The Dead Child

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Her features are mostly hidden by the child's body--except we see one closed eye and her nose nestled into his skin. Also visible are her expressive eyebrows, which silently communicate her explosive feelings. With her strong arms--especially a strong, thick hand--she draws the child toward her even more tightly.

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Her embrace is all-consuming. The mother's muscular leg forms the base of the monolithic shape that confronts the viewer.

Most of the lines the artist uses to shape and shade the forms are aggressive, taut, and meaningful, contributing energy to the surface. As a bit of relief from the overall grief, Kollwitz drew the lines of the woman's hair tenderly, and delicately rendered the boy's features. Beate Bonus-Jeep, Kollwitz's close friend, described this etching memorably: "A mother, animal-like, naked, the light-colored corpse of her dead child between her thigh bones and arms, seeks with her eyes, with her lips, with her breath, to swallow back into herself the disappearing life that once belonged to her womb.

Mothering a dead child

Commentary This etching is one of a series of drawings, charcoals, and etchings titled "Woman with Dead Child," all produced in This is so gorgeous and hypnotic. Track 25 is one of the most amazing things I've ever heard. Jared Covington. A trio of lovely, moody, ambient songs from Benoit Pioulard, full of soft shadow and cottony textures, perfect for early-morning listening.

Flowing Tears - Lovesong For A Dead Child

Islands by Erin Durant. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jul 3, Bird Songs of a Killjoy by Bedouine.

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