Blood City (Davie McCall)

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It's every man for himself as the entire criminal underworld turns on itself, and Davie is well and truly caught up in the action. But an attractive young reporter makes him wonder if he can leave his life of crime behind and Davie must learn the hard way that you cannot change what you are.

Blood City (Davie McCall Book 1)

Blood City is a novel set in Glasgow's underworld at a time when it was undergoing a seismic shift. A tale of violence, corruption and betrayal, loyalties will be tested and friendships torn apart. Having read and enjoyed the fourth and final Davie McCall book Open Wounds a month or two ago, I decided to backtrack and read the first three in the series. Blood City introduces us to Davie and his position of employ with criminal boss, Joe the Tailor in the early 80s. McCall Snr. Davie wears this association like a badge of shame.

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Although a criminal at heart, he is nothing like his father. Teamed together they have differing morals and outlooks on how their policing should be conducted. The black Knight all too happy to overstep the mark and use violence on witnesses or intimidate prostitutes into providing some easy gratification. Donovan, happily married is the other side of the coin. Death follows as the various players jockey for position and a share of the profits.

Blood City (Davie McCall, book 1) by Douglas Skelton

Jimmy Knight has ambitions also and is happy to play a long game. Top marks again for Skelton — character, setting, action, plot and pace — all massive ticks in the box.

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Everything I like about crime fiction bundled up in a page offering Open Wounds was reviewed here. Douglas Skelton has his website here. Posted by col at Email This BlogThis! Anonymous 27 August at Prashant C. Trikannad 27 August at TracyK 27 August at Clothes In Books 28 August at Davie McCall is not your average henchman.

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Abused and tormented by his father for fifteen years, he has a hard shell that is tough to break and which has been his only protector since he can remember. Violence against women gets him really mad.

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Glasgow s. Glasgow is the gritty setting where crime and murder seem rampant. Walk down any of the streets in the novel -over Glasgow Green where executions used to take place and where gang warfare seems to have replaced it. Wander down Duke Street and along to Tolbooth where the clock tower still stands overlooking a changing city and if this tower could talk, imagine just what it could tell?

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What about the Saltmarket or the Parkhead area of the city close to the football stadium? You can feel the tension in the air as you walk around Blood City. Lake Louise, Canada. Copenhagen, Denmark. Loch Ness, Scotland.