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If you have a salaried job, you can make up for estimated tax shortfalls by increasing your withholding. Here you file Form , breaking down income and deductions by estimated tax period, showing that you paid as you should have for each. So if your snow-plowing business only took off near the end of the year for instance, annualizing would show that you correctly paid taxes in the first three quarters of the year, justifying a higher payment in the last quarter.

If you face a tax penalty for the first time, the IRS might be lenient. So always file your on time, pay any taxes due with that form, and keep track of and pay enough estimated taxes on your other earnings.

1. Misunderstanding Form 1099

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How Amazon AVOIDED Tax (For YOU!)

Follow these IRA withdrawal rules or pay a hefty tax penalty. The skinny on paying estimated taxes: What you need to know to avoid the ire of the IRS. How and why to adjust your tax withholding for This was the average tax return last year. Cookie Policy Bankrate uses cookies to ensure that you get the best experience on our website. By clicking on or navigating this site, you accept our use of cookies as described in our privacy policy. Individual Retirement Accounts are a straightforward, easily accessible way to cut your taxes the same way the k does.

Investment options under Sec 80C

But they do have strict rules. If you or your spouse do have a plan at work, your deduction might be limited. It depends on your income. This IRS document has more details.

All You Need to Know About Saving Income Tax

See if your workplace offers an insurance plan that you could combine with a Health Savings Account, or consider opening one yourself if you buy your own coverage. An HSA offers a triple tax break: The money you put in escapes all tax—no federal income tax, no state or local taxes, and no FICA taxes , the balance grows tax-deferred and can be invested in mutual funds , and withdrawals used to pay medical expenses are tax-free. If you really want to swing for the fences with the tax-savings potential of an HSA, go ahead and fund it with pre-tax money, but pay for your out of pocket health costs with cash in your pocket rather than drawing down HSA funds.

It takes real financial discipline and good health to pull this off, but it will let your HSA money continue to grow tax-deferred. Still, most companies are offering grace periods into the following year for you to spend down the money.

Selling a House? Avoid Taxes on Capital Gains on Real Estate in and - NerdWallet

If you plan to make a significant gift to charity, consider giving appreciated stocks or mutual fund shares that you've owned for more than one year instead of cash. Doing so supercharges the saving power of your generosity. Your charitable contribution deduction is the fair market value of the securities on the date of the gift, not the amount you paid for the asset, and you never have to pay tax on the profit. You'd be better off selling the asset, claiming the loss on your taxes, and donating cash to the charity.

Remember, though, that for this to give you a tax advantage, you need to itemize your deductions. There are options if you want to maximize giving and tax benefits — read more here. Tote up out-of-pocket costs of doing good. Keep track of what you spend while doing charitable work, from what you spend on stamps for a fundraiser, to the cost of ingredients for casseroles you make for the homeless, to the number of miles you drive your car for charity at 14 cents a mile.

Add such costs with your cash contributions when figuring your charitable contribution deduction. Tax reform created a powerful incentive for people to hang out their own shingle and participate in the gig economy.

Your 1099 form: 7 mistakes to avoid and 4 tips to prevent an audit

If you use part of your home regularly and exclusively for your business, you can qualify to deduct as home-office expenses some costs that are otherwise considered personal expenses, including part of your utility bills, insurance premiums and home maintenance bills. Some home-business operators steer away from these breaks for fear of an audit. But the IRS now makes it easy to claim this tax break. A tax credit is available for homeowners who install alternative energy equipment.

Stupid Things to Avoid When Doing Your Taxes

It equals 30 percent of what a homeowner spends on qualifying property such as solar electric systems, solar hot water heaters, geothermal heat pumps, and wind turbines, including labor costs. There is no cap on this tax credit, which is available through But, if you use a child-care reimbursement account at work to pay those bills, you get to use pre-tax dollars.

That can save you one-third or more of the cost, since you avoid both income and Social Security taxes.