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Online only. Own it now. Animal toys and figurines Find our wide range of farm animal toys and mix of animal figurines all at irresistibly low prices. They're all he can think about. Somehow, Hippo needs to get his mind off donuts.

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And he just might have a plan Airplanes: Gorilla is building a new model airplane. He's worked long and hard on this model, which he plans to display on his shelf. But when Hippo sees the airplane, he tries to convince Gorilla to fly it. What will Gorilla do? Rain Gear: The rain has stopped and puddles are everywhere.

Hippo and Gorilla go for a walk. Hippo wears his rain gear so he can stomp in puddles without getting wet. Everything is going fine until he decides to run full-speed into a huge puddle of mud. To limit the impact on the gorillas, gorilla visits just occur a few days a week, not daily, and visits are limited to 1 hour. You may have to walk a few km through the rainforest before you see the gorilla and the experience is an adventure.

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Included : Morning and afternoon wildlife trips. Today you might have a boat trip down the Iguela Lagoon towards the estuary. The reflection in the dark water is often flawless. Look for flocks of African skimmers and Damara terns and watch the ghost crabs scuttle in the waves. You might see forest buffalo grazing where the vegetation meets the beach, and red river hogs nosing through the sand. Today you might take kayaks out on Lourie Lagoon. Over 18km long, the thin finger of Lourie Lagoon runs parallel to the ocean, separated by a narrow strip of beach. The utter peace of the lagoon is to be savoured so take your time to enjoy the detail.

Perhaps shore your kayaks and spend some time exploring the beach for a while too. Today you might explore a different area of the park on a drive through the wide patches of grassy savannah. There are many different things you might see on these drives; you might discover a large forest crab, spot a small group of forest elephants grazing, catch a glimpse of a shy sitatunga, watch a herd of red river hog foraging or photograph a family of forest buffalo with their helpful oxpecker birds riding along on their backs.

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Sometimes, your guides will have a secret up their sleeve…like taking you to an area where you can see gorgeous crimson breasted rosy bee-eaters dart around their ground nest. One evening during your stay, if the conditions are right, you will have the opportunity to spend an evening searching for crocodiles.

Sanctuary Gorilla Safari | Kingfisher Safaris

The experience is fascinating and beautiful; on a clear night, travelling by boat through the dark under a sky full of stars is unforgettable. As whale watching trips are dependent on the weather and other factors, they can only be booked and paid for when you are at the lodge — please ask Emma or Susanne for details.

Top 10 animals throwing poop at people (MONKEY THROWS POOP AT GRANDMA) poo throwing monkeys

If you have some free time today you might like to visit the craft markets where you can buy beautiful gifts and mementos. After dark, your guide will take you on a boat trip deep into the lagoon in search of Nile, slender-snouted and dwarf crocodiles. This exciting and interesting excursion is not to be missed. Between 15 July and 5 September, whale watching trips take you to see the humpback whales that mate in the ocean just off Gabon.

Gorillas, Game Parks & Beaches

As whale watching trips are dependent on the weather and other factors, they can only be booked and paid for when you are at the lodge - please ask Emma and Susanne for details. In December and January we quietly look for the leatherback and olive ridley turtles who nest on Loango's beach; this is a magical experience of a lifetime. Loango is the only place in Gabon where it's possible to spend time with western gorilla. Join researchers from the Max Planck Institute who also study gorilla in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda to see these incredible apes close up. Find out more about our gorilla trekking experiences by clicking the 'Our Travel Stories' tab and reading 'Trekking with gorilla in Gabon'.

Explore Gabon's fascinating forest and search for putty-nosed, moustached and mangabey monkeys; listen for bird calls and forest elephants; wonder at the height of the incredible hard wood trees and look for insects as you follow your guides across the leaf litter. You'll wind your way slowly through the mangrove, picking up speed to cross the vast lagoons and be overwhelmed by the enormity of this incredibly rich, wild landscape. Loango offers the rare opportunity to be alone with wildlife on the savannah - you'll probably be the only ones driving in the park.

Here the grasslands are not packed with animals but patient searching often rewards with forest elephant, forest buffalo, red river hogs, many bird species and sometimes, the sitatunga antelope. Walk along stretches of Loango's km of uninhabited beach and be surrounded by African skimmers and Damara Terns.

Bookings for 2020 – get in quick as these are fill up fast!

If you're very lucky you could see forest buffalo, forest elephant, red river hogs or even lowland gorillas. Elegant Loango Lodge is perched on the banks of a wide river that forms part of the extensive Iguela Lagoon. The lodge is made up of simply furnished, comfortable en-suite wooden bungalows, with air conditioning and hot water. Each bungalow has a private terrrace facing the river, perfect for spotting elephants on the banks opposite.

The river is a boundary of the Loango National Park, safely keeping the wildlife in sight, but not too close! All guests stay on a full board basis and wildlife watching activities, except visiting the gorilla and whale watching, are included. Guests can enjoy relaxing on sofas in the communal areas and will have access to wifi here. The rooms have en suite bathrooms with hot water showers, air conditioning, wifi, cable TV, mini bar and tea and coffee making facilities. Guests have direct access to the beach from the hotel and can enjoy the bar and French inspired restaurant.

The equator dissects Gabon just to the south of the capital, Libreville, and the country is bordered by Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon to the north, and the Republic of Congo to the south and east.