar or a fine dining restaurant. Most significant, the company resurrected the legendary Canadian rye brand Lot 40 in to much acclaim. With the tremendous range of products coming on the market, from new distilleries in the U. Giving meaningful gifts to someone special requires a bit of perception and creativity. Of course, careful consideration of the recipient, be it a family member, friend or co-worker, is a must to elevate your gift beyond the mundane.

But for many on the obligatory holiday gift list, a beautiful bottle of their favorite libation, or perhaps one that they only dream of acquiring, is the best solution. Special limited editions, unique seasonal blends, and refined bottle designs, can be expressive gifts for all. How about a gift for the artsy-type? A bespoke white ornamental sleeve envelops the bottle, patterned with multiple notches, paying tribute to that unique place.

Each bottle of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs is signed and numbered and presented in a decorative gift box. As each layer is peeled away, the exquisite gift is revealed. The art of gifting bottles of wine and spirits is nothing new, of course. People have been giving spirits as meaningful gifts for centuries. On December 24, , the Dowager Empress of Russia asked the House of Hennessy to blend a cognac of the most exceptional quality as a gift to her son, Tsar Alexander I. This was a very noble and meaningful gift indeed. Of course, everyone has a fashionista on their gift giving list.

Some bottle designs are so timeless that receiving them as gifts sends a meaningful message to a recipient. Sharp edges, smooth bevels, and ease of design all speak to quality and craftsmanship, which both constitute the elements of luxury. Brands that focus on projecting a look and feel rooted in the heritage of the distillery not only visually communicate their story, they also enhance the gift giving experience by embracing history, culture, and the importance of family.

Spirits bottles are designed with the promise of everything from adventure and excitement to luxury and opulence.

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By defining a niche, creating bespoke styles, or portraying total luxury, spirited packaging will match easily with most of the gift recipients on your list. In the art of giving, the bottle says it all. Iconic spirits brands present dynamic and beautiful bottle designs that are of unparalleled luxury and serve as the ultimate gift for any occasion. Chandon Limited Edition bottles allow you to pick your occasion for the perfect gift.

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Emblazoned with four different phrases, the chic white and shimmery gold bottles are quite expressive. It also contains an envelope with a card telling the story of the Maison on one side and space for a personal message on the other. Numanthia Termanthia is available for the first time in magnums of the vintage with only magnums in production.

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The result? Rich, medium-to-full bodied tequila with balanced notes of caramel, vanilla, dried fruits, chocolate, and, you guessed it, whiskey! During his aging process, he looks to the barrel to enhance and bring out unique and surprising new characteristics in the liquid, creating new flavor profiles. Oropeza prides himself on going against the grain. According to Oropeza, the label is a powerful tribute to Mexican culture and the powerful contradictions inherent in the heritage- wealth and poverty, beauty and desolation, celebration and danger- perfectly capturing the true spirit of Mexico.

Add fresh ice and stir. Strain into a chilled coup glass. Garnish with a brandied cherry. Demerara Sugar Add coffee to sugar, stir until dissolved. Add large cube and stir the contents in the glass. Garnish with an orange peel and brandied cherry. In a julep cup add mint leaves, chamomile tea and agave nectar, and muddle contents. Add more crushed ice to form a cone at the top of the julep cup. Garnish with a Mint Sprig and dusted dried chamomile tea. Kosher Salt 15 oz. Hot Water 1 oz. High Proof Vodka Add kosher salt to hot water, stir to dissolve.

Add high proof vodka. In a rocks glass add all ingredients. Add large ice cube. Stir for sec. Garnish with an orange peel. One small step for man, one giant leap for scotch. Photos courtesy Ardbeg Distillery. At the same time a second controlled sample had been housed at the Ardbeg Distillery on Islay.

The two samples have since been reunited in a laboratory in Houston, Texas where they can carefully be examined. The scientists hope to discover what the absence of gravity does to items such as medicine, food, and…whisky. According to chemist by trade, Dr. The team hopes to uncover how flavors develop in different gravitational conditions, findings which could revolutionize the whiskymaking process. Scientists will examine the interaction of the Ardbeg-crafted molecules with charred oak to document what differences occur between earth whiskey and space whisky. The final papers with full research findings will be published next year once all testing is complete.

Ardbeg was invited by U. Should there be a chemical difference found in this first of its kind experiment, it might change the way whisky is developed in the future. For the first time ever, these great malts will stand apart from the iconic blends they have historically enhanced, to be introduced as single malts. Each is a gem in its own right with a great history ripe for consumers to discover, admire and share.

Craigellachie and Aberfeldy are the first two of the collection to be released in the U. For the first time in history, says Shaifer, Craigellachie has released its single malts, and expects to make an impact among consumers who appreciate discovering whiskies with a great story. While whisky has typically been a spirit associated with low-energy moments, Shaifer believes that the strong growth in the category can be attributed to the millennial generation partaking in whisky as a social beverage, as well as one to celebrate important moments in life.

The Canadian province of Quebec is by far the largest producer of maple syrup, supplying more than 80 percent of the world with the golden nectar. No high fructose corn syrup imitations, just honest to goodness, pure, natural, real maple syrup. Take whisky for instance. The marriage of tastes between whisky and maple has always struck a perfect balance. The Canadians have been combining these flavors for hundreds of years, and so, pioneering the flavored whisky category.

As one of the original brands blending rye whisky with extra clear, high-grade pure maple syrup produced right in the heartland of maple country; the brand is unlike any other. There is little substitute for natural and pure maple syrup when it comes to taste. Starter whiskies, like one with pure maple combined with the strength of real whisky, and offering maple-toffee taste with hints of caramel and butterscotch, are wonderful neat, on the rocks or mixed in classic cocktails. As with most flavored spirits the quality of ingredients is key. Artificial ingredients are never as good as authentic ones, especially when marrying two profiles like whisky and maple.

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So, what do you need to know about drinking it? Drinks like the Manhattan, the Old Fashioned and the Sazerac are driving bourbon popularity behind the bar. Additionally, we are excited to have the refined aficionados enjoy our more aged, premium bourbon like Calumet Bourbon. The interest in whisky production dates back to when Robert Samuels, a third generation Scottish-Irish immigrant settled in Kentucky.

In , Samuels shared his recipe with his grandson T. Bill did the unthinkable. He took the year-old family recipe and, in a very dramatic ceremony, burned it. It was considered to be cheap, bitter and just plain bad. You can truly taste the difference.

There, they spend at least three Kentucky summers on the top floor. In honor of six-decades of family-made bourbon, the distillery unveiled an original piece of art, created by renowned artist Dale Chihuly. This very special bourbon was created by Samuels father Bill, Jr. How many different ways can you make an Old Fashioned Cocktail?

In fact, at this chic midtown lounge, the version of this all-time classic cocktail you will be sipping on, is determined by a roll of the dice. Besides the incredible selection of brown liquors, including varieties of scotch, bourbon and whiskey, Reserve specializes in handcrafted cocktails including a bespoke array of Old Fashioned cocktails. Interestingly, the menu that presents this assortment of Old Fashioneds is anything but typical. The beauty of the box? It guarantees a tasty cocktail combination every time. We thought the dice box would really add to the customer experience.

The player rolls three dice, each representing the base spirit, the syrup and the bitters. Six well-planned varieties are represented for each. The mixologist then creates their cocktail using each die as a recipe guide. The illustrious New York vibe in the distinctively designed space features intimately understated and beautiful accents.

King took on his GM role as if by cosmically preordained destiny. He managed to gravitate to the only place for miles upon miles that requires gloves and parkas year round. If you let your glasses get too cold they will crack when you ad the booze, just like ice cubes pop and crack when you ad soda. It opened first at Mandalay Bay and then in the Monte Carlo. Opting to defy global warming, it has since gone Elsa all over New York, Orlando and most recently, the Cayman Islands.

More than the risk of melting or cracking glasses, other obstacles at this unconventional establishment encumber its staff on a regular basis. We have to constantly rotate our juices, as they will freeze after 15 or 20 minutes. All sodas have to be in a can or bottle because we cannot run a soda gun into the bar. Even olive juice is problematic as it has high salt content and can compromise an ice glass. Be it tank top or scarf weather outside, no person can resist the beckon call of a professionally sculpted ice luge, just as no ice bar would be properly equipped without one.

In addition to their regular cocktail menu, which currently features the raspberry infused vodka Iceman and the mint infused rum Frosty Mojito, they enlist star-types to create signature drink recipes. Chilled absorbed the behind-the-scenes engineering of the new glass with three gentlemen directly involved in the creative process. The Spiegelau Stout Beer Glass is a visionary upgrade sure to magnify the singular flavor of stout beers for fans around the world. At the bottom of the glass is a laseretched nucleation that allows bubbles to form and release upward.

When these bubbles burst at the rim, they release the aromas of the stout. Above the conical bottom is the wide, bowl-shaped body of the Stout Glass that holds the beer. It is From the body to the rim, the glass slopes inward, containing all the aromas at the top, enhancing the drinking experience. More aroma, more flavor. The thick glass is an insulate, which warms the beer faster than the thin blown Stout Glass. It has a straight edge which allows all the wonderful aromas to slip out into the room.

These are people who have all dedicated their lives to their craft. In the glass business, microns are like miles.