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Though Mr. Constant, 76, has a large catalog of works, he is fated to be best remembered for 30 seconds of music: his theme song for the television program ''The Twilight Zone. Turner, whom Mr.

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Constant considers the first Impressionist. Constant achieves his own kind of steely, jagged Impressionism in this lushly colored and restless work, steeped in Bergesque atonality. A stronger impression was left by ''Brevissima'' , a four-movement symphony compressed into about eight minutes.


Through his use of clipped phrases, aborted gestures and distilled development, Mr. Constant manages to mock the overblown, crash-bang symphony and reinvent it for modern listeners.

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Timeless Spirals. Downloads are available as MP files. Album Notes. A gentle and caressing atmosphere where the music transitions the listener to a place of peace and tranquility.

The long, extedned tracks are simply beautiful pieces perfect for dreaming, meditating, or stress relief. Synthesizer and keyboards create sounds of incredible depth and breadth, while the string quartet, oboe and English horn offer layers of passionate complexity and charm.

Episode 35 - Beyond the Twilight Zone

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