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It is more likely they will think the person attempting to reason with them is in on it. View image of Conspiracy theorists say signs on the US dollar bill shows Illuminati influence. This highlights the extent to which we live in a polarised world.

BBC - Future - The enduring appeal of conspiracy theories

One study looking at how conspiracy theories spread online, revealed that there is no overlap between those who share scientific news, and those who share conspiracies or fake news. He was so frequently trolled by conspiracy theorists in his science writing that he developed an algorithm to show how unlikely it is that big secrets can be kept for any significant length of time.

The more people involved in a cover-up, the quicker it would unravel, he showed. While there may not be a single solution, research looking into the psychology behind conspiracy theory participation is a start.

Conspiracy Theories: An Emerging Research Domain

The strongest predictor of climate denial, for instance, is a free-market ideology, Lewandowsky discovered. Through the work of Douglas and others, we now also know many of the traits that make people more susceptible to believing something without evidence. View image of The vast majority of scientists agree that climate change today is caused by humans.

Although technology has created the many echo chambers and filter bubbles we see today, it could also help overcome them. One pioneering experiment in Norway introduced a quiz to make sure the person understood what they had read before they were able to comment on an article. Another strategy that could help is educating people to better understand trusted sources, as well as holding public figures to account when they spread misinformation.

That, he hopes, means we can overturn many conspiracies if people are provided with compelling, fact-based evidence.

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Lastly, we can all look more closely at what we share on social media ourselves. People often share a clever-sounding headline without actually reading the contents of the article. This means that we really cannot always believe what we read and hear. If something sounds peculiar or contrived, chances are it might well be.

If you are aware of just how many conspiracy theories circulate, then you are already ahead of the game in preventing them from spreading further. Future Menu. What is BBC Future? Follow the Food. Future Now. In Depth Psychology The enduring appeal of conspiracy theories. Share on Facebook. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. Did Nasa astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin really walk on the moon in , or was it part of an elaborate ruse directed by Stanley Kubrick?

Are aircraft leaving 'chemtrails' in the sky, chemical agents sprayed for mysterious and nefarious purposes? Is there actually a cure for cancer, suppressed by pharmaceutical companies in order to protect valuable 'alternative' medicines? Unfortunately for the more imaginative conspiracy theorists among us, the answer to all of these questions is likely to be a resounding no. That's not just according to wide and available evidence, either: it's also according to new research from University of Oxford mathematician David Grimes, who has devised an equation that expresses how long alleged conspiracies could exist without being exposed as fake.

They also began to break into what might be considered the mainstream of the conspiracy world.

Conspiracy theorist Dr. Furber had already been booted from the site for allegedly threatening to reveal the personal details of another user, and was pushed out of the private Q discussion groups he had helped form. By then, Pamphlet Anon, whose real name is Coleman Rogers, had developed grander plans. Those photos show him to be the same person who appears on YouTube as Pamphlet Anon.

Kicked off Reddit, Rogers hatched a new plan. The channel is, in effect, a broadcast of a Discord chatroom with constant audio commentary from a rotating cast of volunteers and moderators with sporadic appearances by Rogers and Urso. Rogers and Urso use their channel to call for donations that are accepted through PayPal, cryptocurrencies or mail.

How three conspiracy theorists took 'Q' and sparked Qanon

It was a natural progression for Rogers. Following another message from a reporter informing him that NBC News had archived his page, he deleted his Facebook account entirely. Recently, some Qanon followers have accused Diaz and Rogers of profiting from the movement by soliciting donations from their followers.

Other pro-Trump online groups have questioned the roles that Diaz and Rogers have played in promoting Q, pointing to a series of slip-ups that they say show Rogers and Diaz may have been involved in the theory from the start. There is no direct proof that the group or any individual members are behind it. Users in the associated chatroom begin to wonder if Rogers had accidentally revealed his identity as Q.