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The flowers too red, the mountains too high, the hills too near.

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Rhys's triumph is to put a modernist palette to the service of the 19th-century imagination: she lets us see the colours while also demonstrating to us how they appear to Rochester. Published in , this isn't simply a prequel but a deeply political novel in its own right, in which names echo with a traumatic history that can barely be remembered, let alone mentioned: a town called Massacre, a boy called Disastrous, and Antoinette herself, who is cruelly stripped of her illusions by a husband who insists on calling her Bertha.

Christophine is the nearest the novel gets to a presiding spirit: she too is an outsider, who was brought to Jamaica as a wedding present for Antoinette's mother in the years before emancipation. She practises "obeah" voodoo and her motives and loyalties are always mysterious. By concocting a "love potion" to be administered to Edward, she effectively sets up one of the novel's most devastating scenes, in which he reprises the atrocities of colonialism by casually seducing the servant girl who nurses him back to health, as his drugged wife sleeps in the next room.

Mrs Rochester

Another complication. And her skin was darker, her lips thicker than I had thought. In prose becoming steadily more queasy and disorientating, we witness a disintegration that is also a disinheritance.

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In the flicker of a candle on a draughty stairwell, the two novels come together, and two very different sorts of gothic merge into one. Concise, chilling and richly evocative, this is a beach read for people who think of holidays as a time to make connections.

Jane Eyre 2011- Jane's visit to the Thornfield Ruins.

You don't have to be in the Caribbean. Topics Fiction A book for the beach. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. She builds a new world for the new Mrs Rochester, centred on her husband, whose sight is slowly healing and whose attitude is forever changed by being happy in love, and her young son, the joy of both his parents.

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For ten years after Thornfield Hall and all it stood for crumbled, Jane and Mr Rochester live in wedded bliss, spending their days in an idyllic family unit at the small manor of Ferndean. But when Mr Rochester decides to rebuild Thornfield Hall, Jane fears the ghosts that might be brought back with it, and her fears are not unfounded.

Mrs Rochester rewrites Jane's 'Happily Ever After' as a twisted tale of interrupted bliss, haunting pasts, and frightening vendettas that follow the Rochesters to their newly rebuilt home. Old wounds are re-opened, grudges once thought buried resurface, and accusations abound, resulting in a mysterious, fast-paced re-imagining of a timeless favourite.

The real Mr Rochester

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