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He is a versatile personality, having interests in various Holistic Sciences for the last two decades. He has promoted cultural and spiritual thoughts of India's rich heritage in about 31 countries visited by him as Member-Secretary of Many Delegations promoted by Govt of India. He was born in the Brahmana Caste and belongs to the traditional lineage of Guru Gorakshanath.

Awards and Citations: Recipient of Dr. Membership of scientific bodies: Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India. Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists.


Indian Naturopathy and Yoga graduates Association. Member of the editorial board of Immunology and Arthritis Education and Re. S Ravishankar BBM. PFM UK. Scores of articles on varied topics widely published in India and abroad. Received Several fellowship and awards at national and international level. Fond of promoting Yoga, Nature Cure and Ayurveda he involved in various research studies And also have a plan to publish volume of books on the said topic. He will also involve in such organization and wish to support on Honorary basis. He is the founder Secretary of International Socio-Literary Foundation And through this forum he is recognizing outstanding writers, social activists.

Ravishankar will be contacted for any help nsravi sify. President, V. Dr Chakradhas Frend did his graduation and post graduation studies in Microbiology and also completed the Bachelor in Laws. He wants to devote his whole life studing the vedic culture. He started doing Yoga from He was graduated in Pharmacy B. Pharma and in Laws. Presently, he is doing a Master on Philosophy M. He currently head "AwakeningInstitute" which is giving by a great Siddha and he is currently working on special need children trying his best to make a difference in there lives.

His Vision and his Mission is to create a boundary less, one, United World. He came in India in and deeply indulge himself in the divine study of Astrology. Sonja has studied intensely mainly in India and London and believes that living yoga in it's essence helps to impart her knowledge better and more succinctly. She started practicing yoga fifteen years ago and has thirteen intensive years of experience teaching Yoga and twenty five years experience of teaching Pilates in London, India and Nepal. She has a B. She comes from a professional performing arts background and has found these two disciplines to be invaluable in balancing and maintaining calmness in her life.

Guided 5 Students for Ph. Recipient of the Dr. Bestowed with the Sri. Jagannath Evam Sri. She is the only medical professional in India who has encompassed the fundamentals of Medical Science with the Eastern Vedic Wisdom offering health in its truest sense and in its entire perspective-physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual as defined by the World Health Organisation.

She has worked in the Healthcare Sector for many years. This exposure helped her to recognize, identify and acknowledge the diverse ethnicity and distinctive spirited environments existing in various companies and sectors. Looking at the varied ways of survival of people and evolution of humans going against the laws of nature and Darwinian Theories and her exposure to the yogic lifestyle, she consciously opted for a career in Training and Self Development.

She started her journey in these arts and sciences as a part of personal development in childhood and curiosity and gradually started conducting workshops on Self Improvement, Emotional Management, Self Awareness, Clarity, Concentration, Strategic Thinking, Prevention and Rehabilitation of Cardiac and Lifestyle Disorders and Stress Management, Leadership, Managing Change, etc. She specialises in the areas of homoeopathy, yoga, reflexology, music therapy and colour therapy.

Looking at painful and serious side effects of conventional medical therapy, I always found a gap in that area. My family and some eminent personalities of Ayurveda like Vd. Triguna, Dr. Lavekar, Dr. Katiyar, always inspired and prompted me to continue higher education in Ayurveda. Bhairav B. Sasikumar Nechiyil. Serviced as Member of the G.

Attended as a resource person in the work shop conducted by Rasasastra department of Thiruvananthapuram Ayurvedic post graduate centre last year. S ince early age practicing sports and in the age of 14 - 16 starts to be interested in Yoga. Soon after starting practice of TM - Maharishi Transcendental Meditation, attending different courses on Vedic Science in different european countries. Since teacher of transcendental meditation. At present in Rishikesh in India running ayurvedic center — clinic Ayurveda Bhavan. W ould like, in cooperation with European Yoga Federation to help organizing Yoga training courses with higher standard.

Padmaja Suresh. He has treated thousands of patients from over 30 countries using the classical methods of Ayurveda and Pancha Karma with great success in reversing and curing cases that have been dismissed by other systems of medicine. He is studying and practising with many of the most influential Ayurvedic scholars and doctors in current times, and contributing in many ways.

In addition to the standard thesis work, research, publications and practice, he is also the main lecturer for all short-term courses for non-Indian students, and has helped to spread knowledge and interest in Ayurveda throughout the world. He has presented over a dozen papers and studies at International and National Ayurveda seminars all over India in the past 10 years.

He has also published half a dozen articles for which he has been recognized and awarded. Vipin Kumar PT. After the completion the University and holding the degree of Bachelor of Arts he qualified for an administrative work in the Orissa government. However because of his deep interest in spirituality, the year he left Orissa and came to the banks of Ganga in Rishikesh.

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After this period he spent some years doing sadhana in Swarg Ashram and went to some Himalayan caves looking for the perfection of his spiritual practice. Rohit R. At an early age of 16, when he had to make a choice for his career, he chose to be an ayurveda physician. He completed his training from the prestigious Ayurveda college in Shiroda, Goa Goa University along with an internship. His love for ayurveda further made him travel to Pune, Kerela and other places in India to get a deeper and wider knowledge of Ayurveda.

He finished his course in yoga at Mumbai in Santa Cruz. He is a dedicated physician who takes care of his patients in a very special way. This is proved by the very good comments he has received on the internet. He is very good in diagnosis. Sometimes patients are astonished about the things he will find out about their bodies just by conducting a pulse diagnosis on them. Rohit has been practicing Ayurveda for more than 10 years now, and he has earned a reputation for himself as trusted expert in the field of avurveda, both by his competitors as well as his patients.

He has mastered the art of successfully healing various ailments with Ayurveda, and he is also a physician that will use the safe and proven treatments of "western medicine" as well. Outcome within 10 years is as follows. Reshma Datar. Reshy is from Pune, India. After having worked in Australia within the Human Services for some years and having gone through a period of upheaval in her personal life, she ardently sought to make sense of her life.

She returned to India in and gravitated towards Yoga to heal. This is when her journey to the greatest learning of the Self and optimal state of wellness began. Yoga led her to embrace life fully with awareness and compassion. To further deepen her practice and understanding, she trained in the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Tradition. Reshy teaches from a place of personal experience, and likes to draw upon the ancient wisdom and healing practices of Yoga to overcome the limitations of the body and mind. She is committed to an integrated practice of asanas, pranayama, chanting and meditation.

Her teaching style encourages correct alignment, synchronization of breath and movement, and awareness of body-mind-breath. She also works extensively with individuals with specific needs by using props, Iyengar therapy principles and the principles of Viniyoga propounded by Sri Desikacharyaji.

Reshy expresses deep gratitude to her Guru, all her teachers, her family, all the beautiful beings who help her evolve, and to life itself for the love, guidance and inspiration. Email: reshydatar gmail. Major General Dr. Phone : Email: vishnuvktvm gmail. E-mail : doctorpriyajain gmail.

Shirly Goldestein. Is acertified Yoga Teacher since Naty has been teaching yoga to children ages 2 to12 years since She provides a wide range of programs and projects in a variety of settings, including primary schools, kindergartens, and preschools. Luria Aviva. E-mail: avivanehora gmail. Noa Sharon. E- mail noagr gmail. EuropeanYogaFederation World. Filippo De Franceschi.

Master student in Ayurveda. She has always enjoyed and was fascinated by yoga, Indian culture and philosophies. Trainer of Yoga Teachers. Practise Yoga from under the guidance of various international yoga teachers. Qui apprende le tecniche dell' Hatha Yoga e Natya Yoga. Surya di Milano. Krisna Das. He is a master of Sitar and other Indian musical instruments, such as Surbahar, Saranghi, Harmonium etc. Widely known and appreciated both in India and in Europe, where he gives concerts during six months per year, he devote his life to music, transfusing in it a deep sense of joy and inner enchantment.

He is a connoisseur and an interpreter of the ancient Veda philosophy. He is a composer of transcendental music. Carlo Di Bernardino. He published different works about clinical applications of Yoga and meditation in the rehabilitation of psychotics Mc Graw-Hill, He is author of 70 articles and 4 books about scientific approaches in cognitive psychotherapy of group. He have organized many nationals and internationals congresses about Well-Being, Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy of serious psychopathologies.

Micaela Jorio. I started practicing Hatha yoga in I collaborated with several olistic centers in Viterbo province and then I started a yoga center on my own in Sutri VT. I do manage courses, workshops, private lessons and yoga vacation. Cinzia Conte. Master student in ayurveda. She consolidates and improves her knowledge by practicing ayurvedic massage and ayurvedic therapies. Valeria Comito Viola. Holleman, R. Turla, B. Baleotti, L. Miele and F. Gianna Todisco. I started to practice yoga in and, until , I have followed two different Yoga teachers and styles: first was very physical while second more spiritual and symbolic.

Since I am practicing the Vipassana Meditation the buddhist meditation with a meditation teacher called Thanavaro. In those years I had some experiences with yoga for children too. I am a member of Yoga National Teachers Association. Only in he became acquainted with Yoga and he soon devoted himself to this discipline. He also deepened other branches of Yoga during his stays in Orient. At the end of Nineties, thanks to his background and to his experience, he founded the Contemporary Yoga.

Daniele Morganti. Tel: Mobile: plus. Lorenza Bolgiana. She has:. Nazzareno Quinzi. Ha, inoltre, conseguito il Master 2 in Yoga e Psicoterapia con il Dott. Mobile: The activities of the association focuses on the spread of yoga practice, of the spiritual disciplines and artistic expression as essential to human evolution. Con la madre, per anni ha lavorato in radio e tv locali. Un uomo di nome Stefania the Boopen Editore, Napoli, Opera anche e soprattutto a mezzo della propria stazione radiofonica, Radio Yoga Network.

Guglielmo Colombi. Yoga praticioner, Yoga Teacher. He has direct a Yoga Center. He is an expert in the following areas: asana, pranayama, meditation in tibetan tradition: Naropa six Yogas, Inner Fire. Gabriella Ometto. In she obtained a three-years diploma at R. Resarch on Yoga and Education in a projet of Ministry of Education to get qualification to teach childrens in schools.

She regularly teaches yoga to adult and children since Graziella Di Salvatore. Simboliche politiche e del sacro, Nuova Cultura, Roma , pp. Croce" di Pescasseroli AQ , nei corsi organizzati dal Centro territoriale Permanente CTP per l'Educazione Degli Adulti EDU , 80 ore di lezione di yoga con un progetto dal titolo: "Lo yoga: scienza della vita e dello spirito per il benessere psico-fisico della persona".

Bianchi, Apprendere dal passato, vivere il presente, prepararsi al futuro, SpazioAttivo ed. Serena Zaganelli. Insegnante di Yoga dal presso diverse strutture comunali e private di Monza e Milano. Interessata allo studio di tematiche olistiche e spirituali da circa vent'anni ha intrapreso, nel tempo, differenti percorsi e studiato diverse tradizioni filosofiche, mantenendo sempre un approccio di ricerca sincretistico e comparativo.

Giornalista free-lance, ha collaborato in ambito radiofonico speaker e giornalista ed editoriale. Ha fondato l'Associazione Culturale Iridescenza di Monza nel Rino Siniscalchi. La sua didattica punta specificamente alla consapevolezza del respiro e della colonna vertebrale. Insegna dal Marta Sirimbelli. During the time yoga has become my lifestyle and it has been enriched with daily sitting.

In the last year I have also begun. Amadio Bianchi. I started teaching yoga in , since then I have always researched tne unity of body,. Tel: Mobile: Inizia la lettura e lo studio dei testi classici, intensifica la pratica attraverso esperienze diversificate che la portano al cuore dello yoga: la meditazione. Consegue il diploma di insegnante di yoga e meditazione presso la scuola Ananda Ahsram di Milano.

Attualmente tiene corsi di yoga per adulti e bambini nell'interland milanese. Master di specializzazione in discipline energetiche con Franco Bottalo, trattamento manuale di canali e visceri straordinari Qi Shu , diagnosi polsi e lingua, tecniche di moxibustione e coppettazione. Insegnante corsi base della scuola Shiatsu Xin di Milano. Juan Carlos Acuna Gaso. Ayurvedic Operator. In constant collaboration with official institutions of the state Member of the official Italian Confederation of Yoga. Member of the C. Mobile: acunajuancarlos.

Francesca Fogliato.

Publisher's Summary

I was born in and I have a degree in Food Science and Technology. Analyzing the requirements of my clients I felt the need to offer people the opportunity to find health and beauty through an holistic approach by touching every aspect of a one's life. I practice Ayurvedic treatments to maintain the well-being and beauty of person giving them advices on healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle and also teaching make-up sessions.

Member of the "Associazione Nazionale Insegnanti Yoga. Studious of oriental philosophy. Aurelio Nicolazzo. Nel gennaio ha iniziato i suoi corsi di kriya yoga presso la Self Realisation Fellowship di Paramahansa Yogananda, a Los Angeles, per corrispondenza. Nel Aurelio ha imparato a conoscere anche il potere dei cristalli e ha studiato cristalloterapia e radioestesia applicata, sia sotto la guida della studiosa romana Mariagrazia Albanese ha tenuto conferenze televisive per anni sul canale tv Telestudio 61 , sia in maniera autonoma.

Quindi ha implementato un metodo di meditazione unita ai cristalli e al pranayama. Vari amici di Aurelio hanno beneficiato di questo trattamento rilassante e benefico. Decide quindi di dedicarsi completamente all'insegnamento di questa disciplina, approfondendone la conoscenza e studiando con insegnanti di livello internazionale. Nel incontra il maestro Roy Eugene Davis , un altro dei pochi discepoli diretti viventi di Yogananda e da allora ne segue gli insegnamenti. Da due anni ha messo a punto una forma particolare di pratica che ha chiamato Kriya Natha Yoga, nella quale ha trasferito tutta la sua esperienza.

Nel Mr. Davis lo ha ordinato suo ministro e abilitato a rappresentarlo e a dare l'iniziazione alle tecniche avanzate del Kriya Yoga. E' inoltre Master Reiki, pranoterapeuta e riflessologo. Ha collaborato per diversi anni con le palestre Down Town a Milano. E-mail: giovanni. Maestra in Discipline Olistiche, Yoga e Meditazione. La sua passione per le discipline e filosofie orientali ha portato la sperimentatrice ha compiere numerosi viaggi ed esperienze residenziali in Ashram scuole di studio dell'antico oriente approfondendo diversi stili di yoga e conoscendo diversi maestri anche di fama internazionale, con i quali resta in contatto e collabora.

Offre corsi amatoriali, culturali e formativi da oltre dieci anni, con stage,workshop e residenziali. E-mail: stuzzicaventi virgilio. Yogi Pranidhana. In the School Sathya deals, in addition to teaching Yoga, Teacher Training, Meditation meetings, seminars Liguria and all the events in a spiritual nature.

He collaborates with magazines and has published articles and books. He is dedicated to the deepening of everything about alternative natural therapies trying to extend the benefits of oriental practices also to those who find themselves in difficulty. It has in fact created the projects: "Shiatsu Social" bringing Shiatsu at the Centers Alzheimer's; "Shiatsu to Offer Free" proposing to offer free treatments, "Layla, Project Woman" by offering free yoga to women in economic or psychological difficulties and by offering free Yoga and Meditation in Monza Prison.

E-mail: yoga sathya. Has published articles and books on various aspects of Yoga, including "Yoga Mantra. After about ten years of study of ballet, began the practice of yoga, studying with the direct disciple of Swami Kriyananda, he studied the techniques of Yogatherapy with the Indian master Om Anandji and Mantra Yoga with Tibetan Master Lama Tashi Tsering Rinpoche. She enriched her knowledge with the study of Yoga Nidra, a major eastern meditative technique; Yoga Mudra, Yoga in Couple and the two experiences of motherhood helped to deepen the study and application of Yoga in Pregnancy, discovering its fundamental importance in this sensitive time.

For many years in contact with the society through activities directed to AIDS patients, children with leukemia and creator of the project "Free Inside", thanks to which Sathya Yoga brings free Yoga and Meditation every week at the Institute of Prison Monza. Guido Nathan Zazzu. Si dedica agli studi di medievistica e svolge ruolo di consulente editoriale presso case editrici locali e nazionali. Kulkarni, dove consegue il titolo di Nishnat, nel Prosegue nel tempo i suoi studi, che si sono ampliati in particolare verso gli aspetti emozionali della malattia.

Ha diretto numerosi corsi per allievi e operatori del settore di Ayurveda, Yoga, e altre discipline olistiche. E-mail ayurveda centroayurveda. Claudia Gazzurelli. Medical Manager. Alberto Chiantaretto. Antonio Virgili -Italy-. Professor, consultant, his main research fields are sociology, demography, psychology, sexology, preventive and integrative medicine especially Ayurveda and Reflexology. Author of many articles and some books, he is active in children and women human rights member of the National Cultural Commission of LIDU , a Fellow of Lions Club and of Rotary Club and has obtained several awards for culture and science.

Nasce e vive a Firenze. Lindau, successivamente tradotto in lingua inglese. Dal al collabora con il Comune di Bagno a Ripoli insegnando nei corsi per adulti e nel presso la Scuola Media Statale Righi. Negli stessi anni svolge un laboratorio di yoga e rilassamento anche presso la Scuola Elementare Statale Acciaioli di Firenze. Nel inizia la pratica del Tai Chi Chuan con il maestro coreano Shin Dae Woung, completando anche il corso istruttori, e seguendo il programma della scuola per 7 anni. Nel supera l'esame nazionale e si iscrive al Registro Italiano Operatori Shiatsu della Federazione Italiana Shiatsu, con la quale collabora attivamente, facendo parte nel biennio del Direttivo Nazionale.

Incontra lo yoga per la prima volta in gravidanza, che diventa il filo conduttore nella vita e nella formazione. Si forma come insegnante yoga alla SFIDY di Milano, negli anni a seguire continua ad approfondire lo studio e la pratica, allarga le sue competenze frequentando corsi di yoga per i bambini, per le gestanti, post-parto. Da qualche anno si interessa di yoga-terapia, sotto la guida di Marc Beuvain.

Naturopata, Acharyayurveda, Scuola Joytinat, allievo D. Kulkarni,rettore Accademy Poone India. Laurea in Sociologia,Psicologia, specializzato in Psicoterapia. Pratica yoga dal in seguito alla sua esperienza fatta a Barcellona con lo yoga Kundalini. Incontra, poi, a Roma, l' anno dopo, la sua insegnate di riferimento e la segue per diversi anni. Nel consegue il titolo di Istruttrice di Yoga Intergale presso la scuola Samadhi di Firenze, dove ancora sta frequentando il secondo anno della scuola per insegnanti.

Insegna yoga kundalini dal e yoga intergale dal Amante anche dell'artigianato, della magia delle pietre e dei metalli, crea monili, rosari, mala e gioielli in argento e pietre dure. Accanto ai corsi ordinari di Hatha Yoga fedeli ai dettami della Bihar School, alterna esperienze di Karma Yoga presso strutture di accoglienza per anziani e disabili. Nicoletta Negri. Nel e nel ha approfondito la conoscenza del Thai Massage in Thailandia e si e' dedicata allo studio del legame tra il Thai Massage e lo Yoga.

Dal dirige il corso triennale di Thai Massage ore complessive dell'Associazione Asiaclara di Milano dove oltre alla pratica si esplorano le profonde radici Yogiche del Thai Massage che spiegano perche' in Thailandia venga definito sorridendo "lo Yoga per Pigri". Bardo, Mirta Estela. University of Buenos Aires. Medical Dario Feltan Swami Budhananda. Shanti Gowans. I was born and educated in India, and now live with my husband, on the Gold Coast in Australia, where I am still learning my Australian way.

Having started teaching yoga in Australia in , through a lifetime of committed practices, study, education and travel, I have gained so much, and enjoy sharing these insights and wisdom with others. A huge part of my success is because of the many wonderful and loyal teachers, students, patients and support staff that I have been fortunate to have journeyed with during my years of practice. To them I will always be eternally grateful. I believe in wellness naturally. I believe that the natural, health practices and methods of uniting the worlds of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda provide the best options to live a healthy life.

On a day to day basis, I have the pleasure and honour of being able to guide, teach and assist others holistically, through several traditional, healing modalities in both private and public practice. My work is a marriage between my cultural and experiential background, which has provided a solid grounding for the healing work we do, and my aspirations to be of service in the very best way that I can.

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  • I am a firm believer in ayurvedic medicine. Through Ayurveda, patients experience amazing health results, such as relief from headaches, eczema, constipation, irritable bowel, bad backs, digestive disorders, ADD and ADHD, inflammation, reduction in pain, and the list goes on and on. Whatever health issues you are experiencing, clinically proven, science based, ayurvedic remedies, together with appropriate and sound dietary and lifestyle advice, may be able to help you. It starts with a customised consultation to speed you onto good health.

    Mabel Beatriz D'Angelo. Therapeutic yoga: Atma Vidya School, Year: Yoga for children: Ecos del Alma School, Year: Since to date I receive students in my yoga center Kalyani Ananda Yoga and also I teach in different establishments. Susan Hopkinson. I have taught yoga in Brussels since , and qualified as a yoga therapist through the Yoga Biomedical Trust London and with Mukunda Stiles in I began studying various approaches to yoga in , and regularly learn from leading teachers in India, Europe, the United States and Canada.

    My classes are focused and transformational. I believe it's important to teach people, not poses, which makes each class unique, responding to the needs and energy of the moment. Relevant concepts of Vedic and Buddhist philosophy and Ayurveda, India's ancient science of well-being, are woven into my teaching to add depth to the postural practice, which I see as simply one gateway to yoga.

    I feel strongly that life's challenges present an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth, and are like signposts on the path to awakening. In my experience, the practice of all aspects of yoga heals, empowers and inspires people. I find it deeply satisfying to watch students tap into their potential and discover and transform themselves through yoga.

    My roots are in Toronto, Canada, and since I've been in Brussels, Belgium, where I live with my teenage daughter and son.

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    My yoga therapy practice includes clients dealing with emotional and physical health issues such as back problems, high blood pressure, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, breast cancer, anxiety and depression. I also use evolutionary astrology as a way to understand one's life purpose. Specialties: Reconnective Healing, Evolutionary Astrology, workshops on hatha yoga, ayurveda, chakras, mantra, mudra, meditation and related subjects of interest. E-RYT with more than hours of class experience. Marc is Dutch. She works with neurocognitive methods, strategic and brief therapy.

    And also with a bodily approach; her experience in Iyengar Yoga is a real advantage in her therapeutic work. She gave workshops to deal with in depth the knowledge and the awareness of the link between thoughts, emotions and corporal results. She works to increase a global health concept. She is inclined towards the pacification of the mind and the deepful consciousness.

    As a teacher, I work close to my students, molding theirtraining according to where they are in their understanding and practice. My intention is to properly train serious yoga students to become strong, confident, knowledgeable practitioners and teachers. What I have to share as a teacher comes from my own personal experience.


    Interests in yoga therapy and Ayurveda. Iliyana Zaharieva I was born in I live in Varna - Bulgaria. I do yoga more than 15 years. Since lead yoga classes. In I completed a course for yoga instructors at the National Sports Academy. Irina Bachvarova. Started personal yoga practice in in the Sivananda tradition under the guidance of Master Ventsislav Evtimov. In , after meeting with David Swenson started daily Ashtanga yoga practice in the tradition of Sri K.

    Pattabhi Jois and staying with it until now. Daily practice includes asana-practice, breathwork and dharana techniques to in-duce dhyana. Mona Warner. Gordana Sarson. His unique sessions and couple harmony training have transformed the lives of many men and women. He conducts regular workshops and retreats for men,women and couples on Tantric breathing rituals,tantric touch and Intimacy rituals, Sacred Sexuality, Intimacy and Relationship issues.

    Working as clairvoyant and Psychic distance healing medium he also offers online Karma Astrology consultations. Mariela Fronza. Mariela es profesora certificada de Yoga-terapia y Ayurveda. Actualmente se especializa en Herbalismo y therapias naturales. Mariela is a certified Yoga and Ayurveda Therapy teacher. In London she continued her studies in Hatha and Sivananda yoga.

    Nowadays she specializes in Herbalism and natural Tarja Kallio-Tamminen. Roberto Baglio. He's a student of Shaiva Siddhanta and Kashmere Shaivism and shares the tantric approach to spirituality in his courses and seminars. Actually he's in training to become a Kriya Yoga Acharya. From till he recorded the International Ayurveda Symposia in germany, , and the yogaexpo in Munich. Petrowitsch gmx. Dr Helena Poehlmann. Studied yoga and ayurveda in the late s in Pune, India and Adelaide, Australia, graduating in and becoming the second generation vaidya in her family.

    In Germany she runs AyurWeda Bachlmuehle - a medical clinic and school for ayurveda and holistic medicine near Passau in the south east of Germany. Helena is also a yoga teacher. She organises panchakarma trips to India. She works closely with the Vedic Cultural Centre. A degree in Odia Literature and M. Besides being an author with more than eight books to his credit, he firmly believes in the healing aspects of Yoga and teaches the same. E-mail: sanatan8 rediffmail. Full-time Residential www. Mangala Duggal, Andheri-Mumbai. Diploma in Astrology from Madurai Kamraj University.

    E-mail: sarang. Vice chairman, IAA. Foundation is aimed towards Research in Ayurved and Educational activities along with Medical Aid in rural areas. Attended and organized various national and international conferences, Medical camps on Ayurved. Mohan Joshi Spiritual healing is not just a vocation but also a commitment for Mr. Mohan Joshi to alleviate the aches and pains that have plagued people for a number of years rendering them listless, inactive and at time even depressed in Toto. Spiritual healing as the name suggests is an inexplicable phenomenon that defies any scientific systems and procedures.

    The closest one can take it to is magic — for literally magic flows from the fingers of the healer to the affected part of the subject creating a feeling of warmth resulting in an almost instant feeling of relief from age-long pains and stiffness. Mohan Joshi is no doctor nor any incarnation of God but yes; years back it was revealed to Mr. Joshi through a spiritual guru that indeed he was bestowed with special powers that could bring relief in cases as acute as cervical spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis which in turn could turn years of despondency into delight.

    In fact Mr. Joshi has stood tall against physiotherapists and has shown faster and pronounced results in post operative surgery, cracks and fissures. Every unit of treatment is called a sitting. Cures and alleviations call for sitting, the number of which depends on the intensity and the period of affectations, in short the history of the aches and the pains. Efficacy of spiritual healing has been found in myriad ailments such as bronchospasms, sports related discomforts, tendonitis, and goiter and has been both acclaimed and appreciated by doctors themselves.

    Luminaries who have had the benefits of being attended to by Mr. Joshi include the leading industrialists, writers, actors, CAs, advocates and the list goes on. Today Mr. Joshi rushes between Maharashtra and South India to attend to clients who eagerly await the much-needed relief at his hands.

    To top it all has daughter too is gifted with the unique touch that as brought many smile to hapless people. Even the most excruciating of pains has been dissipated by the divine touch. Mridula Sharma. Born in at the holy city of Nasik Maharashtra one of the places that host 'kumbh'. She was the diciple of Swami Yogeshwarananda of Rishikesh. Mridula had some training at his ashram now known as Yog Niketan, as well as at the ashram of swami Shivananda of Divine life society. She and her mother were very close to these two yogis.

    Swami Shivananda has mentioned her true story of reincarnation in one of his books, 'what becomes of soul after death'. She is one of the cases of reincarnation in India, researched by world authority on parapsychology Dr Ian Stevenson. Having been brought up on yoga, homeopathy, naturopathy and ayurveda she has written a book on natural health Named, 'Wow No Side Effects' which has become very popular because of the easy remedies and easy language.

    She also run two groups on face book called, "Ah No Side effects" and "Reincarnation". Disciple of the eminent Guru Kalyanasundaram, great-granddaughter of the legendary Kalamandalam Maddalam Vengichaswamy and daughter of the renowned Chakyar Rajan, Dr. Padmaja has consistently been involved in multiple facets focusing upon dance as a holistic and harmonizing medium with elevated spiritual goals. Having brought Bharatnatyam close to the lesser privileged in rural areas around the country, Padmaja was honoured by the ex-President, Dr.

    As the Director of Aatmalaya, Dr. Padmaja imparts training to selected students. Pranav Bhagwat. Chief consultant , Nagarjuna Ayurvedic clinic and panchakarma center, Goa. Visiting consultant , Rozmary Ayu centre , Sochi. Medical Director, Goa ayurvedic hospital, Goa. Special interest in treatment of chronic and degenerative disorders and disorders of Eye, ear, nose, throat, thyroid, nervous disorders. Ay, Dip. Yoga, Ph. Kayachikitsa BHU. He has worked extensively in the field of recovery of body and the mind using the Yoga.

    Have trained more than thousand of national and international participants till now using Yogic as well as behavioral techniques. Yoga for Recovery assists us in releasing the experiences stored in the physical body, while freeing the mind. Through asana, meditation and pranayama we investigate areas of tightness and tension, allowing for the gentle release of that which no longer serves us.

    He creates a rich, supportive, and powerful learning environment, in which we experience compassion, awareness, change, and healing. Those at any skill level in yoga are welcome. Yogi Ram Yogi ram was interested in yoga and meditation since his child hood. He learned yoga and meditation from his grand father. After completion of university education he qualified for administrative job but he did not join because of spiritual experiences.

    He came to himalaya. He is a kriya yogi and teaching hatha and kriya yoga in Rishikesh since 15 years. Facebook: yogiramrishikesh. This encounter changes his mind and life. Srimanta Kumar Ganguly b. Ed, from West Bengal, put 8-years of service as a Science teacher in two different schools.

    Later on, he served the Institution as the Principal for more than a decade. He got his Ph. Pangare Chandrakant S. Chandrashekhar Sharma. Studied Vedic Astrology since age of around 8 or Teach astrologers who want to help others without charging those in distress. Delivered lectures on Vedic astrology both nationally and internationally. Currently concentrating on assessment of diseases through natal chart and carrying out research on connection between Bhavas of chart with human brain.

    Dr Sethu R To work for the development of Ayurveda by being the part of reputed and renowned firms also to be an effective team player in an established organization committed to creative thinking and to propagate my knowledge to the best of my ability and also to serve the society in best possible ways. Participated in many seminars and workshop on Ayurveda.

    Participated in many Free Medical camps. Experience in clinical case recording and case presentations. Experience and deep knowledge in the science of yoga and their practical application on a specific condition. Dr Dhananjay S Dongre. Prashant Kumar Mishra. Researcher, teacher and practice nor of herbal medicine and Vedic science having experience of over 35 years. Has published over hundred papers on the related issue. Mishra has delivered lectures and helped to popularise Ayurveda among masses.

    His book " Botany in Vedas" is pioneer work in this field. Rudreswar rao M. Area of Interest:. Research Interest:. Annabella Genovese. Here she teaches a new way to manage health and life. One of the goals of the ADBN is to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western philosophy in the field of health and wellbeing. Annabella's studies in the fields of Shiatsu and Yoga extend to international territories, studying both in USA and participating in the Research Group on moxa heat therapy during acupuncture , with teachers at the Ohashi Institute of Shiatsu, New York.

    In Berlin she attended the course on Method Mezier Bertherat, the Antiginnastica, which further demonstrates the method of postural balance and energy called Biomovimento. Theme: find the key to hear the harmony of the natural rhythms of your surroundings. Learn how to listen to body language and all that lies deep within everyone. Enter deeply into the energy aspects of movement.

    Open up secrets of the energy of the universe, identifying the seeds of imbalance, distress, discomfort. Stimulate the intimate knowledge of inner self and understand how to implement change. The goal is the application of the principles of body structural integration and reset where applicable, physical, hormonal, mental, emotional issues. Practicing Vipassana and Aurobindo meditation.

    Practising tao yoga, jhore, reiki, disha, theta and crystal healing as holistic operator. Practicing and teaching the 5 tibetans rites since and ayurvedic massage muryabhyangam in yoga therapy. Practicing Vipassana and Aurobindo meditation, Tao yoga, jhore, reiki, disha, theta and crystal healing as holistic operator.

    Founder of Coaching yoga, practicing and teaching the 5 tibetans rites since Studing yoga science and using technology to allow people to better reach asanas no matter about age or health problems. Practice ayurvedic massage muryabhyangam in yoga therapy. Conosce inoltre gli insegnamenti contenuti nella bibbia visti in un altra chiave e si interessa di psicobiogenealogia e di psicobioenergetica.

    Insegna il corpo di Luce chiamato Mer Ka Ba, con un altro sistema di origine vedica tratto dalle scritture antiche dell'india, il Vajra Hamsa Vimana Shakty Kriya Yoga o yoga dell'atomo. Lorella Rossetto Da Ottobre a Maggio corso di formazione insegnante di yoga livello base ore con Hari-om di Marco Mandrino: hata yoga-vinyasa-asana-pranayama- meditazione-tecniche di insegnamento-filosofia ed etica- storia dello yoga- tantra- ayurveda.

    Marzo seminario yoga e chakra con Hari-om. Ottobre seminario yoga tantrico del kashmir con Eric Baret. Febbraio seminario yoga in gravidanza con Hari-om. Aprile seminario di anusara con Piero Vivarelli. Ottobre seminario yoga e qi cong con Daniel Odier. Ottobre seminario con Roberto Milletti- Odaka Yoga. Dopo il diploma di istruttore del metodo Yiengar Yoga ha inziato ad insegnare presso strutture ospedaliere e palestre.

    Ha specializzato la sua formazione nel trattamento dei dolori lombari, cervicali e dei mal di testa cronici, sebbene moltissimi altri siano i miglioramenti riscontrati da donne in gravidanze e da coloro aventi disturbi del sonno oppure ansia. Nel ha dato vita ad un centro specializzato nel miglioramento del potenziale personale attraverso le posizioni dello yoga, la meditazione e le sessioni personali di bioenergetica. Anna Bogliani.

    Fabio Basalisco. Dopo anni di medicina generale decide di dimettersi e dedicarsi totalmente alla medicina Ayurvedica. Ha seguito un percorso triennale per terapista ayurvedico ed ha conseguito il diploma di medico ayurvedico alla scuola triennale Maharishi Vedic University. Pratica meditazione trascendentale e yoga. Federica Porfiri. Entusiasta, studia e viaggia anche in India. Approfondisce il settore dedicandosi allo studio della filosofia macrobiotica e dello Shiatsu. Giulia Lucarelli. Raffaella Citterio. In seguito si avvicina alle pratiche dell'Hata Yoga, del Tai ji quan e della meditazione Vipassana.

    Comincia ad interessarsi alle Arti Orientali ed in particolare allo Shiatsu e decide di iniziare una scuola professionale. Nel conclude la scuola e riceve il diploma di operatore di Shiatsu dell'Accademia italiana Shiatsu-do. Continua a cercare e durante un seminario a Roma conosce il maestro giapponese pioniere dello Shiatsu in Italia Yuji Yahiro con cui inizia un percorso di studio che lo porta ad approfndire lo Shiatsu e lo Yoga attraverso la tradizione Zen.

    In seguito ottiene i riconoscimenti di Operatore di Meiso Shiatsu e di Oki do Yoga e l'abilitazione all'insegnamento di tali discipline. Opera inoltre come terapista di Meiso Shiatsu presso il centro di salute naturale Armonia di Vita. Nel fonda e dirige a Carpi Mo il centro di terapie naturali Aj do. Negli anni ricerca e approfondisce vari campi della salute naturale tra cui l'aiurveda, la macrobiotica, vari tipi di meditazione, metodi per lo sviluppo dell'energia vitale.

    Attualmente vive a Castelnovo ne' monti, Re, dove propone con passione corsi di Yoga e Tai ji quan per bambini e adulti. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details.

    La perfetta felicità. Una guida pratica alle fasi di meditazione

    Sort order. Mar 16, Io? Insomma, due pilastri. Non guardate il sottotitolo di questo libro - vi prego - cancellatelo. Davvero catastrofico. E fuorviante. Jul 27, Chiara Zucconi rated it really liked it. Readers also enjoyed. Self Help. About Sharon Salzberg. Sharon Salzberg. She has played a crucial role in bringing Asian meditation practices to the West.

    The ancient Buddhist practices of vipassana mindfulness and metta lovingkindness are the foundations of her work. Books by Sharon Salzberg. Trivia About Real Happiness: T No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from Il respiro della Your ability to break an unhealthy habit or turn off an old tape doesn't depend on how long it has been running; a shift in perspective doesn't depend on how long you've held on to the old view.

    When you flip the switch in that attic, it doesn't matter whether its been dark for ten minutes, ten years or ten decades. The light still illuminates the room and banishes the murkiness, letting you see the things you couldn't see before. Its never too late to take a moment to look. Often such stories treat a fleeting state of mind as if it were our entire and permanent self.

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