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You said "So, what do you think? Unlike the others in my group, I had used Memory Shift on a PC and had a sense of what you were doing but still, the animation made it so much better. After we told you we loved it you reached into your pack and gave each of us a disk with Switcher on it. It wasn't shipping yet and you asked for our feedback. I still have that disk Andy and will always remember how wonderful it was to experience your generosity and enthusiasm for something you enjoyed making and sharing.

Thank you for being you. Great Story! I just noticed that there is a mis-spelling in Gates' mail. It reads "Andy Herzfield" instead of "Andy Hertzfeld".. Hi Andy, First off, let me tell you that you are one of my computing idols! Well, I just wanted to say that I think it was quite unfair of Steve Jobs to deny adequate compensation for employee's efforts, for example this incident and the one where you guys hooked up a mouse to an Apple ][.

Lot nice of you to go on and make the Macintosh a much better operating system Regards, Absar Shah AbsarShah gmail. As I was graduating from the Univ. I told my parents that, somehow, I was buying a Mac, and they ended up getting me a K Mac and the Imagewriter as a PhD graduation present. One year later more or less,dates are hazy now Dr. Dobbs Journal published the famous "hack it yourself" K to K upgrade article.

I was now working at a government lab outside Washington, DC, but my friends back in the Physics Dept. So, I bought the then very weird "Torx wrench" tool, opened the Mac case, wrapped the motherboard in Al foil, packed in my carry-on bag and when I had a trip to Seattle, went to the Physic dept.

We did the surgery, put the motherboard in a test Mac, and it worked.

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This is a Switcher story, because the first thing we did was run Switcher, which I had heard about, but couldn't run without the K memory. I had never -seen- Switcher before. The moment I saw one program slide off the screen and another slide on My hat's off to the miracles that the original team pulled off in those days. We owe you all a great debt. Great work Andy and I look forward to reading your book. For the rest of you here is a site that talks more about Andy's Servant and Multi-Mac applications that were closely linked to Switcher.

Excellent article on an excellent site! I look forward to picking up a copy of Revolution as soon as I land another job! The Mac Mini is just that, at exactly that price. Mac OS X has lost some of the software elegance and consistency of the original system, but the Mac Mini is still the finest example of those principles on the market today.

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And, after Switcher was shown to us, I remember I jumped to my feet along with everyone else, screamed and holler'd with amazement and joy, realizing how much time this would save. I seem to have a memory that men were hugging but perhaps I won't go that far. But that demo got the most enthusiastic reception I have ever seen. Thanks, again, Andy! Gratefully, Steve Carlson.

Was it ever revealed who was "Jwa van der Vuurst", supposed author of Multi-Mac?

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I remember getting a "secret" demo of Multi-Mac when it started making the rounds, one night in the labs of Beck-Tech at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley. The demo showed a simple line drawing of a car going around and around a track that circled a pillar, while another application ran behind this window. Very impressive, even though the movement of the car was jerky.

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I really enjoyed that story. You're an excellent writer. Thanks for sharing. Mac OS X Lion does the same for your desktop. Systemwide support allows third-party developers to take advantage of full-screen technology to make their apps more immersive, too. So you can concentrate on every detail of your work, or play on a grander scale than ever before. I was the author of Multi-Mac. No, I didn't work for Apple, but I did demo it to Apple at the time.

I had bought a mac in , and got frustrated by the performance of the floppy disk. So it wasn't too hard to disassemble the ROMs of the mac. My first patch was to implement a disk caching system and also allow it to cache floppies that where not in the drive. So you wouldn't have to swap floppies all the time. Then I got this idea.

The desk accessories where able to run in parallel to the application. Every application would call SystemEvent. So i made each application look like a desk accessory to the other applications. The one problem left was memory management. Since the mac was only using 24 bit addressing, i used the upper 8 bits in each handle to remember who owned the allocated memory.

The running application would have the bits set to 0. New memory allocated defaults in that state. Switching to a different app required patching the upper 8 bits of every memory handle.

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It actually worked really well. I demo-ed it at apple and had 5 apps running at the same time, using 2 floppy disks on one drive. It would calculate the next chess move in the background while running MacWrite in the foreground and keep spreadsheets and other programs running in the background. While Apple was very impressed, they had no interest in buying it Andy didn't thing my memory handling would be very stable , and I knew that releasing it would have me having to keep up with all the new ROM releases from Apple in the future.

We did come up with a great marketing phrase at the time though: "Now your Mac can walk and chew gum at the same time! While a Mac k was my first computer, its more than a dozen years since I've been a serious mac user but the Macbook Air and Lion lured me back. I was just telling a long-time mac fan friend how 4-finger swipe between desktops reminded me of Switcher.

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