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Kengo Hanazawa , Philip R.

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Simon and Kumar Sivasubramanian. Katsuyuki Sumizawa. Irv Werstein and Carl Wessler. Sailor Moon Eternal Edition 5. Naoko Takeuchi. William Gropper.

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Diabolical Summer. Thierry Smolderen. Predator: Hunters II. Chris Warner.

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Fire Force Atsushi Ohkubo. Tokyo Tarareba Girls 7. Akiko Higashimura. Witch Hat Atelier 2. Kamome Shirahama. Halo: Lone Wolf. To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts, volume 8. Horrible Second Edition. Zack Whedon and Joss Whedon. The Graphic Canon, Vol. The Art of Trollhunters. Tara McPherson. Hajime Isayama. She cannot physically interact with the material world, though she says every ghost has one specific way they can do so. Her thing is breaking glass. Because she can't catch the killer herself, she needs someone living to help her.

She spent her first five years as a ghost looking for someone who could see her, and Brody was the first ghost-seer she encountered. So, in spite of his initial reluctance to get involved, she refused to take "no" for an answer.

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After she saved him from a street gang called the L47s, he agreed to let her introduce him to Kagemura. Kagemura - An ancient samurai ghost, who is a site spectre: a ghost attached to a specific location; in his case, Shinshoji Temple. Kagemura has his own reasons for agreeing to train Brody, and has no interest in Talia's reasons.

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While he trains Brody to unlock his psychic powers or "Greater Senses" , five demighosts who work for Kagemura train Brody in various styles of combat. Brody's Ghost Volume 4 by Mark Crilley. Brody's racing against time to uncover the identity of the Penny Murderer before he claims his next victim: Brody's exgirlfriend. But he's also found out that Talia, the ghost who set him on this road to justice, has been lying to him from the start. Brody's Ghost Volume 2 by Mark Crilley. Brody knew that being mixed up with Talia, a dead girl turned ghost, was going to change his life forever.

He just didn't realize it was going to involve going head to head with one of the most vicious gangs in the whole city. But here he is, giving himself over…. Acclaimed author Mark Crilley tells his greatest tale yet in this intense supernatural thriller! After losing his job, his girlfriend, and his home, Brody learns that things can get even worse when he begins seeing a ghostly teenage girl watching him in the…. Brody's Ghost Volume 1 by Mark Crilley. Brody hoped it was just a hallucination.

Brody's Ghost Volume 4

But no, the teenaged ghostly girl who'd come face to face with him in the middle of a busy city street was all too real. And now she was back, telling him she needed his help in hunting down a dangerous killer, and that he…. Brody's Ghost Volume 6 by Mark Crilley.

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  • Everything has changed for Brody since teenaged ghost Talia entered his life. Now trained in the supernatural arts, strong in mind and body, and with Talia's murder solved, Brody has mere hours to stop her killer from making his ex-girlfriend Nicole the next….

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