Deutschland im Rahmen des europäischen Übereinkommens über Staatsangehörigkeit (German Edition)

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The development of relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic from to See BGBl. For the additional protocol on intra-German trade and connected problems see BGBl. With regard to the general responsibility of the Four Powers for Germany as a whole, the Federal Government could make no claims to the territorial status of Germany, precluding a peace settlement. Thus, the SED abandoned the German nation and reunification.

All West German governments have since then adhered to the legal position that only a freely elected government of Germany as a whole could definitively decide on the eastern border. Right in the summer of a discussion broke out referring to the legal standpoint on this issue.

Generalversammlung der Vereinten Nationen am Stenografischer Bericht Sitzung, Bonn, 8. November , — First published in Bulletin des Presse- und Informationsamtes der Bundesregierung vom Information und Sprachregelung folgendes mitgeteilt:. Bis auf weiteres sollte keine zentrale deutsche Regierung eingesetzt werden. In den relevanten Teilen der von Gorbatschow und Kohl am Juli bis zum 3.

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August im Schloss Cecilienhof in Potsdam statt. Das gesamte Deutsche Volk bleibt aufgefordert, in freier Selbstbestimmung die Einheit und Freiheit Deutschlands zu vollenden. Siehe Gesetz betreffend das Protokoll vom Dezember unterzeichnet. Verfassung der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik vom 6. April in der Fassung vom 7. Juni , — November The report discusses the resistant attitudes of the West, with the exception of the US, towards German reunification. Plattner, Johann. Language Original language. Available translation Any English Korean.

Original language Available translation. Obtained and translated by Michael Gehler and Maximilian Graf. Vienna, 10 November Plattner m.

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Against this background concrete artistic practices of political intervention were discussed. Thereby, two kinds of projects were of special interest with regard to the European public sphere, 1 transnational networks and projects, and 2 projects devoted to questions of European identity and history.

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  • A prominent example for the first group of projects is the Mayday movement representing the interests of persons without sufficient social security, i. Other transnational projects presented during the workshop take a critical position towards EU education politics. Debates focused on two main questions: 1. Do the presented projects, in fact, contribute to the development of public spheres or are they only perceived by people already acquainted with the questions at hand? In which ways do the projects contribute to a European Public Sphere?


    The workshop participants agreed that - empirically as well as normatively — the European public sphere can only be understood in the plural, i. Thus, also very limited public spheres have to be understood as part of a European public sphere. The presented networks dealing with precarity and education are good examples for transnational public spheres contributing to a specific form of Europeanisation: Their debates of EU developments help to distribute information relevant to the EU and to develop critical positions with a European perspective.

    April Die Veranstaltung bestand aus zwei Teilen. Daraufhin folgten kurze Impulsreferate von Dr. Duration: 7. The Network brings together some selected, highly qualified researchers. International migration, into and within the EU, is a fundamental issue of politics and policy today. It is set to remain so for years to come, for reasons that lie both inside and outside Europe. This will have far-reaching consequences for the member states and for the EU as a whole -- how to manage demand and supply-driven migration, how to integrate the resident immigrants, how to adapt institutional arrangements to preserve social cohesion?

    To provide comprehensive theoretical and empirical knowledge that can form a reliable basis for policy, 19 established European research institutes have established a Network of Excellence in the domain of International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion IMISCOE. Based on their wide-ranging skills and experience in international comparative research, the institutes implement an integrated, multidisciplinary, rigorously comparative research programme, with Europe as its central focus.

    The project will provide a comprehensive comparison of rules regulating the acquisition and loss of nationality in the EU Member States. This will be achieved by collecting information about current legislation and the development of nationality law since the s, by analysing statistical data on naturalization, acquisition of nationality at birth, and loss or renunciation of nationality, and by investigating administrative practices in the implementation of nationality laws.

    The project will also examine statuses of quasi-citizenship for third country nationals that are granted in several Member States on the basis of long-term residence or to nationals of certain countries or ethnic background. The goal is to find out in which areas there are trends of long-term convergence or persistent divergence between Member States. This will serve as the basis for a broad evaluation of Member States policies in this area and for policy recommendations addressed to both Member State governments and the EU. The main focus for the evaluative part will be on the question how access to citizenship and nationality contributes to the integration of immigrants.

    Special emphasis will be laid on dual nationality and the assessment of the impact of recent policy changes towards broader toleration or restrictions in this matter. Duration: Sept. Die empirische Studie analysiert alle zum Thema Europawahlen erschienen Artikel vom Laufzeit: Research Programme [pfd]. Johannes Pollak MSc. Bedanna Bapuly, Dr. Monika Mokre, MMag. Laufzeit: April — April Projektleitung: Univ.

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    Sonja Puntscher-Riekmann Projektkoordination: Mag. Im britischen Unterhaus werden die Berichte der Regierung eher kommentiert als kontrolliert. Die eigentliche politische Kontrolle der Regierung findet durch das Oberhaus in der Form umfassender Berichte statt. Die Ergebnisse sind schwer auf einen gemeinsamen Nenner zu bringen. Sonja Puntscher-Riekmann, Univ. Bedanna Bapuly, MMag. Gerhard Kohlegger, Mag. Dabei hatten Exekutive und Legislative sich wesentlich an die deutsche Umsetzungspraxis angelehnt.

    Michael Schweitzer und Sonja Puntscher Riekmann. Die Umsetzung des Gemeinschaftsrechts im Berufszugangsrecht. Die Egebnisse wurden in verschiedenen Stadien des Projektes mit Rechtsanwendern in folgenden Veranstaltungen diskutiert: We analyzed debates around the adoption of the European Constitution. One of the main research questions was: How do these debates contribute to the emergence of a European public sphere and thereby to the development of a European democracy? This question was addressed by analysing media coverage of the adoption process and, especially, of the referenda on the European Constitution.

    The empirical analysis is based on the theory of radical democracy; thus the project also aimed at bridging the gap between normative-theoretical considerations on the European Public Sphere and empirical work on this theme.


    The analysis encompasses print media coverage of the process of constitutionalisation in the period from the IGC to September in online available quality and yellow press one quality paper and one yellow press paper in each country of the sample. Furthermore, small independent media were included in the analysis where available. Project Head: Mag. Markus Pausch Research Fellows: Mag.

    Cornelia Bruell Mag. Helmut P. Gaisbauer Mag. Michael Kimmel Mentors: Dr. Monika Mokre Univ. Sonja Puntscher Riekmann Mag. Gilbert Weiss Duration: March - March All cases being pending or decided at the courts will be scrutinised and evaluated as to their conformity with decisions of the European Commission, the Court of First Instance and the European Court of Justice and collected in a database. In the very near future it is therefore merely in the hands of national judges to safeguard the directly applicable rights deriving from the Communitarian legal order in the field of Competition law.

    It is essential to show up the new challenges for national judges and to systematically elaborate guidelines on the application of EC Competition rules by compiling, analysing and comparing national case-law. The findings will be discussed and compared with the results in the other countries participating in the research in order to set up guidelines for the national courts dealing with Competition Law which will then be published in English. The guidelines will be complemented by extracts of some landmark decisions of the European Commission, the Court of First Instance and the ECJ translated into Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovene and distributed to the national judges dealing with Competition law.

    It is of utmost importance for the national judges to have the European reference cases available in their mother tongue. This part of the project will serve as the basis for further training of national judges. The research partners will nominate English speaking judges in the New Member States who will be invited to the Seminar in Vienna 2.

    Furthermore, a homepage will be created and up-dated from where the data can be loaded down free of charge in Czech, German, Hungarian, Polish and Slovene. Besonderes Augenmerk wird auf die Positionen der jeweiligen Regierungen, politischen Parteien und der relevanten politischen Institutionen z. Welche Teilnehmer an der engeren Zusammenarbeit sind absehbar? Wie werden die bevorstehenden Erweiterungsrunden die Formen flexibler Integration beeinflussen? Their Austrian colleagues reported on their experience in enforcing EC law.

    Specific changes of the national legal system due to its interplay with the supranational legal order will be identified. The cases reported will be commented, compiled, translated and disseminated in courts, training and documentation centres in the respective official language of the new Member States in the form of eif-working papers and CDs. Thereby the data on commented cases dealing with EC law and questions referred for a preliminary ruling will be accessible to law applicants in these new Member States. Ein weiteres Ziel besteht darin, die Mengersche Methode auf die Analyse der Entstehung moderner Finanzsysteme und der Entwicklung neuer, elektronischer Zahlungssysteme anzuwenden.

    BAMF - Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge - freiwillige Rückkehr

    Schmitz eds. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar From the announcement in the Edward Elgar catalogue of New Titles in Economics This book provides the first full English translation of Menger's seminal article Geld - one of the most influential papers on the origin of money. The editors aim to facilitate a broader and more detailed discussion of Menger's method, theory and findings.

    His institutional approach is then applied and extended to the analysis of the evolution of payments systems, focusing in particular on electronic money, on its institutional character, and on monetary policy. Hardback c pp c GBP Good, M. Latzer, S. Schmitz, G.

    Selgin, E. Streissler, M. Streissler, L. White, L. Yeager "Carl Menger is of immense importance in the development of monetary economics. He built on the work of Adam Smith, showing how money evolved as a result of individuals trying to better themselves and was not, as some have claimed, an invention of a benevolent state. But despite Menger's importance, there is remarkably little written on him in English, and some even of his most important work remains untranslated. This excellent book goes far to remedy this situation.

    It is a major contribution to the history of economic thought. Furthermore it develops Menger's analysis of transactions so as to illuminate and advance discussions on the prospects for electronic money, an important topic in modern monetary theory. This is a fascinating, well written, and important book. Menger has been enormously influential on the development of money — and his influence has been increasing in recent years.

    It can now reach the audience it deserves. It has been set in context with admirable contributions from several leading scholars in the field. It will be widely used.


    The volume will appeal equally to historians of economic thought and to economists who wish to explore the implications of the recent emergence of electronic money. Seldom has the relevance of the Mengerian research tradition for understanding the evolution of contemporany social institutions been more powerfully demonstrated. Schmitz is a very exciting book. It creates an intellectual link between the past and the future. It makes it possible for readers to better know the fundamental insights of Carl Menger about money; but it also provides an outstanding analysis of possible developments of electronic money, demonstrating that they cannot be understood without looking back at the theoretical debate about money initiated by Carl Menger.

    For those interested in money and its future, this book is unique. The project launched by the Czech Academy of Sciences builds on the results of the ASO project, in which a comparative empirical analysis presented the first experiences of the Constitutional courts of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria with regard to EC law.