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I had to make two stops during the trek to urgently relieve myself. The climb is hard, but more than hard, it is long. We climb up aided by our jumars clipped into fixed ropes that have been put in place — There are two sets of ropes on some sections; one its integrity is questionable so a second was added. Each member of our group has a dedicated guide. One member, Adam, is an expert and strong rock climber; he has climbed several several rock faces with a 5. He is assigned to Raymond, our head local guide. Raymond has climbed Carstensz more than forty times.

They are the fastest duo and will be in front.


Philippe is climbing with Hata, and they had started before us, since they were already at a closer basecamp. However, once Adam and Raymond catch up to them, they went ahead and took the lead as planned. JP has been partnered with Juan and then Manu, our guide from Terra Ultima took on the challenge of guiding me up. He was our expedition leader. In his role, I must say, he was very patient and helped me diligently, as needed.

A couple of times he offered his leg as a prop for me to climb over a rock face — being short has its pitf alls! We are a team today — tied to the same rope and our safety and success requires we work as a team. I listened closely to him, as I know he was not doing this selfishly for himself to summit Carstensz, but to ensure I had the best chance of succeeding myself, as his client. He encourages me several times during our climb, stating how great I am doing and that we were making excellent time.

So I move on. I later learned, as he was telling Adam about our climb, that he had doubts that we would summit — because of my fear of heights. Manu had a great poker face on the mountain! Oh yeah, and he reminded me several times to breath! When we approached the Tyrolean Traverse, I was literally terrified. Walking on a steel cable suspended thousands of feet in the air and only held by two security lines from my harness, each attached to a carabiner, I started to have a panic attack. So I told Emmanuel I was having a panic attack and I could feel my throat tighten. He quickly helped me by responding with a calming tone of voice — sure helps having a Toronto Paramedic for a guide!

We stopped for a moment, then he instructed me to slow down my breathing. Once I accomplished that, he gently explained how to walk on the rope and where to focus my attention and emphasized the magic words that I would not fall. He assured me I was secure on the ropes and then finally firmly told me I could do it! I wanted and needed to cross this and summit. Suddenly I had completed the whole traverse!

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Somehow, I cleared my mind enough to focus on the rocks and narrow path ahead. At 16, feet up in the air, the sunrise was amazing and the clean crispness of the various rock faces was breathtaking. Even through my anxiety, I could see and finally understood why mountaineers climb! Walking, secured on the rope, but without the jumar was easier and faster, and we were able to do this in some sections.

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If you miss the jump, you may not fall to the bottom, but it is going to hurt hitting your body against either rock! I am the one that broke 3 ribs on a bathtub just before a training day in Canada a few months ago! AND I have short legs and jumps are a greater challenge for me! Again, my anxiety was so high, all I can remember is Emmanuel telling me to breathe. He went first.

He explained to me what I needed to do, how I had my back-up line, and then he added that he would be there to catch me if I needed it. Even though he was working as our guide, this was his first time in Carstensz as well.

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I did not want to be responsible for him not reaching the summit because he got assigned to me. This thought motivated me. So, I followed his instructions that he was repeating from the other side, and just when my hand was falling short of reaching the last handhold on the rock, he grabbed my hand, and pulled me up.

Phew — he caught me! Ditto for the second gap. We cheered with them! They were at the summit point. The sky was blue, but cl ouds were moving fast towards the mountain. This is a daily occurrence and predictable weather pattern; its why we start so early. The s ummit point still seemed far for us. But a few minutes later, as Adam and Raymond start descending, Adam assures us we are only minutes away!

Climbing and descending Carstensz is rope dependant and only one person can pass on a rope at each point, and we were eight in our group, therefore Raymond did not want to waste time hanging around the Summit point. We continued excitedly and as we see Filipe waiting for the others, just a few feet down from the summit point, we pushed up and reached the Summit ourselves.

I cried. Emmanuel screamed in happiness, and laughed — and Hata and Juan still on the summit point, helped us take many pictures. Juan captured our arrival to the summit point on video, which he sent to me. And the reason I am so glad he did is because in all honesty, it was all quite a blur. All I remember is being there. And being elated. It was real; I had climbed my first mountain. I had it programmed with an automatic message, that would tell everyone we were on top of C arstensz.

Emmanuel told me to breathe, relax and take 5 minutes and look. We had time. But I was shaking and I was only able to share our location, and hoped anyone following us could see we were on top of Carstensz Payramid, the highest point in Oceania. We were at the summit. We were actually at the summit. Then it was time to come down. Same route, same way. JP, guided by Juan and Philippe, guided by Hata were in front of us. And with his help I did.

We had about feet of rappels to do. Trust me, the descent was hard. Then it started to snow. After the snow and I guess because we were descending in altitude, it began to rain. And I started thinking about hyperthermia, as just a few days prior to us reaching base-camp, a climber had died.

The blue tarp was still in the side of the mountain, where his body had been found. Emmanuel helped me with many of mine. He would secure himself at each transfer point, get the rope on his ACT, then I would secure my line, on the transfer point, and we would secure the same rope on my ACT device. This allowed us to be faster; as soon as he was done with that rope, I would be ready to go. He always double checked our set-up. Safety was a priority.

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I was getting cold and wet. We had JP and Philippe in front of us, so at each new rope section I would start to get cold as we stood still, waiting for the line to be free. I felt my body was unreasonably chilly and when I checked why, I realized my Gortex pants were not secured properly. The only thing holding them from falling down my waist was my harness. I had not secured them properly when I had needed a bathroom break earlier on the mountain and I had not realized it.

I tried to secure them properly, however, it was too late — I was already wet. After a few rappels, I started to feel short of breath. Each time I leaned back on my harness while on the line, I felt like the air was being sucked out of me. My left side hurt.

It was like someone had punched me. After trying to adjust myself on each new rappel to see if the pain would ease and breathing would be better, I finally told Emmanuel, and he immediately requested my backpack.

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I did not think that was the problem, but I gave it to him and he put it inside his. Removing my backpack changed nothing. My left side continued to constrict my breathing with each rappel. Doubling the workforce in French high schools abroad , the "backbone of our education ambition abroad" by Improve the reception conditions for international students in France. Attract more international students in French business schools. Related contents Article. Resources center. France's image and appeal in the eyes of international students.

In a speech to the joint houses of Congress on April 26, Macron celebrated the "unbreakable bonds" of the U. But Macron also delivered what some interpreted as a rebuke of Trump's America-first agenda, arguing that isolationism, withdrawal and nationalism "will not stop the evolution of the world. It will not douse but inflame the fears of our citizens. Macron faced one of the stiffest challenges to his presidency to date when French citizens embarked on their "Yellow Vests" protests — named for their identifiable clothing — in late The movement stemmed from anger over rising fuel taxes.

Following weeks of protests, Macron in January wrote a 2,word letter to the public and proposed a "Great National Debate" to discuss economic ideas via a series of town halls. Despite his overtures, the protests continued into spring, prompting the president to consider new measures to curb the unrest.

On April 15, , the centuries-old Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris erupted in flames, resulting in the destruction of its roof and spire before the fire was quelled 12 hours later. Macron seized the moment to bring his countrymen together in a televised address, calling for the iconic structure to be rebuilt in five years. Macron has drawn attention for his romantic life: While attending high school in Amiens, he fell in love with his drama teacher, Brigitte Trogneux, 24 years his senior and then a married mother of three.

Their affair was put on hold when he left for Paris, but they eventually resumed their romance and married in Macron is the only member of his immediate family who did not pursue a career in medicine; following in the footsteps of their parents, his younger brother became a cardiologist and his sister a nephrologist. We strive for accuracy and fairness. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us!

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Sign up for the Biography newsletter to receive stories about the people who shaped our world and the stories that shaped their lives. James Comey, who was appointed FBI director in , drew scrutiny for his investigations during and after the U. He was fired by President Donald Trump in She is the daughter of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

Following a public endorsement of Roy Moore by President Trump, outgoing Republican senator Jeff Flake wrote a check to his democratic opponent.