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He says that the President had independently been interested in the subject, and was asking for information regarding it from those within his government — before realising he was being lied to. Or, in other words, there are elements of the government that are secret even to the president.

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The first is understandable — they fear being ridiculed in the media. He claims that those who have this information are those who stand to profit least from it surfacing in public — corporations who profit from our current energy paradigm. He claims that once we accept the evidence that ETs have visited our planet, the real question, and the most important one, is the discussion about how they got here.

He puts forward the case that if they were to travel from 1, light years away and in reality it would be a lot further since 1, light years is still our galactic neighbourhood it would take them 1, years to get here, travelling at the speed of light, and a further 1, years to get back. Therefore for them to have surfaced on our planet they must have technology that is far beyond our current understanding. If such technology existed, and Dr Greer claims that it does and is being worked on and indeed examples are shown in the documentary , then it would bring a complete end to our use of fossil fuels — meaning there would no longer be any profits for what are currently the most profitable corporations on the planet.

Interstellar Travel Challenges

Electromagnetic generators would stimulate the electromagnetic energy to run the generator and provide power to whatever was needed. There are a number of other potential energies that the Orion Project, part of the Sirius Disclosure, are looking in to.

Interstellar travel

The project is working to bring these scientists together under one roof, so they can work together and with anyone else with the expertise and knowledge to get involved in an open-source way. The Federation of American Scientists FAS showed that at the end of the fiscal year of there were 5, inventions that were under secrecy orders. Dr Greer believes that the technologies discussed could be classed as a threat to national security, given that it would change the macroeconomic order of the world.

Dr Greer believes that The foundation for what? Dr Greer is referring to a part of the documentary that we were particularly quizzical about. Aliens would be the new thing to hate. Dr Greer believes the most important thing people should take from the documentary is the energy technology. Bringing them together, with full support, clear direction, and aligned effort will certainly produce an energy breakthrough that humanity so sorely needs. Latest Science. Share this. Print this story. What is the Disclosure Project?

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How is it that this group manage to see so many UFOs and most people never see any? Have they ever seen an actual alien? So then who has control of this information?

  • Dr Steven Greer says its not about whether they visited Earth, but instead how they got here.!
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Why would evidence about ETs effect fossil fuel companies? What are these technologies? A significant factor is the energy needed for a reasonable travel time. If deceleration on arrival is desired and cannot be achieved by any means other than the engines of the ship, then the required energy at least doubles, because the energy needed to halt the ship equals the energy needed to accelerate it to travel speed. The velocity for a manned round trip of a few decades to even the nearest star is thousands of times greater than those of present space vehicles.

This means that due to the v 2 term in the kinetic energy formula, millions of times as much energy is required. The source of energy has to be carried, since solar panels do not work far from the Sun and other stars. The magnitude of this energy may make interstellar travel impossible. Larger objects such as bigger dust grains are far less common, but would be much more destructive.

It can be argued that an interstellar mission which cannot be completed within 50 years should not be started at all. Instead, the resources should be invested in designing a better propulsion system.

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This is because a slow spacecraft would probably be passed by another mission sent later with more advanced propulsion. On the other hand, a case can therefore be made for starting a mission without delay, because the non-propulsion problems may turn out to be more difficult than the propulsion engineering. Intergalactic travel involves distances about a million-fold greater than interstellar distances, making it radically more difficult than even interstellar travel. Andrew Kennedy has shown that voyages undertaken before the minimum wait time will be overtaken by those who leave at the minimum, while those who leave after the minimum will never overtake those who left at the minimum.

Kennedy's calculation depends on r , the mean annual increase in world power production.

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From any point in time to a given destination, there is a minimum to the total time to destination. Voyagers would probably arrive without being overtaken by later voyagers by waiting a time t before leaving. The relation between the time it takes to get to a destination now, T now , or after waiting, T t , and growth in velocity of travel is. Taking a journey to Barnard's Star , six light years away, as an example, Kennedy shows that with a world mean annual economic growth rate of 1.

Astronomical distances are often measured in the time it would take a beam of light to travel between two points see light-year. Light in a vacuum travels approximately , kilometers per second or , miles per second. The distance from Earth to the Moon is 1. With current spacecraft propulsion technologies, a craft can cover the distance from the Earth to the Moon in around eight hours New Horizons. That means light travels approximately thirty thousand times faster than current spacecraft propulsion technologies. The distance from Earth to other planets in the Solar System ranges from three light-minutes to about four light-hours.

Depending on the planet and its alignment to Earth, for a typical unmanned spacecraft these trips will take from a few months to a little over a decade. The distance to other stars is much greater. The nearest known star to the Sun is Proxima Centauri , which is 4. At this rate, a journey to Proxima Centauri would take 72, years. Of course, this mission was not specifically intended to travel fast to the stars, and current technology could do much better.

The travel time could be reduced to a few millennia using solar sails , or to a century or less using nuclear pulse propulsion. Special relativity offers the possibility of shortening the travel time: if a starship with sufficiently advanced engines could reach velocities near the speed of light, relativistic time dilation would make the voyage much shorter for the traveller. However, it would still take many years of elapsed time as viewed by the people remaining on Earth. On returning to Earth, the travellers would find that far more time had elapsed on Earth than had for them twin paradox.

Many problems would be solved if wormholes existed. General relativity does not rule them out, but so far as we know at present, they do not exist. The round-trip delay time is the minimum time between a probe signal reaching Earth, and the probe getting instructions from Earth. Faster reactions would have to be programmed to be carried out automatically.

Of course, in the case of a manned flight the crew can respond immediately to their observations.

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However, the round-trip delay time makes them not only extremely distant but, in terms of communication , extremely isolated from Earth. Another factor is the energy needed for interstellar communications to arrive reliably. Obviously, gas and particles would degrade signals interstellar extinction , and there would be limits to the energy available to send the signal.