Prescription for Discipline

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Please talk to your pharmacist.

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On the contrary, an essential part of our job as pharmacists is to talk to you and discuss any questions you may have about your medications. There is a lot more to preparing your prescription than counting pills, typing a label and sticking it on a container.

Georgia Legislature votes to weaken opioid prescription monitoring

Your pharmacist checks the medication, dose and instructions to make sure they are right for you. This may include allergies or interactions with other medications you are taking. Your pharmacist enters the details of your current prescription onto your medication profile. Once your prescription is filled and checked your pharmacist talks to you about why you have been prescribed this particular drug.

Many medications can be used for more than one medical condition. In order to ensure that your medications are appropriate for you and that you will get the most benefit from them, your pharmacist has to understand why you are taking the medications.

Episode 2 - La discipline et la déontologie des pharmaciens

Sometimes they need to contact your doctor to confirm the reason the medication has been prescribed, or they may have some suggestions on a different medication or a different dosage that might work better for you. Industry-leading scanning and electronic signature capture keeps us on target. We pass that electronic data seamlessly back to you so you have all the answers you need when speaking to your customers, prospects or auditors.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

Because there is no margin for error in prescription delivery, SDS Rx has developed a three- point process based on: Discipline Technology Proven Solutions Disciplined Operation When delivering medication, there is no room for error. Which is why we have built an operating culture around proven discipline within a delivery environment. The discipline to measure daily results and hold ourselves accountable to our customers needs is how we do it better.