Energize Your Heart: In Four Dimensions

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 23, Soroush rated it really liked it. This was a good non-academic book on the heart. As expected there are many ideas and theories regarding the heart in this book that aren't strongly justifiable from the scientific perspective. I also liked the fact that the authors of this book give practical advice on energizing the heart.

Whether such practises do indee This was a good non-academic book on the heart. Whether such practises do indeed energize the heart is open for debate; however, the exercises are good for everyone, whether they believe the theories presented in this book or not.

These exercises, if followed properly, will make anyone a better person. At the end, if you're looking for a new approach to meditation or a new way to understand your heart, then you may enjoy reading your heart. It gives you food for thoughts and practises for life. Vanessa rated it really liked it Jul 29, Troy rated it really liked it Oct 06, Daniel rated it it was amazing Aug 22, Lydia Folger rated it it was ok Jan 03, Robert rated it it was amazing Jul 19, Amy rated it it was amazing Oct 25, Nola Sharp rated it liked it Nov 18, Emily rated it liked it Mar 18, Ihsuan Lin rated it it was amazing Jan 02, Winsome rated it liked it Feb 06, Condition: New.

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This book describes a powerful three-part method for giving your heart the energy to heal your heart's wounds and becoming who you truly are. The authors show how the dimensions of the heart contain the keys to developing qualities such as tolerance, cooperation, empathy, sincerity, idealism, optimism, initiative, drive, courage, inner peace and the ability to embrace change.

Recognizing the greatness within yourself and others, learning a simple heartbeat-based meditation, and performing exercises for life will produce the changes you desire in yourself. The authors show how the dimensions of the heart contain the keys to developing qualities such as tolerance and cooperation, empathy and compassion, idealism and coura. Seller Inventory NLF More information about this seller Contact this seller 3.

More information about this seller Contact this seller 4. More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. Condition: Brand New. In Stock. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller 6. About this Item: Condition: New. Seller Inventory BD Energetic Signature: This signature is sourced directly from the quantum field and is designed to support the state of bhava samadhi when meditated with at sufficient amplitude and for an ample period of time.

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Energizing your Life through your Heart

If for any reason you're unsatisfied with HeartWave 2. We recommend downloading the digital files to your computer, laptop or mac first. Then use iTunes or any other free media software application to import your files to your phone, tablet and MP3 player. As always, we believe to be the highest quality selection of products for you and your family.

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Energize Your Heart : In Four Dimensions by Puran Bair and Susanna Bair (2007, Paperback)

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Share on pinterest Pinterest. This evidence comes from a rigorous experimental study that demonstrated the heart receives and processes information about a future event before the event actually happens. HeartMath Institute. Cultivate the Higher Intelligence of the Heart. Long-Term Goals When used daily over the long term Increase resilience Cultivate heart intelligence Increase well-being Create inner and outer prosperity Support peak performance Cultivate an inner sense of hope and resourcefulness Cultivate heart-centered awareness.

Energize Your Heart: In Four Dimensions

The Empathetic Heart Evokes a state of compassion Reduces self-judgment Supports pro-social emotions and behavior Perfect for compassion-oriented meditation. Decades of research in the science of heart intelligence tells us that: The heart begins beating before the brain is even formed.

The magnetic field of the heart is roughly 5, times more powerful than that generated by the brain. The heart plays a crucial role in harmonizing many systems within the body to maintain optimal health. The heart receives precognitive information, which informs our deeper intuitions. The electromagnetic field produced by the heart has profound influences on interpersonal communication and cooperation. Heart coherence can be cultivated and improved to: Reduce cortisol, stress and anxiety.

Strengthen the immune system. Trigger the release of DHEA, an important anti-aging hormone. Improve digestion. Optimize the nervous system. Improve sleep. Boost energy levels. Achieve peak performance. Increase focus and concentration. Improve learning ability. Solve problems more effectively.

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  6. Develop accurate intuition. Make better decisions. Become more highly resilient. Energetic Encoding Technology. Science tells us that we live in a virtual sea of invisible fields of influence, which impact our daily lives in profound ways; yet we typically have little or no conscious awareness of them. The biophoton field in plants and animals , which is believed to be the chief means of communication between DNA molecules across the entire body of a plant, animal or human. These and other forces play crucial roles in our lives.

    The founder of Subtle Energy Sciences, Eric W Thompson, has developed methods and processes for digitally capturing such energetic signatures and encoding them into digital media in such a way that allows such digital media to broadcast these energetic signatures and thereby promote their benefits without actually having to ingest the substances themselves. ENCODE: The final step is to encode the amplified signature into digital media including audio, video and picture files in such a way that when the digital media file is opened on a computer, tablet or phone, it will emit the energy of that signature through the electronic device.

    What You Get:. What are Quantum Energy Apps? Instead, they operate via quantum energetic vibration and resonance.