The Cotton Harvest

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Lasslett and Gstrein claim that their analysis is based on a monitoring manual used by the ILO. Actually, what has been reviewed is the report of the monitoring of the harvest, together with an outdated document from from the internet. The ILO has a comprehensive and well documented monitoring methodology which includes standards, sampling formulas, data handling policies, ethical safeguards, templates, forms and instructions.

These are documents which are intended for the use of the persons carrying out the monitoring under contract with the ILO. We use a mixture of qualitative and quantitative data. The monitoring of the cotton fields during the harvest covers observation and interviews to gather qualitative data. The ILO monitors and human rights activists will visit fields to observe working conditions and to conduct interviews with pickers, farmers and local officials.

Interviewees can select the time and venue for the interview. Respondents can use a pseudonym and they are asked not to share any names or personal information of other individuals during the interview. Monitors are strictly prohibited from taking pictures or videos of human subjects. Photographs may only be taken of objects related to working conditions.

Cotton Harvest Chronicle 2018, Issue 1, September 2018

Furthermore, monitors are provided with electronic devices tablets to record interviews, fill in check lists and work on the write-ups. All collected information will be shared by the monitors on a protected cloud server and deleted from all devices within 24 hours.

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The device will be protected by a fingerprint or secure code access, so that physical theft of the device will not allow access to the data. All field interviews are carried out without any government representatives present. In , the monitoring teams consist of an international ILO expert and a human rights activist. Interpreters and drivers are contracted and organized by the ILO.

Feedback Survey

Appropriate steps are taken to protect the rights and welfare of all who are participating in the monitoring. Based on the qualitative data collected during the field visits, a set of hypotheses will be developed and tested through nationwide surveys, which are described in more detail below. These surveys are distinct from monitoring and provide crucial complementary information. Lasslett and Gstrein are concerned that the quantitative survey methodology could have negative consequences on vulnerable participants and raises concerns about the accuracy of data. How many cotton pickers will be hired for this money?

How much will they pick?

making babaà: cotton harvest

We do not know. The president said that this year clusters will be created, that no one will be asked for money and there will be no forced labor this harvest. But nothing has changed.

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Market Inspector Jamil Yunusov admitted on the phone that picking cotton or giving money for hiring workers is compulsory for market traders. Only teachers and doctors are exempt from picking cotton, but this does not apply to employees of organizations and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs still do not work on the field. They only drink vodka, so we suggest sending an employee instead. Every year, during the cotton harvest, markets send people to harvest cotton. We have to recruit people.

We suggest that entrepreneurs themselves find pickers, but we do not collect money. Entrepreneurs of the largest Tashkent market Bek Baraka also give money for the cotton harvest.

Solidarity Center Reports

The letter says:. If you do not hand the money over, they send tax inspectors to put pressure on you or turn off the electricity. At a time when the leadership of the country is declaring a change in the cotton policy, cotton picking rent is imposed on entrepreneurs who have nothing to do with agriculture. How does this relate to the laws?

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Traders at Jahon shoping mall in Namangan will also go to pick cotton. The text of the form was addressed to the chief of a cotton unit and states:.

Child and forced labour: ILO continues rigorous monitoring of Uzbekistan cotton harvest

At the time of the harvest, I undertake to observe safety rules and rules of the road. On August 30, Radio Ozodlik published a letter from prisoners of prison colony No. Along with the problems associated with overpopulation, lack of hygiene and corruption, prisoners complained that they received too high a daily quota during the cotton harvest. In a telephone interview with Ozodlik, a prisoner who asked not to be named, said:. This is real penal servitude.

The quota for collection is kg per day. If you do not fulfil the quota, they insult and humiliate you. Preparations for the cotton harvest have now begun.

2018 cotton harvest