Homeschooling: The Bigger Picture (your conversation with a homeschool graduate)

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If the person you are talking to is open to a true discussion about homeschooling and are willing to learn from you, you can have a great opportunity to debunk those myths and ideas that people tend to have. Help them see past the paintbrush and see the artwork underneath instead. Use examples from your own experiences with your kids, if possible. Question: What About Socialization? As if we bubble wrap our kids and lock them in the basement forever….

Socialization teaches us how to behave in our society and communities: culturally, emotionally, responsibly. It teaches us how to act. The truth is that school was never designed to be a social activity. So, why do people generally think that school is the place for optimal socialization? Wherever people congregate, there is going to be interaction and socialization.

Homeschoolers and College

Where is it written that it needs to be in schools? As long as we are able to offer chances for our kids to learn and develop those skills of behaving in the world, we are doing fine. Kids are smart — they pick up skills needed quickly. How many homeschooled kids realize they need to put their hands up to speak in a group setting?

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How many are able to stand in a line up when needed? How many can hold conversations with grown-ups in a respectful and engaged way? One of the benefits of homeschooling is that we have plenty of time to have experiences that allow our kids to connect not only with kids their own ages but with people of all ages and walks of life. Question: What About University?

Reasons for Homeschooling

This question gets asked a lot — even if the child they are talking about is only in preschool! Their job is incredibly hard and emotionally exhausting.

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  6. But a homeschooling experience is different. Trained teachers ARE important, especially in classroom settings. Plus, there are many amazing resources available to help me if I need to learn more about teaching my child. There are some people who, no matter how much data, personal observation, or anecdotal evidence they are presented will ALWAYS oppose your decision. What is it? This is a powerful tool for any parenting or life decision that you make that brings up arguments and negativity from people.

    This is important. We need to set some boundaries. The problem with that in dealing with a person who has boundary issues is that engaging with content invites discussion. Each time you do so, you create more time for discussion and rebuttal and send the message that your decisions are up for debate. Sadly, this article seems to no longer be available online other than through the wayback machine link above.

    Often as a new parent or a homeschooling parent , we want to prove that we are right. We need to accept that not everyone is going to accept our decision and instead, change the conversation. It can be anything.

    Handling Homeschool Opposition

    Bean Dip is just funny! As we consider the possibilities of higher education for our children, we notice that colleges and universities require transcripts to evaluate each potential student. What records, grades, or statistics will we provide to a college on behalf of our homeschooled children? Classical Conversations provides two means by which you can create professional, credible academic transcripts for your homeschooled student.

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    This book clearly explains the how and why of high school transcripts. It tells you exactly what to put on the transcript, from how to calculate credits and grade point averages, to recording credit-by-exam and dual credit classes.

    How to Get Your Homeschooler Into Selective Colleges

    It also teaches you how to create a high school diploma and comes with free e-mail support from the author. Having professional transcripts does not require attendance at a government school, but it does require a little bit of work and recordkeeping on your part as a homeschooling parent. Of course, college acceptance boards want to see more than just good transcripts; they want to see a well-rounded student who is involved in extracurricular activities.

    Here again, it would be a false dilemma to think the best way for your child to get involved is to attend a government school. Many communities have these activities and more: Habitat for Humanity volunteer work, soup kitchens, pregnancy centers, and animal shelters. Many of these activity opportunities are absolutely free and life-enriching!

    The last concern parents might have for considering a move to government schools is sports. We have already established that we want our children to grow from good to very good, and that we desire for our children to grow strong, healthy, well-exercised minds and bodies. It would be damaging to a child to pit their mental health against their physical health. Hopefully, God-fearing Christians recognize the potential for idolatry and vehemently refuse to succumb to it. Another motivation is that we think sports will provide a free trip to college through athletic scholarships.

    If so, according to a CBS Moneywatch. The same report also clarifies an often misunderstood or unknown fact about athletic scholarships: the NCAA dictates not only how many scholarships a school can award, but how much it can award. So the fact that one school is bigger and wealthier than another actually does nothing to increase the number or value of its athletic scholarships. Hopefully, your interest in a sports program for your child is for the real reason it should be: to develop their bodily health alongside their mental and spiritual health.

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    If this is the case, then we are again facing a false dilemma. Athletics are not limited to none in the home school or some in the government school. Some parents have hired or bartered for coaches to train their children. Are you a piano instructor who knows an archer? As homeschoolers, we are famous for thinking outside of the box!

    Canadian Home Education Resources. Support Groups

    The sports your child is involved with can be baseball, football, or basketball, but they do not have to be—there are all kinds of activities in which you can involve him or her! This much is true: there are hard decisions we have to make in life. If you have not reached this point yet, be aware that these questions are coming and prepare your family early with good recordkeeping and preliminary research about your high school options.