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Kailtin blushed and nodded. It's totally disgusting. Suddenly, before Kaitlin could argue with me, there was a loud scream from the lobby. I stood up quickly, recognizing the voice. I headed into the Lobby before they could argue with me. The first thing I saw was Chase on the ground. Adam was next to him, holding a locker door. Bree and Leo were staring at them. It rings eight times a day, every forty minutes…so have fun with that.

Davenport's house. They all sighed. I smirked. Now, do you want to meet my BFFs or what? I looked at my now empty plate. I sighed and sat down. Bree followed my lead. Rebeccka looked at her. I like ponies and girly things! We all started to laugh. Kaitlin introduced herself and we ended up bringing Bree to all of our classes.

When we saw the boys again, we were in gym class. You see, afternoon gym was a mix of grades nine to eleven because there weren't that many of us still taking gym class. Gotta go guys! It only took one glance at the tall, brown haired boy wearing the blue jersey to know where she was going. Kaitlin and him have been going out for about a week now. Bree nodded as Adam, Chase and Leo walked over to us. I introduced Rebeccka and Jessica to them and then they ditched us to go talk to Owen about some art project they were working on.

I took some online medical courses and became a chiropractor in the Philippines! A basketball landed right in Bree's arms and she panicked. She did so, and hit some guy in the face, knocking him over. I bit back a laugh.

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Bree glared at him for a second, then ran over to make sure the guy was okay. I laughed.

Its a Jungle Out There!

He glared at me. Look at yourself! There's more meat on a dog bone! Leo just barely managed to get the ball in the net before falling down. The pep rally is starting! Go dingoes!

Typical Salary

I was sitting next to Adam, Bree, and Chase, on the bleachers. Rebeccka, Jessica, Kaitlin, and Jaden, along with some of their friends, were off at the Fro-Yo store. I would have gone with them, but I wanted to keep an eye on the guys. Leo was down by the court, autographing a basket ball for some random girl. Then he ran up to us, an excited grin on his face.

Ever since gym class, everyone wants to be my friend! Uh, yum. The doggy likes me. Then he got annoyed with Dewy as she yes, it was a girl inside the uniform continued. I said that's enough! He walked off, Leo and Chase following him. I stayed behind with Bree to keep her company, but we weren't alone for long. Kaven, one of the cutest guys in my science class, walked up to us, his face swollen completely.

I stared at Bree. She nodded, embarrassed. Kaven smiled at us, then looked at me. They were obviously flirting from what I could tell. But I was distracted quickly by Adam fighting with Dewy Dingo. He shook his head. He sometimes glitches when he gets mad. I ran, grabbed a fire extinguisher, then sped to put out the small fire atop the mascot's mask.

But Dewy, shocked from the fire and the sudden cold of the extinguisher, stumbled into the cheerleaders as they through Candace, their blonde headed leader, into the air. Bree ran to catch her, and missed. Chase tried to calm the panicking people, but only managed to scare them even more than they already were.

It was chaos and the trouble tripled when Mr. Davenport walked into the gym. Then I hid outside in the hallway. I could hear yelling, mainly Mr. Davenport and some screaming from the kids still in the gym. Then they all left in their helicopter. Want some Fro-Yo? I took it, still upset.

Why Train to be a Lab Assistant? - National Career Education

I'm not even allowed to talk to them anymore. I shrugged. Why do you think I went along with that little stunt today? But what are we going to do about them? I smiled, an idea coming on. I know. We'll tell Big D that I lied to you about having permission to throw the party. She dialled the number and waited for her brother to answer. I tried to eavesdrop on them. Get him to ask her and she'll totally say yes! You rule! See you later tonight! I headed down the elevator into the lab, where Adam, Bree and Chase were talking. The party actually went better than I'd imagined.

There were a lot of pretty girls in my house. I'm probably wrong about that last part, but I don't care! Anyway, the party was going great. Too great. So great that I lost track of the time. I was supposed to clear the house out by ten, but it was still going on when my parents got home around eleven. Then I looked around. Adam raised his hand guiltily. I sighed. Forget it! As of tomorrow, you're all being relocated permanently. Now go downstairs and pack your stuff. She was just as upset with him as I was, maybe more because she'd known Adam, Bree, and Chase longer.

Calla crossed her arms and walked out, saying a quick "bye" to me and my mom. I turned to Big D. Hey, so what do you think? I love reviews and I definitely want to hear your guys opinions. Oh, yeah, and I might not do every episode there's too many but if you have a favorite just tell me in a review, PM, or on my poll.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Lab Rats, Calla Parker is Donald Davenport's lab assistant. Being the lab assistant to one of the world's greatest inventors sounds amazing right? It's twice as exciting when she discovers that her new best friends are bionic super-humans. This is the story of that adventure, filled with twists, turns and surprises. Based of the original episodes, but will have other plots and ideas too.

Leo: Do I have to? Kihonne: Yes. Leo's POV I groaned as my new step dad, Donald Davenport, picked up my mom, leaving all the luggage on the ground and carried her into the new house. I looked at my mom. Who are you? Big D introduced us as well. Have I seen you somewhere before?

Learn About Being a Lab Assistant

Calla smirked. My mom gave me a look as the door closed. The girl raised an eyebrow at him. Just like your face. Then: "AHH! Adam, Bree and Chase gasped theatrically.

Lab Assistant job description

Anyway, it was just after lunch and Big D was training with my new step-siblings I watched. You ready? Chase nodded. Big D nodded. Bree smirked. They all looked confused, but Adam grinned anyway. Except for books, classes and learning stuff. Chase shook his head. Adam grinned. It gave me your underpants! She shuddered. I faked a smile. Leo smiled. They all looked at each other guiltily. I nodded. I shook my head. Bree held out her hand. I like drama and pink things! I like boys and pretty things! Rebeccka smirked when I refused to answer. Leo spoke before they could. Adam frowned at him.

Leo tried, and failed tyo dribble the ball. Chase smirked. He grinned ear to ear. I gestured to him. He looked at me. Later that day "Attention students! I raised an eyebrow at him. His heat vision! I glared at her. She sighed. Just one problem! I-" I cut her off. They all looked at me in surprise. I grinned.

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  8. What about it? I nodded towards the elevator. Leo shrugged. Big D was even more upset.

    She sounded scared. This is where I get my meaty-flavour pellets! Then Big D turned to Calla. Chop, Crash, and Burn Part 1 2. Chop, Crash and Burn Part 2 3. Commando App 4. Rats on a Train 5. Leo's Jam 6. The Academic Olympics! Grandma VS Exoskeleton 8. Back From The Future 9.

    Smart and Smarter Drone Alone Concert in a Can Mission: Space Who is Marcus? Twas The Mission Before Christmas Speed Trapped Missin' The Mission Bro Down A Cheating Cheater That Cheats Parallel Universe Calla and Leo VS Evil Bionic Showdown Memory Wipe They Aren't Robots! Avalanche Perry 20 Prank You Very Much No Going Back Sink Or Swim Jet Wing Mission: Mission Creek High The New Girl Not So Smart Phone Scramble The Orbs Principal From Another Planet Taken The Rats Strike Back Talk Show Its elaborate feedback system responds to the needs of the individual student.

    Effective laboratory education encourages and supports inquiry in the lab rather than cookbook-following behavior, but with traditional methods this creates much extra work for teachers. The solution to this dilemma is Experiment Designer, or ExperD in short. ExperD activates students by supporting them with automated feedback and design questions while they design their own laboratory experiments.

    In the lab, they can use ExperD to keep an overview of the work at hand. Students can also divide tasks, store their results, and keep track of their progress in ExperD. You stay in complete control: designs can be as closed or open-ended as desired. The Web Lab Manual WebLM transforms the traditional passive laboratory manual into an activating student support tool.

    By presenting only information that is relevant to the situation, it prevents cognitive overload and allows students to focus on what matters. In the lab, WebLM supports every student with just-in-time information in the form of text, diagrams or video instructions: what the necessary equipment looks like, where it can be found, what the potential hazards are, etc.

    Students can of course add their lab journal notes to WebLM. LabBuddy is reliable, scalable and secure. Read more about the underlying technology. The development of LabBuddy was based on established educational theories. Discover our scientific sources. We use a tested, risk-free implementation process for LabBuddy that requires minimal effort on your part. See details. The team behind LabBuddy is passionate about helping teachers by supplying a perfect tool.

    View our personal profiles. What if there were a way to train lab technicians without never-ending patronage coupled with frantic efforts? This is only one of the profusion of benefits you can expect to get with LabBuddy. As something that makes a traditional cookbook training a relic of the past, LabBuddy is all about a student-centred approach. Our laboratory application software works by encouraging would-be specialists to pose questions and then look for experimental evidence to answer those questions on their own.

    In this scenario, the role of a teacher is to ensure adequate supervision while guiding students towards the explanation they need. It makes sure that no question remains unanswered while maximising the effectiveness of training. It is LabBuddy that addresses everything you, the teacher, need for this purpose. Make sure your Internet connection is stable enough to run it and benefit from inquiry-based learning! The price for a LabBuddy subscription may vary from project to project. To find out how much it will cost you for a yearly package, please contact us at your convenience.

    We will provide you with an accurate quotation immediately so that you can make your lab continuing education as fruitful as they must be!