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Step 2: Set Up Your Contact Information

Having this piece of information can be helpful to them during the hiring process in the following ways:. While some employers may look for and use your address in a few different ways, it is sensitive information that you should provide if and when you feel comfortable.

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The only time employers absolutely need your physical address is during the final stages of the offer process. This is to complete necessary paperwork to ensure you are legally in their systems so you can move forward. It is acceptable to keep your address private until this stage. Related: 6 Universal Rules for Resume Writing.

Should You Put Your Address On Your Resume

It is certainly acceptable to leave your address off your resume for a variety of reasons. Because your physical address is sensitive information, you should follow your comfort level when deciding if and how to include it on your resume. Here are a few specific reasons why you may want to consider excluding your address:. Especially if the employer is looking for a local candidate. Instead, consider adding a line notating your intent to relocate, like this:.

If you have decided to include your address, there are a few ways you can go about it. If you have any security concerns or have decided to include your address in case it would be helpful for the employer, you have the option to simply list your city or region. There are always some job-seekers who present themselves as locals. Unfortunately for them, that deception is invariably discovered at some point.

There are several effective ways to handle this subject. If your relocation is dependent on landing a job, then you would need to mention it on your resume and cover letter.

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In this case, you would mention relocation on your resume and discuss it in more detail on your cover letter. If you have a place secured and are absolutely certain about moving, you can include your new City and State. Just keep in mind that you would be expected to make it to an interview in whatever city you list.

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  • In this case, you also need to be available to come in for an interview at any time. Take a look at the example below — this type of statement would typically be placed near the end of your cover letter.

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    It also enables you to establish yourself as the best candidate before the issue of relocation is mentioned. I am confident that the timing of the move can be beneficial for your company as well, and believe that there is much that I can contribute to its success.

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    I am prepared to travel to meet with you for an interview at any time — at my own expense, of course. Thank you again for your consideration.

    Resume Sections: What Goes Where?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon. The fact is that you can mention relocation on your resume and cover letter in a positive way. Yes, competing against local talent is always difficult for out-of-state candidates. With the right resume and cover letter, however, you can level the playing field. And that can improve your chances of landing that job!

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