Fundamentals of Attosecond Optics

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Attosecond real-time observation of electron tunnelling in atoms. Milosevic, N. How to use lasers for imaging attosecond dynamics of nuclear processes. Corkum, P. A plasma perspective on strong field multiphoton ionization. Keldysh, L. Ionization in the field of a strong electromagnetic wave. Multiphonon absorption processes and ionization probability for atoms and solids in strong electromagnetic field. JETP 20 , — Ammosov, M. Tunnel ionization of complex atoms and of atomic ions in an alternating electromagnetic field. JETP 64 , — Yudin, G.

Geometric Optics: Crash Course Physics #38

Nonadiabatic tunnel ionization: looking inside a laser cycle. A 64 , Physics of correlated double ionization of atoms in intense laser fields: quasistatic tunneling limit. A 63 , Sub-femtosecond pulses. Dudovich, N. Measuring and controlling the birth of attosecond pulses. Nature Phys. Kienberger, R.

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Atomic transient recorder. Seres, J. Source of coherent kiloelectronvolt X-rays. Nature , Chang, Z. Single attosecond pulse and XUV supercontinuum in the high-order harmonic plateau. A 70 , Sola, I.

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Controlling attosecond electron dynamics by phase-stabilized polarization gating. Lopez-Martens, R. Amplitude and phase control of attosecond light pulses. Sansone, G. Isolated single-cycle attosecond pulses. Pfeifer, T. Heterodyne mixing of laser fields for temporal gating of high-order harmonic generation. Oishi, Y.

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Generation of extreme ultraviolet continuum radiation driven by a subfs two-color field. Diels, J. Ultrashort laser pulse phenomena: fundamentals, techniques and applications on a femtosecond time scale. Academic, Boston, Bradley, D. Direct linear measurement of ultrashort light pulses with a picosecond streak camera. Schelev, M. Image-converter streak camera with picosecond resolution. Tzallas, P. Direct observation of attosecond light bunching. Sekikawa, T. Nonlinear optics in the extreme ultraviolet. Attosecond streak camera. Steering attosecond electron wave packets with light.

Attosecond spectral shearing interferometry. Hargittai, I. VCH, Weinheim, Laser induced electron diffraction: A new tool for probing ultrafast molecular dynamics. Lein, M. Electron diffraction in above-threshold ionization of molecules. A 66 , Yurchenko, S. Laser-induced interference, focusing, and diffraction of rescattering molecular photoelectrons.

Spanner, M.

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Reading diffraction images in strong field ionization of diatomic molecules. B 37 , L—L Gabor, D.

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A new microscopic principle. Kanai, T. Baker, S. Probing proton dynamics in molecules on an attosecond time scale.

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Science, , — Attosecond photoionization of coherently coupled electronic states. A 72 , Remetter, T. Attosecond electron wave packet interferometry. Chirped attosecond photoelectron spectroscopy. Mapping attosecond electron wave packet motion. Rev Lett. Kling, M. Control of electron localization in molecular dissociation. Zeidler, D. Controlling attosecond double ionization dynamics via molecular alignment. Weckenbrock, M. Electron—electron momentum exchange in strong field double ionization. Limit the search to the library catalogue. Direct access to the library catalogue. Fundamentals of attosecond optics English.

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