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I received an ARC for an honest review. Even though Ananda was definitely my least favorite character in this entire series, I became to like her in the end. I am very glad I read this book!!! I enjoyed this story of opposites attract. If you're new to the Bistro La Boheme series, it might help to read them in order but it is not necessary. I read this one first and got a few spoilers. Amanda is an uptight professional type who tells it like it is and that just got her fired from her dream job. She decides to go away for the weekend just to blow off some steam.

There, she meets Kes, a professional gambler and card counter, and decides to have a one night stand with the hot Gypsy. Kes has other things in mind. He just can't get Amanda out of his head. So he decides to hang out in Paris and work his magic on Amanda. He'll go along with just being friends in the hopes of making her fall for him.

Will his plan work or will Amanda keep thinking that they are just too different to fall in love? I really enjoyed this book - mostly because of how the main characters were able to overcome their personal difficulties. The leading lady had many personality issues - thinking she was perfect, being a workaholic, growing up a society snob mostly thanks to her mother. Believing no man could love her, she hardens her heart and barrels thru life, alone. When she finds a strong and handsome man who is inexplicably attracted to her, her walls begin to slowly very slowly come down.

Surrounded by I really enjoyed this book - mostly because of how the main characters were able to overcome their personal difficulties. Surrounded by a few friends and new life experiences, Amanda has a lot to learn, falling from the height of success to being a waitress at the Bistro La Bohemme Amanda is a driven businesswoman, fired by her new boss and now working as a waitress. Kes is a gypsy gambler. I was given an early review copy of this book, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed it. The relationship between Kes and Amanda might just make you think about your own relationships and what you might be willing to give up for love.

These two are so different, yet their chemistry is magic. Set mainly in Paris, this book took me to new places I mainly read books set in the US and int Amanda is a driven businesswoman, fired by her new boss and now working as a waitress. Set mainly in Paris, this book took me to new places I mainly read books set in the US and introduced a different lifestyle gypsy caravans. Kes, a Gypsy gambler, helps her win some of her money back, and she ends up spending the night with him.

She goes back home, but they both continue thinking about each other. They agree to see each other with no attachments. You'll have to read the book to see how they work it out or if they go their separate ways. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and highly recommend the whole series. I received this book as a gift for an honest review. Patsy Sacco I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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This book was a little different from the normal But Alix made you love her anyway I can't believe that no one every told her where to go I guess her boss did! Anyway Kes loved her no matter what she was like. This book had a little bit of everything in it A very enjoyable read! A great continuation to this series. In this story Amanda went on a journey of self-discovery which if she does not ditched the self-righteous none sense could easily cost her an HEA.

The question is does she come to her senses and is Kes the one to take her there? You'll have to read this find out A great update of the previous characters in the series as well. This is a series that I love to see locks back and forth to other stories but are still stand alones. Amanda meets Kes and we finally get to see a side of her so different then what she has shown in the past.

Kes is a dreamy Gitan Gypsy who falls for her and changes her for the better I think. Way to go Ms Nichols. I wait for the next one in the series.

This book turned out to be very good! I was a bit skeptical at first because it started out a bit slow but it turned out to be a pretty interesting read. Just goes to show that people do change and opposites do attract! Can be a great stand alone book to fill some time. I received a free copy of the book for an honest review.

This is a hothothot book and definitely worth the wait! Kes and Amanda are worlds apart Kes is sort of a rascal, he's a Gypsy, a gambler, and marches to the beat of his own drum. He's also super-sexy. My favorite thing about Alix Nichols books is that they all have happy endings!! I have not been disappointed with any of Alix Nchols books that I have read. I enjoyed reading about Kes and Amanda. I liked how Kes showed Amanda that opposites do attract. I would really like to read more about this couple on how they both manage each other's families.

I loved the Paris backdrop for this fun and entertaining novel. Having excerpts of Amanda's favorite book interspersed throughout was a great touch as well.

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Kes makes me want to go find a gorgeous Gypsy for a summer fling! This is the third book I have read by her and I am already picking the next one. A Gypsy and a Parisian damsel make for a delightful romance even when they are trying not to fall for each other. Amanda and Kes are poles apart and when they meet the attraction is instant. One day at a time is what Amanda wants, no commitments while Kes is perturbed that he, a Gypsy wants more. Slowly they both end up falling for each other.

Alix kept me glued to the book reading the guide book Amanda refers and writes as she falls for Kes and the sassy exchange between the lovers. Even though Amanda has a lot going for her, I clearly fell for Kes. He is seductive, charming, handsome and sensitive. He makes the story his own and how. Even though Amanda does most of the talking but Kes keeps it flowing. Right from loving her, guiding her, supporting her decisions and standing up to the families Kes is everywhere. I think I am in love : It is a fresh read with a fast-paced love story and one that will keep you busy over the weekend.

I won a copy of this book from Kindle Scout. Having read Rob and Lena's book, I was interested to see what Amanda's perspective would be. I anticipated that she would be very difficult to like and her standoffish, aristocratic manner would drive me to distraction. I wasn't completely wrong, at first. Amanda is a character that took me a while to warm up to. She's so guarded that she comes across as almost emotionless at times. Once we start to understand the dynamics in her life everything becomes much clearer and I no longer had to questi Having read Rob and Lena's book, I was interested to see what Amanda's perspective would be.

Once we start to understand the dynamics in her life everything becomes much clearer and I no longer had to question why she felt the need to behave like a calculating, conniving, cold-hearted shrew. Charming Kes was an immediate favorite of mine, but he's another one who's hiding behind some pretty thick masks. I loved watching this pair learn the freedom of being vulnerable with one another and discovering the courage to step out from behind those protective masks. There are several unexpectedly funny moments that lighten the atmosphere.

My favorites were those that involved Christophe. I received a complimentary copy of this book. Mar 02, Jo Anne rated it liked it. I enjoyed this book even though Amanda was quite unlikable. I started to feel sorry for her after learning how demanding and insulting her mother was, and that horrible book she lived by, "A Woman's Guide to Perfection" had destroyed her self-confidence. Amanda is a high powered executive at a power company until she is fired, mainly for criticizing her weak boss in a public meeting. She goes home, drinks herself semi-unconscious and then decides to take a train to a casino.

Thrilling Suspense. Sizzling Romance.

She takes half her sa I enjoyed this book even though Amanda was quite unlikable. She takes half her savings and decides she's smart enough to beat the house playing blackjack. Not so.

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She is rescued by Kes, a professional gambler, who helps her win some money and keep her savings. They have a one-night-stand that turns into a all-day date, and then she sneaks home. Kes decides to follow and off we go. While Amanda IS horrible, try and give her a chance. The story is fun and the sex is hot. Kes sounded absolutely gorgeous and was a great foil for Amanda's abrasive personality. I was cheering for both of them by the end of the book.

Feb 05, vicki zimmerman rated it did not like it. Not sure who the target audience is Clearly, it is not me. A conniving, outspoken h, hot on the prowl for a man, and money. Not my usual cup of tea in a romance. I stopped reading not very far into it. Now, I realize I may have misjudged it entirely. It may end up being fabulous. If that is the case, all I can do is apologize, and wish it had gotten there sooner.

Imaginative, cute , feel good romance! Really enjoyed this fun loving clever romance. I am a first time reader of Alix Nichols and I enjoyed her style. I actually selected this read because of the cover and wasn't disappointed. She has a way of writing that captures your interest and continues to hold your attention until the plot unfolds. I will enjoy selecting another of her romances. I received a free e-copy when my nomination of the book was selected in the Kindle Scout program for publication. Amanda is rude, snobby and obnoxious.

I thought no wonder her boyfriend left her.

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She doesn't have a filter and says exactly what she thinks offending folks. Her one night stand with Kes and their subsequent friends with benefits was hot, but her voiced opinions of Kes, her Gypsy boy and her perfect guide book was unbelievable at times. I can understand her not seeing a possib 4.

I can understand her not seeing a possible future with Kes, a card counting gambler otracized by his family for assimilating with non-gypsy ways.


Amanda frustrated me to no end, but somewhere along the way, I got to like Amanda and see her quirky sarcastic ways. The author was able to take an unlikeable character and have you like her mid-way through the book. I loved Kes right away. I really enjoyed this book. I would say, withhold your judgment and read it through to the end. Look forward to another book by Alix Nichols. I received this book for free from Amazon by voting for it on KindleScout.

I'm also one of Alix Nichols Early Reviewers, which means I've read a lot of her books the only one I haven't is the cookbook, does that count? This book was, by far, the best book in the series! It has more steam in it than her other books which only enhances the book.

This is the story of Amanda and Kes, two vastly different people who take a chance on each other. Amanda isn't that likable of a character and the "Gui I received this book for free from Amazon by voting for it on KindleScout. Amanda isn't that likable of a character and the "Guide to Being a Perfect Woman" that is the beginning of the chapters are so pretentious that they are humorous.

They are outrageous and give the reader an insight into Amanda and why she is the way she is. Amanda's blunt and speaks her mind, which is awesome and seeing her learn to filter hits a bit close to home. He sees the best in Amanda even if she doesn't. The one thing that could have made this book even better would be an epilogue where we see their future.

Amanda has her ideas on what her perfect partner will include, how she should act as the perfect woman, and what she wants from her life. When Kes enters her life, all of her beliefs are tested. His beliefs are also put to the test. Together they forge a new relationship that pushes each of them to believe. A story full of love, passion, discovering yourself, humor, and tearing down prejudices. A great read! I really wanted to like this one since the previous book about Chloe is a favorite, but the characters were annoying. I couldn't like her personality and just don't understand how Kes loves her.

Kes was special, a loner, the black sheep, intelligent and deeply romantic. This was my least favorite of the series. Amanda's Guide to love is seriously LOL, from the beginning the author had me laughing and rooting for the main character. Every step of the way the character draws you in and makes you want to continue the journey. A light read that was highly enjoyable. I love how the characters continue with each book.

I also love the twists in the stories. This is a book I will definitely recommend to others. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. You can get a look at it on the In the Works page. All of my old Historical Romances are now available, mostly on Kindle. If you read Amanda's books, her latest, Twilight Desires, is available now.

This contains three full-length novels. Her next book, Hold Back the Dawn, will be published August 27, It's one of her favorite stories!!!!! Next up is Enchant the Night, due in August She's really excited about this one! She recently finished another Children of the Night book, currently untitled, about Father Lanzoni. Hope life is being good to you and yours.