Treatment Wetlands, Second Edition

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CSIR-IMMT Waste Water Treatment by Constructed Wetlands

Having taken more than of the most advanced wetland systems on the planet from concept through construction and operations, NWC is the expert that incorporates scientifically proven methods and the art of design to create treatment systems that are in service across the globe. This new book examines the planning, design, construction, and operation of wetlands used for water quality treatment. Co-Authored by Scott Wallace, President of Naturally Wallace, Treatment Wetlands is the first comprehensive book to systematically describe all aspects of this new technology.

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Topics include all major wetland configurations, wastewater sources, and combinations of climatic conditions. This complete reference contains detailed information on wetland ecology, wetland water quality, selection of appropriate technology, design for consistent performance, construction guidance, and operational control through effective monitoring.

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Design approaches that can be tailored to specific wetland treatment projects are also included. Rule-of-thumb methods, regression-based empirical design approaches, and rational methods are explained facilitating wetland design based on multi-parameter input conditions. As the first publication of its kind to enable wetland design with confidence intervals, Scott Wallace P. The report contains over original figures, diagrams, and illustrations, and was published in The book was co-published by IWA Publishing Limited and is available to all interested parties via their website.

Follow us on LinkedIn Subscribe to our e-Newsletter. Completely revised and updated, Treatment Wetlands, Second Edition is still the most comprehensive resource available for the planning, design, and operation of wetland treatment systems. The book addresses the design, construction, and operation of wetlands for water pollution control.

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It presents the best current procedures for sizing these systems, and describing the intrinsic processes that combine to quantify performance. The book provides a complete reference that includes: detailed information on wetland ecology, design for consistent performance, construction guidance and operational control through effective monitoring. Case histories of operational wetland treatment systems illustrate the variety of design approaches presented allowing you to tailor them to the needs of your wetlands treatment projects.

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