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This is because the criminal can easily turn him in for the violations that he knew the officer committed. Ironic as it may seem, the supposed guardians of justice can become the very people who defy it. With the inefficient punitive system that California has, it cannot afford to employ an atrocious staff.

Until all these issues are fixed, retribution and restoration in California are at the mercy of a few hands. Until all these issues are fixed, the Folsom State Prison will not be able to serve its purpose. In one of the toughest correctional centers in the United States, an admirable warden made use of religion to convey ethics and morality to the incarcerated. It is one of the toughest penal colonies in the United States wherein most convicts will never be released. At present, it is home to 1, staff and 6, offenders. Such digits make it the most heavily-populated maximum security prison in the United States.

Aside from the given fact that some of those who are admitted to the Louisiana State Penitentiary have committed the gravest crimes in all of America, the penitentiary also holds a bloody history. During this time, prisoners carried rifles pretending to be guards. Homosexual slavery was also very rampant. In addition, murders within the prison walls were also frequent. The penitentiary also witnessed physical attacks by prisoners against personnel and 1, prisoner-to-prisoner assaults in When Burl Cain became warden in , he thought of progressive ideas to pacify a very vicious prison.

He conceded that there was something critically wrong in the manner the criminal justice system was observed. In the end, he decided to resort to a very bizarre strategy to pacify the inmates. His prison reform? It was to employ Christ as means to mollify Angola. His prison reform was based under the assumption that religion was the most effective giver of morality. He needed prisoners to realize what morality was to crack down all the violence behind the bars.

At present, hundreds of prison-ministers are converting thousands of their imprisoned brothers and sisters to Jesus. Although he invited Baptists to teach the inmates of the ideal way of life, Cain supports other religions. He confessed that he is not concerned about religion per se, but rather on faith that is instrumental to conversion. In , there were cases of assaults in LSP.

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Although that number is still alarming, one cannot deny that there has been progress in the reduction of violence in LSP. The figures suggest that the United States of America would not have been labeled as the universal capital of imprisonment if it only knew how to arbitrate on the lives of juveniles before they could engage into unlawful acts, rather than after. In the end, everyone should realize that imprisonment is not because of the law but because of justice.

Guardian (Prison Planet, #1) by Emmy Chandler

Justice, although a very vague concept, does not only involve correction but more importantly, compassion. The Stateville Correctional Center is a maximum security adult male correctional establishment which opened its doors back in March This prison is located Route 53, Crest Hill, Illinois and is one of the most unique managed by the Illinois Department of Corrections.

It expands on 8.

10 Most Dangerous Prisons In The World

Although overcrowding is an issue from time to time it is not as bad as some of the other prisons on this list such as San Quentin State Prison and Folsom State Prison. Nonetheless the inmates confined within The Stateville Correctional Center are some of the most dangerous in Illinois. The panopticon a huge circular complex which look like the coliseum arena from ancient Rome and from a singular centered surveillance room which look like a lighthouse the guards can have a really good degree view of all the convicts.

This design was inspired from the brains of British philosopher and prison reformer Jeremy Bentham in Now this does not stop assaults from happening. In fact fights upon fights are a daily occurrence within The Stateville Prison. Ambulances specifically designated to the prison are seen coming in and out 24 hours a day. This is largely due to major financial cutbacks which limits the number of guards present at all time and the very rampant gang activities across Illinois, especially Chicago.

Sentenced to three life sentences plus years. Paul Modrowski — Convicted February 17, of first degree accountability to murder for supposedly lending a car to Robert Faraci. Clint Massey — Convicted June 5, of first degree murder in slaying of cab driver Javon Boyd and sentenced to 39 years.

At the time, he was Massey rapped under the stage name RondoNumbaNine. Courtney Ealy — Convicted May 9, of first degree murder in slaying of cab driver Javon Boyd and sentenced to 38 years. Ealy rapped under the stage name Cdai. With an average of 10, inmates and approximately 10, staff, a It can accommodate a population of 15, and houses both male and female inmates from different age brackets.

It has 10 jails that hold inmates on a temporary stay lasting from a few weeks to two years. Most of its prisoners are offenders whose legal documentations are yet to be finalized in trial and who are pending for transfer to another correction facility. Meanwhile, male inmates who are within the age bracket of 16 to 18 are detained in the Davoren House and the male adolescents in the Taylor House.

While all the males are segregated by age group, female inmates, both adolescents and adults, are detained in the Singer House. Inmates who require medical attention are housed in the North Infirmary, while those who may have contagious diseases are detained in the West Facility. Despite the large number of staff and an array of specific houses and facilities available for inmates requiring medical attention, Rikers Island was reported by Mother Jones magazine in as one of the Ten Worst Prisons in the United States.

Four years prior its published ranking, The Island has been reported by The New York Times to have had at least seven lawsuits which was never heard for trial, accusing officers of violence, corruption and abuse towards its inmates. There had been repeated cases of rape, abuse of the mentally ill, as well as verbal and physical harassment towards weaker and younger inmates, which had been neglected by the management and the security. As for the visitors and their own experiences of visiting the Island, many have complained about the hassle of going back and forth from the harbor and the bus towards the facility.

Although precautionary measures are observed from strict dress codes to basic visitation rules, visitors feel their privacy being violated as there had been reports that packages brought to their loved ones are being unreasonably tampered with by the inspection committee. Item X-rays and substance-testing may be part of the protocol, but by the time the packages reach their rightful recipients, it would usually have a crack or tear. The San Quentin State Prison SQ is a correctional facility for men which opened its doors back in July , making it the oldest prison in California.

This prison is located north of San Francisco in the unincorporated town of San Quentin in Marin County and is one of the most popular ones managed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Overcrowding is such a very serious issue that over inmates are housed in the gymnasium. To make matters worse this increase in the inmate population is not equal to the increase of the amount of prison guards.

So frustration, intimidations, assaults, rapes, violence and riots are common things nowadays. The latest most memorable largest riot occurred back in August 9 in which 80 white and Latino inmates fought for six minutes. It took 50 riot officers to stop this massive brawl. The aftermath left 42 inmates injured which three of them seriously enough that they had to be transported to a nearby hospital to get proper treatments. San Quentin State Prison confines some of the most notorious mentally ill inmates, gang members and shot callers in California.

They are serving time for some of the most heinous crimes hence a few of them are serving a life sentence and some even are on death row. It had a gas chamber but that means of execution was abolished back in The gas chamber was converted to an execution chamber for lethal injection. Here are some of its most well-known present and past inmates:. Randy Kraft: serial killer who was convicted of 16 murders and suspected of 51 others.

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Sentenced to death in William Suff: serial killer convicted of murdering 12 prostitutes in Riverside County. Chester Turner: serial killer convicted of murdering 14 women in Los Angeles between and Stanley Tookie Williams: convicted murderer and early leader of the Crips street gang.

Executed by lethal injection on December 13, Clarence Ray Allen: convicted for ordering the killing of three people. At age 76, he was the oldest person ever executed in California by lethal injection on January 17, David Mason: convicted of murdering five people, he was executed in the gas chamber on August 24, The prison opened in , with physically divided operations and grounds.

Exercise courts are built in the area outside the cells. It is made up of white building structures and barren ground. The perimeter is entirely surrounded by an electric fence. The Pelican Bay inmates, with their lawyers and prisoner advocates, protest that SHU confinement is an unusual and cruel punishment because of the adverse conditions. Psychologists and psychiatrists attending to the patients said that prisoners who have spent several months in isolation show symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD including hallucinations, anxiety, anger, depression, and suicide.

He was killed in another state prison Sacramento at the age of He was released in But as the other very wise ladies have said, it's a very small minority that ever even see their pen pals once they're out. Some people do use a fake surname when they begin writing to protect their identities. I've never done it, but it seems to make some people feel a bit safer.

Thank you everyone for the nice welcome and advice. I think I am going to do it -- I have things narrowed down to 5 people, but then I am having a hard time choosing among them. I guess I will do some more thinking on it and decide. Also I know its not the crime but it made me feel better to write to someone that didn't commit a crime that I would feel was really morally iffy. Bank robbery was a stupid decision for example were rape I had more of a dillemma with.

I hope that I havnt offended anyone in my honesty. Most definitely have a look around and read other peoples stories. I think it will help you understand how writing to a pen-pal can be.

In some cases it's awkward, or there are misunderstandings and in some cases inmates can be total douchebags. For me it's been a wonderful experience and a lot of people around here have found great friendships. Just like anything great, there is a bit of risk involved.

Although I highly doubt you have to worry about anyone coming after you. If that is something that worries you a lot, maybe choose a pen-pal who will be inside for a long time to come.

Five Myths about Jubilee

Also, if you don't strike gold with your first attempt, try again. Don't let one bad apple keep you from such a life changing opportunity. It's really interesting when you word it that way. When I was searching for a pp I knew I didn't want to speak to someone who was convicted of hurting women or children. Why doesn't talking to a murderer bother me as much? We're a weird bunch here on WAP, that much is certain ;.

Show No Mercy and Take No Prisoners (Black Ops, Inc. Series)

Maybe its because were all capable of murder. I'm still waffling about the 5 I picked. Maybe I'll just drop all five of them a short letter -- even if they aren't interested in writing back, maybe it'll pass a few minutes of their time. Don't worry, Jaenelle - my guess is that the letters will come. I couldn't imagine your correspondence being rejected, in any part, by an inmate.

They are at the mercy of the mail personnel, or they could be moved, etc. I have been writing my PP for 4 years and we don't wait for the other to respond before sending another one out : The best part of it all is how much the smallest thing is appreciated. I tend to flood him with mail all out of paper, of course - whether its hand crafted cards or little articles I cut out of magazines or even the word search or comics from our Sunday paper.

Hell, I've even sent the entire paper too - minus the ads. I don't know, I guess its just the joy it brings to me to put his mind at ease that he is cared about, in the simplest way. Yes, he is in for Murder 20 years ago - however, in a previous blog I mentioned that I intended on writing someone who was doing hard time so maybe that is the basis for all the appreciation. I look at my life alot differently now - I don't take for granted the freedoms I have and I place myself in his shoes more than I ever realized I would in having a prison pen pal. Its an amazing thing!!

A very rewarding and eye-opening experience. I am committed :. Being married doesnt really mean anything to a lot of people.

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Infact my boyfriend and I write letters together. I'm new to this myself but have an easy solution to ur small town worry. I use my email address instead of posting my last name. I am a person recovering from addictions and I write people in prison for drug and alcohol related issues, and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I have written both men and women and it has been very rewarding, and helpful to me in my own recovery. I have have no problems, I have had a few non responses, but in general I have been well recieved and appreciated. Now, I have used my home address and had doubts about that at first but to be honest, I figure life itself is a risk, and I certainly threw caution to the wind, when I was out there running and gunning.

New -- Is it safe to write to prisoners? Who should I choose?

Was that a run on sentence? I think writing people in prison is much safer than meeting somone on other networking sites. At least I know excactly who I am dealing with. These are my thoughts. To your own self be true. I would encourage you to write. As a former inmate I know the value of having mail from someone on the outside. I had a number of people that wrote me and we were all just friends.

I did not expect more than that. A kind voice, an understanding person to share thoughts and dreams with is very precious in prison. As for the issue on safety writing someone in prison, there is always a risk just like there is a risk in crossing the street. Using a PO Box is a good way to go and offers some security. Just see how the conversation goes, if it goes strange, just stop writing and let the prison know you do not wish to receive mail from that person anymore. Choosing who to write is really up to you.

Read what they say in their ad and I would suggest that you check out their listing on the prison website to make sure that they are being up and up with you. Then just take time to share and listen to what they are saying. I think you will be surprised by the intelligence and wit that many inmates possess. Go by your instinct. Your friend might be having difficulty coping with everything right now but one day he may come around, just keep writing him he may surprise you. As for myself I have friend who was falsely accused of sexual assualt to a minor.

I write him almost daily but his wife doesn't, not because she thinks he did it she's afraid people will read her letters. I myself am writing other people, I feel it will do them so good for those who don't have a lifeline to talk to. If you have PO Box it really wouldn't make a difference if I'm correct I believe it's harder to trace, and they only know where you live if you give directions.

If your that concern stick with those of a life sentence. Good Luck Jaenelle. All Rights Reserved. Must be 18 to view this website and have read our Terms of Service. Skip to main content. Member Login Sign Up. Why WriteAPrisoner? New -- Is it safe to write to prisoners? Who should I choose? Log in or register to post comments. Last post. September 8, - pm. Any help with this would be appreciated. Edited by: jaenelle on Mar 18 - pm Reason: Imported from old database. September 9, - pm. September 10, - pm. Agree with everything gooddog says.

September 17, - pm. Thank you Kent! Your very welcome.